the sound of decay


I remember when last year in Bon Voyage Season 1 the boys went to that Christmas themed place, and the workers showed them something. I can’t remember what it was exactly but it had an elf with a really long nose. Jimin looked at it and said, “I need a nose like that.” I don’t know if he was joking or if he was actually serious about altering his appearance, but when I heard him say that I started to feel really bad. I started to think about again just a couple minutes ago and my attitude changed completely. I was all smiley and normal until I became sad and depressed from thinking about what he said. Jimin is so incredibly beautiful both inside and out. Sure a lot of people don’t like how they look, I don’t like how I look either, but hearing him say that he needed a new feature to make himself look different just made me feel some way that I couldn’t describe. One of first BTS video I saw was the one where they sang to RUN in their hotel room in different parts of the suite. We all know how Jimin was laying down on the couch and stared outside the window— back then I didn’t know him at all. I just thought, “Wow he is handsome. Is he even real?” From then on I started to become an ARMY (I found out about Kpop on the first week of April). Ever since I saw that video I biased Jimin and then it changed to Taehyung, Namjoon, Yoongi, and every freaking member really. Although, Jimin always stuck out to me the most. His features are different from the others, as well as his way of speaking, and his behavior too. So when I heard him say “I need a nose like that” it upset me, and I wrote this to say. I don’t believe you should alter your appearance because of an insecurity. Again I’m not sure if he was joking or not, but this is my opinion. I think that changing something you were born with without a proper reason is just dumb to me. You might end up regretting how you look after you got your cosmetic procedure done. Nowadays people glamorize surgery as if it was the newest bar of chocolate on the market, in my perspective. Sure you might look good now and feel happy about the change you decided to have, but how are you gonna look the more you age? In the end once we pass our looks won’t matter anymore because we decayed. I know I sound really fucking weird and dark right now but I’m just being realistic here. Only modify yourself if it’s something major that affects your wellbeing. Don’t do it for the wrong reasons.

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Listen i'm gonna base my dnd character after you and she's gonna be a berserker who speaks in vaguely alarming riddles and delivers fortunes with her fists i am 100% convinced this is who you were before your flesh and muscle decayed



Styles & Co. Part 9

Authors Note: The italic paragraph is Harry describing Elise an event in his point of view. (Sorry if it is confusing, but it will make sense once you reach it).
Thank you so much for reading my work!!
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When Harry told me to pack a bag for the weekend I did not take him seriously one bit, I assumed he was just trying to be cheeky and make up for our previous disagreement; turns out, he was serious about the weekend. He — presumably with the help of Anastasia — Planned a small getaway just for the two of us, promising that his phone would be used at a minimum and I was *all* his for the whole weekend, no interruptions, no business talk, no business problems, or even clients that need to be seen. He is absolutely, one-hundred percent mine for at least the next forty-eight hours.
Oh, how so much can be done in forty-eight hours without interruptions…

Despite having a splendid cabin to relax in and partake in various activities with my boyfriend, I find myself hand in hand with Harry while we stroll along a hiking trail he specifically selected.

A walk within nature is refreshing; the rich air fills my lungs with a sense of clarity.
The worn trail leads a route through a chirr of insects sounding while within the terrain of old decayed logs, some softened by rot, along with many forest-y like shrubs, towering trees, and tussock grass.
Thick grass carpets contoured lines as a border for the narrow pathway we travel on— between the rich verdant woodlands on either side of us. The further I advance the more of a lush scent radiates from the various grasses that line the channels, the dips and curves of the uneven terrain. 

“Harry, are you sure there are no snakes?” I challenge while I continue to gaze over the region, feeling as if I have been undividedly swallowed by a viridian forest of chaparral.

“Elle, you’re in the heart of nature. Just relax and enjoy the walk.” Harry responds, appearing to appreciate the calmness of the trail and the greenery it contains. I have never really been fond of walking trails, I find them rather boring, in my eyes all I see is greenery and random shrubs that may or may not be poisonous, but, Harry seems to appreciate the walk in nature, the least I can do is smile and breathe in the fresh air. After all, there have been things over the years he has done for me that he has thoroughly despised, such as attending a few theatre productions with me, and not complaining through the Nut-Cracker — that he found to be unquestionably tedious and torturous.

We subsequently reach the top end of the trail, the peak of the trail allowing us to appreciate a promising landscape. My eyes set themselves among the breathtaking panoramas over the edge — it’s almost as if the whole world is at the edge of my feet, — Rugged Alpine mountains line the distance where the snow caps peak the skyline, the mountains accompanied by a thick mist at the base where rolling land dip and curve in the spaces between the hilly mountains and the valleys.

“It seems so peaceful out there.” My eyes continue to gaze over the view thoroughly, taking in the beautiful detail and picturesque scenery offered, from the rigid cerulean mountains to the shadow the mountains cast over the scattered villages — almost as though the mountains are nature’s shielding casings for the settlements before them. 

Harry’s arm benevolently encloses itself around my waist, a small kiss becoming pressed to my cheek. 

“It does, it’s a lovely view, I love the colour variations between the landscapes, how the colours elegantly dip and transition. It is remarkable.” He agrees with the sense of peacefulness the distance emits. “Tell you what else is lovely?” He begins with a slight chuckle, 

“You’re about to say something incredibly cheesy and cute, aren’t you?” I smile, my eyes turning to gaze at him, his view being one of my all time favourites. I can never get enough of his features, his blue-green eyes that sometimes turn to grey, his pink lips, or even the way his nose crinkles at times.

He shrugs, his eyes moving back towards the landscape before us, “I was,” he nods, “But since you just outed me, I will refrain from my comment.” He continues as I lean into him, his arm becoming tighter.

“I want to hear it,” I gently poke at him, 

“Nope, are you ready to go back down the trail?” He questions and I nod, taking one last look at the view before I move from Harrys embrace and begin to step away from the edge. 

“You coming?” I turn to smile at Harry, holding out my hand. I observe as he timidly nods, his hand fidgeting in his pocket. “Harry?” I narrow my eyes onto him and he catches onto my glare, he makes his way closer to me and takes my hand, his fidgeting making me curious. “Why are you fidgety?” I softly question as we begin to walk back down the trail.

“Uhm,” ..“Sorry, love. I couldn’t help myself and quickly checked my phone.” he clears his throat, seeming a little apprehensive and nervous. I shrug it off and kiss his cheek, assuring him I am not mad — if that is what is making him timid and nervous. 

My eyes stay focused on the rocky trail while I continue to admire the surroundings I missed on the way up the trail.
Harry’s voice distracts me at a distance and it takes me a moment to realise he isn’t right beside me, again.

“Elise, wait a second.” He affectionately calls,

“This is the third time-” I begin as I stop in my tracks and turn around, immediately freezing when my eyes coincide with his. He returns to me a grinning smile, his eyes glistening a penetrating bluish-green from the rays of sunlight radiating down on us. I stand speechless, a tiny box in his hand, a diamond shining radiantly from the sun. 

“Since the day I met you, I knew I wanted to one day marry you.” He stammers, appearing nervous, a tone I barely ever catch. 

A stuttering Harry is scarcely every detected. He’s always calm and confident when speaking, it’s how he tends to make his territory. The only other times I have seen him seeming timid or nervous was for a few major business settlements, and a wedding toast he was terrified as hell to make. It took him two glasses of strong liquor to calm him down and convince him that his speech was perfect and that he, in fact, did not need to prepare an expeditious getaway.
“For almost five years I have looked into your beautiful eyes, witnessed your adoring smile, and have had the privilege to wake up beside you for the last two years we have lived together. I have fallen in love with you, every inch of your personality, your body, and soul; your witty comments, and your touch. I love you,” he continues, gaining a little confidence as his hand shakes a little. “I have come to realise that you have put up with a lot of my shit that my business throws at us; you have been one of the only ones to stick by me, even when things go south, you are there… you are the girl that my Mum used to tell me about, she told me that I would find a girl that starts a wildfire in my soul, a girl that is captivating in every way, talented, caring, loving, and most of all a girl that will stand by me even when things get tough…” ..“She told me to marry the girl that I wouldn’t want any other man to be with, the girl I want to dance with it at random hours, to marry the girl that stays even when she has seen me at my worst….., and I was wondering if you’d take the next step with me and marry me?” The proposal makes my heart skip a beat. A question I didn’t think he’d ask me, at least not for a while. 

We’ve never discussed marriage, I honestly did not expect to hear this speech for a while; I thought he would drop hints, or I would have to drop the hints by bringing it up or leaving my laptop open on a wedding dress page for him to find and freak out over, but none of that seemed to have happened… Neither of us has dropped hints. But here he is on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring cushioned within the box. 

 I stare down at him, lost for words, lost in my own thoughts. 

This, this is really happening.

“Really?” My voice comes out as more of a squawk rather than a regular tone, my own nerves beginning to rapidly pulsate.
He nods, a smile spread across his face, his dimples becoming exhibited. I stare into his eyes, bewildered and clouded. 

This explains why he was timid before we started walking down the trail again, why he was fidgeting his hand in his pocket, blaming it on him just wanting to check his phone… 
Was he wanting to pop the question with a stunning view in the background? Was he just too nervous to do it?

I open my mouth, promptly closing it as a sense of nerves takes control of my body, I can’t tell if I’m incredibly dismayed by the sudden question or if I’m about to throw up from being put on the spot.

His eyes soften as they do their best to interpret my own, “Elise?” a delicate film begins to cover his eyes —  a covering that looks as though a tear is threatening to spill from his gorgeous eyes. 

Without much more consideration I find my head nodding, a “yes,” slipping from my lips. The moment the word escapes my tongue my lungs fill with fresh air, a smile embroidering itself across my lips.
His smile stretches wide, his agile fingers taking the delicate ring from the box, gingerly sliding the ring onto my finger before I’m kissing him ever so sincerely. We pull away, still smiling at each before he breaks the silence, 

“For a minute I thought you were going to turn me down.” He clears his throat, placing the ring box back into his pocket. 

“I uhm.. I stopped breathing for a moment.” I chuckle, 

“Yeah I thought so, you just looked at me with a stunned expression.“ 

"Well, you did just out of the blue propose to me,” I remind him, wondering just how much thought he put into this. 

“It wasn’t entirely out of the blue.” He shakes his head while we begin to continue to walk down the trail. 

“We have never discussed marriage." 

"Well… true, but we have been dating nearly five years.” He acknowledges my point, reminding me that our five year anniversary is swiftly approaching, along with his twenty-sixth birthday.
Damn, how time goes by moderately quickly.

Harry catches me admiring my ring while I sit relaxed in the bed, the comforter draped over my legs. He leans on the doorframe, a smirk coated cutely across his face, a mug cupped in his hand. I bite my lip and give him an innocent smile, blushing at the fact he caught me watching my ring glisten in the lighting. 

“Is it real or fake, darling?” He questions, seeming to be amused by the fact I am delighted with the diamond on my finger. 

“Oh ha-ha,” I roll my eyes, “It is extraordinarily beautiful, you have a good eye,” I confess, rather surprised that he chose so well and selected something that suits my style.

“Mhm,” he hums, stepping into the room, leaning over the bed and handing me the mug he was previously cupping in his large hand, “Here, sweetheart.” I take the mug and press my lips to the rim, relishing in the aftertaste of the tea he graciously made for me.

“So, can I know the details?” I reference to the whole proposal, curious of his thoughts and planning involved. He crawls onto the bed and lays himself down beside me, 

“What details?”

“How you asked my Dad and stuff.”

“I have had the ring for six months sitting at the jeweller, I had both your parents look at it before I bought it. I was going to propose on the trip, but I had to go back and deal with my bloody business, then I thought of doing it on our anniversary in a few weeks, but I thought it would be far too typical and public at a restaurant.. it has been in my pocket waiting for the right moment.” He explains, once again surprising me with the fact that he had the ring six months ago and never dropped a hint about it. Not one. “As for asking your Dad, that was the hard part.” He admits with a low voice.

The thought of marriage lingered in my mind for a while, in fact, it was March of last year when I decided that I wanted to propose to you. The moment I knew I wanted to marry you is a whole other story that will have to wait for another time. Anyway, when the idea arose, I began to ponder on different things, whether you would say yes, whether your parents would give me their blessings, I even had to think about whether the two of us would be better off staying the way that we were — happily in a relationship as we had just crossed the four year mark. I sat at my desk trying to think of a way to ask your Father, preferably in a way that he would give me a yes. I wondered about it for quite a while, it wasn’t until mid-May that I gathered up the courage to speak to your Father about marrying you. It worked out kind of perfectly, it just happened your Dad asked if I could have a car organised to pick him up at the airport, so I did, but I decided to accompany him. Your Dad played along perfectly into my plan, inviting me in once we arrived at his house —  we spoke about business, his trip to Chicago, the stock market, all that nitty-gritty stuff you hate discussing with me. It was nerve-wracking, sitting in front of your Dad while he sipped on a glass of bourbon, explaining to me his own business things. It was in the moment that your Mum walked in with the lovely smile that you got for her, that I realised it was now or never. Well, it was also in that moment you began to call me and interrupt my process, making me even more nervous and uneasy. I managed to calm myself down after getting off the phone with you and I looked over at your Dad.. with a nervous breath I politely asked your mother to join our conversation, that is when I proceeded my speech, and yes, I remember it all like it was yesterday. “For a while, I have been thinking about what I am about to ask, I have put a lot of thought into this and think it is the right thing to do. I love Elise, it has been evident since the first time she introduced me to you two as her parents. Your daughter… your daughter is the girl that I would go to the ends of the world for, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. We have been together for four years, and I would like to vow to her to stay with her for another seventy-four or for how many more years I live. I am asking for your blessing to marry Elise.” I am pretty sure I stuttered through the whole damn thing, and I remember staring at your Dad as he gave me his answer,
I was devastated, I kinda just looked at him, unsure of why he turned me down, and that is when your Mum burst into laughter, making me feel even worse about myself. I thought she was laughing at me. turns out that wasn’t the case. “You should see your face,” Your Dad chuckled, extremely amused by my lack of words and expression. 

“Put him out of his misery, you had your fun.” Your Mum piped in, giving me a grinning smile.
“We actually spoke about this the other week and wondered when you would finally ask us. Yes, you can marry Elise… It is about damn time you bloody ask, thought it would never happen.” Your Dad smiled, giving me his blessing to marry you, along with a fucking heart attack.
“Even asked while in a suit and tie, how could we say no?” Your Mum continued, settling the situation and assuring me that they would not have said no and that it was purely a joke. So, that is how that went…..

Sunday Respite - Bardic Inspirations

The tavern shakes with cheer. Its walls rattle, and its tables drum with the fists of a drunken crowd. Amidst the candlelight haze and fooling folk, jigging upon a crooked stool in the centre, is a young girl, perhaps only sixteen summers old. The clientele pound a rhythm onto the grease-stained furniture and woodwork, to which she recites a ballad of wanderlust, misadventure, and mortal danger. Her accent is as of their’s; common as muck, sharp as glass, loud enough to be heard two full streets away. This is her home, these are her people, and this is her story. Huddled in the far corner are a trio of adults, gathered close around their drinks and a coal-scratched map of a nearby noble’s family tomb. The swordsman winces at his comrade’s singing - his ears more adjusted to the gentle strings of southern violins - especially since there is work to be done. Regardless, he knows with full assurance that the nobleman wouldn’t have even known about his group if it weren’t for her performances, and neither would the previous three or four contractors. He smiles. Who knows? He may learn to appreciate her music in time. She looks over, motioning for him to accompany her. The crowd parts and turns to look with eager eyes, yet still maintains a flawless beat. Reluctantly, he pulls away from his stool, downs the last mouthful of his horrid, bitter ale, and strides up to her, joining her as a friend. The crowd cheers for the hero’s valour, and the young girl sings of all the glory that he has claimed by her side, smiling with a shining heart.

Spoiler: I like bards.

Here are a small selection of choice apparatus for those adventurers amongst you who fight with a song on their tongue, a blade in their hand, and love in their heart. For what is glory if no legends become of it?

March-master’s Drumsticks

These simple, wooden sticks are carved with hundreds of minuscule, yet incredibly detailed, inscriptions and runes. They are sturdy to hold, as tough as steel, and weigh as little as straw. They have a cloth-bound head, much like a soft mace, which is tied with golden lace and shining, crystal beads. A skilled musician may be laughed at and ridiculed if he were to start his performance with only these and no drum at his feet. But he wouldn’t fear for criticism, for with these at hand anything is an instrument. An empty table, a stone floor, a dirt path, a sturdy oak; all will resonate with a brutal, shuddering roar when beaten with purpose. So much so, that if the floor itself were stricken, then it could topple even the most fortuitous of giant and beast in its wake, like a storm’s tide tearing across a peaceful bay.

Stalker’s Pipes

A satyr may gift these pipes unto a friend whom he believes to deserve of it. They are bent and rusted tin tubes, strapped together with green leather, and speckled with garish paint. One of the pipes is loose and often detaches from its brothers if handled poorly. Yet you should not let this guise distract you from the promise that accompanies it. These pipes, when played well and clear, shall allow even the most obtuse and hefty of folk to walk amongst sworn, hostile foes like a fawn through a spring field. The music clouds the senses, and hides the performer from sight. As long as the pipes are played, then the piper will be as invisible to his enemies as a specter’s shadow.

Silver Bowstring

This gleaming string of a metallic chrome sings as a choir as it moves through the air. It is unbreakable to mortal hands, and can resist the scathing burns of the arcane manipulations that some may command. When affixed to a sturdy bow, the wielder will find that their draws are stronger, and their shooting is more precise. However, the true beauty of the Silver Bowstring is that it can be played like an instrument. It strums like a guitar, hums like a cello, and sings like a harp. No matter the style or approach, the sound it makes matches the divine.

The Valtas Horn

The Valtas Horn is made of stone. It coils like it were taken from a ram’s head, and requires both of a fully-grown adult’s hands to support if played. When the cold stone is pressed to lips, the air that torrents forth can scour flesh from bone and buckle armour. It wrenches the sturdiest of materials into broken lumps of useless scrap, and can turn entire hordes of monstrous creatures back to whence they came. The sound that echoes forth has been likened to that of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and if thunderclouds were carved from solid rock.

The Triangle

This diminutive length of polished metal is bent inwards at two points to form a triangular shape. It is supported by a loop of red silk, and comes with a similar piece of metal; a rod at only the length of just one of the three sides. It is barely the diameter of a child’s palm. When held aloft, and strummed with the metal rod, the initial sound is petty, quiet, and struggles to be heard over the cacophonies of combat or other, larger instruments. However, the longer it is played, the louder the ringing becomes. It strengthens with every successive hit, growing and growing without sign of falter or decay. Eventually, the sound is so terrific that it rivals the great, brass church bells that call out over cities and towns. The sound becomes near unbearable, and when it reaches near the point of deafness, the sound ceases, and a portal to the heavens tears itself into being at the player’s feet. Soaring out of the ethereal gate is a faceless angel of golden wings, ready to serve and die for the sake of the good and holy.


Pixie x


No more lullabys,
We’re older now,
Cracked and broken
Tree branches
Splitting off into
Adulthood, terror,
We’re slipping out of
Our cradles,
Unlearning mother’s song,
Replacing the sound
With white noise
And decay,
Vocal ruin.
When the morning comes
We pry open crusted eyes
Unwilling but resigned,
Forgetting how old
The world feels,
How young
The sadness is.

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hello tkog, how's it going! recently when im rewatching the "everything in its right place" live of their 2006 gig, i noticed that even when thom left the stage, the band is still play. and i know that thom's vocal is controlled by jonny, but how about the keyboard part, ed maybe? meanwhile even after EVERYONE left the stage it's still making some changing beat and reverse sound, and thom's vocal is still looping. so how do u think they did that?

Hello there, it is going well!

For live performances of Everything In Its Right Place from 2000 to 2009, the band’s roles were as follows:

  • Thom sings, plays Rhodes piano.
  • Jonny samples and processes Thom’s vocals with his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1 and pedalboard. Starting in 2003, he also samples and processes Phil’s percussion after Thom stops singing.
  • Ed processes and samples Thom’s Rhodes piano with his pedalboard.
  • Colin plays bass.
  • Phil plays drums.

Ed’s Role

Jonny’s processing of Thom’s vocals is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the Everything In Its Right Place live outro, but it is Ed’s looping of Thom’s keyboard playing that gives Jonny the room to mess around. When the whole band is playing, Ed runs loops of the Rhodes piano through his delays and other effects to build up interesting textures. He usually records a longer sample of Thom’s playing, and uses the DL4′s “play once” function to play back a shorter section of the loop. He’ll often layer a processed version of the same chord progression that Thom is playing, creating a much thicker texture than the Rhodes piano could provide on its own. However, once Thom leaves the stage, Ed at some point switches to “playing” the loopers (his Line 6 DL4 and Akai Headrush) themselves without using too many other effects.

Ed manipulating the volume knobs of his Akai Headrush E1 and Boss DD5 at the end of the 2001 Canal+ performance of Everything In Its Right Place (youtube).

The band’s 2001 Canal+ performance of EIIRP provides a good demonstration of how Radiohead often end the song. Near the five minute mark, we see Thom leaving the stage for the last time, while Phil and Colin following close behind. At this point, Ed, panned left, is turning a loop of the Rhodes into a spiraling pad by adjusting his Boss DD-5, while Jonny, panned right, is manipulating a loop of Thom vocals with his Kaoss Pad. By about 5:45, Ed has switched to an unmodified loop of the song’s primary chord progression. When Jonny leaves, the loop of the main chord progression is all that remains (plus one of Ed’s delays which is slowly beginning to self-oscillate).

Ed’s Line 6 DL4 during the 2001 Canal+ performance (youtube). The unit is set for looper mode, with all of the delay knobs set to zero to disable it. Ed is adjusting the mix knob, which controls the volume of the loop.

From the Radiohead’s 2003 Glastonbury performance of Everything In Its Right Place: Ed triggers the “play once” function of his Line 6 DL4 with his right hand while adjusting the delay time of his Boss DD5 with his left. He takes a potato chip, and eats it.

Jonny’s Percussion Sampling

On the Glastonbury 2003 performance. Jonny captures a clip of Phil’s drums four minutes into the song, then manipulates this new loop for the subsequent two minutes. This loop is the only percussion present for the thirty seconds after Phil stops playing. Jonny similarly records and manipulates a loop of Phil’s percussion at the 2003 MTV $2 Bill concert. It’s worth noting that like on Canal+, Ed’s looped Rhodes is all that remains at the end of Glastonbury performance.

Jonny with his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1 during the Glastonbury performance of Everything In Its Right Place, 2003.06.28.

Bonnaroo 2006

Clocking in at over eight minutes, Radiohead’s Bonnaroo 2006 performance of Everything In Its Right Place is a both a spectacular performance and a good demonstration of Ed and Jonny’s looping techniques at the time.

At the start of the Bonnaroo performance, Ed captures a loop of Thom’s short introduction. We hear a long clip of this introduction played back at the end of the song, which nicely bookends the performance. For most of the performance, however, Ed builds glitchy textures with other loops of Thom’s playing. He likely used his Akai Headrush to capture the initial loop, and his Line 6 DL4 to capture the loops which he manipulated more intensely. Additionally, during the section when Thom for the second time begins singing “in its right place”, Ed applies his Phase 90 and other effects to the directly output of the Rhodes piano, rather than to a loop (youtube). As with his loops, this modified version of the keyboard part is layered with the dry version of the Rhodes piano at the mixing desk.

Ed adjusting the volume of his Akai Headrush E1 while trigger the “play once” feature on his Line 6 DL4, MTV $2 Bill concert, 2003.06.05 (youtube).

For the first six minutes of the song, Jonny manipulates Thom’s vocals in his usual eclectic way. After Thom heads to the front of the stage, Jonny records a new loop from Thom’s mic. Since Thom is no longer singing, what he gets a mix of Phil’s percussion and noises from the crowd. The loop is initially run through Jonny’s Boss SD1, which had been used to distort Thom’s vocals, but Jonny soon turns off the overdrive and turns on his Boss RV3. You can hear a clearer example of Jonny sampling the crowd and Phil’s percussion simultaneously in this soundboard recording (panned to the right) from Radiohead’s 2006 performance at Rock Oz'Arènes.

One of Jonny’s pedalboards in 2006, showing his Akai Headrush E1, and settings for his BOSS SD1 and BOSS RV3. His RV3 is set for a plate reverb, with an equal mix, dark sound, and medium decay. His SD1 is set with full volume and gain, to really push his Vox AC30 into its natural overdrive. Settings are irrelevant for his Akai Headrush because he uses it exclusively as a looper.

What’s surprising about the Bonnaroo performance, distinguishing it from 2003 performances, is that we hear a modified loop of Thom’s voice superimposed with Jonny’s percussion/crowd sampling. This occurs around six minutes into the performance. Jonny’s Kaoss Pad KP1 cannot store loops, and the KP1 is playing back percussion sounds, so Jonny must have recording some of his earlier manipulations of Thom’s voice with his Akai Headrush E1, but chose not to play them back until this point.

Jonny seems to have used this technique elsewhere in 2006, and we can simultaneously hear both his live manipulations of drums sounds and his looped manipulations of Thoms vocals in the previously mentioned Rock Oz'Arènes performance. The band’s performance at Golden Gate Park in August, 2008, also features simultaneous drum and vocal loops. Even after Jonny leaves the stage during that performance, we can hear a clear loop of his vocal manipulations, playing from his Akai Headrush, as well as a reversed loop of Phil’s percussion playing from his Korg Kaoss Pad and running through his DOD440 and Roland Space Echo. Jonny must have the Kaoss Pad’s “hold” function turned on in order to keep it looping after he stopped touching it (the “hold” is what lets him get some particularly crazy effects in this performance by freeing up his hands to mess with his DOD440 and Whammy simultaneously).

Jonny manipulating his Korg Kaoss Pad and DOD440 at Glastonbury, 2003. Alongside his Digitech Whammy, the DOD envelope filter is a favorite of Jonny’s for processing his Kaoss Pad loops.


From the first performances in 2000, Ed has looped Thom’s keyboards and Jonny has looped Thom’s vocals. Starting in 2003, Jonny also began sampling Phil’s percussion after Thom had left the stage. By 2006, Jonny started using his Akai Headrush to record some of his Kaoss Pad manipulations, and would play them back later in the performance while he manipulated new loops of Phil’s percussion and the sounds of the crowd. Ed and Jonny always left their loopers going when the left the stage, resulting in keyboard, vocal, and percussion loops repeating after the stage had been abandoned by the band. Two of the band’s techs would run out after the band had finished, and turned off Ed and Jonny’s loops simultaneously to give the song a precise ending. This overall setup remained the case through 2009 (although in 2009 Jonny would often manipulate loops of Thom’s vocals for full performances).

Okay I’m pumped for the leaked episode title and all but I’m also a little worried.

It’s called Reunited and if it has anything to do with Lars being reunited with his friends and family on earth after they find a way to bring him back or something like some people think, I’ll be happy, but also a little sad. Because we barley spent much time on homeworld, we haven’t gotten the chance to properly explore the planet, learn the modern culture, etc. I don’t really want us to rush to get off homeworld, yes I want there to be a /sense/ of being rushed so it’s not just 30 townie episodes before steven remembers lars exists, but I want to know more and see more about homeworld first hand. I want the off colors to explain more of homeworld culture, I want to see more of the surface and the ruins of homeworld-even if it’s just one of the characters looking up and catching another glimpse of the sheer insanity that is gem civilization and technology. I want to see more gems, like enemies trying to track them down or something. I want to see more tense battles for life or death.

Homeworld has been built up for so long and to just give us three episodes on homeworld only to show us screen caps worth of the planet seems like kind of a let down.

Plus it’d be way too easy for the problem to be resolved that quickly. Maybe by the time it comes back about a month or two /has/ gone by in the show, which would be a fairly reasonable time to get him back home, but for us it hasn’t been that long in terms of the span of episodes.

Plus, while it might be considered filler to some fans, I wanna see how the townies-specifically those who were closest to lars or knew what happened to him (Sadie, his parents, even jamie or connie) are taking to him being missing. Sadie, Jamie, Connie, and onion (though we probably wouldn’t get much dialogue from him) were all involved in the same thing that happened to lars but they were able to escape. Whether or not they even really knew him by name they’ve got to be handling it pretty roughly I imagine, that they all escaped but there was still someone who got left behind on the ship that they forgot to grab. Hell, Sadie even /knew/ where Lars went but in the heat of the moment forgot to call him or find him to help him escape. I’m sure once they find out steven is safe they’ll be a lot more at ease, but it would probably still be haunting to know that someone else didn’t make it back and that he can’t get back just yet. Especially if they found out he died, they would’ve fully realized the real peril they could’ve been in if they hadn’t made it out, and knowing that someone they at least could put a face to had died has got to be traumatizing to some degree, even knowing he was revived.
Of course there’s also his parents who by now have probably realized that their son is missing, and if steven has to go to their door and tell them what happened they’d be devastated. They might even lash out and demand steven find a way to bring their son back asap, which he’ll have to reassure them that they’re doing all they can right now. But beyond that there probably wouldn’t be any consoling them besides maybe the occasional update or message from Lars conveyed by Steven to let his parents know he’s okay and to just wait a little longer.
Then there’s steven- he literally watched his friend die in front of his eyes. He was the one of the first to see and the first to know that he actually died. He didn’t feel or hear a heart beat or any breathing. He held his corpse, Steven who is only 14, has held a dead body- and the dead body of a friend no less. The show has always joked about or just generally made light of death before (all of Steven’s over exaggerations like in Steven floats, and they even casually mention it in the song “peace and love” and “Steven and the crystal gems”) but now that it’s actually happened, that he’s actually seen it it is no longer just a joke. It is no longer something you can just casually mention in a feel good song. It’s become something real, and something terrifying for him. He probably feels extreme guilt this all happened to lars and that even after all he went through he can’t go back still. He’s probably frantic, and aside from telling everyone lars is okay, is probably going to try and dedicate all his time and effort into bringing lars home and checking up on him, trying to help in whatever way he can. To the point that he’s so consumed by his own regret and guilt that it starts to get a little worrying and becomes almost like an obsession. I imagine that seeing that has probably scarred him where maybe if he even starts to relax he remembers lars, his death, and that he’s still stranded and is instantly back to trying to figure out a way to bring him back.
Idk I kinda ended up rambling about possible headcanons but basically what I’m trying to say is that a look into how everyone on earth is dealing with what happened might be interesting.

Finally, we don’t even know how exactly they’re going to get Lars back. Pearl mentions a drop ship or something but from the sound of it it’s badly damaged and likely in a state of decay. Not to mention with homeworld’s advanced technology, seeing an old era one ship would definetley make them stand out. We saw what looked like a hand (or leg) ship in the desert in lion four, but if it’s really pink diamond’s ship like some have speculated or even Rose’s ship, they’d still stand out due to a ship like that being out of commission for thousands of years most likely though they’d likely still blend in better with that ship. So how would they even go about saving lars effectively?

There are still so many questions and so many things I wanna see that if they just bring lars straight home, even after the end of thirty minutes- unless we get a lot of questions answered or see a lot more of homeworld to be satisfied or at least have somewhat of a promise of returning there (but like why would they have a reason to?), just getting lars back would seem way too quick and unsatisfying.

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YG gave them new names?? What why??

update: i finally watched their v live video and they said ”those are [their] english names for the album”.

bruh i had the same reaction as you when i found out.
yes he did and i have no idea why because he didn’t give an official statement or anything like that.

one of the reasons might be so that new fans can remember the members more easily. but it’s ridiculous to change their names out of nowhere after 3 or 4 years of them being known in a specific way. 

also, their concept is ‘new kids’ so that’s why they have new names. nothing permanent, just some new names for their ‘new kids’ personas. 

or maybe it’s like what they did with winner when they wrote seungyoon as ‘yoon’ and seunghoon as ‘hoony’. but those are nicknames given by fans, no way something completely different that no one’s ever heard of like ‘jay’ or ‘dk’ (which sounds like decay).

anyway, even jinhwan is confused about this.


Mahler - Symphony no. 7 in e minor

Now that the sun is setting, I can talk about Mahler’s weirdest symphony. The 7th is a bit of a tough nut to crack at first, but if we focus on the subtitle given to it “Song of the Night”,  then I think it’s easier to understand the structure. This symphony has gotten the most criticism out of his output, and is considered confusing and weird, with the two book end movements sticking out like sore thumbs. I have my own theory as to how to “interpret” the work. (and it’s just my personal idea so don’t take it to be a well based fact or anything. I mean for real, Mahler wouldn’t approve of me adding all this extra-musical program to one of his absolute symphonies) I like to think of it as depicting the different emotions and evocations that nighttime has in our culture, and each movement corresponds to a different period of time. The first movement, 6 pm, Twilight to Dusk, just as the sun slips away beyond the horizon we are thrown into the beginning of the long darkness of night. Here we get a mix of emotions, arousal at the idea of having fun, going out with friends, maybe meeting someone to spend the night with, but also an anxiety creeps up on you, at the dangers lurking at night. Criminals. Living in the city I always hold this anxiety walking around after dark. The music opens with sinister chords and a deep call from the tenor horn, and the structure is confused by episodic bursts of different moods, from dramatic and almost “Star Wars” like, to the almost religious rise of the violins around the halfway point, like ascending a mountain. The movement ends on an unexpected bright note. The next movement, 9 pm, the first Nachtmusik, the actual nighttime begins. This movement makes me think of the horrors associated with night, imagine a creepy forest lit by the moon, you can barely see, it’s cold, and there are all kinds of animals, potential monsters, lurking in the darkness. That’s what I think of. The combination of fear and excitement at the sublime and almost surreal nature of the earth at night. The music opens with evocative horns calling and answering each other. The winds flutter in sounding like nocturnal birds, or the wind, as the horns repeat their calls, and you can feel the darkness of the soundscape take over. But it isn’t sinister for long, as a more playful and less unnerving waltz comes in. The third movement, Midnight, is the beginning of the Midnight Hour leading into the Witching Hour. The time of night that is most scary, that the world is uneasily quiet, and that even skeptics like me tremble at the thought of some kind of evil thing waiting to prey on me. This movement plays like a Viennese waltz, but the dancers are corpses. Yes, this is Mahler’s Danse Macabre, and as the waltz plays on with spooky sonorities, it sounds as if the music itself is decaying. The fourth movement, 4am, the second Nachtmusik. The chilling terrors of the night have begun to pass. This to me is depicting the calmness of night, the serenity of the silence and the dark, how peaceful most of us feel asleep in beds, cows asleep in their fields, the moon is bright and lighting up the sky, and dawn is approaching, the sky is turning a brighter shade gradually. The orchestra is toned down severely, most of the brass and woodwinds take a break, and so the instrumentation is almost like a concerto for several solo instruments, like a call back to the Baroque era. The use of mandolins and guitars to add to the texture, along with the subtitle “amaroso”, makes this feel like a serenade. Love songs sung under the moon, sweet words to calm the mind after dark. The passionate aspect of nighttime. The final movement, 6 am, the moment the sun rises, isn’t a gradual build up. Instead, the timpani and brass breaks the doors blaring a triumphant song, so uncharacteristic of the rest of the work, it leaves people scratching their heads. I think of it as the sun rising, the light concurring the evil of the night, and bringing us another day, bringing us warmth. However, the fanfare and melodies feel sarcastic. They’re banal, and the overinflated orchestra feels like a cheap trick, like a composer who is trying to make a “grand finale”. This movement is a parody, and it also parodies melodies from Wagner’s gargantuan Die Meistersinger… and Franz Lehár’s The Merry Widow. The movement is built of constantly changing variations on the opening themes, and is packed with false climaxes and let downs. Even when the melody and orchestra release their full grandeur at the end, the coda is interrupted by a hesitant and hushed chord, right before the final slap. While I get that this is more for comedic affect, [and that this movement is strange in how it is so distant from the music that came before], I like to think of the final hesitation as a reminder that, even though the sun is up, and another day is here, the darkness of night is always ahead, and the fears we have of ourselves and each other and monsters real and imaginary still live in the back of our minds, waiting for another night to come out to haunt us.


1. Langsam - Allegro risulto, ma non troppo

2. Nachtmusik I

3. Scherzo

4. Nachtmusik II

5. Rondo finale

All You Have To Do is Ask- Kai Parker Imagine (smut warning)

‘I swear to the powers that be; if you don’t hurry the fuck up, I will leave you behind!’ I shouted behind me as my feet slipped and bounded through the snow.

‘I’m more worried about the things behind us than my distance away from you!’ Kai spat not far behind my own. ‘Where are we even going?’

‘There’s a cave that’s blocked off for vampires. It should be around he-‘

With a soft thud, I landed face down in the snow. I was barely down for a second before I was pushing myself up, ignoring the pain from the cold of the snow against my bare hands and the sudden twinge of pain coming from my right ankle.

‘I see it!’ shouted Kai as he sprinted past me.

I watched as he dived for the entrance, almost tripping over his own feet before turning back to hold his hand out towards me.

After wrapping mine around his, he pulled me into the entrance of the cave. ‘We-we have to keep going,’ I puffed; quickly letting go of Kai’s gloved hand before squeezing past his figure; ignoring the close proximity of our bodies.

‘Why?’ he breathed.

‘The barrier that stops vampires is further in. If we just stayed here, they could still get us. Then again,’ I continued; my hands dragging along the cave walls to stop myself from tripping over the uneven ground. ‘They wouldn’t even be chasing us if you hadn’t wandered off and gotten yourself bitten.’

‘Like you wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing.’

My body whipped round to look up at Kai; an expression of pure fury on my face. ‘I’m not that stupid,’ I hissed.

‘Sure, because getting us stuck here was my fault,’ Kai spat; his eyes full of anger as his chest puffed up and down.

‘No, Kai, that was your own damn fault,’ I sneered. Turning back around, I continued walking down the tunnel. ‘If you hadn’t stabbed Bonnie and stolen Damon’s girlfriend, this wouldn’t have-‘

My right ankle suddenly twisted on the uneven ground, causing me to buckle towards the cave floor. Luckily, Kai’s hand gripped hard around the top of my arm, keeping my weight off my foot.

‘Who’s the stupid one now?’ Kai asked with a smirk as he pulled me upright; his face hovering just above mine.

Both of our chests rose and fell from the anger and adrenaline flowing through our veins. Our stares kept; each of us waiting for the other to make the next move.

Suddenly feeling awkward under the stare, I shook my arm free of his grip; my eyes narrowing into an icy glare. ‘If you think you’re so clever, why don’t you go first?’

Kai’s eyes flickered all over my face; stopping one too many times on my lips. Sighing in annoyance, he brushed past me through the small gap between myself and the wall. Ignoring the sparks that flew when his body pressed against mine, I followed him down the tunnel; my arms wrapping themselves around my body as the loss of adrenaline was making my body temperature quickly fall.

The walk was silent. Every few moments, I would check behind me, making sure that Lily’s creepy pets weren’t following us.

When we had reached our destination, Kai froze just before the entrance. ‘You’re sure this is the place?’

Careful to not get too close, I looked over Kai’s shoulder into the small cave. ‘Looks like.’

‘Phesmatos incendia,’ Kai muttered, causing all of the candles situated around the cave to light. Despite the number, the candles didn’t provide much light, but enough to see each others faces.

‘We should be safe here whilst we figure ou-‘

A stone cold vice like grip suddenly wrapped itself around my neck making me jump in surprise. The scream that had built up was trapped in my throat from the hard grip yet Kai still heard the struggle.

Frantically, he whipped round; his eyes widening at what I assumed was the vampire behind me.

‘Motus!’ he shouted, quickly extending his arm as he did. The vampires grip instantly fell away, giving Kai enough time to pull me over the threshold, though with too much force. My figure bumped into his causing us both to fall to the ground, well, Kai to the ground and myself onto Kai.

The sound of growling made us both turn round to see a grey, decaying figure standing in the entrance of the cave. ‘You can’t stay in here forever,’ the creature said; the white of his eyes making his being even more terrifying. ‘But we can wait…’

He slowly stepped back into the shadows; his eyes being the last thing to disappear.

Sighing with relief of escape, I felt my body relax and fall back onto Kai’s. ‘Well that was bloody lucky,’ I breathed; a small laugh escaping my lips.

‘You’re welcome,’ Kai replied; his breathing gradually becoming slower.

‘Excuse me?’ I said slowly; my head rising slightly so that my face was just above the witches. “You’re welcome?’’

‘That’s what you normally say to someone when you’ve just saved their ass,’ he retorted with a smirk.

‘Are you kidding me?’ I asked exasperatedly, moving my hands to either side of Kai’s face so that I could lift myself up slightly. ‘You wouldn’t have to save my ass if it wasn’t for your fucking stupidity!’ I spat; trying not to pay attention to the lust in Kai’s eyes and the fact that I was straddling his body. ‘You just had to keep going after Bonnie-‘

Kai, with speed of a vampire, placed his hands on my hips, pushing me to the side before straddling me; my hands pinned above me as the witch leaned down; his face extremely close to mine.

‘You have to be careful, wolf girl,’ he purred; a slow and seductive smile growing on his lips. Slowly, he bent down so that his mouth was beside my ear. ‘Your jealousy is showing.’

I felt my eyes widen slightly and my cheeks begin to burn at his accusation. It was no shock to anyone in MysticFalls that I had been crushing on the leader of the Gemini Coven ever since he stepped into the bar on Whitmore Campus. His flirty remarks and lustful eyes had always turned me into a blushing fool yet, despite the sexual tension, nothing had ever happened. Not that I had even tried.

You would think that being Tyler Lockwood’s cousin, and therefore a werewolf, would make me confident and flirtatious yet, I was far from. The only things that Tyler and I shared were the same surnames, the wolf gene and a short temper.

I gave an awkward bark of laughter. ‘Kai,’ I started, lifting my eyes to his whilst neglecting to feel the sudden heat between my legs. Kai simply stared down at me with the ghost of a smirk on his lips; his eyes quickly darting from my own to my lips. ‘The only way I would be jealous is if I liked you. In case you hadn’t noticed, I feel the opposite.’

Kai’s smirk grew as he lowered his face to mine. His nose gently brushed against my own; his lips far too close to mine as he breathed slowly. ‘So you’re not completely turned on when I do this?’ he asked; moving his face to the side of mine; nibbling my ear.

Biting my lip hard, I tried to stop the moans from escaping. I tried to wiggle my hips in an attempt to shake Kai off but, mistaking it for enjoyment, Kai grinded his own hips against mine, pushing them down to the hard ground as he moved his lips down to my neck.

‘Do you dream about me, wolf?’ Kai breathed against my skin. He moved his hands so that only one of his held both of mine so that the other could move down the front of my body; the pressure enough to let me feel his hand underneath my winter coat but too light for me to get any pleasure out of it. ‘Do you dream about me kissing you like this?’ Kai moved his lips so that they were just under my jaw, making me bite my lip even harder. ‘About undressing you?’ His fingers began to undo the buttons of my coat, pushing it to the sides so that my jumper clad stomach was out in the air. ‘Touching you?’ he murmured, letting his hand slowly slip underneath the jumper; splaying itself across my skin.

I felt hot and completely frustrated. I wanted to be out of my clothes, not giving a shit about the winter going on out-

‘Stop,’ I growled, lifting myself up so that I pushed his body off me completely; realisation of where we were suddenly springing to my mind. ‘Stop it,’ I said breathlessly.

Kai’s face flinched with hurt before turning back into a smirk. ‘Too much for you, Lockwood?’

‘Screw you Kai. I’m not going to sleep with you,’ I breathed, pulling my jacket tight over me.

Kai sighed. ‘Fine. But the candles won’t be enough fire to keep us warm for a few hours, let alone a few days. So…do you at least wanna cuddle?’ Kai asked with a smirk and a wink.

Quickly, I shuffled back so that my back was against the hard wall of the cave. ‘Stay away from me.’

‘Alright. Alright,’ he said, holding his hands up in defeat as he too moved so that his back was leaning against the opposite wall of the cave. ‘I’ll be here when you need me.’

Rolling my eyes, I pulled my legs up to my body, already missing the heat from Kai’s touch. ‘I wouldn’t count on it.’

Kai gave a quiet chuckle. ‘We both know you can’t keep your eyes off me,’ Kai sighed as he tried to get himself comfortable. Slowly, I drew my eyes from watching the flickering flames of the candles on the side of the cave to Kai’s hungry eyes. ‘I give it…10 minutes before you start beginning.’

I watched as Kai gave me the ghost of a smirk on his lips. ‘Well, I hope you’re prepared to be waiting for a while,’ I sighed; giving Kai a sweet smile.

Ignoring Kai’s penetrating eyes, I let my head fall back against the wall, pulling the sleeves over my hands before burning my head further into my jacket, trying to keep all access points for the cold closed off.


I had no idea how much time we had passed in silence. Despite the cave being covered, the cold was coming in fast. I could feel my teeth start to chatter and my toes losing all feeling. I had moved my head to lean against my knees; my hood over my head in attempt to cocoon myself yet I was still freezing.

‘How the hell are we meant to survive in here?’ I muttered more to myself than to Kai yet, he still answered.

‘I have a guess.’ Slowly, I lifted my head to see Kai picking his nails from across the cave. Gradually, he lifted them to mine, proceeding to give me a swift wink to which I rolled my eyes.

Casting my eyes downwards, I brushed my arms with my hands in attempt to warm myself up. ‘Want a hand?’

‘Not yours,’ I breathed.

‘Not even for those hard to reach areas?’

I close my eyes, trying not to think about what Kai and his hands could do before lifting my eyes back to his; his nails quickly forgotten as he watched me with hooded eyes and a tilted head. ‘You’re di-disgusting,’ I said shivering.

‘And yet,’ said Kai as he moved his legs so that they were stretched out in front of him, ‘we both know you dream about me. Naked.’

‘There’s no such thing as an inferiority complex with you, is there?’

I watched Kai as his head tilted to the side even more as his eyes drew themselves leisurely across me; not even bothering to hide his looks. ‘Fuck, I think I’ve got frostbite,’ I said bluntly, trying to wiggle my toes.

‘You know,’ Kai sang, making my bones shiver, and not simply from the cold. ‘All you have to do is ask.’

I groaned quietly, fighting an inward battle as whether or not to let Kai help me or keep my pride and self-control. ‘I don’t want your help, okay? I don’t need it and I especially don’t want it from you.’

Kai laughed quietly. ‘I can help you without coming anywhere near you…If that’s what you’re having trouble with.’

My face frowned in confusion before pulling back in disgust. ‘Dirty talking won’t help to warm me up.’ I moved my eyes to the ground as I muttered ‘creep’, trying to ignore the feeling of Kai watching me.

After a few moments of silence, I lifted my eyes, wondering what had made Kai so silent for the first time in forever. Despite the bedroom eyes he had been giving me before, nothing could beat the look he was giving me at that point. My self-control to say no to that boy was already close to being destroyed and I was pretty sure that look was what did it.

‘What are you-‘ I was suddenly overcome with a pressure between my legs, making my head drop back against the wall behind me; my eyes momentarily going white as my breathing increased. It was as though Kai’s fingers were actually inside of me, bending and exploring my insides as his thumb rubbed circles around my clit. I had to look down to see if he was actually there yet he still hadn’t moved from his position across from me; a seductive smirk placed on his lips.

‘Benefits of magic,’ he said as he relaxed more against the wall of the cave. ‘I don’t even have to be within 5 feet of you to make you come.’

I gave a bark of laughter as my hands dug into the ground beside my figure. ‘This still won’t change my attitude to sleeping with you.’

Kai was suddenly in front of me; his hand holding my chin so that my face was tilted upwards towards his. ‘Wanna bet, wolf?’

The pressure suddenly increased making me gasp out in shock and pleasure, all the while, Kai held my chin as he watched me; my eyes forced to stare into his.

I could feel the pressure build and build but, on the point of happiness, the pressure ceased. I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from making a sound of protest. ‘Bastard,’ I breathed as my head fell against the cave wall.

‘All you have to do is ask,’ he sang as he watched me with pure passion in his eyes.

‘That’s never going to happen,’ I said firmly, hoping that my words seemed more sure than I actually felt. The cold was coming quick again and I almost physically hit myself for turning down an opportunity of warmth.

‘Hmm,’ Kai murmured as he tilted his head to the side. ‘I wonder how long you can survive in the cold without me.’

Slowly, he stood up, giving me a wink before walking away back to his side of the cave. With the feeling that just his magic had brought, I knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to buckle.


Only a few minutes had passed, not silently though as Kai had the sudden desire to whistle some god awful 90s song. Despite his merge with Luke, Kai still seemed the same arrogant, annoying witch that he was when he first came to MysticFalls. Yet, the concern in his eyes that he showed when he occasionally looked up at me showed Luke’s side.

In a feeble attempt to wiggle my toes and getting no response, I sighed in defeat. ‘Kai,’ I breathed, watching his eyebrows raise as a smile formed on his lips yet he didn’t look up from the ground.


The cold had suddenly taken me over, so much so that I couldn’t even ask him to come over. My tone had obviously been a big enough hint for I was suddenly pulled across the cave to where he sat; my body situated between his legs with my back against his and his arms around my waist.

‘Feel better?’ he breathed into my ear.

I could only breathe a sigh of agreement which seemed to be enough for Kai for he pulled back my jacket from my neck so that he could plant kisses along the skin. ‘I told you that you just had to ask.’

‘Bastard,’ I breathed as my head fell back onto Kai’s shoulder, giving him better access to my neck.

‘Do you want me to help warm you up?’ he whispered; one hand already moving under my coat and jumper towards my bra clad breast whilst the other went south, under the waistband of my jeans and past my underwear to my clit where his magic was only minutes before.

‘God,’ I breathed as Kai’s lips began to assault my neck as his fingers and hand did the same.

‘You know what will really warm you up…’

‘I’m not fucking you in a cave,’ I breathed only to have Kai push two fingers inside me, making me gasp. Kai took that as a sign, moving his lips from my neck to my own. The kiss was ferocious; full of need and desire as his hand moved under the bra to play with my nipple.

Kai groaned against my lips as his thumb rubbed circles harshly over my clit. ‘You saying that is only going to make me want you even more,’ he breathed as his tongue swept across my own.

‘That’s the point,’ I whispered, pulling back to give Kai a smirk as I pushed my ass against his growth in his jeans.

Kai’s face fell; his eyes squinting slightly as a smirk pulled at the corner of his lips. ‘Naughty girl.’

Suddenly, I was lifted up and twisted round so that I was straddling Kai’s lap, both of our jeans already pulled down so that his member was ready.

Carefully, he lifted me up before sinking into me; both of us letting out a gasp of pleasure as he filled my insides. ‘You okay?’ he breathed as he placed his lips back on my neck.

‘Little bit defeated but fine,’ I muttered as out hips began to meet each other.

Kai moved his lips from my neck to my own, placing gentle pecks as he stroked the hair out of my face. He slowly moved his lips to mine, kissing me again yet, this time, slowly but with just as much passion as before.

It didn’t take long for us both to reach our peaks; Kai just before me yet he moved his hand to my clit to help me release the final bit of tension.

Once we had finished, Kai slowly lifted me off him, doing up our jeans with his magic before turning me back around so that my back was against his; his lips moving back to my neck.

‘You warmed up yet?’

‘You could say that,’ I sighed as I let my head fall back against Kai’s shoulder; the issues outside of the cave pushed to the back of our minds.

Credit: dirty vampire diaries imagines

Have you ever watched a lightning storm in awe? Join the crowd. Oddly, nobody knows exactly how lightning is produced. What is known is that charges slowly separate in some clouds causing rapid electrical discharges (lightning), but how electrical charges get separated in clouds remains a topic of much research. Lightning usually takes a jagged course, rapidly heating a thin column of air to about three times the surface temperature of the Sun. The resulting shock wave starts supersonically and decays into the loud sound known as thunder. Lightning bolts are common in clouds during rainstorms, and on average 44 lightning bolts occur on the Earth every second. Pictured, over 60 images were stacked to capture the flow of lightning-producing storm clouds in July over Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Credit: Joe Randall

Time And Space


Only You | Theo Raeken Imagine

request ; hi can i have an imagine w/ theo where they have a really sweet realationship where theo will only listen to her and he’s super protective and one day the reader gets hurt and he freaks out cuz she’s in the hospital & everyone keeps telling him she’ll be okay but he doesn’t believe it until it comes out of her mouth and he relaxes a little? your writing is amazing btw!

“What do you mean I can’t visit her?” Theo’s voice not only held surprise, but the smallest hint of anger. They couldn’t blame him. You had gotten yourself hurt on a mission that the pack had set for you, and now you were in the hospital. The moment Theo had heard, he had already begun slipping on his jacket, lacing up his sneakers, and was halfway out the door when Scott called him back in guiltily. “That’s a joke, right?” He looked around at the rest of the pack, who all held grim expressions and were staring anywhere but at him. 

Scott was the first to answer. You were his sister, after all. “Mom thinks it’s best if she just gets some rest for right now. She- she was pretty beaten up when we found her… Mom doesn’t want her having visitors right now. I tried to convince her, and so did Y/N, but she doesn’t want Y/N to tire herself out.” Scott gave Theo an apologetic, half smile. He understood that Theo desperately wanted to see if you were okay, Scott did too, but your mom was always hard to persuade once her mind was set, especially when it came to her kids. 

“B-but… I’m her boyfriend,” Theo sputtered in disbelief, furrowing his brow. “I need to see her. Right now.” 

“Theo, she’s fine, Melissa called us after her surgery and-” Stiles sharply nudged Liam in the ribs, shaking his head wildly as Theo’s breath caught in his throat, green eyes going wide for a moment. 

Surgery?” Theo echoed, making Liam take a step backward, knowing he had said the exact wrong thing to say to an overprotective boyfriend. “How can she be fine if she just had surgery? She’s not fine! Let me see her. Please, you have to let me see her,” he pleaded, grabbing Scott’s arm desperately. 

“I know you want to see her, I know you don’t think she’s okay, but I swear to God, she’s perfectly fine now. She needs rest, that’s all. I’m sorry. I want to make sure she’s okay, too. She’s my sister, after all. But…we can do that tomorrow.” 

“Tomorrow isn’t good enough!” Theo exclaimed, huffing loudly. “Get Melissa on the phone. Y/N isn’t fine until I hear her say it herself. In person.” Lydia handed Scott her phone, shooting Theo a comforting smile, which he returned fleetingly.  Scott quickly dialed his mom’s number, giving Theo a thumbs up when she answered. 

“Mom? Look, do you think you could just let Theo see Y/N for a little bit? Like, fifteen minutes? He’s freaking out, mom, he just wants to hear her voice.” Melissa spoke for a few minutes before Scott nodded, holding the phone out to Theo. “It’s not in person like you wanted, but it is her voice. You can talk to her.” 

Theo grabbed the phone, exiting the living room after thanking Scott and locking himself in the bathroom, slumping against the door and holding the phone to his ear. He could hear your steady breathing on the other end of the call, causing him to sigh with relief. “Hey, princess,” he greeted softly. 

“Theo,” you sighed. He knew you were smiling into the phone, and even though he couldn’t see that beautiful smile in person, he began smiling back. “Scotty tells me you’re over there worrying about me.”

“I’m always worrying about you,” he replied. You sighed, readjusting your position in the uncomfortable hospital bed. “Everything all right over there? Do I need to kick ass and take names?” 

“Nope,” you grinned. “I have a private room. My surgery was minor, in case you were wondering, which I know you were, and I am totally fine. Save for the two broken ribs, of course. Other than that, I’m perfect.”

“I know you are,” Theo joked, causing you to laugh. “I just wanted to hear you say it. Everyone else… they can’t calm me down like you can. They weren’t exactly being reassuring. They made it sound like you had died, and I wasn’t allowed to visit your decaying corpse.” 

“I’m sure they tortured you and purposely withheld information,” you said sarcastically. “They didn’t mean to scare you, babe.” 

“I know, I know,” he surrendered. “Anything that has to do with my wonderful girlfriend getting hurt scares me, though. I can’t help it. You scare me to death sometimes, Y/N. But, if you say you’re fine, then you’re fine. I just need to keep telling myself that until I can see for myself tomorrow.” 

“You’ll be here at the crack of dawn, I assume?” You were totally right, which made Theo laugh brightly, a heart stopping smile lighting up his face. “You really only listen to me, huh?” 

“Only you, princess. Now, back to those broken ribs…” 

GW’s Guide to Classpect: Aspects (Part 1)

The first step to understanding any part of your Role is understanding your Aspect. As I mentioned before, the Aspects are Sburb’s way of categorizing the most important forces and sections of the universe. Think of them as sort of like the elements of the universe, but instead of being physical forces outright, they represent ideas. Things like creation and destruction, choice and desire, or freedom and stability are all Aspects of the universe.

There are twelve Aspects, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I know there’s a lot of talk about others, like Rime, Keys, Fate, Flame, etc. These are not real. The majority of these fabricated Aspects already fall under one of the existing twelve, and are either symbolically or directly associated with them. For example, both Flame and Fate are representative of parts of Doom. These twelve Aspects are split into pairs of opposites, which both oppose and complement each other, making a sort of Yin-Yang harmony between the two. In this next section, I’ll go over each pair, looking at both the pair as a whole and each aspect individually. Also, I’ll tell you about some of the powers associated with each one, which will be fun. Keep in mind that your powers are only a small fraction of your Heroic Role, so don’t just focus on the cool shiz. Also keep in mind that not all players of a certain Aspect will receive all/any of the powers I’ll be listing. Your Class and general Role in the plot will ultimately decide which abilities you will have access to. This is just a general list of the more common power groupings and trends among each aspect.

Here are the main pairs:

The Universe – Space/Time

The Self ——– Heart/Mind

Relevance —— Light/Void

Limitations —— Life/Doom

Direction ——– Breath/Blood

Perspective —- Hope/Rage


Space and Time are singlehandedly the most important Aspect pair in the game. That isn’t to say the other Aspects aren’t important or as powerful, but since Space and Time encompass all of the physical properties in a universe, they are essential to completing a session. Not just because of metaphysical reasons, but because the Space and Time players both are needed to perform extremely important duties; the Space player for breeding the Universe Frog and performing the Ultimate Alchemy, and the Time player to deal with doomed timelines and perform the Scratch if necessary. Thus, Sburb will ALWAYS assign both a Space and Time player to your session. If you don’t have one of these players in your session, you have a problem and you are pretty much doomed unless you can figure out a way to escape your Medium and navigate the Furthest Ring.

SPACE is the Aspect of creation; it represents everything that is, was, and will be. Space is all about shape, movement, size, and form. Space players tend to be creative and are often artistic in some form or another. Space is all about beginnings and matter. It is the most cosmic of all of the Aspects.


=> Gravity Control: A space player’s primary form of elemental combat. Gravity can be used in a huge variety of ways, from crushing enemies, to rooting them to the ground so you can crush them, to pulling enemies together into a massive ball and then crushing them. My session’s Page of Space would rip and levitate chunks of rock out of the ground and throw them around like an earthbender from Avatar. She’d even ride them places instead of flying half the time. It was pretty awesome to watch.

=> Portals: Any of you guys have that game Portal in your timeline? Imagine that kind of thing. Space players can create portal gates that look like Skaia’s spirograph gate things, and these can be used for SO. MUCH. SHIT. Redirecting attacks back onto underlings, quick travel, etc. Basically anything you can think about using a portal for, there’s going to be abilities for it.

=> Extreme Creativity: Space players are crazy good with anything visually artistic. These are people you want with you while you work towards your artifact quests and puzzles, or when alchemizing cool new shit. They can come up with some really awesome stuff.

=> Frog Affinity: This is actually a lot stronger than you’d think. Frogs are some of the most important mobs in Sburb, and the Space player needs at least a little of this to spearhead the team’s frog breeding project. Frog artifacts also make up some of the strongest weapons you can alchemize. I’ve even heard that some Space players can actually summon armies of frogs to fight for them. That sounds fucking terrifying.

TIME is the Aspect of destruction; it represents entropy, decay, and everything that is the opposite of Space. Where Space deals with three dimensions and physical properties, Time is progression and pace. Time players usually start off either way too chill or way too energetic, and have to be sped/slowed to the correct level of investment. Time is all about the inevitable end of everything.


=> Time Travel: Bit of a no-brainer here. This is the staple of the Time player, and must be constantly used to reign in the ever deadly doomed timelines. Something will go horribly wrong, everyone will die, and it is the responsibility of the Time player to go back and deal with the fuckup before their doomed self dies horribly. Lovely.

=> Super Reflexes: Ah yes. Time Dilation super-speed. This power works best over short distances, but can be used to travel distances very quickly. It is usually applied in combat allowing for lightning fast blitz attacks some people have taken to calling “Flashstep.”

=> Entropy Magic: This is a more rare power, but it’s one of the deadliest in a Time arsenal. Entropy type powers make use of a corrupting energy that essentially ages things to death. Want to take down a siege engine about to stomp the shit out of a Consort village? Entropy magic. Need to get into a sealed Dersite vault? Entropy magic. Being attacked by big ass underling of a corrodible metal? RUST THAT FUCKER TO DEATH.

-Time Clones: This one comes with a biiiig caveat; if you bring too many doomed timeline clones into a certain area, the game is going to try and kill them all at the same time by bringing some really nasty baddie along to wipe them all out. That said, clone armies can be useful if you’re careful, and you don’t mind having hundreds of your own dead bodies laying around. Yeah, I know. This game is super dark, okay?


The other two cardinal Aspects, Heart and Mind represent the dichotomy of the players themselves. The difference between wanting something and choosing whether or not to do it. It represents the impact the player can have on the rest of the world. Heart and Mind do not fall under the traditional creation/destruction split, but lie directly between the two. Imagine a compass if you will. Space and Time lie at direct north and south, respectively. Heart and Mind would act as due east and west, trending towards neither Space nor Time, but instead acting as the method of producing either creation or destruction.

HEART is the Aspect of true self. It encompasses everything that has to do with who you are deep within. Heart players generally have some self-centered crisis. Either they have to deal with having too much self assurance or reliance, or else not nearly enough. In some cases, these things aren’t mutually exclusive. Heart relates to desire, and closely ties in with the soul.


=> Shapeshifting: Heart players exhibit an extraordinary mastery of the self, and as such, many times have shapeshifting powers. These abilities range from being able to appear as other players, become creatures, or change into a variety of characters or personas likened to the player themself.

=> Psychic Confidence: This might not always start out as a Heart player constant, but it almost always develops to some extent. Heart players are remarkably resistant to psychological attacks on their person. Basically, if an enemy tries targeting their self esteem, they have a massive mental defence surrounding that stat making the attack basically worthless.

=> The Shiny Thing: Okay, so this is a weird one. You know how Heart basically deals with the true nature of things? Well, that true nature doesn’t just apply to the players. Some Heroes of Heart are able to literally rip out the true nature of an object or item, which looks like this glowing pink shiny thing. This kind of thing allows them to do all sorts of weird shit, like boosting a weapon’s stats, screwing with NPCs, or straight up ripping out another player’s soul and giving them a brand new weapon made from their own essence. It’s bizarre as fuck to watch it happen.

=> Matchmaking: Before you ask, yes, it is a real power. Heart players tend to be very good at getting members of their party hooked up, which believe it or not actually provides bonuses in this game. It has something to do with embracing the weird fate-plot-roleplaying aspect of the game. I feel it’s important to point out that not all Heart players have this power, and unless you know for a fact you’re high enough level to get these abilities, it’s best to stay out of other player’s immediate love lives. Looking at you, debonairThespian. Worst. Wingman. Ever.

MIND is the Aspect of choice. Where Heart encourages you to follow your dreams, do what you feel, and all that Disney shit, Mind is more focused on what you should do. Mind looks at every possibility and decides the one that’s right for the situation. Mind is thought, judgement, strategy, and relates to the face you present to the world as opposed to your true feelings inside.


=> Strategy Extraordinaire: Mind players are literally the world’s best strategists, especially knowledge class Mind heroes. All Mind players can, to some extent, view paths of cause and effect. Our session’s Thief of Mind was an expert at milking her butterfly effect sense for all it was worth.

=> Psionic Fortitude: Mind heroes are super super strong when it comes to resisting psychic attacks of all kinds, but especially things like mind control, psionic daggers, and mental probes. Mind players will often spend hours in silence training their brains to resist telepathic attacks.

=> Synapse Lightning: One of Mind’s few elemental type combat powers. Some Mind players can harness electricity, the supposed reason being that synapses and the brain in general run off of electrical charges. The link is kind of weak, but I guess the game figured it wouldn’t be fair to give Mind only strategic powers.

=> Awakening: This one’s fun. Some high level Heroes of Mind are capable of granting a kind of sentience to items and weapons. This boosts their stats immensely, and can sometimes even allow them to operate completely on their own, with the added condition that sometimes the object’s owner will have to argue with it to get it to do it’s job. It’s rather humorous to watch someone get trash talked by a sword.


Light and Void are the Aspects embodying the dual concept of relevance. Relevance is how much effect one can have on the timeline, and being in the right place at the right time. This dichotomy represents half of the classical order/chaos dynamic, with Light as representative of the creative side of Order, and Void as the destructive side of Chaos.

LIGHT is the Aspect of relevance. Light represents information, knowledge, importance, and agency. Light players usually have a natural bent towards the accumulation of knowledge. Light is raw data, and the ability to use that raw data to influence the world. It also represents the concept of luck, as having good fortune means being in the right place at the right time allows one to influence outcomes. Light is embodied by Skaia and it’s prophecy clouds.


=> Innate Intelligence: Light players tend to be very smart. They differ from Mind in that their intelligence usually is more fact and information based rather than decision and consequence based. Light focuses a lot more on what you do know rather than what you do with it. Know oriented heroes of light like Mages and Seers are especially going to focus on this section of the aspect.

=> Light Energy: Let’s be honest here. What fun would Light be if there was no power that allowed you to go around zapping enemies with particle beams while yelling “IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER” at the top of your lungs? Fortunately, that’s exactly what this power type does. Our team’s Light player got so good with her lasers and enhanced vision (another common light power) that she could nuke meteors out of orbit before they got within range of the Skaian defense portals.

=> Luck Manipulation: This power is so ungodly broken I have no idea where to start. Since light deals with relevancy, and part of relevancy relates to fortune, some light players actually have the ability to manipulate probability in their favor. This is annoying when playing games of chance against them, but it’s even scarier to see utilized in combat. I once read a story somewhere about a Bard of Light that would kill his enemies by destroying their luck and having anvils and frozen meat fall from the sky onto them like some weird cartoon. It’s really scary.

=> Enhanced Speed: Time has the ability to do the speed thing too, but it’s more useful in combat than for travel. Light has the opposite. Many Light players gain the ability to fly at incredible speeds, and will zip around the Medium like a messenger god on a sugar high. Some Light players are even able to transform their bodies into light energy like a living laser.

VOID is the Aspect of obscurity. It represents submission, the inability to affect change, secrets, and a lack of information. Void might at first seem like an evil or undesirable Aspect, but many times there is a need to keep some things irrelevant or secret, especially when stealth and secrecy are needed. Void is embodied by everyone’s favorite tangle buddies, the Noble Circle of Horrorterrors. You know, the Japanese tentacle monster assholes that whisper to Derse dreamers? Yeah, those guys are the reason a lot of people think Void is an evil Aspect. It’s not.


=> Perception Majicks: Void players have access to a wide range of abilities that can be used to mess with people’s senses and the laws of physics. Their loadout includes things like phasing through solid objects, illusion casting, invisibility, and the ability to disperse their physical form into clouds of particles and float around. There are so many variations on this power it’s crazy.

=> Dampening Aura: Some heroes of Void have a natural aura about them that fucks with powers and electronic devices. Everything near the Hero of Void will be just a little less effective, which is one reason why Void players tend to be more of the loner type than any other player in the game. This ability is particularly useful when fighting enemies with magic or pacifying players who’ve gone off the deep end.

=> Night Energy: Another very diverse set of combat based powers, the Night Energy category involves blasting enemies with things like darkness, silence, fear, and pure chaos. How it’s physically possible to kill something with nothing is beyond my comprehension, but Sburb somehow makes it work, and let me tell you, it’s got some of the freakiest and most badass looking effects in the whole game. Void energy is that stuff you see coming off people when they go Grimdark. It’s intimidating to say the least.

=> Natural Stealth: A very common passive Void ability. This doesn’t mean that the player will automatically be some kind of ninja, (although there is still a possibility that will happen) but rather that Void players just seem to be… unimportant to many game constructs and even players. This at first can give the player some grief, as important NPCs might glitch out and forget the player talked to them, but this can be very useful when fleeing from Dersite agents or avoiding detection by higher level underlings.

(Continued in Part 2 because this whole thing is too goddamn long.)

anonymous asked:

my therapist told me psychosis can lead to a lot of things shutting down in the brain over time...over time i have begun replacing words/sounds with completely different things, no matter my intention it happens without my control. i tried hanging things up in my room and after i saw everything had been put on a consistent tilt all the way through, again without my intention, and the tilt was consistent. do you think these are signs of a decaying brain?

I don’t know about the word decaying, but it sounds like you’re having considerable trouble functioning, and that’s really concerning. Talk to a doctor as soon as possible