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Leah Chase is a legend in New Orleans. From feeding Barack Obama himself (and scolding him for putting too much hot sauce in her gumbo) to feeding folk during the Civil Rights Movement, Leah has seen it all since her humble beginnings starting a sandwich shop.

She has even been labelled as the real Princess of New Orleans by Princess Tiana herself as well as the makers of The Princess and the Frog.

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Sexual Healing
Hot 8 Brass Band
Sexual Healing

Hot 8 Brass Brand- Sexual Healing

This is one of those songs that I thought was un-coverable.  I’m sure it’s been covered badly before– probably by the pop idol crowd, or Britney, or Gaga, or whoever it is that’s doing that sort of thing these days.

I heard this on the Chef soundtrack, and it’s just terrific.  For that matter, the movie itself is pretty good.  Oddly enough, it’s the cast of Iron Man reassembled into a good movie, with Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt, Amy Sedaris and Sofia Vergara thrown in.

New Orleans is in your soul, your heart, your roots — it anchors who you are and you take it with you wherever you go.

Mtangulizi Sanyika, an academic who left New Orleans after his house flooded and ended up staying in Texas. He is chairman of the New Orleans Association of Houston.

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- “After riding and shooting the Unknown Bike Company PSX frame all over the great city of New Orleans, we present @Nola_Fixed X @UnknownBikes Pure Soul. Featuring Taylor Mills @rainydaydream , Dillon Morgan and Blake Morgan , directed by John-Carlo Monti and with the help from the whole crew at NOLA Fixed here is three minutes of some great riding around the city of New Orleans. Many thanks to sponsors Hizoku Cycles, Sneaker Politics New Orleans and The Heavy Pedal for making our riders look fresh as can be. Song - Pure Soul by Elijah & The Ebonies.” #nolafixed #cycling #biking #cyclist #bike #bicycle #fixedgear #trackbike #hizokucycles

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Haiti’s Influence on Louisiana

Haitians are the dominant Creole culture of New Orleans. Currently there are 5,000 people of Haitian descent that live in the New Orleans area. 

In 1709 (dayiti: I believe the author means 1791 because that’s when the Revolution started) after the Haitian Revolution that ended French rule and gave Haiti its independence 90% of the Hatian refugees settled in New Orleans. The immigration of Haitians, both white and free people of color (gens de couleur libres) brought 2,731 whites, 3,102 free persons of African descent and 3,226 slaves to the city. This one event doubled the population of New Orleans in one year and had an important social and cultural impact on Creole Louisiana that still influences it to this day.

The Hatian Creole population settled in the French Quarter and brought a distinct culture and architectural tradition giving New Orleans a reputation as the nation’s Creole Capital. They brought with them what was to become the rhythm and soul of New Orleans. The Crescent City would not be what it is today without these contributions.

Haitians played a major role in the development of Creole cuisine, the perpetuation of voodoo practices and preserving the city’s French character. Among the most notable Haitians in New Orleans history were; the pirate Jean Lafitte born in Port-au-Prince around 1782. Marie Laveau, the undisputed Queen of Voodoo (dayiti: Her portrait is above), born in [Saint Domingue] in 1794.


“I grew up playing music in New Orleans. I’ve been playing music since I was nine years old. It’s a part of who I am and what I am. The Preservation Hall is a very intimate environment. There are no microphones. It’s very small. It’s the hub and centre of music life.

Ben Jaffe, Musician and Creative Director of the legendary jazz venue The Preservation Hall - Full video here

*All Souls Con is back!* This year, we are headed to New Orleans, the city of Marcus’ “boisterous and charming” family, for a full day of history and adventure on Saturday, September 23. The organizers are planning a day that is filled with guest speakers, including the authors and illustrators of the upcoming insider’s guide to the trilogy, The World of All Souls. This will be your chance to hear (and see!) behind-the-scenes details on the upcoming television project and find out more about the next book set in the All Souls world. Live streaming will be available for those not able to attend in person. As with the last Con, it’s also an opportunity to network with me and with fans who are as passionate about the adventures of Diana and Matthew as you are–and get your books signed. - Deborah Harkness website

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Klaus finds Caroline in New Orleans only Caroline doesn't remember him, or Mystic Falls, because of some witch spell+ Freya helps her remember everything

Maybe get a tissue ready for this one written by one of our new guest writers, @queencarolinemikaelson. Trigger warning for those sensitive to suicide.


Softly, the wind gently blew her blonde tresses as her feet carried her down the bustling evening street.

She didn’t think she’d ever seen as many colours on one street before. Crimsons, vermillions, mustards and cyans, and every colour in between.

Since she’d woken from her sleep two decades ago, Caroline had heard only wonderful things about New Orleans. The Big Easy, a city of life, of music, and of food a plenty. Dancing and singing until your vampiric feet ached, and all the liquor and blood you needed for the perfect supernatural playground.

Whenever New Orleans was mentioned, there were whispers of the King. Caroline wasn’t even sure whether he was real or not. He was fearless, ruthless, and indestructible. The stories relayed to her were stories of blood and gore, of terror and betrayal. She wasn’t sure whether to be scared by his violence or repulsed.

She hoped she’d never have to meet him and decide.

She’d stayed away from New Orleans merely because she was just finding her feet again. Her slumber had left her rather naïve about the ways of the world, both human and supernatural. She didn’t want to enter a playground full of kids playing games when she didn’t know the rules. She knew she’d slept for at least thirty years, and she knew she’d been alive for at least thirty before that, but could only remember the last twenty since she woke.

She couldn’t even remember why she slept in the first place.  

Sometimes her yearning to learn, to know who she was before was so great that she thought she may burst. But if there was one thing she trusted in this world, it was herself, and her own judgement.

She only had two relics from before; a necklace with an arrow on it, and a letter she wrote to herself.

To Caroline,

I feel kind of weird writing this but here goes.

I am you from the past. And you are waking up from 30 years sleeping in a coffin. The irony is NOT lost on me, but, I guess, it will be on you.

I had a witch put you – me – to sleep to erase every second of memory you – we – have. I know it won’t make sense, and you’re probably going to have to relearn almost everything about being alive, but, trust me, this is better than the alternative of what would happen otherwise. I got the witch to skirt around skills and knowledge and things, so if she did it right, you should still remember you’re a vampire, and how to read and write and speak and stuff. God, I hope she did it right, or I’m going to be an illiterate vegetable!

The worst part about this whole thing is that you’ll never remember our mother, and the incredible woman she was, nor will you remember him. He’ll still be around when you wake up. And, who knows, maybe you’ll find him. But you can never remember him. I beg you.

Also, wear the necklace. It’s charmed to do some cool things, and it’s sentimental to me, and hopefully will become sentimental to you, too.

Good luck.

Love from, Caroline.

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