the sorrows of gin

Free Styling 101: Unexpected Suggestions for Where You Should Go and How You Should Dress if You’ve Never Free Styled Before

     We’ve done it, best friend. We have agreed that free styling is the way to go. But if you are anything like me, you’ve known that there was a good argument to free style. You’ve read the posts that say to put on the best clothes you have and to just go out there and do it. Men will knock you over if you just dress up and go to the best bar in town. If you’re anything like me, you read each of those posts and then hopped right back on SA after rolling your eyes. Go free style they say. But there has to be so much more to it right?

     There isn’t. Now, wait a minute. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I don’t like those posts that feel like they’re just trying to throw us to the wolves, but there are some things that they got right. The most important one? 

To learn how to do anything, you’ve got to get out there and do it. 

     Duh. Simple but challenging advice. I’m going to suggest that you free style in a new way. But before we address the new way of doing things, let’s address the problem. Why don’t we free style?

     I think the problem can be answered with one simple phrase: fear of the unknown. That’s silly. One of two things will happen. You’ll meet someone and exchange numbers or you won’t. But let’s get specific. I think we always wonder where we should go, what we should wear, and how we should act. 

Where should you go the first time you free style? Some place you’re already familiar with. 

     Odd advice, I know. But have you ever gone to a restaurant or bar or where ever and been so uncomfortable and felt so out of place that the only thing you could think about was how long it was going to take for someone to recognize you were a fraud and kick you out? How good were you at freestyling that night? 

     Go where you’re comfortable. I don’t care if it’s a local dive bar or college hang out or it’s TGIFridays. Actually, I’d love it if you did go to the TGIFridays in the sort of suburban kind of affluent part of your city. The most interesting people hang out there. 

    Why should you go to a familiar place? Because then you won’t have to stress about what to wear, who will be there, what you should order, how you should behave. You’ve been to this place dozens of times. There’s nothing to think about. Nothing to be nervous about. You can go in with confidence. 

What should you wear? Well, that’s the beauty of starting in your comfort zone. 

What do you usually wear to this place? I don’t care what you wear as long as it’s not ratty sweats and a tee, but even that’s a lie. You can make ratty sweats and a tee super cute with the right accessories. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I leave the house in them. The most important things are your hair and makeup. But Shea, I’m not good at doing my hair or makeup, you say. Well, best friend, that’s why the ancestors helped us create YouTube. The trick is to master the basics. Learn how to apply foundation, put on blush, and maybe some lipstick if you’re feeling fancy. Learn a 20-minute hairstyle that you can’t possibly mess up. The less you do, the less likely you are to look crazy. 

                                         How should you act?

Like yourself. I could point you towards the women who have taken the time to write, in great detail, what you should say to a man that approaches you. But I have several problems with these scripts. The first is these scripts work for them, but you aren’t them. The second is what if the unsuspecting man deviates from the script (which he will)? What will you do when the training wheels are off? What will you do if, in your nervousness, you forget what you’re supposed to say (you will forget)? The third and most important is that pretending to be anyone besides the gorgeous person you are is both an insult to yourself and a supreme waste of your time. Don’t do it. Be you. It is exhausting to be anyone else and will make you look stilted and awkward. Be you. Everyone else is taken. 

             What do you do if a man approaches you?

Unless he’s chocolate wasted or belligerent, you talk to him. He’ll say something to start the conversation. You’ll say something back to keep it going (can’t think of anything to say? check this out) and a conversation will begin. Do you need to be attracted to him? Does he need to be rich? Does he need to be SD potential? No. No. And no. This is target practice best friend. We are not at all invested in whether you meet your SD in a dive bar. In fact, we are already positive that it won’t happen. The point is to sharpen your skills, to get you used to going out with the sole intention of attracting and maintaining the attention of men for as long as you desire. If he approaches, talk to him. You’ll find out what he does for a living. He’ll discover the same about you. Blahblahblah. You get ready to leave. You give the man your sugar phone number.

                                                  Then what?

Then you text him. For a week. Some of you have started pouting. Best friend, I’m sorry. I know some Tumblr blog told you that you’re supposed to be making money on every date you go on every single time you leave your house. I used to think that too, pumpkin. I want you to leave that idea alone. I want you to remember that you’ve had training for every job you’ve ever done and it’s the reason why you could do that job with confidence. This is training. You have one week to get this man to ask you to dinner at a restaurant that you find acceptable given his income (which you should have googled. He did give you his occupation). If you can’t accomplish that, dump him and get back in the bars and find another victim to practice on. If he does agree to dinner in an appropriate location, remember that post on figuring out if he’s cheap? Time to practice that too. At the end of the date, you should know if he’s a cheap or not. 

     What do you do with them when the date is over? That’s up to you. If you like him but still want to sugar you have two options. Keep dating him but don’t let it get so pressing that you lose sight of your sugaring goals. Or you can dump him and move on to the next victim (if you get caught up in love and relationships and feelings easily then this is how you want to go). Tell him you had an amazing time but you don’t think the two of you are the best fit for each other. Done. On to the next.

            What do you do if no one approaches you?

This may happen. The first time I free styled I sat at the bar and realized it was couples night. Great. I had two options. I could wallow in my sorrows, and my gin and tonic or I could pick my ass up and go somewhere else. I chose option two and met a very nice man whose family owned a local snack company. But there’s a chance that you’ll go to location two and no one will talk to you there either. There’s a chance. So you go home, and you restrategize. You figure out if it was you. Were you on your phone all night avoiding eye contact? Did you make eye contact and then quickly drop it thinking this made you look coy and cute (it doesn’t. if you make eye contact hold it for at least five seconds before looking away)? You figure out if it was the location or just an off night. These will happen. You’ll have a lot of them. I hope you have a lot of them. They will be how you learn. They will show you how badly you want this life or if you want it at all. I hope no one approaches you at first. If you give up at the first obstacle, you don’t deserve to win. It sounds mean, best friend, I know. But failure has been my best teacher. It has shown me what I really want and what I really like to talk about. Besides, this is just training remember? We didn’t expect to meet our future SD in TGIFridays.

Best friend, what do you think? Is this a free styling plan that you can get behind until you build your confidence or have I lost my natural mind? Tell me your thoughts and your plans. Let’s talk!

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how do the mafia members decorate their bedrooms?


  • His room is very practical, as he spends little time in it.
  • He has a bed, a nightstand, and maybe two books to the side. He has a closet for clothes.
  • Lots of blankets.
  • At the most, he’ll hang calligraphy on the walls.
  • But usually only if Gin convinces him to do so.


  • Has a fondness for the colour pink, (fight me she likes pink) so she has a little fuzzy blanket on the foot of her bed
  • A photo album with pictures of her, her school friends, her little sister, her teammates, and one photo of Akutagawa, with the light framing his features in a fine arc
  • She probably still has stuffed animals
  • And a chest with guns under the bed


  • Black bedspread
  • Big, fluffy bed
  • A mirror in the corner, and some makeup containers
  • Lots of books
  • Nice dresses in her closet
  • A collection of knives in her nightstand


  • OMG
  • He has a dog
  • A golden retriever
  • He will not tell anyone
  • But he would kill for his dog
  • He has a dog bed, but she never uses it
  • His bed is covered in hair
  • It’s worth it.


  • Probably has the nicest bedroom
  • Everything is colour coordinated
  • He has a teddy bear tucked by his pillow
  • Art on the walls, stands for his hats 
  • A mirror in the corner
  • A punching bag - not in his room, though, in the living room. (it messes with his decor)
  • Wine red walls and scented candles
  • He spends a lot of time in his room after missions, reading books and sipping wine, so he likes it to be nice


  • His room is messy as hell
  • It’s like a science experiment gone wrong
  • His bed is super comfy, because he’s padded it with all of his clothes
  • His closet is almost empty
  • Lots of books in the corner, and a desk (the only clean part of the room) to do research at
  • Has a laptop 

And that’s what I have so far - basically, everyone who went to the hotsprings. Please enjoy.

Children prepare for a sea voyage with a toothbrush and a Teddy bear; they equip themselves for a trip around the world with a pair of odd socks, a conch shell, and a thermometer; books and stones and peacock feathers, candy bars, tennis balls, soiled handkerchiefs, and skeins of old string appear to them to be the necessities of travel, and Amy packed, that afternoon, with the impulsiveness of her kind.
—  From John Cheever’s “The Sorrows of Gin.”  I wonder if Wes Anderson had this in mind when he was creating the magnificent Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) for Moonrise Kingdom???
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The Sorrows of Gin, part 1 - read by Meryl Streep 

Little Amy watches her parents throw party after party, even as the cook tells her about the tragic consequences of gin. When Amy’s attempt to rid their lives of the dangerous drink only brings more problems, she knows she has to run away. A selection from the John Cheever Audio Collection.

you’ll look good (in between my sheets)

prompt: person A and person B meet at a bar, each nursing a broken heart after a recent breakup. bonus for a selfie and smut. 

word count: 3,654 (*aaron burr voice* sweet jesus)

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

warnings: smut, daveed “i can charm the skirts off a nun” diggs, “okay so we’re doing this” reader. 

a/n: when i die, delete this so daveed never finds this sin. 

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Could you write some more headcanons about Chuuya with Amnesia? The former ones were amazing (as well as all the others you write)!!!!! Thank you anyway <3

  • Well, it’s upsetting for everyone involved, that’s for sure
  • Kouyou suddenly has her twenty-two year old son living in her apartment, because he’s gotten attacked at least five times just walking through the city, and the Mafia is worried about him
  • Different members of the Mafia stop by to try and remind him who he is
  • Tachihara takes him out for a drink, grinning the whole time and telling stories about times Chuuya had gotten drunk
  • Akutagawa walks into the apartment and just stares at him for half an hour before muttering, “I hope you get better” and walking out
  • Gin asks him to take her shopping, and he does so gladly, and they spend time chatting about pop culture and the few other things that Chuuya remembers
  • Dazai stops talking during work, and stops by Kouyou’s apartment to check in on Chuuya.
  • He doesn’t talk to Chuuya, he just… checks in. To see if he’s remembering anything
  • (He’s not)
  • Chuuya doesn’t know about his ability, and a lot of people are making plans to take him and use it for personal gain.
  • He goes into the Mafia one day, (for whatever reason idk) and Elise tugs on his hand, explaining that they need to play together for a little.
  • Chuuya has a brief thought that this has happened before, but before he can dwell on it, Elise is asking if she can brush and braid his hair 

Love that look on his face.  All he wants to do is be a stereotypical P.I. and go drown his sorrows at a seedy gin joint, but now he’s got every mook in the place buying her drinks and he can barely find a place for his bourbon with all her free booze cluttering up the bar.

And if he hears one more cheap pick-up line, somebody’s getting shot.

Victor Kalin, 1962.

Where’d We Go Wrong Part.2 -George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request:  1.) Can we please get a part 2 to ‘Where’d We Go Wrong’?? Love your writing by the way! xx

2.) part 2 to where’d we go wrong?

3.) Pleasepleasepleaaaaase make a part 2 of “Where did we go Wrong” pleaaaaaaaase!!!!!! ^-^

4.)  Are you going to do a part 2 to the George Weasley imagine where you 2 get into a fight? I just read it and I would love for you to write another part to it.

5.)  Part 2 to “Where’d We Go Wrong?” with tons of fluff?

6.)  Hey, I think your an amazing writer and I love your blog! I was wondering if you were going to make a part 2 to Where’d We Go Wrong (George Weasley x reader)? I really enjoy reading your imagines, continue the great work!

And like 20 other reuqest for a part 2!(:


The agonizing seconds turned into minutes, which then turned into hours, then days, and soon enough weeks. It had been roughly five hell like weeks since their last encounter and George felt overboard defeated. The last thing he had wanted to do was fight with the girl he loved, but his worst nightmare became reality the second he lost her.  

He didn’t mean a single word of what he said to her. George could barely comprehend why such nasty words would be present in his vocabulary, and how he could even allow himself to speak to Y/n in such a way. If he was ever given the choice between Y/n and Angelina, he would chose Y/n in a heartbeat. Not that it mattered anyhow. Y/n practically hated him and she had valid reasoning too. Missing dates wasn’t an uncommon thing in the life of George Weasley. Sometimes he found himself so caught up in a new experiment, he’d lose track of time and skip classes too. Although it was obvious to George that in no way would that be a good enough reason to have missed an anniversary with the girl he adored.

Sitting all alone in his shade drawn room, George was ripped away from his self-pity party by the bedroom door swinging open in a full motion. Fred Weasley entered the musky room with a slight hop in his step, setting his book bag down to the side as he approached his brother’s bed with caution. Last week when Fred had checked up on his brother, he was greeted with a harsh right hook to his arm and a grumbling George shouting at him to leave. Now he was more so in the sad stage of the break up and far past the anger.

“Georgie… it’s me, Fred. You want to go grab some grub with Lee and I? I reckon it would do you some good to get out of this room for a few hours.” Fred lifted back his brother’s sheet and shook his shoulder lightly. “Maybe take a shower while you’re at it. That might make you feel a bit better, what do you say?” A heavy silence fell over the room like a thick blanket. Fred was desperate for a solution to fix his brother’s attitude but manly things between George and Y/n. All of their friends missed seeing the two so happy together. Ginny had been giving Ron and Fred updates on Y/n ever since the split and it seemed like she was taking it almost identical to George.

“C’mon George… you’ll feel a lot better I promise.” A loud groan separated the thin tension in the room as George sat up slowly, emerging from the high pile of blanket.

“Leave me to die… I’m not getting out of bed.” Fred rolled his eyes becoming feed up with his twin and without a second thought torn the blankets clean off George’s body. Wasting no time, George shot straight off the mattress, glaring as cold as ice over at his brother.  

“What the bloody hell was that for?!” The fierce tone struck Fred as he just shrugged satisfied that he managed to get his moody twin out of his bed.

“Just get dressed and meet me in the Great Hall in 20.” Fred exited the room leaving no time for George to protest, and slammed the door smiling to himself. George would be in for quite the surprise when he got to the dining hall.

Ginny’s pov-

The hallway directly outside of mine and Y/n’s shared dorm room was completely deserted. I knocked lightly on the door signaling to Y/n. I could hear pounding footsteps from the bottom of the spiraled staircase. Soon enough a brave voice called out sending the words trailing up the steps and bouncing off the walls,

“Pink Mountain! Pink Mountain!” I jumped, anxiousness taking over my body. Fred continued to call out loudly. Becoming annoyed I called out briefly,

“Yeah yeah, copy that! Now get a move on! We have to make this work!” He let out a heavy sigh in agreement and, I assumed from the decreasing echoes of footsteps, left the common room. Turning my attention back to the dorm room door, I could hear Y/n shifting around from inside as her hoarse voice called out softly.

“I’ll be out in a second, Gin.” The sense of sadness and sorrowfulness laced her voice. Truly I felt bad for Y/n. She had been one of my closest friends since my first year at Hogwarts. I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy again and all the dragging around she had been doing lately didn’t help the case. Of course I was disappointed in George and what he did to Y/n. Hell, I ignored him for two weeks. Once I realized how depressed he had become, similar to Y/n, I wanted to help them. They needed each other, more than either of them preferred to express.

I couldn’t take another night of Y/n’s small sobs for George in her sleep, and I knew she couldn’t either. Not that she would ever verbally admit this, but it was true. He had hurt her, but maybe… just maybe she could find it in her to forgive him and start all over again.

The door snapped open making me stumble back a few steps in surprise. Y/n made her way out and softly shut the door behind her glancing up at me. She had lost some weight, and the noticeable black bag under her eyes proven how little sleep she was lacking. Her h/c was thrown up in a careless messy ponytail and her oversized sweater hung loosely around her frame. Paleness took over her skin as the color had drained a few weeks prior.

“Hey Y/n… how are you, darling? Ready to go?” I asked timidly taking her delicate hand in my own and aiding her down the stairs. She shrugged her fragile shoulders effortlessly and spoke as quite as a mouse,

“I’m alright, a bit tired is all. Let’s grab some food quick and get back. I don’t feel too good.” She never felt good now a days. But the lack of food she was receiving was also playing a part in her sickness and I didn’t want things escalating any further.

“I’m sorry, Y/n… hopefully some food will make you feel a little better.” She only nodded her head wordlessly and followed my lead out of the common room and down to the Great Hall. As we entered the buzzing atmosphere, I caught sight of Fred and locked gaze with him as he smiled faintly, tapping the spot beside him.

“Oh look Fred saved us a spot!” I faked a surprised tone, tugging Y/n along to the open spot next to my brother. Not a single word escaped her lips but her posture and body language gave off the obvious sign she felt nothing less than uncomfortable.

“Hey Y/n! It’s nice to see you!” Fred smiled warmly to her as she returned the gesture halfheartedly.

“It’s nice to see you too, Fred.” They chatted for a while before dinner was severed, appearing all along the table varying from bright colored jello, to tender slices of meat and chicken drumsticks. Y/n stacked her plate with a good amount of various food and began to dig in. The color began to slowly start rising back into her cheeks. This had been the most words I had heard her exchange ever since the break up and I was glad to see her lightening up more, although I knew that would soon alter.

A grand smile evident on Y/n’s face glowed brighter than before as she chatted the night away with Ron and Harry. Turning my attention to Fred, I gave him a questioning look wondering where the hell George was. Though the answer to my question was given not much later as a tall slumped figure entered the room, dragging in everyone’s attention.

3rd Person pov-
George entered the room at such a slow pace it was as if the world was in a natural slow motion state of mind for him. His eyes traveled around the scenery and when they landed on the table we were occupying, George’s brown eyes grew the size of Jupiter.

“I can’t remember the last time I ever even went to a-“Y/n was cut short by the one person she hadn’t been expecting to see. The one person that had broken her heart in three. The one person who had crushed her with his simple words. The one person she had been secretly longing to see more than anyone else in the universe. The one person she felt the most love for in the world. The one person she wanted so desperately to have come running back in her life. George Weasley.


~ Ohhhh cliff hanger! Tell me if you’d like a part 3! Thank you for being so patient! 

-Daizy xxx