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Source: 【OVERLORD】  LOG.1 by 惡道GAZARI
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Character Portrait - Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)

“For I am The Scarecrow, the master of, well, you know what I’m the master of.”

Skirts and Mary Janes: Part 2

Prompt: part of the batfam and you don’t know about their other life but you’re also a hero and the fam figure it out one day when they run into you fighting and are shocked?

AN: I had never intended to make a sequel to this one. I honestly thought it was a one and done. Then I got a lot of requests for a continuation, and I couldn’t really help myself, when I had this great second prompt to go with. There is a major time skip here, just so you know, about a five year one, just to be clear. And with this Skirts and Mary Janes officially comes to and end!

Words: 771

Part 1

“I want to know who taught you!”

          Your eyes narrow on your father, and the solid wall supporting him that is your brothers. “Why? So you can have a “chat” with them.”

          “No talking, I’m just going to beat them to a pulp.”

          You roll your eyes, “A very Batman thing to do.”

          “Y/N Wayne, you tell me this minute.”

          You widen your stance. “No.”

          “You are my daughter …”

          “I’m also twenty-two, you don’t get to decide things for me anymore. I don’t live here anymore, and I am financially independent.”

          “You work at a museum.”

          “I run an art gallery.”  

          The sound of the alarm blares before your father can respond. He checks the small device in his palm before looking back to you, “I’ll be back soon; we’ll finish this conversation then.”

          “Or, you could let me help you?”  

          His voice is hard and his tone is final, “Absolutely not.”

          A moment later he, and three of your brothers are gone. The only one who remains is the one who trained you. You wait for him to disable the cameras before you say, “He’s going to kill you when he finds out.”

          “He’ll kill me a second time when he finds out we’re dating. To be honest I’m kind of curious as to what’s going to make him the maddest.”

          You plop into the cushioned chair in front of the computer and say, “You have a death wish, don’t you?”

          He just smirks, “Oh please, since when have I ever been able to say no to you? You came to me three weeks after that incident with Killer Croc, begging me to train you, and you knew I wouldn’t say no.”

          You smirk, “You always were a sucker for the puppy dog eyes.”

          He smirks right back, “Still am.”

          The two of you smile for a minute before you say, “You trained me within an inch of my life. You taught me hand to hand, and how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how to use my knives.”

          He just nods, “You never gave up either, never questioned anything I told you to do.”

          You just shrug, “I trusted you, still do.”

          He kneels in front of you, one of his hands threads through your hair, cupping the back of your head, and then he’s kissing you.

          Then he’s gone, several feet away from you. A moment later you hear your father yell his name, both of you turn towards the sound. You relax into the chair and say, “You didn’t turn off the cameras did you?”

          He just grins and says, “I fed the stream right to the batmobile’s screen.”

          “After initiating the false call to action.”

          He just nods, “What do you think will make him the maddest the fact that we’ve been dating for three years and have been hiding it, the fact that I trained you and kept your patrols to a neighboring city so he wouldn’t figure it out, the age difference, or the fact that we’re moving in together?”

          You just grin and say, “All of the above, now run, and I’ll see you later tonight.”

          He winks before pulling the helmet on and saying, “I’ll see you at meeting spot D in two hours, for patrol, Hell Cat, don’t be late.”

          You just grin, and watch him disappear. Your father doesn’t even glance at you as he chases after your boyfriend, with Damian hot on his heels. Dick and Tim however each take a seat on an armrest on either side of you. They wait for your dad and Damian to be long gone before Dick asks, “So, Hell Cat hunh?”

You just smile and say, “You guy have always described me like a cat.”

Tim just grins and says, “Well, you do always land on your feet.”

Dick nods, “And you’re freaky quiet too, you’re able to sneak up on Bruce when he’s Batman. Even Damian can’t do that.”

Tim just grins and says, “It fits.”

“And at least you updated your uniform from a plaid skirt and Mary Janes,” Dick teases.

          You can’t help but smile, because you know this means you’re officially apart of the team, even if your dad doesn’t realize it. “Yeah those shoes weren’t conducive to fighting crime. On a more serious note, what do you think Jason’s odds of survival are?”

          Tim just shrugs, “I wouldn’t worry, death doesn’t seem to want him, and your dad has that no killing rule. Worst he’ll do is put Jason in traction.”

          You just grin and say, “He’ll have to catch him first.”
The Louvre Affair (Tomb Raider One-shot 4), a tomb raider fanfic | FanFiction
Lara has finally retrieved the Obscura Painting hidden beneath the foundations of the Louvre. But when she thinks she's finally going to escape Gunderson's men with her precious booty, an unexpected intruder will stand in her way.

Another one-shot who joins my Finally Readable collection. Thank you @clairesail as always for your fantastic work! :)


nick cave’s fall show spans jack shainman gallery’s two spaces; and neither include a soundsuit, of which cave is most famous for. the pieces in the show are made of found objects, especially pieces that carry deep racial undertones. cave turns these pieces into shrines of a particular sort. draped in beads and ceramic birds and lamps, weight-bearing figurines appear to be converted into heavy, deeply saddening objects that memorialize a bygone era in a manner that is somehow, unsettlingly celebratory.