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Soul Purpose of Sun Signs 

Sun in Aries: To radiate the Divine Light and activate the Divine Mind as a reservoir of fresh ideas emanating straight from the pure Source. As consciousness streams from heaven to earth, God’s will is put into action 

“An incarnation taken with the Sun in Aries is to serve as a fertile field of fire, clearing and cleaning the mind.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Taurus: To manifest the pure, exquisite beauty of the soul into the material realm. Soul level beauty makes an appearance every day, as attachment is lost and light is sourced internally and externally. Taurus is a force of attraction to the ideas that give beauty substance.

“An incarnation taken with the Sun in Taurus has a great deal to do with the right use of magnetism. Taurus can add its tremendous magnetic qualities to attract the correct form around any inspirational idea.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Gemini: Infusing chaotic worlds of opposition into harmonic unity, to blend yin yang, masculine and feminine, light and shadow, soul and body. Fluid mutability re-arranges and relates all things so duality is resolves and evolution is generated. The sacred messenger is activated when spirit and personality integrate 

“To be an agent for Venus on the subjective level of life and use the power of Mercury objectively. In this way, the Sun in Gemini serves as a vehicle for communicating the Law of Right Human Relationships: Peace on Earth and Goodwill to (Wo)Men.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Cancer: To provide nourishment, armour, and protection materially and immaterially to all of Creation, as an all-encompassing substance much like the amniotic fluids. Offering nurturing from the Goddess to all forms. Stimulation of soul light 

“To create foundations: a foundation for future incarnations based on the intelligent blending of Will and Love, and the anchoring of a foundation of inner and outer resources to bring the nurturing Love of the Soul to others.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Leo: To radiate the marvellous will and artistry of God and the Master Plan through daily life. To display and be the architect of Divine Love and act as an extension of infinite cosmic creativity 

“To create opportunities for the expression of consciousness, both individually and collectively. The latter is achieved through Leo´s creative processes” - Alan Oken

Sun in Virgo: Activation of healing, universal service, and refining the lower self and mind. To utilise tremendous discrimination to bring about good will and assistance to the world, to work on behalf of the Soul of the World for the evolution of the Virgo Soul

“To provide the necessary forms through which consciousness (Love) may do the work of the Healer and bring a greater sense of wholeness into manifestation.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Libra: The soul takes a breath here. It ascends from the lower to the higher self and perceives opposition and duality in clear form. To stand in the middle and navigate polarities, to unify and create equality with seamless synthesis

“To hold opposing forces in check so that greater awareness of both the Soul and the personality may be achieved equally by all.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Scorpio: The Dweller of the Threshold awakens in Scorpio. Ultimate desire is the fire under the Soul as the higher self battles with the lower self for Divine purity. These battles facilitate sacred states of transformation which generate deeper and deeper love from the Soul

“To be a catalyst for the transformation of others, and by so doing, to transform the ego; an opportunity for Grace.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Sagittarius: The contrasting desires of the lower and higher self become integrated and focused toward the spiritual mission of the Soul itself. The guru awakens as the higher mind is cultivated with the Laws of Spiritual Nature when fastidious logic unifies with God’s vision 

“Sagittarius must use its well earned one-pointed focus to orient the life to some lofty objective, one which allows him or her to be a teacher of the ways of the Path.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Capricorn: To express the Master Plan and blueprint of God’s Mind into daily life on behalf of the collective. To undertake tremendous internal challenges so the soul’s true purpose is recognised and realised in reality. 

“Initiation. Capricorn represents that stage in spiritual growth in which all the efforts at spiritual growth culminate in advanced spiritual awareness.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Aquarius: To activate the light of Leo into the Soul of humanity, to be the reservoir that nourishes collective consciousness so evolution is possible for all beings. To awaken intuition with emotional and cerebral intelligence

“To create those human links and contacts that allow the Love/ Wisdom of the solar system to be expressed very specifically through the human mind.” - Alan Oken

Sun in Pisces: All dualities are resolved into a watery crystal and reflect only blinding Soul light. Liquid leaks all division, so material and immaterial unify and the identity is sacrificed to something higher. Acting on behalf of Soul purpose 

“To undergo and teach those tests of increased spiritual awareness that create an identification with the whole of human experience.” - Alan Oken


“I’m here. It’s okay now.”



+ so we all know Ed would have nightmares too
+ because, like, he was a fetus and he was fighting in wars?!?!?!?!
+ but this just means he’s super skilled with how to deal with scared people
+ he’d rubs your back and let you cry into his shoulder
+ he wouldn’t be big on saying anything
+ mostly because he knows you get embarrassed when you’re scared
+ and because he knows first hand that the voices inside your head are louder
+ so he’ll just hold you and rubs soothing circles on your back
+ and he’d be there all night until you woke in the morning


+ let’s be real here, Peter would’ve woken up before you did
+ he has amazing hearing or great intuition because his arms were around you before you woke up
+ and we all know he’d be one for comforting words
+ because he knows that you don’t want to talk about it
“Shh… It’s okay, you’re fine. You’re safe.”
+ and on those nights where you were really afraid, he’d take your hands, put one on his heart and one on yours
“Feel that? You’re still here. So am I. We’ll get through this.”
+ and even though he leaves early in the morning, there’s a bouquet of flowers/ plant (I prefer living flowers) in the kitchen


+ we all know that Susan would be the sweetest
+ she has that motherly instinct and it totally comes into play
+ you will both wake up at the same time and you’ll give her this look
+ and she returns it, huddling closer
+ she’ll run her hands through your hair or draw patterns on your skin
+ and you’ll tell her what happened
+ and most of the time it’s incoherent but she listens anyway
+ and she’ll be there until you fall back asleep
+ and in the morning she won’t act like anything happened


+ this lil’ cinnamon roll is the sweetest
+ she’s not one to have you guys stay in bed because she knows that you never fall back asleep
+ she wakes up and just knows something’s wrong
+ so she gets up and gets popcorn/hot chocolate/chocolate/other great treats and the two of you leave the bedroom
+ you go sit on the couch and share a mound of blankets
+ and you guys talk about something other than your dream
+ she’s great at distracting you
+ and you might have her read to you
+ or you guys might watch something or play a game until you fall asleep
+ and in the morning she bakes some kind of treat just for you


Some things to remember about Flowey's character:

🌼He flips out about the idea of you no longer wanting to play with him at the end of the pacifist route.
🌼He handles his defeat as Omega Flowey by way of a full-on NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT STOP IT temper tantrum.
🌼In general he’s pretty temperamental as you can reduce him to a smaller tantrum by not falling for his masterful friendliness pellet ruse within a minute or two of starting the game.
🌼It’s really just love and compassion that he seems unable to properly feel. There are moments where he expresses positive emotions or reactions, such as being happy and excited to see Chara in the genocide route, mentioning how Papyrus was entertaining for a long while, and admitting that it’s fun to fight with you as Omega Flowey in some of his post-game over dialogue.
🌼He seems to think that Toriel forgot about him and replaced him with all the other kids she’s been caring for over the years.
🌼The only time he kills Asgore (and not just attacks his soul) in a neutral route is right after Asgore offers to adopt Frisk, get back with Toriel, and be like a family—replacing him all over again.
🌼His consistent reaction to gaining the immense power human souls (or the equivalent) provide is to immediately become one of his shitty self-insert OCs, one of which is basically just Sonic.exe if he got to play the role of Sonic.
🌼He cries at some point in every single route (assuming you choose to spare him in the neutral one).
🌼By the end of the pacifist route, he pleas for you to allow everyone to enjoy their lives on the surface, asking you to let Frisk be happy and generally doing a complete 180 in demeanor from when we first meet him in the ruins.
🌼The worst swear he says in the entire game is “hell”, which he only says when extremely mad, requiring you to be all set for the pacifist route only to decide on killing Asgore at the last second. In comparison, his mom—sweet old goatmom Toriel—casually lets the word fly right in front of Frisk, and you don’t need to do anything special to prompt it.
🌼When speaking to Chara in the genocide route, after discussing how he’s been thinking about how to use the power of the human souls, he is quick to back down and say that if Chara is with him, simply living on the surface sounds perfectly nice.
🌼He is Asriel, and his actions as Flowey all are rooted in his experiences and trauma as Asriel.

Final (main) weapon for the Soul Eater AU. And iiiit’s…Mr. Archer! Now you know why I’ve been talking about him recently!

His weapon form is a steampunk-looking gun (which I have trouble getting right sometimes), and he’s the weapon partner of…no one, actually. This version of Archer likes to switch up meisters every now and then, never sticking to one wielder for longer than a few necessary battles. As such, he’s very good at adjusting his soul wavelength to said differing meisters. Not that anyone minds it - he was always a free spirit to begin with. The Lodgers do gossip on why he does so, though. They don’t always talk about Jekyll and Hyde’s possible romantic relationship. He’s still loyal, believe me, but he tends to attach himself to ideals and organizations as a whole rather than individuals.

As the story goes on, however…I’ve made it quite clear who he’ll partner with more and more!

  • What she says: Gintama has no plot
  • What I scream back: Gintama is a complex, historical anime based on the transition Japan makes at the end of the Edo Period. This period is marked, historically, by the arrival of "the black ships"; which has brilliantly been mapped onto an alien invasion. While not keeping with history entirely, many characters have corresponding historical figures who the author, Sorachi-sensei, has taken real traits and historical facts about and incorporated them into their character development in a way to fit his own story. The plot follows through the different ways Edo (the planet Gintama takes place on) has been stricken by corruption, each plot arc deepening the complex web of characters and organizations involved in all the conspiracy within or influencing the government and/or universe. The plot, then, is Gintoki and all of his comrades' (sometimes accidental) endeavour to keep their friends, and consequently Edo, safe from the evil influencing the bakufu, all while incidentally uncovering new, more sinister threats to their planet, government, and way of life. Bring this further to before the series began with the war that brought us to where we begin, and you will find a sub-storyline of Gintoki's past and how his former allies have taken the paths they have chosen, justifying the good, evil, and sometimes stupidity they exude. Gintama, however, is now at the very end of the Edo Period, and most recent arcs involving the Shogun and Shinsengumi mark the transition Japan will make into the Meiji Era. Gintama is filled with death, war, tears, laughs, hope, and strong bonds of friendship across all walks of life. This plot is broken up by long chunks of nonsensical, outrageously comedic chapters/episodes and arcs that are meant to either develop characters or their relationships across and within their respective groups or organizations in order to justify their actions taken and teamwork in the plot arcs, or have no purpose at all except to make you laugh and fall in love with all of the silly, beautiful characters. Now, say Gintama has no plot one more time, bitch.

I am not saying that Alexei Mashkov knits little baby hats to donate to the local children’s hospital

…oh wait, no, that’s exactly what I’m saying

Imagine this giant of a man with his huge hands and these tiny needles knitting (admittedly slightly lumpy) tiny little baby hats

Knitting on the bus during roadies

Knitting while the coaches talk about plays and draw diagrams


Tater the amateur but heartfelt knitting hockey player

(He also knits every new player a blue and white Falconers hat that they receive upon arrival in Providence. Jack wears his lumpy but heartfelt hat most of the winter and every time he sees it Alexei just beams)

shoresofyousoul  asked:

Why do people always want want they don't have? And what can oneself do about it? Love to your beautiful soul!

Well if you have no food, it’s only natural you’re going to desire food. If you put that into relevant context to your dilemma, then you can understand the underlying intention. For example if you’re desiring money, then you’re truly desiring stability, a basic human need. If you’re desiring a relationship, you’re desiring love and belonging, an important factor of life.

When our muladhara/root chakra is out of balance, it creates all sorts of issues in terms of stability, fear becomes quite a prominent factor in our motivations. If under-active we manifest feelings such as:
• feeling disconnected from the world and your body, feeling like you don’t belong, which creates a feeling of not being safe and welcomed
• financial problems, having trouble with being able to provide for yourself
• disorganised
• lack of ability to focus and self-discipline
• feeling paranoid, fearful, depressed and anxious in your daily interactions
• laziness & lethargy - a lack of stamina
• having no desire for anything in life
• very little boundaries
• weight loss
• under-active sex drive
• anaemia
• poor immune-system

These are all manifestation of a blocked root energy system. So it’s our job to heal it, through first obviously learning what it is and doing the advice that is given. You need to do some research and become familiar, so you can understand it practically which will help you live a better life. Just search muladhara or root chakra, there’s plenty of videos on YouTube to help you open and heal it. Be patient with yourself and the process, it takes a lot of energy to heal oneself. Just remember we do all this work for the good of our soul, it provides inner richness😊❤❤❤


Nighttime in Tokyo :)
Both old and new :D

These are not my best shots although I like the last one quite a lot :) <=I always like to put the best thing last this way it feels much more rewarding to finish something :)

Last weekend i had been daydreaming a lot about my time in Japan and how much I miss being there. It was a sweet nostalgia that overcame me and I enjoyed bathing my soul in the memories of the warm summer nights, the gentle, subtly scented breeze, the subtle harmony of things seemingly incompatible, the feeling of being accepted and eyed with a curiosity and appreciation formerly unknown to me.
These are my memories of Japan that I treasure and cradle deep within my heart. I felt very happy this weekend finally being able to afford going back to Japan again. 

I didn’t make my schedule yet but I will visit Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto again :)
I have a few friends in Tokyo and one in Nagoya and in Kyoto :)

The photos above remind me an awful lot of Ghost in the Shell (the first Anime :)
or Akira (^-^)
I took these from the first and second platform of Tokyo tower :)
I can recommend it a lot :3 If I had a girlfriend/wife I would take her there :)
It is so nice to see Tokyo at dawn and after dark :)
It is very inspiring to see the differing lighting situations and views of the city.

Right now I’ll need to feed off of my memories for a little more until I can finally enjoy being back in Japan again :)

I will travel there in late August and stay for a month exploring, handing in letters of application to different companies along the way and just enjoying the fleeting moments of joy and subtle sadness (o^-^o)

I feel happy, excited and melancholic at knowing that it will be yet another impermanent moment in Japan. :)
It is somehow the essence of Japan to me everything joyful has yet a deep melancholic note to it that is hidden in plain sight yet this very melancholy is what makes it beautiful and one appreciate the momentary beauty it presents.

I’m getting carried away and I’m daydreaming or dreaming for most of the time now. It is blissful selfishness that runs through my brains and heart unifying the often divided with one goal. Questioning whether reality can ever fulfil my expectations yet being certain that it will since all I want are simple things neither all of them nor more than I need thus neither striving for perfection, completeness or prize I can live with parts being left unfulfilled since they will provide my soul with the fuel that is imagination and strive that will serve as inspiration for my photos and my work (^-^)

Sorry for the awfully weird way I wrote this article m(_ _)m 
I’m feeling kind of weird publishing this but today I just ended up writing similar things no matter how often I erased the article or tried other photos (^-^;)
So I decided to publish it although I fear I will come off as someone quite weird (^-^;)
Anyway so happy ✽(′ॢᵕ ‵ *ॢ)✽ஐ

I will write updates on my progress :)

I wish everyone a goal that unites your hearts and souls and makes you feel happy while you are working towards it and sweet dreams of course as they are what inspires and fuels one to go after the goals vaguely seen at a distance (^-^)/

How Scorpio Gets Along With Others.

People you can teach: Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

Compatible similar signs: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Compatible complementary signs: Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

People you can learn from: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Once you solve a mystery or uncover the truth, you want to enlighten those who will benefit from this knowledge. The people who need your insight most of all are the air signs. These people understand virtually nothing about feelings or emotions, let alone the unconscious. Because the air signs are elusive and flit about on the surface like Persephone picking flowers, you want to abduct them and take them into your underworld. You want to show them that there is much more to life than what is on the surface. But frankly air signs are terrified of anything deep and meaningful and therefore avoid getting close to you, for they prefer to keep things light and breezy. Because air signs live in their heads, not their hearts, they run a mile whenever you try to get close to them. They’re totally out of their depth. In spite of the fact that air signs are, to your way of thinking, superficial, flighty and elusive, you make an extra effort to connect with them. You want them to reveal themselves to you, but this is unlikely to ever happen. Air and water is the most challenging of all relationship combinations, partly why you find them so alluring. 

When your water sign friends need a shoulder to cry on, they usually turn to you. Although you don’t usually show other signs how vulnerable you are, you’re more likely to open up to your water sign friends than anyone else. You know your secrets are safe here. Cancer and Pisces are sensitive souls, just like you. They are seeking an emotional and spiritual connection, a real soul union. Water signs provide you with emotional support when you need it most, but sometimes it can all get a bit too emotional. For when there is too much water, there is always the risk that someone might drown. Relationships with other Scorpios can be intense to say the least. When two Scorpios get together, neither is willing to relinquish their power; and yet that is exactly what is required for growth to occur. In these powerful encounters, one Scorpio might become an eagle, while the other can regress into a scorpion, secretly undermining the power of the other. But in all Scorpio relationships the potential exists for a creative and transforming union where great achievements and profound insights are possible. 

With the probable exception of Taurus, which is your opposite sign, earth signs are an excellent match for you. Both Virgos and Capricorns accept you for who you are. Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn are the three most maligned signs of the zodiac, in that all have had negative associations of one kind or another thrust upon them. You understand they have secret depths not many people see. Consequently, you share a real feeling of compassion for each other and a deep mutual understanding. Earth and water combine well because earth is able to contain water and gives it a firm base, while water nurtures and nourishes the earth, making it fertile and rich. Taurus, the other earth sign, is a fixed sign like you, and because it’s your opposite sign this relationship can be highly creative, but it can also be destructive and incredibly painful, because neither of you is willing to compromise. 

People born under the fire signs will constantly challenge you, but if you can learn to trust them, they can teach you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. They can even show you how to reach the heights of the eagle. While you are in touch with the underlying forces that sustain life, you often lost sight of the positive experiences that make life worthwhile. You have trouble accepting things on faith. What they have and you don’t is the ability to bounce back and remain positive no matter what. They assume the best while you usually assume the worst. They always look on the bright side. But they can’t possibly be happy all the time can they? Because you don’t trust easily, you’re often suspicious of fire signs. You might question their motives, but these people are here to help you evolve. 

anonymous asked:

What placements do you associate with narcissism? My opinion is strong leo in the chart and Aquarius in the 11th.

There are always misinterpretations of Leo being a “narcissistic” sign, or most prone/likely to be narcissistic. Narcissism is an actual personality disorder, and is characterized as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.” Yes there is the inflated ego, but the striking trait of this is the lack of empathy and disconnection from others; the desire for only superficial relationships for a fear of intimacy, for a fear of others seeing the hollow shell they inhabit as a human. Leos do not lack empathy. Leos are self-centered, not selfish. They are actually warm, generous souls that love to provide for the ones they love. They just look out for themselves. 

Signs that can be more prone to narcissism than Leo are Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius. Taurus is known for being materialistic and too considered with their possessions; the opposite of a sign known for wanting to create long lasting intimate relations with others. Aquarius of course has the “god complex” similar to Sagittarius. Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs as well; much more resistant to change than other signs, and stubbornly cling to their ideals. Sagittarius, at worst, is egotistical, irresponsibility/non-reliable, ungrateful, and over-indulgent. Sagittarius expands everything, whatever it touches, so when you have Jupiter on someone’s ego and persona, you can have someone that tends to stretch things out; the truth especially. There can be a constant desire to always need to impress. There can be a strong condescending side to Sagittarius as well… 

An astrologer I follow, starsmoonandsun, has much experience with dealing with narcissism and the astrology of it all, here are some good posts of hers about it. She also mentions neptune and venus having influence on narcissism as well. 

What does beauty mean to you?
To me, it’s the significance of understanding who you truly are! Being content with the soul that god has provided you with; no matter how silly or weird you are. Besides who wants to be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary.

-me & my thoughts..


*Masterpost of all elements HERE

  • REPRESENTS: The feeling of joy, unification, magick, balance, transformation, ascension, and limitless energy.
  • SYMBOLS: Infinity, the cosmos, light, circles, pentacle, spirals, and rope
  • SEASON: All - the turning wheel of the year
  • SENSE: Intuition, the sixth sense.
  • PLANETS: The Universe, stars
  • COLOURS: White, silver, black and purple
  • STONES: Quartz, amethyst and diamonds
  • HERBS: Mistletoe, lavender,  artemisia, vervain and almond
  • ANIMALS: Dove, snake and spider
  • ELEMENTALS: Sphinx and unicorn
  • CHAKRA: The crown and the third eye 
  • MAGICK WORK: Alchemy, divination, energy work, meditation, astral travel, dream work, numerology, teaching and/or mentoring and reaching enlightenment.
  • RITUALS: Whatever works for you, spirit is open to all paths
  • SPIRIT PERSONALITIES: Spirit is present in ALL of us and in all earth beings. It is the very core of our being, it is our soul energy and provides the golden rope that connects all elements of the collective consciousness together. When we are connected with spirit and have our appropriate chakras cleared, we are the best versions of ourselves. Wise, kind, intelligent, creative, determined, and full of unconditional love. You will know when you are out of touch with spirit and have your third eye and crown chakra blocked if you find yourself taking on more negative emotions and behaviours. Self-destruction, narcissism and depression can creep up and take over, suffocating you quickly and without warning. To get back in touch with spirit it’s wise to take some time for self-reflection. Meditate and look within, it is okay to allow yourself to hurt because pain is where one can learn the best lessons and the most about ourselves. Just do what feels right to you, spirit always encourages a person to follow their OWN intuition; the gut feeling over the voice in your head. Spirit only wants you to feel at peace. 

Theoi of Utmost Might, and Theai of Eternal Grace,
Deities Ouranos and Kthonios alike!
Your children come to you in piety and in awe of your power.
We beseech you to deliver us through the events of this US Election!

I come bearing hematite, the stone of organization and banishment of negativity, and purifying incense and khernips, which I prepare and wash myself with before I stand before you. I offer you these, mighty deities, to please listen to my prayers!

All mighty Zeus Agetor, King of Olympos, please bring justice upon we mortals.

Fair Hera Hypercheiria, Queen of Olympos, please protect the LGBT+ couples who fear for the safety of their marriages and families under threats.

Powerful Poseidon Petraios, who tears up the seas and earth itself, please be a solid anchor for those drowning in the results and whose world is crumbling beneath them.

Fruitful and loving Demeter Karpopharos, who bestows love and bounty, please bless your impoverished children who fear for the security of their welfare and food stamps. Let them not go hungry physically nor spiritually.

Vengeful Ares Andreïphontes, he who rallies men and spills worthy blood, please provide courage and protection to those who riot against fascism, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Wise and just Athene Promachos, please aid us in our pleas for justice in a system that is wrought with disadvantages and blockages for minorities.

Shining Apollon Epikourios, who heals and assists mortals, please keep the mentally and physically ill under your caring wing, and assist us in averting the evil of Donald Trump. Protect those who fear loss of their insurance, and bring healing to those you can.

Strong Artemis Keladeine, who leads the hunt and welcomes women, please protect your daughters– trans, nonbinary, and cis alike. Give them the courage to rally for their rights and the wisdom to stand together to support their sisters.

Beautiful Aphrodite Symmachia, who stirs the passion of both love and war, please protect the LGBQ+ youth who fear for their lives. May they never be “converted” for being blessed with your love.

Mighty Dionysos Androgynos, who was raised female and represents the male and female and both and neither; please protect the transgender, genderqueer, gender variant, and gender nonconforming youth. Please bless them with your happiness and good spirit.

Quick footed Hermes Logos, friend of mortals and tricksters, please assist the protestors with honey tongue speeches, and those fleeing the riots with swift movements to deliver them from danger.

Powerful Hephaistos Amphigyeis, disabled but mighty one, please provide the strength to the chronically ill and disabled to face the ableism and violence that is particularly rampant in this time, and provide them relief.

Somber and all encompassing Haides Aidoneus, deliver of mortal souls, please provide refuge to those we have lost and will alas continue to lose to the violence, and pull those, who believe your realm is the only way out from these painful events, away from the ledge.

Powerful but loving Persephone Praxidice, who reigns in the Underworld with an iron fist, I call in your name to exact justice upon those who choose to harm your children, whether they do physically or even on a
societal level. Provide those who are terrified with your iron courage, for you have delved gone into the depths of the darkness and emerged victorious.

Loving and gentle Hestia Polýolvos, who blesses us all with warmth and home, please protect your children who secretly defied their conservative parents and voted for what they thought was right, the closeted children who must endure racist and homophobic lectures within private walls, and the children cast from their homes for who they are and who they love.

In your names, I thank you, mighty and blessing gods!


A Prayer and Offering to the Hellenic Pantheon in Response to the US Election Results

Any faith or there lack of can reblog, and anyone who wishes to use this prayer, feel free to use and adjust the offering stanza to what you’re offering, but please do not copy/repost this!

Their Saviour

His mind was gone. The torture and fire that surrounded him was different to heaven.

He was the righteous son, the light, the most powerful archangel.

Yet he’d been left here, for how long, he had no idea. He sat in the cage, rocking back and forth, trying his hardest to block everything out.

At first, he had Adam, Sam and Lucifer with him.

Then Sam left.

All of Lucifer’s rage had gone to the youngest Winchester, Michael often just avoiding anything to do with the torture.

Then Adam broke. He did nothing. He sat there, staring at nothing as Lucifer cut his body open, tearing limbs apart only for them to grow back, the process repeating over and over.

Michael began losing it then. Seeing the same things each and every day, having to listen to the screams of Adam and Sam at first, then just silence.

Lucifer knew what was happening to his brother, so he aided in furthering his insanity, staying silent, knowing it was worse than anything else.

Michael let the days, years, even centuries it seemed, pass, the silence deafening to him, until Lucifer broke it.

“Brother, I’m not having fun with this one. So, time for your turn!”

Michael couldn’t move, centuries of sitting still limiting his actions, his grace so unused, it barely functioned anymore.

So for the next three centuries in the cage, Adam lay on the floor, empty eyes watching as the devil now tortured and ripped apart Michael.

His grace was broken, his wings had been torn and broken, each feather plucked slowly and painfully from his frame, the once great and majestic four white wings now only bone, chipped and rotting.

Michael screamed at first, his voice hoarse and raspy, the pain being too much. But then the cuts would heal, only for Lucifer to repeat it all.

Once his wings were taken from him, however, the trauma of losing them, the one thing that linked him to his father, his grace gone, his power gone, now his wings, he lost it.

His mind broke, the one thing that could’ve been considered his spirit was now gone.

Until one day, it stopped.

The pain was no longer there. There was no taunting, no whispered words into his ear.

Michael looked around as he lay on the floor, remnants of his wings, the hellfire that reached into the cage burning them black.  Adam was in his usual spot, the human’s soul completely broken, irreparable, even by Death himself. But Lucifer was nowhere to be found.

He looked up, knowing Lucifer had somehow managed to escape.

Who was it? It had been almost a millennia, hadn’t it?

Who could have to power to retrieve someone from the cage? And who would take Lucifer?

Death wouldn’t bother, he never had been much of a fan. Michael’s father had left them long ago, his hopes of seeing him had diminished completely, each and every prayer Michael had sent since he fell into the cage being ignored.

A single tear ran down his face for the first time since he was created, the thought of the fallen angel, the origin of evil within his father’s creation getting out of this place, yet he was trapped here.

Then it happened. A voice entered his ears, soothing him and calming him slightly.

“Hello Michael. I-I don’t know if you’re real, but you are the archangel, right?”

Michael’s heart began pounding, his entire being calling out to this soul.

“I-I don’t pray. I never have, but I need you. Please…”

Michael could feel the sorrow this soul was feeling all the way within the cage, his body aching to reach out and take it away for some reason.

He had no idea what was happening. He was Michael. Ruler of heaven. The most powerful angel of all. He had no reason to feel for humanity, yet this soul, this human soul was healing him.

He listened intently, each prayer coming to him, making him smile when they told him of happy days, sad when they cried.

He needed to meet this person, he himself praying once again to his father. He may have stopped, but now he had something worth fighting for.

Michael had hated heat since he fell into the cage, the hellfire burning his body, his skin melting away. Lucifer would use it on his injuries, trying to make him scream.

Yet the warmth this soul provided him was welcome, making him feel safer and more at home than he had before.

Slowly, his feathers grew back, each wing now shining white, his grace at full power.

Of course, this didn’t help him escape the cage, but it did renew his hope. If he could gain his wings back, connect himself to heaven once more with his grace, surely there was some way to leave, find a way out and get to this person.

Their prayers kept him going as he searched for an exit, each prayer getting more hopeful, the person seeming to get over their sadness, deciding they needed to get better.

They found a job, a house, connected with people and made friends.

The hope made Michael hope, even Adam now feeling his soul healing, Michael using his grace to help the boy out, knowing he had no part in this. He deserved better than to be left here. He deserved better than the Winchesters.

“I love you, Michael”.

When this prayer was sent to him, the archangel stopped, Adam staring at him, wondering what was happening.


The archangel looked up slowly, tears streaming down his face.

The first time he ever cried was when he gave up hope on his father, on heaven, on getting out, on everything.

Now, he was crying because he seemed to have the one thing he never thought he would.

Unconditional love.

A smile broke out on the archangel’s face, his wings shining more than ever, his grace swelling in his body, more powerful than he ever felt before.

Adam watched as the cage began cracking around them, Michael’s new strength breaking it apart.

Adam’s screams brought Michael out of his trance, seeing the boy falling, now that nothing was holding them.

He flew down, grabbing him quickly and then took them away.

After spending millennia down in the cage, Michael and Adam were finally out, standing in the same field they had when they fell.

They both inhaled deeply, the air filling their lungs, the sulphuric tinged poison being forced out.

It was cold, the snow hitting their faces.

The archangel and human mirrored each other’s actions, closing their eyes and smiling, enjoying the coolness on their faces after the fire they endured.

Adam had no idea what to do. How long had it been?  Did he find his brothers that had abandoned him without a second thought? Did he try to live his life?

Michael, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was going to do.

He would find the soul that helped him fight insanity. Find the one who kept him going, kept him fighting, helped him escape the cage with their love.

“Would you like to come with me?”

Adam looked at the archangel, now in his father’s young form, wondering what to do.

Michael had been the only thing helping him in the cage. Michael had saved him when he didn’t have to. Michael had healed his soul. The person praying had been the one to heal Michael.

Adam nodded, wanting to meet the person who loved the archangel enough that even he was healed by the love.

“Let’s go meet y/n y/l/n.”

With that, Michael took to the sky, Adam gripping him tight, both beings about to meet their saviour.

anonymous asked:

Would you have a problem with a curvy little because I feel like no one would want me as a little because of my curves and I am so self conscious that no one will want me. What is your opinion on it.

I already gave my opinion on size of littles. It doesn’t matter. Ddlg relationships are not about the size of a little, they are about emotional connection and chemistry of each other. Being a daddy, I say that the size of a little doesn’t matter. Curvy, skinny, short, tall. None of these things matter. It’s about your soul and what you provide in a relationship .