the songwriter and the crooner

floreawe  asked:

*ahem* One info dump on the Slick Six, please

Harry Hyena and the Slick Six were a popular R&B band from Nick’s childhood. He got to see them play live a few times, and his dad once tailored suits for them. Their performance style consisted of them yelling at each other a little at the beginning of every show before breaking into fast paced instrumental humdingers. They took on exaggerated stage personas as an image. The line up:

-“HARRY HYENA”, born Julian Harrison, was the wisecracking frontman. Known for his snappy one liners and signature laugh, he’d tell corny jokes to the audience and his bandmates. He was conductor, lead crooner and songwriter.

-“LITTLE GOLIATH”, Laith Khaury Shwartstein, was Harry’s right hand man- the straight man to his joker. He was a very short lion- he played a little pink ukulele. Sometimes he and Julian would perform duets.

- Lou Stronginthearm, the tiger on trumpet. He was the quiet one, sometimes only responding to quips in music form. A peacekeeper among hooligans.

- “STETSON”, Andrew Grizzly, the portly southern drawling bear guitarist. He was named for the kind of hat he wears all the time, and had a number of dishes in various restaurants named after him.

- BJ Otter on the saxophone. Level headed, he lead most of the swingy instrumental pieces, and often bantered onstage with

-“SLY” Peter Reynard, a golden fox on the double bass. He was Nick’s favorite. The sarcastic, teasing fox was also a favorite among the lady foxes.

-Last but not least, “THE HOTHEADED ONE”, Wolfgang Packard. A short-tempered drummer who had initially taken up music to calm his temper, he was the one whose name the audience never seemed to remember, but in musical groups of seven that’s to be expected.

The introduction of the collar into predator society made it hard to maintain their much loved loud and energetic performance style. They tried to switch over to calmer musical stylings, but this only lead to creative frustrations on their part. Eventually Wolfgang’s collar killed him in one of his rage fits- no one forgot his name after that. The band broke up for good. The once exuberant Harry Hyena fell into depression and substance abuse, and died soon in mysterious circumstances. Little Goliath sort of disappeared and BJ moved back to the canals to be with his family. Peter quit music and opened a small business somewhere in downtown Zootopia. Stetson and Lou made a little more music into the 60s, but they too eventually faded into obscurity.