the sound of me falling in love

I feel like Young and Menace is a little mesh of 90s grunge and new age electric/edm ishhh??? and I just kinda love it???

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I'm writing a story about a girl who is actually a ghost but doesn't know it. She just thinks her family is ignoring her. She meets a Medium boy. He sees her and they become friends. They fall in love. At the end of the story, the girl accepts that she's a ghost and.... moves on in words. Gets where she's going. Can you help with how they met?

Wow! This sounds amazing, I’m sort of unsure of what you mean when you say ‘medium boy’, but I’m sure I can work with this!

So, ideas as to how the ghost-girl and mortal (?) boy meet? Now, I don’t know anything of your characters, so I’ve compiled a list of vague ideas:

  • Hear me out, maybe ghost-girl sees him doing something stupid, then continues following him around all day, giggling, expecting him to not see her, or for him to hear the snide comments she’s making. He pretends to ignore her until one day she says something really flirty, he rolls his eyes and looks at her, deadpan ‘I know, I have a good ass, get over it.’ She totally flips out because ‘all this time he could hear me???’ (Sorry, this just popped into my head and I wanted to put it in!)
  • Her messing up an exam he’s in, because ‘no one can see me’ and not realising he can see her. After that he looks for her.
  • She saves him in a car accident, no one understands why he survives and he thought ‘the girl’ was a figment of his imagination, but she keeps appearing at random intervals and he’s starting to think his medication is too high.
  • The ghost-girl, decides to visit the hospital to see if she was ever brought there before she’d died. She’s checking the register, when a flurry of white coats and scrubs bustle past, a boy sprawled across a bed, bleeding out. She decided that she wanted to be there if he was to die, that way she could welcome him into his new life/death. She made her way to the surgery room, following closely and squinting at his features, she couldn’t tell whether she wanted him to survive or not.
  • He saw her sitting on a wall close to the Thames, crying. He didn’t understand why no one else wasn’t noticing it and left his friends to go and sit with her. She didn’t understand why he could see her, but she was happy all the same.

I don’t know your characters, so this might not be how they act at all, just message me for more prompts on it and we can chat it through if this isn’t right! I’d love to read it, good luck on all the writing. Lots of love from Yasmine xox

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ez is so much of a sarcastic ass that sometimes forget that he’s actually a datable character in the game just like nevra or valkyon. like someday he’s actually going to fall in love with the main character and he’ll be all mushy and lovey dovey and it's so confusing to me?? sounds fake lmao



Crowley X Reader drabble. {Crowley’s P.OV.}

Red was the colour of her lips the first time I saw her. I knew from the minute I laid eyes n her that I would end up falling in love with her, but it didn’t matter to me. I wanted to be able to hold her and spoil her and kiss those pretty red lips of hers.

Red was the colour of the dress she wore on our first date. It was a beautiful dress, that clung to her body in all the right was, but it was nothing in comparison to her. She made her hair look even more amazing than normal, and her lips were rendered that same candy apple red once more.

Her voice sounded like red velvet when she told me that she loved me. Her voice gave my name the appeal of a glistening ruby when it fell from her lips. Be it Crowley or even the dreaded Fergus, anything she said sounded like a freshly polished sapphire looked.

When I thought of her, I always thought about red. It reminded me of the love I felt for her, and the sound of her heart beating in the middle of the night. Or the way her cheeks flamed when I whispered in her ear. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, and that’s not just a cliche over exaggeration The love and passion I had for her was red. 

And too, was red, the blood that stained my fingers and pooled on the ground when her life was taken from me all too soon. Try as I might, I couldn’t bring her back and it killed me. Anger blazed red in veins, but even if I found the asshole who did this to her, I could never get her back.

I missed the sound of her beating heart, that now lay still and silent. I missed how rosy her cheeks got when I said just the right words. I missed the red passion we shared and the way she told me that he loved me, and the way my name sounded coming from her cherry lips. I miss the dates and that red dress that I loved oh so well. The dress that I had her buried in.

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Maybe, if I'm lucky, I will end up at Laika some day too! Laika has always been a favorite of mine, and certainly a place in which I can envision myself. But if not, who knows. But I will certainly end up somewhere. And you've kinda given me the balls to keep trying so I can see where that somewhere is. (3/3)

YES! You have enormous balls and don’t forget it! Never let anybody’s rejection of you make you stop doing what you love, that’s way too much power to give them. If anything, use that rejection as fuel to make work and prove them wrong! That’s how I’ve always seen it, I’m very motivated by others not thinking I can do something, as strange as that may sound. Just focus intensely on your craft and everything else will fall into place. The only approval that matters is your own. Best of luck!

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I'm so happy. Like I was almost to the point of tears and I have been so bouncy today because Fall Out Boy is my favorite band and honestly I just love them so much and I will love anything they produce and this song is just so… so amazing. I love it. It's different and just great. I think it's amazing they are trying out new sounds and it's my favorite song ATM. I am so proud of them. So very very proud of them because Pete was really anxious and it's just so great bc the song was amazing. ❤️❤️

Awww this is so sweet!! Me @ pete wentz: read this because it’s so adorable

Young and Menace

I really like the music video and the lyrics but I’m not super keen on the chorus, to me it makes Patrick’s voice sound something from Alvin and the Chipmunks but no hate, I love Fall Out Boy and that’s not gonna change, and it’s their choice which direction their music takes, I hope they do an acoustic version but if not it’s fine, I’m still gonna love them

I’m really torn between whether I like the new Fall Out Boy song or not. Like on one hand it is catchy, but on the other hand it just doesn’t have that same sound that made me love them so much. ☹️ I’m all for bands and artists changing their sounds and doing what they like, but it’s more just electronic dance music like everyone else is doing.

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Your opinion on Valentina

this is gonna make sound like SUCH A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE but HEAR ME OUT…. so valentina was actually my pre-season fav. not even just pre-season actually, like when she was just being speculated for being on the show. i remember looking at the predicted s9 cast on reddit, seeing her pic and falling in love with her aesthetic anyways. after following her on IG (which had less than 20k at the time), i watched one of her lives and couldn’t shake how much she reminded me of fame. she was impossibly beautiful but so extra and goofy in the way that she spoke. i have a soft spots for queens like that, obviously. now she’s totally blown up and honestly, looking at how the fans received fame, i never expected her to be a fan fave like she is now. did you know she’s the most followed s9 girl of them all?! THAT’S CRAZY TO ME!!!! anyways, i do really love her but her stans so kind of ruin it for me sometimes. i think she’s talented, beautiful and an overall strong contender but sometimes she gets away with murder - like aja hilariously pointed out. she’s still one of my top picks though and i hope she makes it far?

You will not always be happy with me, as I have scars from countless battles engraved on my skin and soul. I may not remember the date of the first day we met, and I may forget the name of your favorite shows. But I will always remember the way you wear your smile, the smell of your skin and how you like your food spicy.

There will be times when you may feel that I am becoming a little distant, like I am a little lost inside of my head. But please know that in those times, I still love you. In those times, I will quietly hum to the sound of your laughter at the back of my head, and I will fall quietly. I may not always say it, but you will always be the home to my heavily scarred soul.

And always, behind your back, I will run to strangers only to show them a picture of you just to tell them:

This is what I live for.
This is what keeps me going.
This is why I am still smiling.

—  Lukas W. // This is what I live for

He asks me about you while I’m chewing a celery stalk. I shrug a little. I say I’m happy that you’re happy. My voice doesn’t shake. I sound professional and adult, like I peeled off all the parts of me that cling to you. He asks if I’m over you and I chew until my jaw hurts and I say, yeah, I think so. It doesn’t sound like a lie, even to me. It sounds like someone is shouting those words from the other end of a tunnel, like I’m not living in my throat anymore. He asks if I ever think about you. I say, well it’s hard not to when other people ask questions, ha ha. He doesn’t find that funny. I swim in the silence left over and then I catch the answer at the bottom of the pool like when I was seven and plucking river stones from murk. I say, I don’t unless something reminds me. It sounds diplomatic. Appropriate. I try to calculate the amount a normal person would think about you, dividing how much time we spent together by how much we are spending apart. In the new world, you’re not supposed to love deep, it’s creepy and offensive. People are supposed to fold in and out of your life like leaves; you’re never supposed to love hard enough that you get road rash from falling. Love doesn’t look good on Facebook, I mean. You took plenty of Instagram pictures carefully excluding me. I guess it was so when you went there would be no evidence. Nothing to delete.

He tucks his feet up. He asks how much I’m reminded of you. I blocked you on everything only to unblock you while I was drunk. I scrolled page after page thinking about how much the Internet killed love. Time was that if you were done with someone, you were done for good. The only way you could rip the wound open was by following them across countries. Snail mail doesn’t burn like seeing you happy, dancing with other girls. I’m saying the world was a worse place to be but I wouldn’t think of you as much, maybe. I say to him, ever think about how the 1950’s are super racist and sexist but people still fall for the aesthetic? He asks me what that has to do with the conversation. You would have got it. Some stuff is only pretty until you open it, like how pears go rotten once they touch air. I feel like that a lot, like my core holds onto little black seeds. And he asks me what I’m talking about. I say, oh, nothing.

little things about the Dear Evan Hansen cast album

- evan’s “oh… ://// good… :////” in the opening

- the perfect teenage logic of connor’s (not word-for-word) “oh you don’t want me to go to school high, then i won’t go, glad we agree *leaves*”

- heidi and cynthia’s harmonies yas 

- okay but waving through a window is actually v sad especially when you know the storyline and it’s messing me up and ?

- the transition from “do you ever really crash or even make a sound” to “did I even make a sound” like!!!!

- the musical silence from “will i ever make a sound” to when the chorus starts again LoUDLy

- ben’s VibRaTooOOoOoOoOoO

- “i’m on the ground, my arm goes numb.” pause. “and i see him come to get me.”

- the desperation in evan’s voice when he repeats “he’s come to get me” like babe no

- evan calling connor “buddie” pls my heart can’t take this

- the implications of evan, when creating connor in his head, immediately imagined that connor had helped him after falling from the tree like frick

- “Why would you write that?” “I’m just trying to tell the truth” i love you jared

- jared’s sarcasm, “ s m oking d r u gs?”, “KINKY!”, “very specific”

- evan calling connor “dude” lol bro nice try

- even when evan and connor specifically do their “no homo” it’s still very gay 

- HEY HEY HEY HEY ***harmonies****

- cynthia can i hang out with you pls thx

- “that YoUUUU ARe NOt the MONSTER that I knewwww”

- the vibrato on the word “he” like

- ben’s voice so seamlessly transitions from low to high it’s

- “i’m just trying to remember the best ones” too precious

- “you looked really pretty–er–uh–*cough*–um–ah–it looked pretty cool”

- the progressions of the “I love you”s 

- mike’s voice is so pureeeee

- the little final whispered “disappear”

- the growth of YOU WILL BE FOUND to the full chorus just BLASTING their beautiful HARMONIES

- michael park is such a dad, i’m emotional

- can i fight evan’s actual father asap

- “you don’t have to be scared you’re not enough”

- BEN AND LAURA’s HARmonIEs Just!!!!!

- how quickly evan responds, like he’s just so excited, these two

- the hand-drums during “only us” yes 


- g u i t a r “I’m SORRY that I’m NOt EnouGH, THANk GOd They RESCuED You” like fuq let it out heidi

- alana and jared’s harmonies!!!!! their voices are so pretty!!! and strong!!!! petition for an alana and jared musical 

- how quietly ben starts until he’s absolutely BELTING “I gotta find a way to STOP it STop IT just let me OOOOOOOOOUt”

- someone nominate Rachel Bay Jones for a Tony

-ben’s breathing in “words fail” someone help him

- the throwback to “waving through a window” i’m not crying you’re crying

- actually now we’re both crying

- who the fuck approved evan going off his meds like dr. sherman wtf

- how ben emphasizes certain words and it’s so painful i can’t talk about it this song is just so–too-i

- “would they like what they saw…or would they hate it…too” 

- i cri

- hope at the end but i’m still crying

Sounds that can be heard from my room
  • Me: issat my bOI KILLUA
  • Me: se...bas...CHAN!!!!
  • Me: *muffled screams of agony*
  • Me: ...a month without uploading he comes back with a tag...
  • Me: *every 24 minutes* his boDY ROLLS IM GONE
  • Me: ill double suicide with youuuuu
  • Me: *having a seizure*
  • Me: nico my smol son...u are too precious for this world
  • Me: its okay its okay nezumi said he will come back its okay
  • Me: *heavy breathing followed by tears*
  • Me: mikaela hyakuya is my sexuality

March 27th, 2007: Happy 10th Anniversary to the Mortal                             Instruments by @cassandraclare​!

First Dialogues:

City of Bones:  “You’ve got to be kidding me,”

City of Ashes:  “Are you still mad?”

City of Glass:  “Score, I’m kicking butt at Mario Kart”

City of Fallen Angels:  “Just coffee, please.”

City of Lost Souls: “Mom, its me!”

City of Heavenly Fire:  “Picture something calming. The beach in Los Angeles—white sand, crashing blue water, you’re strolling along the tide line …” Jace cracked an eye open. “This sounds very romantic.”

City of Heavenly Fire (last line): “Freely we serve, because we freely love, as in our will, to love or not; in this we stand or fall”

its so fuckin strange that one day, we’re gonna meet someone who falls head over heels in love with us?? isnt that fuckin weird?? theyre gonna see my favourite food in the supermarket and be like “oh ____ would love this!” theyre gonna wake up in the morning next 2 me and thank god for having us meet. theyre gonna look at me as if i’m the sun, moon and stars!! thats so fuckin odd

DAY 7: Fantasy/Soulmates@otayuriweek

Good luck soldier! Come back safe and sound

(The Russian fairy is a bit shy * laughs *)


  • Ahhhhhhhhhh ~ Fianally I did it ! 7 days of otayuriweek ♥ - I fall to the ground (With sore arms ) But I’m very happy. Thanks for reblogear my art, I love them (I do not know them but I love them ;D ) ~ It’s very encouraging♥  thank you very much
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh ~ ¡Finalmente lo hice! . Los 7 dias de la otayuriweek * caigo al suelo con los brazos adolorido. Pero soy muy feliz, gracias por reblogear mi arte, los amo (no los conozco pero los amo ;D )  Me han animado mucho♥ MUCHAS GRACIAS

::Murkami Lor:: 

Caroline, you’ve been my friend, my conscience, my sounding board. You saw light when all I saw was darkness. You saved me from despair. You told me once that I would fall back in love without realizing it and that’s what happened. Day by day, bit by bit, year by year…with you.
—  Stefan Salvatore’s vows to Caroline Forbes (8x15)