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Kyman 👉 Kyle and Cartman 👉 from “south park”
Creek 👉 Craig and Tweek 👉 from “south park”
Cedfia 👉 Cedric and Sofia 👉 from “sofia the first”
Schrucy 👉 Schroeder and Lucy 👉 “the peanuts”
Helnold 👉 Helga and Arnold 👉 from “Hey Arnold!”


Harry Potter vs Ao3 tags  Part 7/??

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do you ship cedric and elena?

This a thing?! I knew people shipped Esteban and Cedric, but Elena? That sounds interesting,, I can literally imagine: “ Cedric… ” Elena said leaning in. The sorcerer was doing the blushu desu. Elena giggled,, “ I remember you tried to steal the amulet from Sofia! While I was in it!! Haha!!! ”.

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Straid of Olaphis/Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, Creighton/Pate, Sweet Shalquoir/The Rat King, and Laddersmith Gilligan/Dame Dmitrea.

7 = I like it, would read a fanfic with them if it was well written.

I have, in fact, already read fics about them. Must be a party juggling between two bfs in the same body, but Straid can do it. They must have a lot of fun in bed <v<

8 = I REALLY like this ship but it wouldn’t work out in canon.

GIMME GIMME. I used to joke that in the Pat family, Pate was that one cousin who denies having a boyfriend but everyone else refers to Cr8 as “the boyfriend”. Tho I gotta lament the fact that we need more bottom!Pate. Just saying.

Sweet Shalquoir/Rat King
8 = I REALLY like this ship but it wouldn’t work out in canon.

They were meant to be. I’m sure the King would be able to woo the Sweet dame with his buttery voice and dignified manners. 

9 = I REALLY like this ship and it should be/is canon!

You know. It took me a second.
Well played, Anon. Well played. I should draw them sometimes. 


Sofia the first is fantastic, but the fandom is driving me a little crazy lately. 

Warning, I will be bringing up Cedfia problems since that seems to be the biggest problem right now. 

So, if you want to read about Cedfia and my opinions about shipping, I will put a read more! Let me say right off the bat, please stop bashing ships that people ship. It’s ridiculous and I frankly don’t want to deal with it. 


(none of the gifs or pictures belong to me, they belong to their respected authors)

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Merlin sat up in the bed. “You’re throwing me out of Camelot?” he said, voice rising.

“What good would that do?” Arthur said dispiritedly. “I’d give it a week before I went after you. No, you’re moving into my chambers. I can’t keep skulking around the castle corridors like I’m ashamed of myself.”


Pfffft, like I would forget to make a few gifs for my ship! What an absurd thought~ (;

Let me be completely honest here- doing these gifs and having to observe every little twitch of the character has really made me ship the older version of this pairing even harder. Do you see his hand against her cheek, and how she closes her eyes as it slides down! It’s like she’s savoring it, even if it is a deceiving touch. Just, I recommend everyone keep their eyes out for these sweet motions in the last and next season~

While some folks row way up to heaven 
I’m gonna sing the pirate’s gospel 
I’m gonna sow these feet for dancin' 
I’m gonna keep my eyes wide open 

Arwen Pirate AU for Untold Legends!

The basic story is this:

Arthur is the captain of the Excalibur, a pirate ship famous for never harming the prisoners they take, always holding them for ransom, Merlin as the ship sorcerer, and Kay as first Mate (bad luck to have a sorcerer as a ranking member). They have the kind of reputation that is sung about in taverns, glorious, impossible stories that Gwaine totally didn’t make up what are you talking about. Guinevere was traveling with her bodyguard Lancelot, a princess on her way to be married to Helios, when her ship is intercepted and she and Lancelot are taken captive. She finds her brother Elyan, whom she believed dead, and generally makes friends, and, against Lancelot’s better judgement, so does he. Later Agravaine and his ship attack Arthur’s ship and some of his men try to attack Gwen, but being trained by her father to shoot  with guns and handle a dagger, she defends herself, impressing the crew and Arthur( he won’t admit it) . They have some adventures on their way to Guinevere’s fiancé’s port meet Morgana, a mermaid who befriends Gwen, and she makes everyone else slightly nervous. As they get closer to Helios’ port, she doesn’t want to get off, and really the crew doesn’t want her to either. So they give Gwen back her gilded pistols and enter Helios’ port, plunder the shit out of it and leave behind a whirlwind of tales of the pirate king and queen who fight side by side. Gwen starts sharing the Captain’s quarters *waggles eyebrows* and Merlin collects on the pool on how long it would take (Kay was in denial over the whole romance, and really pissed when this happened). In the course of these adventures,  Kay gets killed and to the surprise of no one, Gwen fills the spot. Arthur relies on her more and more, almost as much as he relies on Merlin, when all of a sudden she gets kidnapped by Agravaine, and Arthur goes BESERK trying to get her back. She was put under an enchantment or something (theres a reason i’m not a writer) and TRUE LOVES KISS. They then sail off into the sunset to have more adventures and kiss a lot 

im garbage……they’re taking over my sketchbook…………..