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Why Use Image Descriptions ?

There are many reasons and they all boil down to accessibility for everyone. It’s massively helpful for those of us who are disabled, and has the added benefit of being helpful for those who aren’t.

- Allows screen readers and verbal descriptions for the blind and visually impaired.

- Transcripts of videos that allow the deaf, hard of hearing, or those with audio processing problems to follow along by reading rather than or in conjunction with listening.

- Lets people know what the picture/screencap/video/gif is if it does not load or are on limited internet.

- Helps those with visual processing issues process the image.

- Gives autistics and people with problems reading facial expressions,emotions, and other non-verbal cues a helpful way to tell what’s going on in the picture/video/gif.

- Typed transcripts are often easier to read than screenshots (which are sometimes impossible to read).

- Audio transcripts are useful for people who can’t play sound from their device.

- Allows for blacklisting software to work more effectively. If an image description is included for a gif, picture, or screenshot then the words are already included in the body of the post and it is more likely to be screened by the software for people who need it.

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So I understand being upset about reposts, but if it's a genuine mistake and they've apologised and immediately taken it down, do you really have to be so prissy about it? Sure, most followers will probs see your post about it and literally give zero fucks, maybe heart it since all you need to do is literally tap the post, but a decent few will probs start harassing those poor sods - just because they made a mistake. Poor form mate.

words cannot express how much I really do! not! care! 

these people repost consistently, they’re obviously not sorry and don’t care about anyone but themselves so you can fuck off with “aw….. poor bubububu” they actively do not care about the artist who put in the work to make the art and it’s been explained to them and they do it over and over so i Do! not! care! 


I’m sorry but can people just… stop making posts about how stimboards are bad because “the Neurotypicals have taken stimming and made it a Trendy Aesthetic! they all just like slime and paint and don’t care about people who REALLY stim!” I just saw another one of these and I’m so annoyed over it.

To be clear, I’m not talking about posts where people say things like “Allistics/NTs people who enjoy stimboards should be aware that autistic people are often made fun of for their body stims and that glitter and paint isn’t all stimming is!” Those are good and fine. I’m talking about the posts I’ve seen where people…. somehow don’t seem to realize that the majority of stim blogs are run by autistic people, people with ADHD, people with severe anxiety… you know, the exact kinds of people who need to stim. (And yes there are NT people who make stimming into an aesthetic, I’m not denying that, it’s just that they’re the minority in terms of people who run stim blogs.)

If you don’t wanna take me at face value on that previous statement, I just went through all of the stim blogs I’m following and here are some numbers–
Blogs run by at least one autistic person: 35
Blogs run at least one allistic but otherwise neurodivergent person (and no autistic people): 29
Blogs run completely by neurotypical people: 2
Blogs that didn’t seem to specify: 14
Let me reiterate: I went through eighty (80) different stim blogs and the amount of those with at least one autistic or otherwise ND mod was sixty-four (64). The amount of those with only NT mods was two (2) and the amount that could go either way was fourteen (14). I think it’s safe to say that tumblr’s visual stim community is largely made by and for neurodivergent people who are genuinely helped by stimming.

But some people don’t seem to be aware of this and they make posts that say things like we shouldn’t be referring to videos & gifs that we literally use to help us audio & visual stim as “stimmy”? That we should just call stimboards “gif moodboards” instead? And that we think stimming is a Trendy Aesthetic when really we’re literally using these things to stim? And then act as if none of us know what it feels like to be made fun of for our body stims? And generally just act like we’re all neurotypical people?

Personally I unlearned so many of my stimming behaviors as a kid, including rocking, flapping, and hair twirling, because I kept getting picked on at school for doing them. Every time I go out I’m afraid I’ll accidentally start doing a “weird” stim in public and embarrass myself. Tons of people who run stim blogs also have body stims; we do know what it feels like be stigmatized for them.

Look, I just… I understand if stimboards don’t do anything for you personally. I understand if you’re bothered that neurotypical people enjoy and share them. I get that. And, like I said, I understand that there are neurotypical people who treat stimboards like they’re just a cool new aesthetic–it’s okay to complain about that. But they’re the ones who should be blamed for it, not us. People getting mad about the concept of stimboards existing without realizing that the majority of those who make them are the kinds of people who actually need them is what bothers me.

Sorry for ranting so much, I didn’t expect this post to end up this long… I guess basically what I’m saying is that we should continue making posts explaining that things like flapping and chewing are also stims and making fun of people for them is wrong, because those are genuinely helpful. But we should stop making posts acting like all stimboards are made by Neurotypicals who want to Steal Stimming, because that’s literally not true and makes me feel bad as an autistic person who runs a stim blog.

I’ve been trying to learn German for so long and I really want to practice and get better but I’m still terrible so the idea of asking someone to, like, talk with me to help me practice just seems like a terrible idea.

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you: teehee cleaning my room cures my sadness :3 people with serious mental health problems: sounds fake but ok

Sounds like you are another case of a person wallowing in their own self pity to the point where they refuse to believe anyone else is capable of having it bad too, to be honest.

I have depression and anxiety. I see a psychotherapist every week for cognitive behavioural therapy. I am on antidepressants. I recieve monthly sick notes from my doctor declaring me unable to work. I had to drop out of college. I failed 3 years because of these reasons. I am on ESA, a disability benefit, for my depression. I think I am somewhat entitled to say that something had a positive impact on my mental state? My living space is usually filthy beyond belief and the past two weeks I have finally found the motivation, after sitting in my own filth for literally years and struggling to find the courage to even eat meals.

How dare I say that not breathing in months worth of dust and dirt is beneficial! To be honest I just found this ask kind of funny, and a reminder of the ridiculous mindset the majority of Tumblr has dissolved into these days. I pity you! 

Seeing so many people complain that solos were “ruined” by the new ghouls. Was anyone truly expecting a flawless performance the very first night of the tour? The very first night of a tour with an all new band playing for a live audience for the first time? With all the pressure of the bitter assholes online who have been running their mouths about how they don’t support the band without “their boys”? The same bitter assholes who continue to bitch and complain about everything they can just for the sake of stirring the pot?

From the things I’ve read from people who were actually there, they sounded great. They all put on a great performance. If that’s not good enough for you and you still haven’t accepted the fact that the old ghouls are doing their own things now, that’s your own problem.
And I don’t feel bad for any of you. We’ve all known for quite some time that there would be a new lineup. It was finally confirmed and the replacements didn’t disappoint…give them a chance for fucks sake.

Move on with your lives if you’re so pissed that “your boys” aren’t in the band anymore. I’m 120% okay with people being filtered out. No one has died. Most of the people still whining are the Priest super fans anyway, go focus on that or something. Listen to some MCC…
If Ghost and Papa are so different and terrible now, leave.

I’ll hold the door, you big babies 👐

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So is it a big good thing that you want us to enjoy without being spoiled?

I’m really sorry but no hints! If someone else spoils it I will talk openly but the only hint you will get from me is that there was a spoiler we were told not to reveal because it could threaten the ability for them to do the tour next year.

I will say that Steve said this many, many times and mentioned Season 7 a lot and even went so far as to say “Spread the rumor!” in a joking way. There is a building at the studio that is being torn down in July and being turned into several sound stages and he said when people go on the tour next year that building will be gone so he sounded very sure that there would be a tour next year so … read into that what you will!

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So, based on that sneak peak, I'm asuming that Henry knows Hook's crew. Maybe... Hook took him to hang out with them? At the rabbit hole? Under the promise that his mothers must never know? Maybe they call him "the Captain's boy" now? And they teach him everything about ships (and other things, you know. Violet will apreciate that. Emma and Regina not so much)... Can someone please write it? Please???

Well… I think if Hook took 13-year-old Henry to hang out at the Rabbit Hole, to be taught sea shanties with naughty lyrics and how to do shots and how to “know his way around women” by a bunch of pirates, it’d be a race whether Regina or Emma flayed him alive first.

Besides, his crew isn’t around. They weren’t on his ship when he got it back and we haven’t seen them in ages. They’re probably holed up in the pub, mumbling about how Hook’s neglecting them to make time with his girlfriend, the traitor. That’s why there was no serenade on the Jolly Roger. Killian asked them to, but they all said, screw you cap’n, you haven’t bothered with us in like two seasons, serenade the lady yourself you faithless bastard.

170325 ‘Music Core’ Recording

During rehearsals  & The first recording,
Jackson didn’t say a single word & only recording, He said “ I Missed You. I’m sorry for being sick,” & at the point you hear the sounds of people crying & going  ‘Sseun-ah”

**Its short for jackson, in korean his name jak-sseun and shortened as a nickname sseun :)


Potential Follower Celebration Writing Challenge?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

SO SO SO I have an idea guys.  

I want to do something to celebrate all of you wonderful people and followers and beauties and exams are coming up so I don’t have time for a drabble celebration so I was thinking of doing a writing challenge!  

Just a simple one, like @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blue’s Challenge, where I give you a prompt and you write a fic (or one shot, imagine, drabble whatever).  I was thinking of including my colours again as well.

I was going to call it Spring Has Sprung Challenge and give you guys until June 1st to write stuff.  

Before I officially kick of the challenge does this sound interesting to people? Don’t send in asks for the challenge yet, I just want to see if that is something you guys would want to do.  

Thanks, lovelies! 

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I feel like Sheriff Sam invented The Knife Wielding Tentacle?? The asking innocent people to deal with dangerous situations for them sounds very Sam. I am quite convinced that Sam created that during a press conference, didn't know what to do with it, and gifted it to Cecil

^ I can see it.

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Different anon who also has Asperger's: I completely agree that the whole "the cure is ableist" crowd are VERY selfish. What they don't get is that not everyone is high-functioning and ~awkward precious babies~ (ACK) and that some people might be severely impaired by it. It reminds me of that scene in X-men where Rogue asks "There's a cure?" And Storm goes "shut up we're perf"

That gif honestly sums up the situation nicely

And they make it sound like people are gonna be going around sticking needles in grown ass people to absorb the autism. That’s one thing but even still it’s not like they’d hold someone down to give the treatment. I’m always like why not think about like…babies who could possibly be helped before they’re born or soon after. I feel like they would appreciate that sort of science if it was available.

Not everyone thinks struggling with autism is a great life. I even see people acting like their diagnosis gives them superpowers that they’d never wanna give up. Like do you hear yourself? Yeah, YOU found a silver lining but not everyone is you nor feels the same…


Sooo here’s my Ryder! I wanted to name him Dylan but alas I think it’s more personal if people call you by your first name so I went with Scott. The lighting is not ideal in these pics but I’ve had a few problems with taking screencaps but w/e

@omegastation are u still looking for other peoples’ Ryders?

also does broRyder’s VA sound a bit like Nolan North or is it just me?

Reblog if you would date pre-serum Steve

I know I would. And I will

I jog down the streets of Brooklyn. Looking at my watch, I realised I was late for work. Suddenly I hear sounds coming from an alley to my right. I know I should be ignoring these sounds, it’s probably just guys bantering or some people joking. But then I hear a feeble voice, “I could do this all day. ” Someone growled, and I immediately walked into the little space. Standing with his back to the brick wall is a small, blonde man, facing a big bully with a mop of dark hair. I suddenly felt drawn towards the scrawny male. His determination didn’t look like it was going to run out soon. The blonde threw a punch, a weak punch. The bully caught his hand and returned it with a strong right hook. The boy fell, spitting out blood. I couldn’t stand this. I may be small, but I could throw a mean jab. I walked towards the bully, and kneed him in his lower back. He pivoted to look at me, and snarled. Before he had a chance to do anything, I threw a hard, straight jab at the jaw. Suddenly, I heard a deep voice behind me. “Ma'am, I can handle him. ” I am pushed aside by a tall, dark haired man in a uniform. He strode up to the bully, threw a good few punches, and the bully ran away. The small guy spoke up. “ Thank you ma'am ” I nodded and stretched my hand. “Y/N.” The brunette smiled. “You can throw a mean punch, doll. Where’d you learn that?” I grinned. “ A kickboxing class. ” The brunette introduced himself and the other guy. “ Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers. ” I nodded at Steve. “You’re a strong man. ” He chuckled and gestured at his body. “Really?” “Your Heart and faith are strong. ” He laughed. “Well, that doesn’t ever get me the girl. ” You grinned. “Really? I’m hooked. ” Bucky laughed. “There you go, Steve. A date for the Stark Expo tonight.” Steves eyes widened. “Oh..okay” he smiled. I offered him my hand, and the three of us walked away. I had totally forgotten about my job.

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I apologize if this has been asked, I haven't been much on Tumblr! But that Bellarke "if I don't see you again" scene...I dunno, I don't think the tenor of it was that Bellamy was going to express his love. It just didn't have the vibe, the sound, of him confessing his feelings?

Some people read it as an imminent love confession. Some people don’t.

Either way, he was going to give Clarke a final goodbye, which she couldn’t bear.

What was he planning to say as his final words to Clarke Griffin, inspired by how SHE thought HE was special?

It would have been about his feelings about her. Has to.

What feelings? Maybe that is not as clear. How important she is? How special SHE is? Almost certain. 

Where would that have gone if they hadn’t been interrupted by the apocalypse?

This is what we don’t know.