the songs make sense when you listen to them

How do you know you’re falling for someone?" 
You know you’re falling for someone when the songs you listen to suddenly remind you of them. You want nothing more than to lay on their bed for hours and make out to their favorite songs.
You know you’re falling for someone when you hear or see something funny and the first person you think about telling is them. You say the stupidest things when you’re half asleep, but they don’t mind and pretend like it makes sense. You constantly tell them you’re never going to leave, even when they push you away and things get tough. 
You know you’re falling for someone when you forget you’ve ever been hurt before them.
—  m.a.r // 6.12.16, 5:21 a.m.

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I'm listening to the song Bloom by the Paper Kites and it's mwtw as hell. There's a lyric "the whole world it is sleeping, but my whole world is you" and I'm emotionally compromised

That is the most MWTW song that ever was. Even the beat of it—reminds me of the rhythm I get into sometimes when the writing’s really flowing. If that makes any sense :-) 

Let ‘Em Say We’re Crazy

This is an idea that came to me whilst I was baking cupcakes last weekend and listening to an 80s playlist. It honestly wouldn’t leave my head (like literally) and honestly it was making me smile so much and feel so happy, I just had to write it! Be prepared for some MOTHERFLUFFING FLUFF, I literally cannot deal with how cute Bucky is in this. I really hope you guys find this funny and I’m not the only sad person out there smiling over it! 😂

These two songs are central to the story so give them a listen first and the whole thing will make waaaay more sense:

Starship - Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

The Human League - Don’t You Want Me

Summary: Reader and Bucky both think they have the place to themselves, but when reader catches Bucky at some suspicious behaviour, all sorts of michchief and tomfoolery occur!

Warnings: Humour and Fluff.

Words: 1,782.

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You were supposed to be going out to lunch with Wanda, Vision, Steve and Sam but your sparring session with Clint earlier in the morning had really taken it out of you so you decided to pass, opting for a long soak in the shower to loosen up your stiff muscles.

Presuming you would have the place to yourself for a little while you decided you could take your time in the shower without someone banging on the door telling you to hurry up and so you wearily waved your team mates off and slipping under the steaming water you sighed contently, you had definitely made the right decision.

You took your time applying a hair mask, a luxury you could never afford when the others were around and when you finally stepped out of the steamy bathroom your stomach grumbled softly. Right, dressed first, then food you decided.

A pair of yoga pants and your favourite band shirt would have to do as you resolved to force yourself to do laundry after you ate some food.

As you approached the kitchen you could hear the muffled sounds of 80s synthesisers and beats and someone was singing along loudly. Clutching your phone, you crept slowly along the remaining stretch of corridor as the song ended and another began, silently thanking Nat for teaching you her assassin ways.

The kitchen was open plan so you had to be careful as you peaked around a pillar but when your eyes landed on Bucky’s figure you almost dropped your phone in shock.

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OKAY: credence would love mal blum, and i’m listening to “baltimore” and this song is so,,,,credence with a new group of friends or an s/o (also an explicit harry potter reference in the song lmao)

  • “when you feel held back, you slip away, and really, i get that, ‘cause sometimes i also feel that way; but i’m older now, and i know this now: it’s a game, it’s a game, it’s a game, and i can’t play” 
    • just how lost he felt ?? around the events of the end of the movie and how he felt like he was losing all hope and slipping away, but he sees now that life is all,,,,circumstance. choices. that he makes his own path. and sometimes it’s easy to get caught in that and be afraid that it is a game and that’s no fun because?? it’s also life. but somehow it feels like a setup.
  • “and i’ve been numb and dumb, and i’m still pretty young; besides, i’m really getting so adept at preventing my own happiness”
    • again, going through the movie naive and just,,,needing. he needs people, needs contact, needs touch, but it made him blind to manipulation but he was just too numb and sad to care. and that prevented happiness because it wasn’t fulfilling. and that unhappiness persists as you learn to heal, so he’s worried that ?? that’s just a theme of his life, that he’ll always be preventing his own happiness
  • “the thing that beats beneath your breast has been at rest, but i try my best to see how close i can get to it 'cause i get productive when i get upset”
    • but he sits there, “numb and dumb,” and gets upset about all of those thoughts. and he looks to his friends (or s/o, whatever floats your boat) and is upset because he wants life to be with them, wants to be happy, and when he gets upset because of this unhappiness, he tries even harder to get close to people, to open up, to find that happiness. and those times produce conversation and make him feel close. and he realizes that,,,life isn’t always happy, but you can seek that happiness out.
    • it just takes effort.

I was tagged by @viceserabeebo (thank you!) to post my lockscreen, homescreen and the last song I listened to.

Yeah im one of these boring ass bitches who have the same screen for both home and lock im so uncreative but i just really like the picture
And the song wont make much sense because the album wasnt able to be recognized by my computer when i copied it onto it, but its the 9th track on the Bonus CD of the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Soundtrack, called “Kowalski Rag”.

I tag @ill-stab-you-with-shaundi @my-chemical-fall-at-the-disco and @makenna-the-human
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Hey I'm bored so I decided to ask u some questions (sorry if I bother u lol) ok so 1. What's ur EXO story (how did you discover them, what was the first song u listened to) (idk I'm bored so that's what I thought of idk why) 2. Was Luhan ur bias at first or was he a bias wrecker, and if he was who was ur bias before he wrecked it (that sounded complex, sorry if it didn't make sense lol) and finally who do u think my bias is?- School Anon~ (sorry if I bothered u lol)

you’re not bothering me! :) okay, here are the answers to your questions:

1. I’m going to be honest and say that i used to hate exo when i first discovered them in 2013 (yes, i still can’t believe it). they were EVERYWHERE and i was so annoyed but when i sat down to watch the Growl MV, i fell in love with instantly HAHAHA karma is a bitch, eh? So yeah, Growl was the first exo song i heard, followed by chogiwa Wolf!

2. Luhan was NEVER close to being my first bias. I heard about him even before i knew exo but he was mehhh to me back then. My first bias was Kai because he’s a sexy MF <3 alternatively, i switched biases a LOT back then.

3. Who your bias is? Ehh, I’m going to take a shot and say Luhan? XD

5 things that make me happy

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1. concept art/character design books

2. spicy food

3. making sure my car and my living space are clean and neat and smell good

4. inside jokes :’)

5. driving around with the windows down just when the weather starts getting warm and listening to songs you haven’t heard in a while but love with a renewed sense of Good because everything about them encapsulates you in that little stretch of something that feels a kind of infinite and takes your mind off of everything else. perhaps that was a bit mùch but it’s true lmao !

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EXO’s Reaction To When Your Parents Don’t Like Them

Anon Requested: Helloo:) Could you pls do bts or exo ( as you want) reactions when you tell them your parents don’t like him and refuse to date. Thank you😊 Love you❤️ (Sorry if it doesn’t make sense or there are some mistakes)

I was listening to EXO- Unfair and EXO-M - Baby Don’t Go while doing this reaction and lemme tell you those songs are 🔥 I’ll do a separate BTS one👌    - Admin Joey


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*Strong voice* “It’s okay, I understand love. How about I go with you to see them tomorrow and we can talk it out? Together.” He totally understands that they are your parents and would think like that. The thought of maybe if he got to talk to them and explain how much he cares for you and loves you would change their minds.


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*Gloomy af* “Why don’t they like us together? I thought we were perfect? Did I do something? Am I a disappointment?” The pain echoing through out his sentences. You were left to comfort him and tell him nothing’s wrong and that you could try talk to your parents and show them that you both really do have something going on that can’t be broken.


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*Shocked about what your parents had said* “They d-don’t l-like m-me? Are you lying?” he stuttered as he questioned you. “I tried my best to be what parents would’ve wanted… I can’t leave you… I love you…” tears forming around the corners of his eyes. “M-maybe we can do something about it? I need to be a man. I’ll talk to them.” straightening himself out.


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“They don’t like me? Why? Did you tell them I’m good with kids?” he spoke calmly. “Well, I guess I’ll try to get them to like me.” He was worried about the both of you, he deeply cared for you and he knew you felt the same about him.


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*Innocent look plays on his face as you tell him* “What can I do to make sure we don’t break up?” he says hiding the sudden tension. He grabs your hands and look you in the eyes locking your gazes for a while.


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*Bites his lip* Damn his lip bite “What can I do to change their mind?” was the first thing that leaves his mouth. He didn’t want you to leave him so the only way was to see your parents and change their minds himself.


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*Manly voice* “Let me speak to them about what they think and how I may be able to change that okay jagiya? Don’t worry, I got it.” he understood where this situation where lead to. He made sure you knew what he was planning to do and made sure you had no objections with it.


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“What? They don’t like me? Why would someone not like me? I mean you like me why don’t they like me?” he was shocked at the fact that someone doesn’t like him and they are your parents too.


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*Calm Tone* “I’ll try convince them… I’ll say ‘excuse me. Mrs and Mr. y/l/n. I am deeply, madly if so in love with y/n. Is it okay if I stay together with her?’ if that doesn’t work I’ll think of something else.” he wanted you to know that he would be there for you even if your parents didn’t want you two together.


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*Saddened by the thought of your parents not liking him* “I see… I can cook, clean, take care, and love you for you. Isn’t that what your parents want? What else do I have to do?” he really thought that they liked him. You meant the world to him and if your parents disagree then he would have to be better.


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“I’m not the reason why they don’t like me right?” his anger rising after each word. He feels as if there is no reason for them to not like him if he treats you right and if you like him. 


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*Understandable* Nods his head. “If you want to listen to your parents then it’s up to you but if not, we can sort this out. We shouldn’t get too worked up on it. He is really mature with this situation and just wants to get through it calmly.



it’s a seduction, smooth and easy and a heartbreak in the making. both of you know what’s going to happen, you know what they’re saying and the promises that don’t make sense when you think about them. there is something broken on the horizon, you feel it in the words and the gentle touch. that’s okay. you’re just here to enjoy the moment, live inside of it. ─ welcome to the blue room.

a playlist of smooth, chill songs that aren’t here to fix you ─ only here to make you feel. [ listen ]

how to move on

• this is an opportunity to prioritize yourself.

• eat. even when its hard, letting yourself shrivel away is never the solution.

• take a bath (daily if needed)

• masturbate ((a-1 stress relief ok))

• drink coffee

• go for a long walk when you feel like you’re going to explode inside. run until you’re so out of breath that you’re not thinking about the person who hurt you anymore

• listen to songs that make you feel empowered

• dress cute for YOURSELF. not just to make them jealous

• surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally. even if that means hanging out with your mom

• write about it. it doesn’t have to make sense, just get it out.

• delete your photos of them. its ok to be fond of memories but you gotta try and move on.

• don’t romanticize the past, things happened for a reason. its hard, but it’ll get so much better eventually.

• don’t text them. don’t text them. don’t text them.

• spend time with friends. laugh. smile. dance. make new memories.

• you’re going to be okay, write it on your arm twenty times. remind yourself when you wake up and before you go to sleep. scream it at the top of your lungs. get a sharpie and engrave it on your mirror. you are going to be okay.

for staring up at the stars in almost perfect silence

madame de pompadour - murray gold | neptune, the mystic - holst | the secret cave - joe hisaishi | ada and inman - gabriel yared | the swan - camille saint saens | moonlight - beethoven | adagio for strings - samuel barber | (bonus) i only have eyes for you - eddy duchin



Genre: Au/Angst.

Word count: 1,161.

Summary: Based on this song - If you don’t listen to the song, you won’t understand! Phil is a ghost and watches Dan everyday. 

Authors Note: Inspired by Amy! I’m so proud of this. I hope it makes sense, but I mean I did try really hard! Basically my fav song at the moment. 


Death. Such an ugly, cold word. No one knows what happens when you die. Because no one has come back to tell them, right? I wish they knew, that we could see every little thing they do. We make up the air that you breath in, because we’re tiny specs, tiny pieces of what once was. But you’ll never find out. You’ll never know that we can still see you. Where ever we are, you should know we’re always here, always watching.

Dan’s crying. He’s collapsed on the floor in my sweater. He heaves. The sweater has got tear drops all over it. I miss that sweater. I miss him. He wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. The phone begins to ring. He gets up and walks toward it. It looks like he’s having a go at someone down the phone and he does that thing, that I always remembered him doing when he got stressed. It was like a signature move, him running a hand through his hair. He looks so weak, so lost. He slams the phone down and walks backwards. I wish I was there to hold him. 

Every move you make, I’ll be watching you.

The next day and he sits down on the sofa for a while, he mindlessly flicks through channels. I watch as he drops the remote. Staring blankly at nothing, but I’m there. I’m standing right in front of his gaze. I scream, but he doesn’t hear. Of course he doesn’t hear. Dan pulls out his phone and I watch what he’s doing, he’s texting someone and then he goes on twitter. I don’t recognise the name he texted, I didn’t catch it in time. I follow his gaze to the door, in which he opens and smiles at the people that flood into the room. So little people, but to me it seems so many.

These were the people I once shared dinner with, made a video with, trusted with my life. They all hug Dan. Louise holds him for ages and I force myself to smile. I’m glad he still has Louise. They sit down for a while and Dan brings out some beers. I watch Dan only. They’re all laughing, they’re talking about me. Talking about my life. I don’t want them to talk about me, I want them to move on.  I watch as Dan takes his first sip of beer. I watch as he downs the 4th beer. I watch as the 6th beer flys to the wall and smashes into tiny pieces.

I watch Louise begin to cry and I scream at Dan to stop. He doesn’t need to do this, but Dan is screaming. They all leave him, to collapse on the floor. I watch him walk to the cupboard and pull out a bottle off pills and I’m shaking my head, I’m grabbing at his arm to stop, but he can’t feel me. He’ll never be able to touch me or feel my touch like he did. He thinks I want him to join me, I’m sure he’s been considering killing himself, but I don’t want him to do that. I need him to know he can go on. He takes one pill. Anti-depressants and he stumbles into bed. 

Every bond you break, I’ll be watching you.

A few weeks later and he’s running down the street. He’s got his headphones in, he seems better recently. He runs for ages and he bumps into a fan, an old fan. He hasn’t made a video since I got hit. He clenches up when the girl talks about me. I mindlessly watch the girl, wondering what this could expand to. He forces a smile and gets in the picture with the young girl. The girl runs off, back to her parents. Dan keeps running. He runs till he’s out of breath and falls into a coffee shop. 

Every single day, every world you save, I’ll be watching you.

2 months later and Dan is back at the same coffee shop. He’s with a guy. He’s kissing the guy and I’m angry. I feel like breaking down, but how can I when I’m already at the weakest stage? The guy and him leave the coffee shop and the guy is so happy to be with him. But I know Dan, he doesn’t look happy. 

Oh can’t you see, you belong with me.

He heads home with this guy and Louise again is round, along with his Mum. However, it seems the guy is not being nice to Louise and Dan is trying his hardest not to say anything. I watch him make them my favourite dinner and I know he’s thinking about it when he serves it up. He’s remembering the nights I would come in and beg him for nothing more than that exact dish. He would be reluctant at first, but then I’d wrap my arms around his waist and he’d make it. It seems this new guy tries to do that now, but Dan throws him off. With a look of absolute disgust. 

How my poor heart aches, with every step, you take.

It’s later that night and the guy is fighting with Dan, about earlier. Dan looks tired, weak. He tries to fight back, but he hasn’t got much to say. Then the guy hits Dan and he falls to the floor. And I’m trying to comfort Dan, but he doesn’t know that. So I take a step back and watch him. 

Every love you break.

I watch him that night as he sleeps. I watch his steady breath. I’m calling his name, hoping it’ll wake him up and he’ll see me here. I like to think that he can feel a presence. I like to think he knows I’m still here somewhere. 

I dream at night, I can only see your face.

2 weeks later and Dan has been referred to a therapist, his mothers doing. He tells the therapists he thinks he can feel something, a presence. I watch as he gets up of the chair and leaves the office. He practically runs home.

 I feel so cold and I long for your embrace.

1 week later and he’s at that same cupboard again. His eyes are weak and tired. He has bruises on his sides. The guy has been beating him. I hate him, I wish I never left, I wish I never run across that road, by accident. I wish Dan could see me and he’s taking a pill and I’m screaming so loud. I need him to see me. The scream turns into pain. As Dan takes another pill and he lifts the bottle to his throat and my scream turns loud and piercing. The bottle smashes to the floor. 

I keep calling baby, baby, please.

He turns around, his eyes stained with tears.

He’s heard.


Death, such an ugly, cold word, isn’t it?


Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you.

the signs as relatable feels

aries: tfw you budge half an inch and your earphones just violently fly out of your ears

taurus: tfw your friend links you a song/video but you’re already listening to something and you think you’ll listen to it later but you won’t

gemini: tfw your favorite character is the first to die

cancer: tfw you’re trying to be nice and fail miserably and the person thought you were being an asshole on purpose

leo: tfw when your sense of smell suddenly becomes acute and you can smell the inside of your nose

virgo: tfw everyone tries to make you smell all these different flowers but you can’t tell the fucking difference between them 

libra: tfw you’re like “alright i’m gonna go to bed” and you’re still up literally 8 hours later

scorpio: tfw everyone talks about how unlikable and ridiculous something is but you really like it and don’t understand why nobody else does

saggitarius: tfw someone has the same name as you

capricorn: tfw there’s an infomercial on tv looping infinitely but you’re just too lazy to change the channel

aquarius: tfw your sign is left out of those squad posts. what the fuck is that

pisces: tfw your friends try to convince you not to kill someone that’s making them upset