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You scared me

(A/N): *sobbing cause Logan gives me so much life* 

 Request: Could you do a Wolverine request where the reader is his girlfriend and she is in danger and he is extremely pissed and after he rescues her is all fluffy and smutty ( if you do smut). 

Warnings: swearing, injury

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   Logan nearly broke his desk when he Charles gave him the news. His heart plummeted to his stomach and he nearly whimpered as Charles told his recollection of the events that had happened only hours before. (Y/N) had even captured by the enemy, taken to their base (wherever the hell it was) and was no doubt dead. 

    “(Y/N)’s been captured, we’re sounding out a team to go rescue her and-” Logan stands up abruptly, knocking his chair straight to the ground.

    “I’m going with,” He states blatantly, giving Charles no room for argument and yet the old man argued anyways. 

    “Logan, we know how special (Y/N) is to you and that’s exactly why we don’t want you coming with us. We don’t want you coming and getting worked up or-” Logan cut Charles off once again, this time with a low and warning growl. 

    “I said i’m going with.” At this point Charles knew it was pointless to argue, Logan was dead set in his plan and nothing was going to persuade him. Charles sighs, officially giving up on arguing. 

    “Fine, we leave in an hour, be ready by then.” Charles knew he didn’t have to tell Logan to hurry up, the man would be ready to go in five minutes anyways. Logan nods curtly, his jaw clenched and eyes stormy. Charles could already tell that whoever had taken (Y/N) was in for one hell of a beating.

    The x-men had been fighting for what felt like hours, they were all growing weary and their fighting was growing sloppy. If they didn’t find (Y/N) soon who knew what would happen. Their hearts would probably all give out and they’d die mid-battle. 

   Minutes ticked by and the oncoming attackers didn’t slow, not even a bit. Logan could sense the despair and growing tiredness within the group and he knew they needed to act fast. They either needed to find (Y/N) and get out of here or these soldiers needed to stop pelting them from all sides. 

   Logan growls as he tears into another enemy, ripping his head from his neck but just as he had finished that one another man came up and began to attack. Even Logan himself was starting to grow weary when quite suddenly- 

   "I’VE GOT HER!“ The all too familiar voice of Scott Summers rings through the air. "START RUNNING YOU IDIOTS!” The team doesn’t have to hear another word before they’ve booked it, all making a mad dash for the jet. 

   Everyone stopped in the cockpit, all panting heavily from the exertion of the fight and now running a good few hundred yards. As they all catch their breath Scott comes rushing in, carrying a badly injured (Y/N). 

   Logan can feel his heart drop into his stomach when Scott lays (Y/N) down on the floor, her face was badly beaten and her body was coated In a series of scratches and wounds. Logan immediately drops to her side, his finger already reaching for her neck to feel a pulse point, he stops when (Y/N)’s shaking hand grasps his wrist with very little strength.

    “I’m alive you doofus,” she murmur softly, her voice no louder than a broken whisper. Logan sighs in relief, the sound coming out shakier than expected. 

   "God,“ Logan breathes out, running a hand down his face. "You fuckin’ scared me,” (Y/N) slowly smiles, her lips taking time to curl up in a lopsided grin. 

    “Thought you didn’t get scared," 

    "Well, when it comes to you I’m fuckin’ terrified (Y/N).” Logan completely ignored the looks all his teammates were giving him, instead focusing on pouring his soul into the words he spoke. “I can’t lose you (Y/N), not after everything else. You’re the only one I got and-” Logan trails his sentence off when (Y/N)’s warm and still shaking hand cups his cheek, her thumb lightly grazing along his cheek bone. 

    “I’m not gonna leave you Logan, okay? I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for awhile,” Logan chuckled softly, his nerves finally sated. He smiles fondly at (Y/N), his heart swelling with love for the woman below him. God, if he’d Lost them he wouldn’t know what to do. (Y/N) had been his life-line, the one to always get him through a hard time, the one he would always come home to. If this mission had gone differently and he’d lost (Y/N)- Logan can’t stomach the though and diverts his attention away from his heavy heart. 

   Logan sighs softly as he turns his head slightly, just enough to brush his lips along (Y/N)’s wrist. (Y/N) smiles lazily, her blood stained lips quirking upwards slightly and Logan has never felt more relief and love in his entire life. 

    “That’s fine by me,”

Hendrix, Siberian Husky (5 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “It’s his birthday today – he’s five. He likes to howl at fire trucks and talk to his toys. He makes Chewbacca sounds. He’s also a rescue from LA.” @thewolfofmanhattan

Mrs. Agreste and Mr. Agreste Get a Divorce: a Drabble

She didn’t dislike rescuing her husband. In fact, it was a joy to pull him out of out of the wrecked car, and fly him to the top of a nearby roof. Adele would take a secret pleasure, hearing him gripe about being stranding for a few hours at dinner.

The woman set the young designer down, gave him a very standard ‘I saved your life’ superhero grin and placed her hands on her hips, but before she could give him a witty goodbye, her husband spoke.

“Would you want to grab dinner sometime?”

Paon blinked, and slowly turned back to look at her husband. His looked at her with a charming expression, and she felt her blood run cold.

“I mean,” He added, sounding sheepish, “You’ve rescued me a few times now, and I’d love to repay you for your kindness.”

She clasped her hands behind her back, something she’d never do in her normal life, but she’d seen Gabriel do it a thousand times, and knew the effect it would have on him. Still, she dug her nails into her palm.

“There’s no need to repay me.” She said, with a pointed frown, “Besides, aren’t you a newlywed, Mr. Agreste?”

“I didn’t say I needed to repay you, miss. I said that I more than want to take you out to dinner.” He clicked his tongue, and grinned, “As for my wife, I can assure you, she won’t mind.”

Her eyes widened slightly, and she wanted to scream. Her hands dropped to her sides, “Well, that’s quite the relationship you have with her.”

“It’s an open relationship.” He shot her a meaningful look, “I did tell her I was going to ask you to dinner the next time I saw you.”

I will murder you, Gabriel Alexander Agreste. She pressed her lips together. “I see. And she was okay with that?”

“Oh,” His mouth formed a hesitant line, despite the fire in eyes blue eyes, “She was more than okay. In fact, she suggested a three-way, if things went well after dinner. I know—very forward of her, but—”

She did not hear the rest of what he was saying, because her fist collided with his nose. By her superheroine standards, it was a ‘boop’, but Gabriel staggered back regardless, clutching his nose.

Adele couldn’t stop shaking, under her suit. She wondered how she had been so wrong about her husband, or if she had just willfully ignored this behavior up until this point. “Y-you have a wife, w-who loves you to edge of the galaxy and back, and you, heart and soul, do not deserve her, Gabriel Agreste.”

He straightened his spine and looked back at her, and immediately blanched at the woman crying in front of him. “No, no, no. Adele, please don’t cry, oh my god, I’m so sorry.” His hands reached out towards her. “I’m so sorry! I thought you’d find this hilarious!”

Her thoughts turned to confusion, and then she blinked at him, “You knew?”

He grimaced “Obviously I knew. I wouldn’t seduce anyone but you, Adele. Jesus.” The man prodded his nose. “You broke my nose, honey.”

She chuckled, “Well, Mr. Agreste, I’m very sorry. Can I make it up to you with dinner? If you wife doesn’t mind, we could go out on Saturday.”

“Sure, sure.” He nodded, vaguely aware of the women as she flew away.

what the strings think during rehearsal
  • first violins: oh god oh god this is too many sixteenth notes and way too high and I sound like an owl screeching please rescue us
  • second violins: this isn't too bad. that's kind of a funky rhythm oh no the entire section is lost again. ok, I guess we'll all just play quietly and let the first violins do the things. it's not like the conductor even acknowledges our existence anyway.
  • violas: ha ha guess who didn't get the melody AGAIN. oooh exciting quarter notes. come on, give us a challenge and OH GOD THERE ARE SIXTEENTH NOTES NOW I AM NOT OKAY and back to quarter notes, come on this is baby stuff and HOW DO I READ TREBLE CLEF I AM NOT A VIOLIN STOP TORTURING ME
  • cellos: this is alright, I guess. kind of boring when we're just keeping the beat but ok. ooooh the shifty thing. more vibrato. always more vibrato. yes. *inhales deeply* yes.
  • bass: I'm hungry lol

Saw this truck near my house. 

“We’re on the pull”. I’m sensing an AU.

Well, well, well, would you look at what date it is.

Happy 10th birthday to not only Red and Blue Rescue Team, but to the PMD series as a whole!

Ever since I was around 6 years old, this series has remained close to my heart and has helped me through some tough times, and I’m sure it’s similar for many other fans of the series. 

I love every game in this series (with the exception of maybe the Adventure Squad games) and I hope to see it continue to prosper. Looking forward to PSMD~

-Imagine if when Kara finds out that Mon-El was kidnapped, all of the arguments didn’t matter anymore. A realization of sorts that she honestly didn’t care if Mon-El became a superhero or not as much as she cared that he was safe and sound and by her side and hers.

-Kara focusing on rescuing Mon-El with a ferocity that surprised everybody because didn’t she hate him? Alex smiling a sad soft smile because she saw signs of it from the start.

-Lena Luthor actually leading Supergirl straight to Mon-El. Lena overhearing a conversation by her adoptive mother on the phone (because them powerful people like to brag) about holding an alien hostage and using him to build a super weapon. Lena has her suspicions that her mother is connected with C.A.D.M.U.S. in some way. She tells Supergirl of what she overheard (deciding to confront her mother on her own terms).

-Kara not realizing that Mon-El was the alien in question and there being a mutual look of goddamn relief upon seeing each other.

-Her getting to him in time so they don’t extract his DNA or whatever pyscho plan CADMUS had for him.

-Them escaping and Kara finding her father along the way. She then proceeds to blow up that facility so that nothing similar can happen again.

-Kara and Mon-El finally discussing their relationship, beating around the bush about it until it erupts into a shouting match (again) where they reveal how worried they were about each other and how much the other influences their life. Cumulating in a hot make out scene. At the end of which they decide that while they would be working on their relationship going forward, they were officially taken by each other and nobody else.

-Because they are what the other needs most in the world: a person that they can go head to head with but still benefit and somebody who understands them. The perfect person to not be alone with.

-Because Kara and Mon-El need to get together already. Their chemistry is undeniable. They already act like an old married couple. They would be a kick ass old married couple so let it become official already.

-And throughout this whole thing, Alex is finding herself and her sisterly bond with Kara is just getting stronger. Because while the pain of Maggie’s rejection was never off her mind, Alex refused to let it kill her. She wouldn’t give the universe (and Maggie) that kind of power. Kara helping her discover that coming out of the closet and not getting the girl did not make her a weaker person or her feelings any less legitimate.

-All I need in this next episode is some Kara x Mon-El loving and relationship growth (to the point of getting together already) and some Kara x Alex sibling bonding and strength. Don’t give a hoot of what else happens as long as this happens.

so i started watching the 80s voltron and let me tell you, my dudes, it is wild. the first time you see the paladins, they jump off a boat, swim to shore, and start laughing maniacally as they pick a bunch of flowers (”for princess”). and allura is almost assassinated by a blue cat with a knife in its mouth, but keith throws his bouquet of flowers at the cat and the cat gets knocked back and doesnt touch allura with the knife, but allura dies anyway, and then it turns out that it was just a spell put over her by haggar so that she just looks like shes dead, and theres this whole funeral and keiths internal monologue is giving a hypothetical eulogy for allura, and then allura gets kidnapped by zarkon’s son so he can marry her, and then pidge (who sounds like a gremlin with something stuck in its throat) rescues her by running at zarkon’s son and haggar with a grenade while screaming his lungs out, and then pidge ends up throwing the grenade into a carriage and it blows up,, and thats what wakes allura and….it was a fun first episode

Into The Woods Movie Facts
  • Because director Rob Marshall prefers to use CGI or green screens as little as possible, Chris Pine had to stand in the background completely still and silent for two entire days of filming during Anna Kendrick’s performance of ‘On the Steps of the Palace’.
  • According to Anna Kendrick, the set pieces used for the woods were so big and realistic that she and Chris Pine actually got lost while on the sound stage and had to be rescued by a production assistant.
  • At a Q&A session after screening of the film, James Corden recalled an incident during rehearsals in which Meryl Streep jumped on a table and her foot got caught in her costume. She started falling backwards, head first, toward a concrete floor. Both Corden and director Rob Marshall froze in the fear that they were about to witness the death of Meryl Streep. However, Emily Blunt stepped in and caught Streep before she hit the floor.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, Donna Murphy, Idina Menzel, Miranda Richardson, Kate Winslet, and Nicole Kidman were considered for the Witch.
  • This is the fourth time Lucy Punch has played a stepsister type role. Previous projects are Ella Enchanted, Cinderella 2000, and a BBC version of Cinderella.
  • Emily Blunt revealed that the “Any Moment” sequence was rehearsed when she was about three months into her pregnancy and it was filmed when she was about seven months pregnant. The change showed during filmed as Blunt noted that during the scene Chris Pine dips her during a dance and that Pine’s arms were shaking due to the change in weight.
  • In the movie, Cinderella has golden slippers; this is a reference to the original Grimm fairytale, in which the slippers are gold.
  • Though he is top-billed, Johnny Depp appears in nearly five minutes of the film.
  • During the establishing shot of the palace on the first night of the ball, a brief underscore excerpt is used of the “Night Waltz” from another Sondheim musical, “A Little Night Music.”


Pregnancy got me like:

Read sad then happy story about rescued dogs on Facebook:

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Starving, but nothing sounds good:

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Morning/mid day and I realize I need to get something done:

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But then in the middle of the night:

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Oh wait!! Super cute post on tumblr about babies!!

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When I think that morning sickness is done and over with:

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When I get asked for the millionth time about the gender when I havent announced it:

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When I announce Im going to cloth diaper and everyone resonds with “oh youll give up after a week!”:

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When I feel the baby move:

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Some one starts trying to force their parenting ideas/styles/beliefs on you:

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But all in all its completely worth every second.

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a hsau!hollstein playlist

1. tell her you lover her - echosmith

         hurry time is running out, but don’t you runaway, runaway before you tell her you love her

2. safe & sound - tonight alive

         cause even if it all came crashing down, as long as you’re around, i’ll be safe and sound.

3. my beautiful rescue - this providence

         i’m crying out. “wash my hands, these bloody hands kord. open my mouth and i’ll sing.” i’m falling more in love.

4. only love (acoustic) - pvris

         don’t you shut this down. no, don’t you give this up, i took all this love i found and i hope that its enough.

5. you’ll never know - versaemerge

         you’ll never know, i didn’t want it to go the way it went.

6. rain falls down - we the kings

         and i’m wishing that i could take your hand and set you on some untouched land just so you are never sad again.

7. a match into water - pierce the veil

         i kissed the scars on her skin, i still think you’re beautiful and i don’t ever want to lose my best friend.

8. nothing compares - pixie lott

         they say if it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger, but i can’t be without you any longer. everytime i let it go, baby, it’s true nothing compares to you.

9. ghosts - pvris

         they sink into my skin, pushing you out just to make their way in. i’ve grown sick of this fight so frequent. if you can’t help it then i’ll push you away.

10. no one does it better - you me at six

         i’ve only got myself to blame, this is another test which i would fail when at my best always ending the same.

11. swing life away (rise against cover) - patty walters

         if love is a labor i’ll slave til the end, i won’t cross these streets until you hold my hand.

12. a daydream away - all time low

         i wouldn’t know what to say if i had you and i’ll keep you a daydream away, just watch from a safe place so i never have to lose.

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Keeping bugs is much harder than it sounds, so no I haven't kept any of the rescued mantises but I do occasionally keep huntsman spiders. They're a great critter, and fun to watch eat other, more annoying, bugs. I'll snap a pic next time I run into a mantis or a pretty coloured locust though as there have been so many of them this season.

oh man… Are you Australian? Those spiders don’t look too friendly.


Members of Animal Equality entered an egg farm in Germany. Here thousands of chickens lived crammed up and endured terrible agony. The lives of 6 chickens were changed forever after they were rescued. They no longer had to hear the sounds of the others in pain and no longer had to feel the cold metal cages. They now freely spread their wings and feel the rays of the sun and the cruelty they witnessed are now just distant memories. Those who weren’t rescued and those who in this moment are in farms not so far from your home are suffering and they cry silently wishing to be liberated. Don’t continue your participation in animal exploitation, choose vegan.

Photographed by Animal Equality Germany (please don’t remove caption).


(Requested by Anon) (Mermaid GIF Not Mine!)

You were going to tell him. Truly you were. You’d just been waiting for the right time, the problem was, with Alistair and his mistrusting ways there never really was a right time. Anything you hadn’t blurted out the first day you met him was seen as a slight deception of some sort until he organised it in his thoughts and came to realise it wasn’t disloyalty it was just the way relationships worked, that you got to know more of one another as you spent time together. 

Yet you were still going to tell him this, because honestly it was something you felt needed to be explained. So when he walked in early whilst you were in the bath one day, seeing no reason he shouldn’t come hurrying to the rescue when he heard strange sounds, the look of utter shock on his face wasn’t a surprise. 

You stared at him, fearful of his reaction, covered mostly by the bubbles whilst your long shimmering tail hung out of the bottom of the bath. 

In the flattest voice he could muster, he said, “Explain.”

“I-” You weren’t really sure how to begin, running a nervous hand through your sopping wet hair you tried your best. “I’m a mermaid.” You admitted, a nervous tremor to your voice. 

Raising one eyebrow, voice filled with sarcasm as he casually leant against the inside of the door frame with his arms crossed he replied, “I gathered as much from the tail.” 

There was a slightly pregnant pause whilst you both waited to see what the other would do next.

“Have you been a mermaid long?” 

“It’s not a recent development.” 

“I see.” He sniffed slightly before straitening out of his stance. “I’ll get you a towel,” One arm reaching towards the towel rack he paused. “I am correct in assuming you’d like to discuss this on two legs?” 

“Please.” You mumbled. 

“Very well.” Moving at a speed impossible to track with your eyes Alistair passed you a warm, fluffy white towel. “I’ll be downstairs.” 

“Grand, I-” Your voice wavered a little as you were still practically thrumming with nervous energy. “I won’t be long.” 

One last nod of his shaggy head and he was gone, flitted out to the living room no doubt.

“Well…” You mumbled to yourself even though you knew he would still hear. “That could have gone worse.”