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Source: 【OVERLORD】  LOG.1 by 惡道GAZARI
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During the American Civil War, buglers and drummers were often the youngest of the soldiers. This scene shows a military camp and its daily ritual of the bugle’s call at sunrise. Learn more about this painting at this week’s Spotlight Gallery Conversation on Thursday, Friday or Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

“Sounding Reveille,” c. 1871, by Winslow Homer (On loan from the Andrew B. Mack Collection)

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Character Portrait - Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)

“For I am The Scarecrow, the master of, well, you know what I’m the master of.”

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In a modern au, how do you think the ragnorssons would react to their partner bringing home a stray animal? Like maybe they found a puppy caught in the rain and brought it home


(I’ve actually never written any of the boys besides Sigurd and Ivar, so this should be fun. I actually might consider the Bjorn one… I’d love to rile him up like that Fifth Harmony song. Sending him nudes while he’s aT WORK SORRY NOT SORRY).


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His threats were more panty-dropping than brilliant towards your plan. But either way, you had hoped It’d work. The texts he had been sending you; the delicious promises, the nasty threats that had you quivering on your couch. 

You had gotten husband riled up for more of a distraction than you probably needed too by sending him your thoughts a few overly-suggestive selfies, but either way, you knew he’d be hauling you up the stairs over his shoulder tonight.

Another hour later, Bjorn was bursting through your front door and on your waiting form like a dehydrating man who had just found a pond of water  — hands, tongue and teeth, and you were one-hundred and ten percent right on him carrying you up the stairs. 

Your back hit that mattress with so much force, you bounced in the air, only to have his large hands slap you back down, followed by his body covering you instantly. 

“You have no idea how much trouble you’re in, baby,” He murmured dangerously, but the delicate touch of his calloused hands made you shiver. The contrast was head-spinning. “Saying things like that, sending me those pics? Thinking you can drive me crazy all day and get away with it? Bet you wanted someone else to see those — ”

A loud bang from downstairs cut him off, causing him to pause as he was making his way down your body, ready to rip your pants off. 

This was it

This was the moment, but as he turned around quickly, he looked ready to fight off an intruder, despite his eyes being lust-filled. You were sure his face went to shock as a golden blur jumped on the both of you, tail wagging, yapping and licking all over his face and large beard.

The look his blue eyes shot towards you was even more dangerous than before, and not as exciting.

Surprise, boo!” You shouted, throwing your hands up into the air, the puppy howling with your excitement. “I found him on my home from your mom’s house today!”

You have no idea how much trouble you’re in.”


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Ubbe would watch you walk through the front door, water dripping from your clothes as tried to shake off the cold. He would stand up, ready to help you by gathering a blanket, and cranking the heater up, but it was not usual for you to completely ignore him  — no hello, honey i’m home


It was very rare you did that actually, and the moment you caught him in your peripheral vision, turning to the side slightly, and you(?) squeaked, he knew immediately something was up.

Tilting his head to the side, he cautiously approached you, watching as you tried to sneak up the stairs after already being seen. Grabbing you before you’d make it, he’d spin you around despite your protest. “Oi!” 

He’d shoot a knowing look to the kicking bundle under your drenched jacket, before giving you the same glance. “Really now?” He’d ask, amused. You always had a new way of trying to do this.

“It’s your fault!” You shouted, wrapping your arms protectively around the bump under your jacket. “You should learn to keep your hands off me better.”

The corners of his mouth twitched, but he refused to smile just yet. “I should be happy then!” He commented, watching your eyes narrow in suspicion and you shouted again as he rudely unzipped your jacket and the furry brown and white puppy flopped to the floor, yapping and jumping around excitedly.

 It was not the cutest thing he had ever seen —  long floppy ears that it tripped over, droopy eyes, stubby legs, and a large nose.

 Ubbe smirked, speaking softly from the corner of his mouth: “But I’d say it’s got more of your looks.”

“Because it’s so cute?”

Sure, sweetheart.


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From: Ice Bear 

I’m gonna be home in a little bit! Had to stop and help with something!

His brows furrowed at your text message, wondering what you were even talking about, but when he tried calling you, it went to voicemail every time. Figuring you’d be fine, he tried to let it go. 

An hour later, his leg was bouncing up and down as he tried to sit still on the couch. Twenty calls and thirty texts. Still no answer, and you had even read his texts. He wasn’t sure which would of made him worry more  — no answer and being left on read, or no answer and you not reading them at all? Either way, he wanted to scream when you finally sent him a vague message, simply telling him you’d be home in ten minutes tops.

The moment you walked through the front door, Hvitserk was on your ass like a hovering mother, scolding you for not answer him, and hugging you, checking you over for signs of injury like you had just gotten back to his arms from being kidnapped. “Babe, I’m fine.”

His eyes narrowed, inspecting you one last time before they stopped dead on your arm and you paled, instantly covering it up. The man pointed at you. “Then what’s that?”

“T-this?” You stuttered, cursing internally. This was not how you wanted this to happen. Not how you wanted to introduce this. “It’s nothing, it’s just  — “

A really loud barking cut you off, and you whipped your head around, looking back towards your car and through the back windows that now had water running down them, you both watched the dog in the back seat shake it off . “No!” You whined, knowing you’d have to shampoo the car now.

“Is that a dog?” Hvitserk asked, taking a quick step closer to the open door, narrowing his eyes to see better.



“Hvitserk!” You pouted. “He was alone, in the rain, and hungry, and crying, and he was begging me to take him home.”

The look on your face and the story almost seemed to break him, his stern face falling slowly until he sighed, slumping over. “A dog..” He echoed, running a hand over his face. “He’s gonna need food  — “

“Got it.”

“A leash, a bed  — “

“Got both of them.”

Shots  — “

“Seriously?” There was shock on Hvitserk’s face as he look over at you, his brows furrowed. 

Rolling your eyes, you gave him a hard stare. “Why do you think I was gone for so long?”

A small silence fell over the both of you.

Do we really need another animal in the house?” He asked, confusing you. You were going to ask him just what the hell he meant until he gave you a cheeky smirk, looking your soaked body up and down and a flush came over you cheeks.


Sigurd really couldn’t help it, honestly, he couldn’t. His brothers would always tell him that he was too soft, let you worm your way into his heart too deep. But you were too adorable in his eyes, like a child who looked at the world with wide-eyes and excitement. Like a baby seeing Christmas lights for the first time. 

To him, your happiness was better than any art he had ever admired in a gallery, the sound of your laughter being better than any music he had ever heard, and the way you would chatter vividly with your hands about what you had just done despite the fact he had been there the entire time would always make his day a lot brighter. 

But when you came home that day from a simple trip to the grocery store, sopping wet and dripping onto the carpet, no groceries in sight but a tiny fuzzy ball wriggling in your arms, he was a little skeptical about having a dog in the house. You were both very busy people  — him helping his brothers run their family company, and you at your own profession. 

A pet might be too much for the both of you at the moment, he decided, ready to tell you.

That is, until you turned around with a smile so big he thought your face was going to split open, and immediately everything he was going to say, every reason he had to argue with just flew out of his mind.

He watched the little spotted puppy jumped in your lap, licking your chin and how you laughed, giving it kisses and rubbing your hands all over it.

You didn’t even need to open your mouth and his arms were up in the air. “Fine!” He sighed, a smile fighting on his lips. “We’ll take it to the vet tomorrow.”


“But it’s sleeping on the floor.”

“But, the bed — “

Ew, absolutely not.”


There was barely enough time for you to get into the house before Ivar opened his mouth, his eyes narrowed and his mouth set into a frown. “Hell no,” He was not going to have it, watching that soaked mutt jump around the living room like it already owned the place, sniffing everything and getting familiar. He already knew what you were doing, and he was not going to let it happen.

Not again

He was not losing another couch, or another one of his crutches to a dog. And a very embarrassing experience he preferred to not ever talk about.

“But, Ivar!” His eyes snapped up to you, practically rolling his eyes at your begging. “He has no home! He was wondering around in the rain!” 

“Uh, take him to the pound.” Ivar commented, waving his hand lazily as he went back to reading his book until he noticed the animal getting to close to the shelf and he snapped at it. It turned quickly and yapped at him, wagging it’s little nub of a tail.

“The pound is a horrible place for animals! Please, just one more try!?” You bounced on your heels, trying to give him your biggest eyes to which he just ignored, keeping a death glare on the little animal.

“You don’t even have enough time for a fucking do  —  “ Ivar stopped, jerking his head down as it began licking the hand that was dangling off his thighs. Hissing at it, he yanked his hand back, but it wasn’t scared at all, something he was a little impressed by. It continued to try and gain his affection.

It was almost as annoying as you.

Awh! Look, he likes you!” You squealed, dropping to the floor and holding your arms out for it, wiggling your fingers and it jumped on you. “You’re such a good boy, aren’t you!? You just wanna give grumpy daddy some love, don’t you?”

I hate you so much.”

Skirts and Mary Janes: Part 2

Prompt: part of the batfam and you don’t know about their other life but you’re also a hero and the fam figure it out one day when they run into you fighting and are shocked?

AN: I had never intended to make a sequel to this one. I honestly thought it was a one and done. Then I got a lot of requests for a continuation, and I couldn’t really help myself, when I had this great second prompt to go with. There is a major time skip here, just so you know, about a five year one, just to be clear. And with this Skirts and Mary Janes officially comes to and end!

Words: 771

Part 1

“I want to know who taught you!”

          Your eyes narrow on your father, and the solid wall supporting him that is your brothers. “Why? So you can have a “chat” with them.”

          “No talking, I’m just going to beat them to a pulp.”

          You roll your eyes, “A very Batman thing to do.”

          “Y/N Wayne, you tell me this minute.”

          You widen your stance. “No.”

          “You are my daughter …”

          “I’m also twenty-two, you don’t get to decide things for me anymore. I don’t live here anymore, and I am financially independent.”

          “You work at a museum.”

          “I run an art gallery.”  

          The sound of the alarm blares before your father can respond. He checks the small device in his palm before looking back to you, “I’ll be back soon; we’ll finish this conversation then.”

          “Or, you could let me help you?”  

          His voice is hard and his tone is final, “Absolutely not.”

          A moment later he, and three of your brothers are gone. The only one who remains is the one who trained you. You wait for him to disable the cameras before you say, “He’s going to kill you when he finds out.”

          “He’ll kill me a second time when he finds out we’re dating. To be honest I’m kind of curious as to what’s going to make him the maddest.”

          You plop into the cushioned chair in front of the computer and say, “You have a death wish, don’t you?”

          He just smirks, “Oh please, since when have I ever been able to say no to you? You came to me three weeks after that incident with Killer Croc, begging me to train you, and you knew I wouldn’t say no.”

          You smirk, “You always were a sucker for the puppy dog eyes.”

          He smirks right back, “Still am.”

          The two of you smile for a minute before you say, “You trained me within an inch of my life. You taught me hand to hand, and how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how to use my knives.”

          He just nods, “You never gave up either, never questioned anything I told you to do.”

          You just shrug, “I trusted you, still do.”

          He kneels in front of you, one of his hands threads through your hair, cupping the back of your head, and then he’s kissing you.

          Then he’s gone, several feet away from you. A moment later you hear your father yell his name, both of you turn towards the sound. You relax into the chair and say, “You didn’t turn off the cameras did you?”

          He just grins and says, “I fed the stream right to the batmobile’s screen.”

          “After initiating the false call to action.”

          He just nods, “What do you think will make him the maddest the fact that we’ve been dating for three years and have been hiding it, the fact that I trained you and kept your patrols to a neighboring city so he wouldn’t figure it out, the age difference, or the fact that we’re moving in together?”

          You just grin and say, “All of the above, now run, and I’ll see you later tonight.”

          He winks before pulling the helmet on and saying, “I’ll see you at meeting spot D in two hours, for patrol, Hell Cat, don’t be late.”

          You just grin, and watch him disappear. Your father doesn’t even glance at you as he chases after your boyfriend, with Damian hot on his heels. Dick and Tim however each take a seat on an armrest on either side of you. They wait for your dad and Damian to be long gone before Dick asks, “So, Hell Cat hunh?”

You just smile and say, “You guy have always described me like a cat.”

Tim just grins and says, “Well, you do always land on your feet.”

Dick nods, “And you’re freaky quiet too, you’re able to sneak up on Bruce when he’s Batman. Even Damian can’t do that.”

Tim just grins and says, “It fits.”

“And at least you updated your uniform from a plaid skirt and Mary Janes,” Dick teases.

          You can’t help but smile, because you know this means you’re officially apart of the team, even if your dad doesn’t realize it. “Yeah those shoes weren’t conducive to fighting crime. On a more serious note, what do you think Jason’s odds of survival are?”

          Tim just shrugs, “I wouldn’t worry, death doesn’t seem to want him, and your dad has that no killing rule. Worst he’ll do is put Jason in traction.”

          You just grin and say, “He’ll have to catch him first.”

John Frusciante

“One of the main reasons why I feel like it’s important for me to do what I do for living, to me, it’s the most beautiful way of soothing people’s pain. I think people often don’t think about what the planet would be like if there were no music.There are so many people doing beautiful things in music, - people complain about the world and stuff, but so many people are doing their damnedest to make it beautiful by making music.So many people are trying to create these invisible places that anyone who wants to, can feel with music. There’s so much of it and there always has been, there’s always so much to find out about.” - John Frusciante

(Rock Sound 2001) /Invisible-Movement gallery archives

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Redkatherinee is honestly the most disgusting person I've seen on the internet. That's saying a lot. Besides that stupid witch oc drawing that blew up two months ago and the new one of her abusing a child, she drew a picture of her oc murdering and baking trans people?? She drew a picture of her oc arresting someone snorting pansexual colored crack. She drew her oc stabbing a trans activist. Then she draws a picture saying a terf has never told a trans person to die.

“B-but!!! Trans women are the TRUE violent oppressors!! they exist and it makes me and my clitty shiver in fear!! :(”


On a totally different musical note- here’s my audio installation and improvisation from Elise Stephen’s Dedication art show at Gallery 1010.