the soul provider

I am not saying that Alexei Mashkov knits little baby hats to donate to the local children’s hospital

…oh wait, no, that’s exactly what I’m saying

Imagine this giant of a man with his huge hands and these tiny needles knitting (admittedly slightly lumpy) tiny little baby hats

Knitting on the bus during roadies

Knitting while the coaches talk about plays and draw diagrams


Tater the amateur but heartfelt knitting hockey player

(He also knits every new player a blue and white Falconers hat that they receive upon arrival in Providence. Jack wears his lumpy but heartfelt hat most of the winter and every time he sees it Alexei just beams)

Next Story soon

You can probably tell from yesterdays update but the next story is coming today!

That’s right! Flowey’s story is next! Oh boy! Aren’t we kinda excited for it? Well just about! I need to discuss something with everyone

NAMELY: The no reposting rule. This applies to the Flowey arc as well (obviously) but we’re also adding a new rule to it as well. ((Reblogging is not the same as reposting!! Reposting is taking the content and making a new post on tumblr, or another website.))

We’re not allowing dubs of this story in particular YET. You must acquire special permission to dub it (It’s so special, your name will go in the index if we allow you)

You’re still allowed to dub MOST of the stories! (Except Soul Line for now!) Provided you LINK BACK, seriously, that’s the only requirement.

Please ask permission before translating too.

So the Steam Sale is going on right now.

What a dangerous time to be an adult with money. I could have spent twice this much and not been satisfied.

Oh, hey! And the Splatfest starts tonight!

[Al-Mu'min/The Giver of Peace/The One who gives Security]
Allah is the real giver of security. Only being faithful to Him can one feel truly secure. “Which of the two parties has a better title to security? Tell me if you know the truth. Those who believe, and have not confounded their belief with evil doing shall surely earn salvation” ‎﴾‬‎6.81-82﴿‬
Allah provides our souls with security and inner peace by bestowing faith in our hearts and by showing us the way leading to Him. This saves us from stumbling into the darkness of superstition and disbelief.
We should lead life in a way which is characterised by peace and tranquility, the remembrance of His excellent name is in our own interest as it keeps our inner being and social fabric intact and safe against disorder and chaos. “Surely those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah’ and then stay firm, shall have nothing to fear or regret.” ‎﴾46.13‬‎﴿‬


*Masterpost of all elements HERE

  • REPRESENTS: The feeling of joy, unification, magick, balance, transformation, ascension, and limitless energy.
  • SYMBOLS: Infinity, the cosmos, light, circles, pentacle, spirals, and rope
  • SEASON: All - the turning wheel of the year
  • SENSE: Intuition, the sixth sense.
  • PLANETS: The Universe, stars
  • COLOURS: White, silver, black and purple
  • STONES: Quartz, amethyst and diamonds
  • HERBS: Mistletoe, lavender,  artemisia, vervain and almond
  • ANIMALS: Dove, snake and spider
  • ELEMENTALS: Sphinx and unicorn
  • CHAKRA: The crown and the third eye 
  • MAGICK WORK: Alchemy, divination, energy work, meditation, astral travel, dream work, numerology, teaching and/or mentoring and reaching enlightenment.
  • RITUALS: Whatever works for you, spirit is open to all paths
  • SPIRIT PERSONALITIES: Spirit is present in ALL of us and in all earth beings. It is the very core of our being, it is our soul energy and provides the golden rope that connects all elements of the collective consciousness together. When we are connected with spirit and have our appropriate chakras cleared, we are the best versions of ourselves. Wise, kind, intelligent, creative, determined, and full of unconditional love. You will know when you are out of touch with spirit and have your third eye and crown chakra blocked if you find yourself taking on more negative emotions and behaviours. Self-destruction, narcissism and depression can creep up and take over, suffocating you quickly and without warning. To get back in touch with spirit it’s wise to take some time for self-reflection. Meditate and look within, it is okay to allow yourself to hurt because pain is where one can learn the best lessons and the most about ourselves. Just do what feels right to you, spirit always encourages a person to follow their OWN intuition; the gut feeling over the voice in your head. Spirit only wants you to feel at peace. 
Spike Chunsoft Releases New Danganronpa 2.5 Trailer

Spike Chunsoft released a trailer today of Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and The Destroyer of the World, the special OVA that will be included in the collector’s edition of New Danganronpa V3 when it launches in January. No subtitles, unfortunately, but I imagine a kind soul will provide them soon enough.

In the trailer we see… a lot of people being happy and a lot of people who shouldn’t be alive being alive…

Alright, something horrible’s gonna happen. Place your bets, folks.

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Okay kind of nsfw but like why hasn't anyone written or made fan art of Kuroo being a hardcore tease while Kenma plays video games like where's that at? Hear me out imagine Kenma trying really hard to pay attention to his game but being too flustered and eventually pausing the game because Kuroo is making him feel too good


The grim reaper is just a kid, a boy a little too obsessed with death and rotting and shadows. He has only ever known how to be lonely. So when the job opened up, and God came to him and asked if he was interested, he said
“Yeah, I guess I could do that.”
The souls providing just a moment of company. But all souls have a final destination and now, the grim reaper is the best at saying goodbye.
—  an untold myth, or fairytale, or something forgotten like that || O.L.

okay okay i’m sure that this must have been done before just finish this post like how could there not be one gdi but it’s currently 11 pm where I live right now and I just gotta do this omg 

disclaimer: none of these photos/gifs belong to me. thank you so much for the kind souls that provided these gorgeous pics that crush my heart

let’s begin with this close up for maximum effect


this is him just nATURALLY i don’t understand

kylie jenner challenge more like the seokjin challenge because just look

forgive me father for i have sinned holy shi t


i’d give anything for just a little peck from him oh my god

im so sweaty just looking at his lips they’re so hot


even when he’s eating you can still notice how thick his lips are hnnnng

“with your pretty red lips, please hurry, kill me and go” -Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang which is very very true right now


that’s enough torture for now ugh feel free to add any more pics of sin’s jin’s lips. good night folks.
DROZE - No Time

Deep, dark, yet incredibly catchy, house vocalist, DROZE, returns with “No Time” - a smashing deep house original off of his ‘The Droze Project EP’ out on Gonna Be Music.

Characterized by a strong, gritty bassline that acts as the chord progression and works perfectly alongside a pumping offbeat bassline, DROZE provides strong, soulful vocals above a solid deep house instrumental produced by Giuseppe D. With the energy continuing throughout the entire track driven by the excellent bassline and offbeat hi-hats, “No Time” is a definite club hit that provides club goers with the opportunity to shuffle and dance, but also to sing along with the catchy vocals laid down by DROZE. If you’re feeling this vocal house style as much as we are, be sure to grab your copy on iTunes below and turn loud!


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kaehara hpa au? :0


Hope’s Peak students were told to focus mainly on developing their talents, but, after all, no one forbid them to have some fun whilst doing that. And Kaede took full advantage of it - which means she created a whole bunch of piano covers of pop songs, the more obnoxious, the better. And Shuichi, bless his pure soul, ensured she was provided with hot cocoa, even hotter coffee and suggestions (and Kaede was only partially surprised when it turned out his knowledge of truly horrific music was way more extensive than anyone could imagine).

Another eye,maybe this one is more optimistic? I hope so. I love the cosmic, otherworldy settings created by painters of the Baroque period, mostly the 1600′s. Where they used these mindscapes to stage scenes out of the bible or mythology, I like to borrow them as a backdrop for my own psychological musings. I tried to use a more Baroque palette as well.

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Seriously. You hear that probably 99% in all asks etc but bless your soul for providing us with wonderful head canons and scenarios !! 👌👌(I'm still new but kxlykaiy can't wait to read more;;;) Hope you have a good week !!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I’m really flattered you like them so much! And I hope you have a good week too!

The Soul and the Generation of Magic

              It is important to note that magic is not a unique trait. Every living being, from plants to animals, is capable of magic. The variance in the use of magic between species and even humans comes down to a single element: the soul. A fountain of energy invisible to the naked eye, souls are influenced by the being’s decisions and innate nature. Due to human’s innate intelligence, their magic is much more flexible, however someone with darker tendencies would be harder pressed to use healing magic as someone who spends their life helping people.

             The soul not only provides and influences magic, but is an extension of a person as well. The channeled magic in the form of spells has many drains on our physical aspects, which can be narrowed down into energy and focus. Though the soul allows us to channel magic and to perform tasks well beyond our physical capabilities, these tasks will still cause fatigue. In addition, some spells require a better state of mind, and varying ranges of focus on a task.

             The main reason that the soul is able to perform tasks beyond our physical capabilities is because of its ability to draw upon other sources of energy. Humans are capable of using the innate power of gemstones or other inanimate objects, or depending upon the souls of other living beings. The connection between each soul is an open pathway, however, for both energies to work together or to oppose each other, and should an intelligent being open its soul and later choose to retaliate a battle begins on that ethereal plane. These battles are extremely rare and feared, as more often than not they result in mental instability in both parties.

             A final note about magic is the importance of understanding that though everyone has a soul, each soul is not equivalent, or are even dormant in the sense of energy. Dormant souls are completely resistant to any sort of manipulation and cannot be drawn upon nor attacked, but have no magical capability. It is their greatest weakness and their greatest asset. The only remaining question is; what happens to our souls when our physical bodies expire? Does the energy flow back into the world, does it choose a new host, stay forever ethereal? Or does it contain itself and become something else?