the sorrows of gin

Children prepare for a sea voyage with a toothbrush and a Teddy bear; they equip themselves for a trip around the world with a pair of odd socks, a conch shell, and a thermometer; books and stones and peacock feathers, candy bars, tennis balls, soiled handkerchiefs, and skeins of old string appear to them to be the necessities of travel, and Amy packed, that afternoon, with the impulsiveness of her kind.
—  From John Cheever’s “The Sorrows of Gin.”  I wonder if Wes Anderson had this in mind when he was creating the magnificent Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) for Moonrise Kingdom???

It’s hard to impress people, 
And I find no one will listen to what you have to say unless it’s filled with scholarly jargon, words you have to look up and find there
is an easier way to say them in the first place.
And no one takes me seriously because I am a poet,
and I am a young girl who prefers pale pink colors over anything else. 

I am not understood because I have been building 
walls with my bones, and I am naive for thinking that
waves cannot break them. 

I am not seen because I cast myself under the veils
of webs in the dinginess of some basement, 
racked out off of gin and sorrows.

I am not lost, because to be that
would mean that someone would have to
know me in the first place.
The only one who has known is 6 feet under
somewhere else, and better off for it too.

—  s.r., time does not heal those who don’t exist

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The Sorrows of Gin, part 1 - read by Meryl Streep 

Little Amy watches her parents throw party after party, even as the cook tells her about the tragic consequences of gin. When Amy’s attempt to rid their lives of the dangerous drink only brings more problems, she knows she has to run away. A selection from the John Cheever Audio Collection.