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Imagine Your Otp Once Again

Person A and B just did the (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and are going to sleep and Person B starts talking to themself like “ ‘Hey B nice job tonight’ 'Thanks me, I know, I’ve been practicing’ 'I especially like that one move you made’ 'oh please you’re too kind’ ” and they think A can’t hear them because they’re asleep but oh no A is very much awake and needs saving



So I don’t know if I’m wrong or not, but being around white women who speak of black men as fetishes like, “I I date black men because of their full lips,” or them pushing/encouraging other white women to “try a black man" is irritating my soul. My manager was doing it today and it takes everything out of me not lash my tongue. Why does this make me so angry? Why do black men accept being someone’s fetish like it’s something to be proud of? #help

you may be able to do algebra but can you finish a whole anime series in less than 2 days?

Jesus is a black man
and Bethlehem lives
in a convenient store parking lot,
at a traffic stop,
on any street in America
Jesus tucks his hoodie up
over his ears
and the heavenly hosts whisper through earbuds

Jesus is a black man
and God tells him how to behave around cops
yanks down his hoodie and teaches him
how to look a man in the eyes
God teaches him how to feel equal
in a world that wants to shove him to the floor

Jesus is a black man
and Pontius Pilate is a thick necked police chief
scared of men like him
tall men
loud men
men with heart and soul and a voice
black men

Jesus is a black man
and Peter gets him trending on twitter
shaky video recording the moment the bullets pierced his chest
CNN ponders his criminal record
Fox News calls him a thug
the world wonders if Pilate really meant to kill

Jesus is a black man
and Mary weeps at his funeral
another black mother faced with her child’s corpse
broadcasted on Facebook, on Twitter, on every news network
Mary speaks strongly
Mary’s voice doesn’t shake

Jesus is a black man
one of many
and he’s gunned down,
he’s shot,
he’s murdered in a town square,
on the street,
in his car,

—  #jesuschrist