the soul sonic force

Are you telling me, that there are many games that allow you to create and customize a character of your own, such as:

DragonBall Xenoverse 1 & 2

Animal Crossing series

Harvest Moon series

Dragon Age series

Dragon Quest III, IV & IX

GTA Online

Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates

Fallout series

Final Fantasy Agito, Crystal Chronicles, Legend I & II

Mass Effect series

Monster Hunter series

Phantasy Star series

Pokémon series

The Sims series

South Park: The Stick of Truth & The Fractured but Whole

Splatoon 1 & 2

Yokai Watch

Stardew Valley

Xenoblade Chronicles X 

Saints Row series

Might and Magic series

Tomodachi Life, Miitomo & Miitopia

Dark Souls series

Diablo III

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

…but Sonic Forces is deemed as the sign of the fucking Apocalypse™, because SEGA/Sonic Team is allowing people’s OCs to become canon. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.