the soul centre

The Soul Centre, 1971
Based at the back end of Portobello Road, home of London’s famous Saturday street market, The Soul Centre was once the place to go for the latest rudeboy sounds from Desmond Dekker, Prince Buster and Scratch Perry, as well as the best Stateside vibes from the likes of the Spinners and The Jackson Five. Photograph by David Wisdom

Scorpio - The Zodiac’s Sorcerers

Traditionally in astrology, Scorpio are the zodiac’s alchemists. These are the first pharmacists who endorsed witchcraft and harnessed the use of magic and nature for medicine. Of all the signs, Scorpio are blessed with the incredible ability to recharge the energies of other people, and the keywords surrounding this sign follow the theme; healer, rebirth, life, death, medicine, trauma and transformation. Scorpio energy expresses through magic, other worldly connections, merging with the deity, potions, spells, exorcism, mediumship, mental health, incense, charity, psychic healing and past lives. Halloween is is Scorpio’s holiday, which represents their affinity with the hidden and the occult, and their ability to see past the ‘masks’ of other human beings. The soul centred Scorpio, astrologically known as the Phoenix is the ultimate healing force, inflamed with exceptional inner brilliance and a hypnotic magnetic resonance. Astrologically, the sign of Scorpio is connected to physicians, medical doctors, pharmacy, sorcery, healers and surgeons.

The middle of the season’s Fixed energies tied with the depth of Water give Scorpio incredible powers of concentration. They have brilliant minds for chemistry, science and physics, and are natural pharmacists, medical researchers or health analysts. As our connection to the collective unconscious, the Water signs represent the zodiac’s healing forces, and Scorpio’s ability to empathize and gauge the emotions of another give them brilliant insight into how to remedy somebody’s distress. Like the Phoenix, Scorpios are survivors. They can erupt into piles of ashes courtesy of their self destructive nature. But the polarity is true. They can also transcend, soar and transform. They can bring forth from the ashes new and bedazzling life. During this phase their intense perceptions will bend toward compassion understanding, rather than judgment. Their eroticism will reach beyond passion, toward love. Scorpio are survivors, people have died countless times over; and they have an incredible insight into how to guide others through the flame, how to breathe new life and transformation into others.  As the ruler of the reproductive zone, their connection to the body part of creation instils their powers of regeneration and creation in the human form.

The word ‘pharmacy’ is derived from ‘sorcery’ and Scorpio are the zodiac’s sorcerers. Governed by the Pluto, the radioactive healing liquid, Scorpios are all about provoking the given reality for the unconscious - the taboo, the occult, the mystical, the secrets, guided by Pluto’s purging of the polluted, toxic and viral. Here destruction meets creativity, causing a tremendous alchemical reaction between attraction. The Egyptians believed the scorpion represented initiation into sacred mysteries, and Scorpio has a natural access to this, ancient knowledge one where they find their healing remedy. The highest incarnation of this sign, is the “embodiment of love winning out over adversity, harmony arising out of unavoidable conflict, and the resurrection of the life force through a totally dedicated and self-conscious human being.” The highest of Scorpio is following her cosmic duty, the divine plan, and fighting for the whole humanity. Scorpio are easily hurt, and possess an incredible insight into the energies that promote healing and ultimate rebirth.


This time 6 years ago, this beautiful man was taking his soul to the Staples centre, where he would rehearse for his upcoming tour “This Is It”. Not an idea of the worst that was yet to come, only a few hours later…

… I think about him everyday of my life, no matter where I am. I have had my lows and I have had my highs, but I have always been grateful to call him my idol. He has taught me the true meaning of life. Through his music I have found inner strength. And although I may not be able to get up everyday and expect new photos of him, or get the chance to hug him, see him, or speak to him, I still cherish every moment that he gracefully lived on this earth.

Thank you for everything you have done. You are my true hero, and I miss you so dearly.

~ Also.. I just had to add that photo from Moonwalker in it. I needed to add a lil spice to this devastating post..~

The fandom has finally caught on to Death’s message from the sixth season on it all being about the souls, and souls have taken centre stage in the episodes of the eleventh season.

We’ve had a lot of talk about who might be missing a soul and for what reason, and we’ve talked about whether Castiel has a soul, especially following Our Little World. The consensus seems to be that Castiel is in possession of a human soul, and most people seem to believe that he developed one ex nihilo. The alternatives would seem to be that a soul was spontaneously born in him, that Metatron inserted one into him as he removed Castiel’s grace, or that a pre-existing soul found its way into Castiel. What ever the means of his receiving a soul, it would indeed seem that Castiel’s ‘four wheels’ (=car =vessel) has 'four legs’ (=angel grace and human soul) on them.

But in a related topic, I’m going to ask the question I hadn’t seen anyone ask so far: Does Metatron have a soul, or does he not? This is an important question regarding the aforementioned topic, as he is also an angel that has had his grace removed, and it is through the parallel of Metatron that we might approach Castiel’s situation.

The conditions for not having a soul, as outlined in Thin Lizzie, are not sleeping, not dreaming, and not eating. While Sam ate in his chilly droid period, we don’t know that he needed to, as hunger comes from the soul according to Famine in My Bloody Valentine. While Castiel was diagnosing Sam in Family Matters, we also discovered that Sam did not feel, although he had physical sensations. So let us use this in diagnosing Metatron.

We saw him eat pancakes in Book of the Damned – and in this he was paralleled with soulless Len that had lost his appetite for pancakes. But we don’t see him eat or refer to any food in Our Little World, and while he mentioned the unending indignities of being human, he makes no reference to digestion this time. Although he does say “Daddy’s got to eat” as an excuse for stealing a dying man’s money, we may take this as weak negative evidence to his not eating. And we have no evidence at all that he feels hunger.

He does not mention sleeping or dreaming in Our Little World. We know that he has a bed in his apartment, which might indicate sleeping. But we also know from Castiel that he has bed bugs in his bed and a stone tablet under his mattress, which might indicate that he does not sleep. Again, there’s indication that he might not sleep – and likely would not dream even if he did.

So, does Metatron feel? This is where the difference between Metatron as angel and Metatron as a human come into play.

As an angel, Metatron did not feel like a human feels. I’ve written in the past about how he coveted, but did not understand desire. He still seems to covet as a human. But he is cold. He watches a man die, and may have helped him die bar intervention. But as a human, we saw him heal several people – to his own ends, certainly, but the angel Metatron would have considered what Marv did petty.

Metatron did not show any fear of Castiel, and this may be the strongest evidence for him not having a soul. He most likely should have feared Castiel and his retribution. But instead he keeps egging the angel on to near loss of life. Note also that his new chosen profession took him to seedy alleys in the dead of night without weapons to seek out danger to film. And this was an angel with a heightened sense of self-preservation instinct that had caused him to hide himself for millennia.

Not only do we not see Metatron display any emotions – physical sensations, yes, he is distraught by the beating he receives – he cannot even recognize the emotions on Castiel. He also explicitly says “I was faking it”, in reference to the “Fake it till you make it” that had been said about dealing with soullessness both in Thin Lizzie and Clap Your Hands If You Believe…

It would seem that Metatron is without a soul.

It is also noteworthy that Metatron seems to have been human for about a month, because this establishes a parallel between Heaven Can’t Wait, Our Little World and Black. The first two are obvious, both Robert Berens’ episodes, meant to be contrasted. Contrasted in the episode itself in many ways.

We see the difference between Castiel and Metatron: one spent a month finding the real dignity in humanity by cleaning the vomit from the Gas-n-Sip restroom, while the other suffered from the indignity of humanity by becoming a purveyor of the metaphorical human excrement. But Dean is also a parallel to them – and it is lampshaded by the episode reminding us that Crowley spent five weeks paying his astronomical bar tabs.

Unlike Metatron, Dean had his soul, “wee bit more twisted, a little more mangled beyond human recognition”, but all his. And according to Castiel, Dean had chosen to remain a demon because he could not face the pain of being human. All three of them spent around a month in hiding. Dean with his own demonized soul.

Metatron with no soul.

And Castiel with a human soul.

If we may use Metatron to establish that angels do not just spontaneously grow souls when their grace is forcibly removed from them, the question of why Castiel’s wheels have four legs on them becomes very interesting indeed.

I need to talk about Granny Weatherwax.

As the Tiffany Aching books progressed I had this impression that Granny was… Dying. Not sick, just old, so old that her body had begun to falter. She was starting to die of old age.

I saw that and I thought, no, not Granny, it mustn’t happen. She embodies the soul and centre, to borrow her phrase, of witchcraft on the Discworld and arguably parts of Roundworld. I didn’t want to face her mortality.

Then Terry Pratchett died.

And somehow, in the midst of this mourning, I realised that… That I was wrong. Wrong about myself. I saw the reason that I feared Granny’s death.

Because I need it.

I need to see how that incredible woman faced death. A witch who, if any could, must possess the skill to avoid death and who never would. She’d know better than to resist, come her time. I needed to see her make peace with herself, to prepare the world for her departure.

Now I’ll never know. I’ll never see that last part of her life. And I asked myself, should I write it? Should I kill Esmeralda Granny Weatherwax?

Which is when I realised WHY I needed to see her death written down. Because in her, that angry woman, reluctantly good witch, who understood the power of story but was not beholden to it, would be a facet of Terry facing his end. The anger, the understanding, the will. Through Granny, a chance to understand.

That chance is gone.

Now here I sit (and here I am ashamed), with a story growing inside me. The last story of Esmeralda Weatherwax, in a sense. She has so much to do, so many fools to protect from themselves, and she knows that she’s going to die. What an embuggerance. Well, first she must do the job that’s in front of her.

What right have I? Beyond a gaping hole in my chest.

Left to itself, it’s possible that your particular horoscope would say: “Yes, your chart reveals that you will endlessly repeat these non degenerative emotional habit patterns. Your relationships are doomed from the start. It would be far better for you to enter a monastery or a convent and become a monk or a nun”

But there is another solution.
One that is at the core of soul-centred astrology

You can change what is written in your horoscope. By acting at your lowest good, you can turn an otherwise very good horoscope into a very challenging life. But by acting by your highest good you can definitely transform an astrological lemon of a chart into terrestrial lemonade. The sugar is consciousness

-Alan Oken

Left to itself, it’s possible that your particular horoscope would say: “Yes, your chart reveals that you will endlessly repeat these non degenerative emotional habit patterns. Your relationships are doomed from the start. It would be far better for you to enter a monastery or a convent and become a monk or a nun”

But there is another solution.
One that is at the core of soul-centred astrology

You can change what is written in your horoscope. By acting at your lowest good, you can turn an otherwise very good horoscope into a very challenging life. But by acting by your highest good you can definitely transform an astrological lemon of a chart into terrestrial lemonade. The sugar is consciousness

-Alan Oken

  • Baby: I... I
  • Mum: I love you?
  • Baby: I'm just excited to see my lord and saviour Baphomet represented in such glorious Italian stone. I do hope his eyes gaze upon me and then my allegiance is recognised. Notice me senpai! Notice me! Part of me wishes that angel statue would come to life, and King Baphomet would rise and two eternal juggernauts, right here in the middle of the city! But for what is this battle raging for you ask? I don't know. What stands at the centre? To that I say, my soul is at the centre, offered up to the ageless ones! Only to be torn in twain. It's like you can't have one without the other, y'know? Like I'm equal parts God and the Devil. A cloak of shame covers this man, and only supreme light would wash my body clean. But how could that light possibly reach me, with the thick clouds of indecency surrounding my poor soul. So I carry my wrongdoings on my back, like some kind of tormented hiker, lost in the hills of misfortune, looking desperately for that peak to rescue him from the valley of depraved habitual self pleasuring. But again I found nothing, except for sweaty devestated loneliness and a thousand judgemental eyes staring back at me, from the covers of a stolen Victoria's Secret catalouge. I didn't take your mail Mrs Pemberton! Stop asking me that! Leave me alone!... Satan's pretty cool.