the songlines

Wandering With Purpose: How Bruce Chatwin Rose Above The Travel Writing Industry

1. “[Chatwin’s] The Songlines begins as a novel before fraying into a commonplace book, in which a ragbag of quotations from two decades of reading about restlessness are deployed in lieu of an argument….."I’ve never seen anything like it in modern literature, a complete hybrid between fiction and philosophy,” he modestly remarked to Elizabeth Chatwin in 1983, having reached the second chapter. “It takes the form of about six excursions into the outback with a semi-imaginary character…during which the narrator and He have long conversations…Needless to say the models for such an enterprise are Plato’s Symposium and the Apology….”

2.  "Really, though, Chatwin was right: there had been nothing like it, and his patent was so strong that there has been nothing like it since. He wrote in his lifetime five books that were not only entirely different from anything that had come before but - much harder, this - entirely different from each other. He saved travel writing by changing its mandate: after Chatwin, the challenge was to find not originality of destination, but originality of form.“

3.  "Among those who have followed Chatwin, the most interesting have forged new forms specific to their chosen subjects: thus Pico Iyer’s sparkily hyperconnective studies of globalized culture and William Least Heat-Moon’s "deep maps” of America’s lost regions. Perhaps most important were W.G. Sebald’s enigmatic “prose fictions” - particularly The Rings Of Saturn - that likewise hover between genres, make play with unreliability, and fold in other forms: traveler’s tale, antiquarian digression, and memoir. What Sebald, like so many of us, learned from Chatwin was that the travelogue could voyage deeply in time rather than widely in space, and that the interior it explored need not be the heart of a place but the mind of the traveler.“

- Robert Macfarlane, Voyagers: The Restless Genius of Patrick Leigh Fermor and Bruce Chatwin, Harper’s, November 2011

A young Bruce Chatwin in an earlier life as an art expert at Sotheby’s. From The Songlines:

When I was in my twenties, I had a job as an ‘expert’ on modern painting with a well known firm of art auctioneers. We had sale-rooms in London and New York. I was one of the bright boys. People said I had a great career, if only I would play my cards right. One morning, I woke up blind.

During the course of the day, the sight returned to the left eye, but the right one stayed sluggish and clouded. The eye specialist who examined me said there was nothing wrong organically, and diagnosed the nature of the trouble.

“You’ve been looking too closely at pictures,”, he said. “Why don’t you swap them for some long horizons?”

“Why not?” I said.

Kinklock's Fic List
If you have not checked out Kinklock’s site, you should. She has the lists to end all lists and links to almost any persuasion. I have the utmost respect to the effort she put in cultivating this list. Hats off to her. ——————————- Johnlock fic rec

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Fic Rec Lists (by request or by my weird preferences)

Smutty / Kinky:

Alternate Universes:

Other (Specific Characteristics):

(OLD) Master Post List 

(Unconventional category system, aaaaand terrible descriptions provided by yours truly)


  • XO by MirithGriffin. John is brought onto an alien spaceship to be Sherlock’s mate. The aliens are jelly. Of their love, and literally, they are made out of jelly. You think this is crack and then it actually makes you feel things you haven’t felt in years, so go now my children, reeadd. 
  • They Mostly Come Out at Night by tawabids. Aliens crossover. I can’t emphasize how good this fic is and how you do not need to love Alien/Aliens to get it (though of course I am an alien fangirl soooo maybe I lie). Sherlock is the little girl in Aliens except you know not a little girl, and John is Sigourney Weaver kind of. 
  • ROT-13 by berlynn_wohl. Spaceman! John intrigues not-a-spaceman Sherlock, look it’s cute, just read


  • Software Malfunction by tiger_in_the_flight_deck. But can a robot sherlock learn to love? yes. yes he can. If you read this, please go directly to the Fluff category immediately following the experience. 
  • Made in Man’s Image series by thequeergiraffe. Sherlock being a strange android at an all robotic hospital. This also answers the above question, and yes, there are robot sex antics. 


  • All The Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings, Do I even need to tell people to read this, like it’s wordstrings, what else do you need to know? Love at first sight plus asexuality plus an extra sadistic moriarty PUSH ALL MY BUTTONS why don’t you. 


  • The Regent’s Park Regulars by Basingstoke. Sherlock is a swan except his name isn’t Sherlock and John is a duck and Lestrade is a zoo keeper, and you should already be sold by now. 
  • Wild Kingdom & Mating Snarl by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. I need to stop re-reading these, BUT SO GOOD? Not technically animals but there is a lot of lion sex consideration. 
  • The Swan Triad by Pennin_Ink. This series starts off all like cute John and Sherlock meet cute, hating each other as kids, true love, happy end- and then suddenly shit gets serious and magical. 

Bees in Sussex 

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Apiology by VictoryCandescence. John and Sherlock meet for the first time as old men pals and like my entire heart hurts in a good way.
  • The Sea in a Chasm by wiggleofjudas. John goes through his teenage rebellion years and Sherlock’s like fiiine I have a house and some bees when you calm down. 
  • The Declaration by flawedamythyst, Sherlock being a goof and John being a cranky old man, all my fave things <3

Book Crossovers 

  • Bel Canto by bendingsignpost. Phantom of the Opera!!!
  • Un Homme Dangereux by IShouldBeOverThis. Les Liaisons Dangereuses! (which Cruel Intentions is based on) wherein Sherlock writes letters to Mycroft like watch me bag this dude oh shit wait I’m in love. This crossover actually makes a lot of sense to me because holmescest slides in nicely but johnlock rules out 
  • Unsettled by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass)! A+++ for use of daemons as a plot device


  • Collared by VelvetMace. Slavery and sex, but mostly dub con not so much full non con? (that isn’t comforting ashleigh)
  • Playing the game by KeelieThompson1. Fave fave fave, dark vampire stuff, but in a very blase, no one is overly upset, kind of way - everyone’s like put his dick in a cage who even cares any more. (I’m going to give this the award for worst description).
  • Cross Wired by Pretty Arbitrary. I know this category is labeled dark, but this shit is extra dark like satan’s ass crack dark. John finds a journal of Sherlock’s that is, let’s say, not kittens and rainbows.
  • Dehumanize Me by deuxexmycroft. Sherlock makes John his prison bitch, aand yeaah. 


  • Duvet (Green) by mazarin. Mind palace things! I love mind palace things.

Misc AUs

  • This Thing All Things Devours by cypress_tree. 80’s sci fi movie fic (you can already tell why I like it) humans are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, when the numbers on their arm start counting down, and the only way to get more time is to earn/borrow/steal. John, obvi, is a gambler and Sherlock is basically immortal. Time to solve some TIME THIEVING.

Period Piece -ish

  • echoes through time by chellefic. John reads fanfiction Watson’s journal about him and Holmes being lovey dovey and gets ideas!
  • The Man No One Liked by shouldbeover. Where Sherlock is John’s valet for a visit to a Downton Abbey style place and - quelle surprise - there is a murder to solve!!!!
  • Captive Hearts by Nana_41175. I say period piece, but this isn’t really set in real earth medieval times. Sherlock is a mask wearing, hawking prince (this should be enough to sell you on it) who semi-captures highlander!John. Etc. etc. etc. things get hot. 

Tarts and Vicars aka Priest!lock (I’m so glad this is a category)

  • The Beast of Baskerville by Mildredandbobbin. Priest!Sherlock (I KNOW, normally it is priest John) and John meet up on their way to a village where there are mysterious wolf-related deaths and mayhaps Sherlock is rethinking that whole celibacy business.
  • Ad Meliora by lotherington. Priest!John getting all seduced


  • Stranger at the Gate by bendingsignpost. This is like if Sherlock was a vampire but a super cute baby vampire who hasn’t gotten his vamp sea legs just yet. Like he’s manipulative as shit and lies like crazy but this is the cutest he’s ever been to me. no plot explanation provided just read it
  • Playing the game by KeelieThompson1. This is dark and vamp related so it comes up twice. Did I mention it was dark? Vamplock turns John into a vamp and then Johnvamp complains about it for a few centuries.  
  • Night Shift by corpsereviver2. John is vamplock’s body guard :D  
  • Preservation by Mildredandbobbin. PINING AHOY and let’s of sex while pining for each other, which I didn’t even think was possible, so kudos. 


  • The Orchard by DancingGrimm. My fave Sherlock loses his v card story ever. I have a soft spot for Prostitute! John. 
  • Safe Distance by merripestin. Really enthusiastic virgin!Sherlock with added bonus of sexuality crisis John!

In which they also suck blood

Potter!Lock -  Omegaverse - Parent!Lock - AU!Lock -

Teen!Lock - Casefic -  PWP - Fake Relationship

Playing the game by KeelieThompson1 (~17k) ♥

As a vampire, John often despairs of Sherlock Holmes. Especially when he makes a new fledgling.

Swallow You Whole by Lindentreeisle (Captainblue) (16k)

 ”That was amazing,” John blurted out.

Sherlock, already turned halfway to the door, paused and whirled back around. “Really?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at John.

“Yeah,” John said. Sherlock flashed him a quick, tight grin, and then John saw the fangs. Oh.

Night Shift by corpsereviver2 (26k)

 Former army doctor John Watson is a daylighter, a specialist bodyguard for vampires. When he’s hired to be the bodyguard for a vampire’s younger brother - a vampire who doesn’t fit the usual vampire stereotypes of lazy aristocrat in a remote manor or wealthy, indolent playboy - John is intrigued. To his surprise, Sherlock seems intrigued by him as well.

Bleed Me Out by antietamfalls (88k)

John isn’t exactly surprised to discover that Sherlock isn’t human. His vampirism doesn’t pose a problem, even when their relationship gradually grows into something more. That is, until a deadly revelation about John’s blood sends their lives spinning dangerously out of control.

The Curious Wine by songlin (15k)

“I want to watch you kill, because I want to see you lose that tiresome battle against your baser instincts. I want to drink from you, enough that you go weak and breathless and can’t stand properly, but I don’t want to kill you, because then you’ll be gone and the thought of never being surprised by you ever again makes me want to go naked into the sunlight and wait until it burns me into ash.”

Red Dahlias by QuinnAnderson (9k)

John had never thought he would one day stand with his vampire lover and laugh like giddy teenagers, but it wasn’t the first time his life had taken an unexpected twist. 

Preservation by Mildredandbobbin (32k)

There was something there, between John and Sherlock, something on the other side of platonic, but John was straight and Sherlock was undead. John thought they had all the time in the world to sort it out. 

Sustain Me by beltainefaerie (3k)

John felt like Sherlock saved him that very first night. It takes him awhile to return that favor. But now their lives will never be the same.

Thrall by VelvetMace (40k)

Sherlock is sober, but his life is still spiraling down hill. Despite this, he has resisted the notion of ever getting a mate. The very idea of having a human balancing his life is abhorrent. As Mycroft, a case, and a new flatmate all vie for his attention, he misses the most important clue of his life: that his mate has found him.

Bowie’s Top 100

The legend, David Bowie, passed away at the age of 69 after an eighteen-month battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed. To celebrate his life, listed below are his top 100 books. 

-Interviews with Francis Bacon by David Sylvester

-Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse

-Room At The Top by John Braine

-On Having No Head by Douglas Harding

-Kafka Was The Rage by Anatole Broyard

-A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

-City of Night by John Rechy

-The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

-Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

-Iliad by Homer

-As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

-Tadanori Yokoo by Tadanori Yokoo

-Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin

-Inside The Whale And Other Essays by George Orwell

-Mr. Norris Changes Trains by Christopher Isherwood

-Halls Dictionary of Subjects And Symbols In Art by James A. Hall

-David Bomberg by Richard Cork

-Blast by Wyndham Lewis

-Passing by Nella Larson

-Beyond The Brillo Box by Arthur C. Danto

-The Origin of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes

-In Bluebird’s Castle by George Steiner

-Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd

-The Divided Self by R.D. Laing

-The Stranger by Albert Camus

-Infants Of The Spring by Wallace Thurman

-The Quest For Christa T by Christa Wolf

-The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

-Nights At The Circus by Angela Carter

-The Master And Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

-The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark

-Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

-Herzog by Saul Bellow

-Puckoon by Spike Milligan

-Black Boy by Richard Wright

-The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

-The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea by Yukio Mishima

-Darkness At Noon by Arthur Koestler

-The Waste Land by T.S. Elliot

-McTeague by Frank Norris

-Money by Martin Amis

-The Outsider by Colin Wilson

-Strange People by Frank Edwards

-English Journey by J.B. Priestley

-A Confederacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

-The Day Of The Locust by Nathanael West

-1984 by George Orwell

-The Life And Times Of Little Richard by Charles White

-Aopbopaloobop Alopbamboom: The Golden Age of Rock by Nik Cohn

-Mystery Train by Greil Marcus

-Beano (comics, 1950s)

-Raw (comics, 1980s)

-White Noise by Don DeLillo

-Sweat Soul Music: Rhythm and Blues and the Southern Dream of Freedom by Peter Guralnick

-Silence: Lectures and Writing by John Cage

-Writers At Work: The Paris Review Interviews edited by Malcolm Cowley

-The Sound of the City: The Rise of Rock and Roll by Charlie Gillete

-Octobriana and the Russian Underground by Peter Sadecky

-The Street by Ann Petry

-Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon

-Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr.

-A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

-The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby

-Metropolitan Life by Fran Lebowitz

-The Coast of Utopia by Tom Stoppard

-The Bridge by Hart Crane

-All The Emperor’s Horses by David Kidd

-Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

-Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess

-The 42nd Parallel by John Dos Passos

-Tales of Beatnik Glory by Ed Saunders

-The Bird Artist by Howard Norman

-Nowhere To Run: The Story of Soul Music by Gerri Hirshey

-Before the Deluge by Otto Friedrich

-Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence From Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson by Camille Paglia

-The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford

-In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

-Lady Chatterly’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence

-Teenage by Jon Savage

-Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh

-The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard

-The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

-Viz (comics, early 1980s)

-Private Eye (satirical magazine, 1960s-1980s)

-Selected Poems by Frank O’Hara

-The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

-Flaubert’s Parrot by Julian Barnes

-Maldodor by Comte de Lautréamont

-On The Road by Jack Kerouac

-Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonders by Lawrence Weschler

-Zanoni by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

-Transcendental Magic, Its Doctrine and Ritual by Eliphas Lévi

-The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels

-The Leopard by Giusseppe Di Lampedusa

-Inferno by Dante Alighieri

-A Grave For A Dolphin by Alberto Denti di Pirajno

-The Insult by Rupert Thomson

-In Between The Sheets by Ian McEwan

-A People’s Tragedy by Orlando Figes

-Journey Into The Whirlwind by Eugenia Ginzburg

“The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” -David Bowie

Top!John Fic Rec

So someone messaged me asking for a list of top!John fics because there seems to be a lot of dark!lock top!Lock fics but not a lot where John tops and is dark.

I seem to recall there being some so went looking for what ones that were halfway decent.  In searching, I’ve found that there REALLY does not seem to be many quality Dark!John fics where John tops. This needs to be a writing prompt.

I was able to find some Top!John fics where John is a BAMF and/or just generally good Top!John, so here is a list of those, and if I can find more fics and others where there is legitimate Dark!John, I’ll add them to the list. (Bolded Favorites)


BDSM Dom!John:


Story-heavy BAMF Top!John: ♥

(Note: I usually REALLY don’t care about who is on top so long as those two idiots are together.  While these fics are mainly Top!John, there might be rare instances where they switch. I’m not sure without re-reading them. Read the fic tags.)

I know that this list does not really have much in the way of Dark!John in it so is really lackluster. If anyone knows of any good Dark/Top!John fics that could help with this fic request, please share!

Sexless Fic Rec

for @james-watson, who wished for smut-free fics. If you headcanon Sherlock as gay-ace, or you just want some g-rated romance, this is your list.


Next To You by cyprus_tree:  The absolute loveliest bed-sharing-for-a-case fic I’ve ever read. They wake up holding hands!

Operation Baby Girl Watson by earlgreytea68:  Parent!lock. There’s a plan in place at last, and it starts five minutes after Mary gives birth. @earlgreytea68

Love Notes: Heliocentric by aquabelacqua:  Sherlock tries his best to make John a playlist, but it’s not very logical. @aquabelacqua

Vagal Tone by Ewebie:  John kisses Sherlock for the first time. Sherlock’s flustered, to say the least.  

Stir Fry by thatwritertype:  The fluffiest little sickfic that ever fluffed. John takes such good care of Sherlock.

Persistent and Aggravated Imbecility, by Waldo:  John’s reached the end of his patience with the feet in the fridge. Sherlock’s sure he’s going to lose him, but instead he gets…a list.

Seven Ways to Fall Asleep, by tartanfics:  They keep falling asleep with each other by accident. And then, not by accident.

Cold Feet in the Hydrangea Room, by mithen:  They get booked in a room with one bed, which is…fine. Until Sherlock turns out to be a sleep-kicker.

This Isn’t About the Bathtub, by cyprus_tree: John means to propose to him tonight. It’s suddenly very obvious. The thing is, Sherlock had planned to propose to John.


The Old Familiar Sting by songlin:  Autistic! Sherlock, written by an autistic author. Sherlock’s never felt normal. John lets him know that’s more than okay with him.

FAQ by ancientreader:  Parent!lock. Sherlock has had access to the internet for eight days, post-prison. Turns out he’s used the time to look up how to change diapers. (Aka: the parent!lock oneshot that made me cry.)

The Empty Heart by sussexbound:  S3 divergence. What would have happened if Sherlock had gone straight to John’s practice earlier that day, instead of walking in on the proposal?

Normal, Sane, and Not All Right by mithen: When the bicycle knocked John Watson over outside Bart’s, he lost all memory of that day, and…other things. He isn’t sure what, until a stranger in a blue scarf insists he must remember.


Skeletons by flawed_amethyst: A multi-chapter Halloween-y AU involving more than one kind of skeleton in Sherlock’s past.

Obscurity by UrbanHymnal:  One of the loveliest things I’ve ever read. They thought John Watson couldn’t talk when he was small, but that’s not it; he can only speak in other people’s words. Sherlock is one of the few who will wait till he finds what he means to say.


The Bee Grove by Random_Nexus:  When an old friend dies, leaving Watson a letter, grief prompts him to write a letter of his own. (tw: suicide)

I have lots more, but I’ll save them for another day, another fic rec!

Aboriginal Creation myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who had wandered over the continent in the Dreamtime, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path—birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes—and so singing the world into existence….

Each totemic ancestor, while travelling through the country, was thought to have scattered a trail of words and musical notes along the line of his footprints … these Dreaming-tracks lay over the land as ‘ways’ of communication between the most far-flung tribes….

In theory, at least, the whole of Australia could be read as a musical score.

—  Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines
Hartwin a/b/o and mpreg recs

@blackmakethme requested this list! Just an fyi, I’ll only add my own comments if the author summary is pretty vague or short :) Hope you enjoy. (Send requests for hartwin rec lists here)

A/B/O fics:

Cairo Gold by TheMadKatter13

Waiting is a boring game. Indulging is not.

Steamy fic where Alpha!Harry finds Omega!Eggsy in an Egyptian brothel. Features daddy kink.

The Silk Sheath by ChosenOfAshurha

Eggsy wants to find an Alpha, but he’s too prideful to ask about meeting spots. However, a conversation at the pub leads him to the Silk Sheath - a very private, very elite club for Alphas and Omegas searching for a bond.

To Valiant Hearts Sing by evil_brainmate

“I would offer to you my son, and only omega child, Prince Gary’s hand in marriage.”

Gary won’t even look at him. The young man’s jaw is set in a hard line, his posture straight and head held high, but it looks more like false bravado of a man facing the hangman’s noose.

Nesting by Corvin

Eggsy is horrified to find that despite his best efforts at subtlety, his feelings are well known to Harry.

Adorable rated G fluff.

Heat by  ilokheimsins

In which Eggsy spends a lot of time trying to figure out what’s so special about the honeypot missions Harry gets and then spends a lot of time trying to avoid Harry. All while wanking off to the thought of Harry.

This one has omega!Harry and alpha!Eggsy, and is sweet but not that smutty.

Homecoming by andreanna

Harry stares at Eggsy along the length of his tie and cocks one eyebrow. “I am sure you are aware travel is part of the job description.” Harry pushes his chair away from his desk, all pretense of work dropped.

“Yes. Well, the timing of this one was a bit shit.” Eggsy says.

PWP after omega!Eggsy returns from a mission.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Heat by azrielen

Eggsy isn’t surprised by the fact that the Kingsman appear to be nearly all alphas.

Eggsy is an omega, then he’s a Kingsman, and no two heats are alike.

the first of many by @venvephe

Eggsy should have seen this coming.

Looking back, he should have payed more attention to the calendar; he’d been good about taking his suppressants until the last few weeks, when the training exercises and elimination tests had gotten so intense that he’d started to forget the little pills. Dealing with a heat doesn’t seem as horrific after jumping out of an airplane, especially when you’d under the assumption that your ‘chute was faulty, and taking the suppressants was one of those little things that got shuttered off to the side in his mind. If he’d been paying attention it may not have come to - this.

Because Eggsy’s in heat, and there’s only two ways it can go from here.

No one likes us (we don’t care) by @concernedlily

When Harry Hart turned up at the police station to pick Eggsy up, he thought his luck had changed - after years of Dean, this posh new alpha was offering to take Eggsy away from the estate where he’d been afraid he’d spend the rest of his life cast out from society as a rough, unbonded alpha, into a world of excitement and potential he’d never imagined - the world that killed his father. But as he competes with other young alphas to take a place at Kingsman’s table, he realises his feelings for Harry aren’t quite as simple as the guardianship that’s the only relationship between alphas the world recognises.

Really unique take on a/b/o universe where Harry and Eggsy are both alphas. (THIS ONE IS SO GOOD HOLY SHIT.)

To Protect, To Love by  ilokheimsins

As an omega, Eggsy belongs to the strongest of the three secondary delineations. It seems like life is finally giving him a good turn, when he learns that, although omegas are supposedly the defenders of the pack, with their vicious strength and their highly protective natures, they’ve been reduced to little more than a prize to be won and kept fat with pups.

He coasts through life on omega suppressants and everything is perfect, until it quite frankly goes to shit. Though, to be fair, it’s been almost a decade since someone reminded Eggsy about the side effects of taking too many adrenaline pills while on suppressants.

What the Hart Wants by @sexxicawrites

One strange text message from Harry and Eggsy finds himself in a very unexpected situation - that is, dropping in on Harry when he’s in heat. Who knew Harry was even an omega?

Self-Indulgence by songlin

Harry doesn’t hate it. He’d go on suppressants if he did. Yes, it’s a mild inconvenience, but it’s a manageable one. If Harry’s honest, it’s even enjoyable. Though there are certainly other ways he’d rather spend a weekend vacation, he does rather enjoy having a few days to luxuriate in desire.

Bite by @rageprufrock

If there is any one alpha in the whole wide world Eggsy cannot handle during a surprise, unsuppressed heat, it is Harry Hart.

This fic is FUCKING AMAZING basically firtherton but with Harry and Eggsy’s names subbed in.

A/B/O fics featuring mpreg:

Merlin, he was crying by saintsavage

Eggsy might be nesting.

Cute drabble.

Thank You For the Both of You by ishipitsobad

A/B/O Universe, in which Harry survives being shot by Valentine. Eggsy is thrilled… and pregnant with Harry’s child.

Five Years Ago & Now by Regency

Five years ago, strangers Harry and Eggsy spent a passionate night together before life pulled them in separate directions. Today, they meet again.

Never Half-Arse Anything by @blacktofade

Eggsy thinks he might be pregnant, so he visits the Kingsman physician with Harry.

@blacktofade has more “Eggpreg” fics here.

My Father’s Eyes by  olgaHikolaevna

Though childbirth nearly kills Eggsy and his baby, both father and son survive. However, Eggsy’s behavior becomes strange: he cries when the baby is in his presence, and cannot bear to even look at him. The doctor tells Harry it might be early signs of postpartum depression, but when the new family comes home from the infirmary, the truth of Eggsy’s condition is revealed.

Two blue lines by mishiko

Who woud have thought that two blue, innocent, lines can change your life?
Eggsy is trying very hard not to have a panic attack in the bathroom, Roxy being the best and Harry showing Eggsy exactly how he feels about the situation.

Mpreg fics:

Breakeven by theshizniiit

When Harry walked inside the church (and then out of it, and right into Valentine’s bullet) he didn’t know he was pregnant.
And now he’s back from the dead. This time, with an extra passenger and quite a few problems.

This fic is really good but very angsty. Happy ending though!

How to Tell You by KaliTracer

Eggsy only has to say two words. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Right?

I’m Pregnant by @beautyofthenightmares

Fluff where Eggsy tells Harry he’s pregnant.

The theme of November’s installation of my new “Top Ten” series is soul mates (in the magical realism sense). As always, this Top Ten Series is inspired by werewolfwagon, one of my favorite Sterek sources.

Note: Because this is my top ten soulmate fics, this list is based off of personal preference, not the fandom’s collective preference.

1. examine every inch (whimsicalimages | 3,364 | PG)

John Watson can see a red string around every person’s fingers that leads him/her to the person they’re destined for.

2. Deoxygenated Series (Ibmisscharlie | 4,295 | PG)

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?” 
Everyone has a clock, either installed by futuristic machines or they’re born with one.

The numbers can’t guarantee happiness, reciprocity, or even fidelity. They’re just a fact of life. In a world where everyone hides their numbers, John Watson meets a man with bare wrists.

3. Celestial Bodies Series (songlin | 18,907 | NC-17)

They watch the omegas in their class miss a week at a time for their heats, or turn up pregnant, or drop out entirely, and see even the nicest, brightest boys and girls get rude and dumb and aggressive after presenting as alphas. Privately, they wonder what the rush is about.

John and Sherlock are eighteen years old and still haven’t presented as alpha or omega, though they’re both sure they know how their cards have been dealt. That is their first mistake.

4. The Ties That Bleed (luchia13 | 11,733 | R)

John Watson has been bonded by blood to Sherlock Holmes. Until the day Sherlock dies, they will be tied together. Until the day Sherlock dies, John can’t.

5. With Eyes Wide Open (cleflink | 8,048 | R)

Thirty two hours after they met, John Watson shot a man to save Sherlock Holmes’ life.

Three hours after that, John Watson let Sherlock Holmes see his soul.

6. The Waiting is the Worst Part (loyalnerdwp | 4,065 | PG)

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

7. Fate, At Your Fingertips (radialarch | 7,604 | PG)

Even “soulmate” is just a word.

8. Time Enough (airynothing | 1,135 | PG)

John refused to believe that Sherlock, of all people, could have simply missed his soulmate.

9. Simple Gifts (agameofscones | 1,834 | PG)

Every person is born with one innate talent. They are also born with one soulmate, and the full potential of their talent is not realized until they’ve found that person.

“So why does it matter to find your person if you’re okay without them?”

“Because”—Mummy sighs, and perhaps sounds the littlest bit sad—“you are perfectly okay without them, but that doesn’t change that you’ll always be better with them.”

10. Inscriptions Series (orphan_account | 36,909 | PG)

Everyone is born with the name of their Soul Mate on their finger. This is called their SBI, or Soul Bond Inscription, and from the time a person turns sixteen, they are locked in a Search for the person with the corresponding SBI; the person with their name on their finger, in the same color as their own SBI. They do not know when, and they do not know where. All they know is that at the end of their Search is the person they are meant to spend the rest of their life with.

I should probably also mention Walking Together, Colors, Millennia, and Cycles.

And of course, here’s my soulmates tag if you’re looking for more.

P.S. I’m so excited about my 3k celebration! It’s currently in the works.

Long time no see, but hey, have some legit read with actual flesh and blood trans characters, from authors who know their shit. Real issues, real feelings, real info, no transphobia (except for one that needs to be dealt with and dealt with, it is!). If only life was as easy as fanfiction…

  • Living (series) by awesome Schattengestalt transmale Sherlock gets outed in front of John by Mycroft who keeps on misgendering him. John is extra supportive and cute and sets things right… Rating goes up to mature for the last installment, it’s sweet and pure, exactly what you need. Friends to lovers❤️
  • Packing Heat by songlin featuring ftm John, Sherlock who really doesn’t care and steamy sex (trigger warning: includes vaginal sex). Also, I recommend checking out a sequel/companion piece: All Shook Up which has pressure sensitive strap-on vibrator. Not having a regular sized penis doesn’t mean John can’t own it like a boss. Both Explicit.
  • Summer Heat by Schattengestalt teenlock. Sherlock has a crush on John and he really wants to go on a trip to the zoo with him. It’s extra hot, so Mycroft (caring older brother!) advises Sherlock not to wear a binder, but well, Sherlock’s desperate for John NOT to find out he’s trans… (kids, please don’t bind when it’s scorching hot. And don’t exert youserlves in the heat!). I don’t think it’ll be a spoiler to say it all ends well and John is all supportive and cute, rated teen.
  • Not Your Average Lady by testosterone_tea Genderfluid Sherlock gets assoulted by some catcalling assholes while en femme, Lestrade to the rescue. Unluckily the assaulters have recorded the whole thing, recognized Sherlock and uploaded the video to John’s blog, so the secret’s out. But, like you probably suspect, John is sweet and understanding. Explicit. There’s also supportive Sally! (trigger: dysphoria, and some transphobic language)
  • Something Unusual, Something Strange by vklikesfic (fka v_angelique) now this is some good filth. Genderfluid asexual domme Sherlock in poly BDSM relationship with sub Lestrade and sub John. Kinky af, scorching hot. Check all tags for details, includes nice bondage yessss. Extra explicit, enjoy🔥.
  • Shifting (series) by Schattengestalt Established relationship. Sherlock comes out as genderfluid to John, there will have to be some adjustments in the bedroom. One explicit scene (that blindfold!) in the first part, you can skip if you don’t like smut. Some not nice words and angst in the second installment (Mycroft, you reptile!) Needless to say, John is supportive, he always is!
  • Just The Way You Are by guess who? Schattengestalt Sherlock has a revelation, John already knows he is trans (he has seen the medical records, not the best way to find out your best mate is trans) but Sherlock wants to come out as something else… Asexual Sherlock, Asexual relationship. You know the drill.
  • Everything I Am  yet another one by Schattengestalt Established relationship. One day Sherlock feels very dysphoric and doesn’t know how to explain it without hurting John. But, you know, John is a precious cinnamon roll so he makes sure Sherlock feels loved (too sweet kill me) (trigger: gender dysphoria, self-hatred)
  • Splendid Creature by mistyzeo Victorian trans!Sherlock, it’s so nice and accepting and there’s sweet sleepy sex (trigger: vaginal) and it’s all fine, and lovely. If you enjoyed it, Turnabout by the same author is a must-read as it’s sort of a companion piece? In Splendid Creature Dr. Watson mentions being “rogered into near insensibility”. I like to think it’s the happenings in Turnabout that he has on his filthy mind. There’s an ivory double dildo in it (ugh Victorian sex toysssss🔥) and while you’re at it you can buy printed bdsm Victorian johnlock filth HERE. Yes you can have published johnlock filth on your bookshelf and Elinor (mistyzeo) is a star I’m not even a tiniest bit sorry for blatant advertising  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

BONUS - CABIN PRESSURE FIC (most of you probably like Cabin Pressure as well, and it’s mature, realistic and brilliant, so why not…)

  • A Warm Gun by Indybaggins when Douglas’ realisation that Martin is trans puts a strain on their already difficult relationship. Will they sort it out? A very mature fic that doesn’t only show the emotional side, it also emphasises how hard it is for Martin to find a job and earn money (problem that is never mentioned in Sherlock fics). Also, Douglas is no ‘it’s-all-fine-John-Watson’, he has questions and doubts, some borderline transphobic reactions at the beginning but in the end it turns out fine and (spoiler) it goes Marlas.

BONUS 2 - special thank you to Schattengestalt, without them, this list would be only half its lenght! Anyone knows if Schattengestalt has a tumblr?

my fic recs👈🏻😎

VAMPIRELOCK (2015 Halloween Recs Pt. 1)

[[other halloween rec lists here]]
And With Him Disaster / eggshellseas (ACD // Holmes/Watson)
John Watson is being stalked by a vampire.

At a Distance / faerymorstan (BBC // Johnlockary)
Two hours to sunrise and the moon leaks over London, covers the daffodils John lays on Mary and Sherlock’s graves. One hundred and nineteen years since Sherlock left his note by the Falls, one hundred and sixteen since Mary’s fever, and still John mourns them both. Stumbles, alone.

Bad Islington Blood / SolitaryEndeavor [[WIP]] (BBC // Johnlock)
“Freaky” Holmes and his partner Dr Watson are the Met’s best resource in solving the unsolvable. But even Sherlock Holmes can’t be right all the time, and when a murder investigation crosses paths with a private case, Holmes will realize there is still a mystery or two to be solved when it comes to John Watson.

Between the Tongue and the Taste / philalethia (BBC // Johnlock)
“Sherlock was right about one thing at least: John was thinking about writing up the case. But he didn’t know what he would say, where he would even start. We went after Ed Harvey, I got myself gutted, and Sherlock changed me so I wouldn’t die? It’s all right, I suppose, except that vampire hierarchy is apparently even wonkier than everyone says and nothing’s quite as sexual as those awful vampire films make it seem?”
In which John gets turned into a vampire and everything gets a bit weird.

Bloody Genius / Slenderlock (BBC // Johnlock)
“My neck,” John said. “Drink.”
“I won’t be able to- oh- stop,” Sherlock panted.
“Yes, you will. You always do. I trust you.”

Candlelight / PrettyArbitrary (BBC // Johnlock)
Somewhere outside, the sun is traveling across the sky, pouring its light over London’s gleaming buildings and grimy pavements. John might never see it again. “I’m going to keep you,” Sherlock had told him, when he’d bound John tight and chained him into his bed. But a vampire’s thralls tend not to last for long.

Katydid / songlin (BBC // Johnlock)
The smell of John’s blood is thick in Sherlock’s nose. He can hear John’s heart thumping through his ribcage as clearly as if his ear were pressed against John’s chest. Sherlock’s mouth runs dry. He is suddenly very, very hungry.
“Like it or not, Sherlock, matters will escalate. You are tempting biology.”

Lucky / talkstoself (BBC // Johnlock)
Everybody knows you don’t invite a vampire into your home… but then again - vampires don’t exist.

Nightcap / 221brosiewilde (BBC // Mormor)
Jim fucks the way he feeds.
He’s all greedy mouth and dazed eyes. When Sebastian pushes a hand beneath his shirt, his skin is warm, almost feverish as the blood works through his body.

Sanguinary / KittieHill (BBC // Johnlock)
His eyesight seemed more focussed and clear; his senses completely sharpened despite the darkness of the street. The streetlights made his eyes ache and forced him to avert his eyes. The noise was back too, louder and stronger than previously, and it seemed to be all encompassing as he spun to find the source of the sound. Pushing against a pedestrian who grumbled his discontent, John stilled and watched as the man’s pulse point fluttered and twitched with blood.

slash / dashcommaslash (BBC // Johnlock)
John can’t believe how long it takes him to get caught. Not stealing his few pints a week from work—he’s been doing that so long, half his life, that it hardly seems wrong anymore. They pay me in blood, he’d wink at his family. Not dinner with his rugby mates, bowls and straws and a newly slaughtered deer opened and dressed on the sideboard so it doesn’t lose its freshness on the way to the table. In Scotland, okay, but in London?

Sustain Me / beltainefaerie (BBC // Johnlock)
John felt like Sherlock saved him that very first night. It takes him awhile to return that favor. But now their lives will never be the same.

Symbiotic / round_robin (BBC // Johnlock)
John and Sherlock find a mutually beneficial agreement.

The Vermillion Problem / gardnerhill (ACD // Holmes/Watson)
He is as tidy in his dining habits as he is fastidious in his dress, even if his fare is horrifying to outsiders.

Twisting and Turning The Colours in Rows / leopardwrites (BBC // Johnlock)
“I’m conscious,” Sherlock says with a small shrug of one shoulder. “I move, respire, react to my environment… I miss a few of the basic life processes, but I think I qualify as ‘alive’. And I’m thirteen, like I told you.” A rueful smile, and his hand drops to his side. “But I have been thirteen for longer than is naturally possible.”

That’s right. All those “big changes” I was talking about? They weren’t just lies so I could stop filling requests, I swear. I’m super excited to present a new series for this blog: Top Ten Fics. This is an idea I got from the absolutely wonderful werewolfwagon (an excellent Sterek fic source). I’m not sure what the time frame on these will be, but hopefully I’ll be able to do one every month or so. 

This month’s theme is fluff.

It was a serious struggle to narrow this down to ten, and then order them. Undoubtedly I’ve forgotten some, but hopefully I’ve got the main ones on here. Note: Because this is my top ten fluff fics, this list is based off of personal preference, not the fandom’s collective preference.

1. and stand there at the edge of my affection (coloredink | 2,683 | PG)

“You’ve written love letters,” Sherlock asserted.

2. Two Coffees One Black One With Sugar Please Series (Linpatootie | 25,419 | G to NC-17)

A somewhat pointless experiment on Sherlock’s behalf leads to John having to re-evaluate pretty much his entire life.

3. The Important Bit (solshine | 9,984 | PG)

Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other.

4. Duvet (Green) (Mazarin221b | 2,021 | PG)

Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.

5. Random Numbers (songlin | 1,672 | PG)

Just because they’re not having sex doesn’t mean they aren’t intimate.

6. No Mushrooms Please Series (Ibmisscharlie | 5,456 | PG)

The two working in tandem, silently anticipating each other’s needs, is not unfamiliar to Greg, as they have become something of a smoothly oiled machine at crime scenes, but their easy comfort in such a domestic setting still surprises him.

7. A Quiet Murmuration (cathedral_carver | 4,684 | PG)

Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.

8. A Silver Sixpence (_doodle | 16,399 | NC-17)

John, we need to get married. 

9. Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) (out_there | 8,666 | PG)

The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. There’ll be some logic to this. Some ridiculous experiment about body warmth or respiratory rates or testing a new way of picking pockets. Sherlock does the unimaginable for bizarre reasons, but behind it, there’s always logic and curiosity. Sometimes, it just takes him a while to explain it to John.

10. Seventeen Letters (out_there | 2,357 | PG)

“I love Sherlock,” John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn’t change anything. Sherlock’s still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password.

Also, I just have to do a quick shout out to Dates of Vast Importance, The Real Meaning of Idioms, The Internet is Not Just For Porn, The Velveteen Doctor, Corpus Hominis, A New Kind of Communication, As I Love You, A Bit Backwards, and The Battle of Bakerloo

And, of course, here’s my fluff tag if you’re craving more.

What I’m Writing Meme

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @songlin who griped at me because she is correct; I do not have any WIPs because I write most everything in one sitting if and when I can manage to. Which is almost always. Like the 5600-word fic I wrote in one sitting (three hours) the other night. Bow down. 

So in the stead of writing about my WIPs, I will tell y’all what I’m thinking about writing. 

What I am thinking about writing:

A commission from someone who previously commissioned me! (I do still take commissions on a case-by-case basis.) They want a pregnant Sherlock staying at home while John goes away on business, thinking all will be fine as the baby’s not due for two weeks - but Sherlock goes into labor a little early, and stubbornly refuses to call for help and so ends up having the baby on his own, at home, while John rushes to get there in time. (Spoiler: He won’t.) 

I honestly really loved my last fic so much that I’m already thinking of possible sequels, though I usually think that after I write new fic and so far it’s not happened much, so take it with a grain of salt. 

And I’d like to finish that 50s mpreg hell thing that I’m working on with my fiancee, though who knows if we’ll actually finish it. 

Just … magic in Australia.

Indigenous Australians are the oldest living culture in the world so it would follow that their magic is the most ancient. Wandless and wordless spells were mastered well before the first book of spells was ever written and their acts of transfiguration, potion brewing and astronomy were the first practiced in the world. Although there was no set name to these people, as the language changed from region to region, every tribe had someone who was known as the ‘clever one’, who passed their knowledge down to the next generation through stories, songlines and scars.

There were no purebloods on The First Fleet. In the sickly, abused rabble of exiles there were a few mudbloods, but with the horrors of the witch hunts still so close none dared practice magic in such a small and volatile environment. This led to a belief back in the Britain that there were no magic users at all in the new colony and with the casual dismissal of the original custodians of the land many came to regard Australia as a barren, magic-less place.

Decades of invasion passed before a new generation of children began to display magical traits. However, because they were so few and so far spread across a vast country the Ministry of Magic deemed it unnecessary to establish an Australian school, insisting that children were to be sent to Hogwarts for a ‘proper education’. Many rejected this and along with the desire for a true magical community in Australia the tiny town of Khancoban was formed at the foot of the Snowy Mountains. The name is a combination of the first three settlers there, Afghan trader Atash Khan, former Irish convict witch Molly Cobb and Chinese sharman and miner Lin An. To this day the muggles (or muggos, as they were now known) have no idea how the name Khancoban came into being but merely accept it as another strange country quirk. Note the lack of Indigenous founders, as none were invited to take part. Although the Khancoban School of Magic was founded in 1829, the school didn’t have a Koori school mistress, Milbah Turk, until 1912.

Khancoban School of Magic, originally a bark-roofed hut, was so small that the founders decided to do away with the traditional houses and to this day KSoM is one of the few magical schools in the world without sorting ceremony or house division.

Because magical classism wasn’t as ingrained the first purebloods who arrived in Australia were astonished at what they perceived as a lack of respect from their colonial cousins, with many preferring to remain in Melbourne or Sydney rather than journey to Khancoban. In return Australians regarded them with scorn, and started calling them ‘plubs’ (a shortening of ‘pureblood’) much in the same contemptuous tone that muggos used the word ‘pom’. The word plub later evolved from describing just purebloods to a more broader term for any English witch or wizard.

Although much of the magic practiced remained Euro-Centric for a long time, certain little things were altered. There was a much higher ‘magic-to-muggo’ marriage rate as the magical community was much too small to stay to themselves. Wands were made from one of the 700 different species of eucalypts, using bunyip scales, yowie hair or dropbear fur, with a wand maker who would travel all over the land and make a wand to your specifications, rather than a premade mix and match. Clear open spaces were perfect for flying with brooms, carpets, cars, boats and even the odd house all still completely legal transport, and their love of sport led to the development of the Australian Quidditch League. Powders became preferred over potions, as water was too valuable to waste on brewing. Cockatoos substituted for owls. Fire spells were considered the most dangerous, while Parseltongue became a highly respected skill rather than seen as a trait of the Dark Arts. Spells were shortened and an emphasis was put on teaching wordless magic, along with the use of ancient hand gestures as opposed to wands and magic infused symbols rather than the written word. All children leaned about the importance of smoking ceremonies, but only Indigenous children could practice them. There was also a heavy focus on learning muggo skills and it was not at all uncommon for a graduate from KSoM to go on to muggo universities and successful mug/mag lives. The significant influences from Chinese, Indian, Polynesian, Greek, Italian and Turkish magical communities also led to what is now known as Multi-Magic Week, a week in August that celebrates magical diversity.

One major advantage that the magical community in Australia has is that their muggos are some of the most skeptical and least superstitious in the world. So many strange things have happened in Australia without magical interference that when muggos see actual, real magic, they’re quick to dismiss it. Unlike Hogsmeade, Khancoban isn’t hidden from the muggos, who think of it as a tiny but popular tourist retreat. While there are spells in place to conceal how big Khancoban truly is, many witches and wizards are quite welcoming of their ‘muggo mates’ and have developed Khancoban into a quaint and friendly town. (although for some reason, as much as they like it, no muggo ever feels the urge to actually live there and they don’t know why). This also makes Australians the absolute worst at keeping to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, something the British Ministry of Magic had repeatedly chastised them about and the Australian Magical Parliament have repeatedly ignored.

This is all just my ramblings … feel free to add anything! Also, I’m very white and if I’ve left my lane in any way let me know.

[PART 1] PART 2![PART 3]…alphabetical by author…

((i was forced to copy/pasted four of the descriptions because they were better than anything i could come up with lol))

You Are A Paradigm by 1electricpirate


AU potterLock - Sherlock is his usual over curious self and John is secretly a wizard, the main story takes place mostly at 221b.

magic, fluff, smut, relationship plot, (The interaction between John and Charlie Weasly are pure gold and Sherlock’s curiosity is insatiable) (its mostly fluff and magic fun)

The Lights Are On by AmandaDBone


John and Sherlock accidentally touch lips during a case but John can’t get it out of his head and he wants to try a real kiss…

fluff, smut, and Flufff, oh yah! and FLUFF! (this is too adorable and then smutty. gloriously realistic fumbling sex ensues and its fantastic)

When Jealousy Becomes The Factor by Belladonna_Q


AU Omegaverse - Omega!John flirting with EVERYONE to see if it will make Alpha!Sherlock jealous and get him to finally make a move; it works and angry possessive bonding sex ensues (John loves it)

smut, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (it has a couple of weird phrases durung the smut that I had to ignore but over all its a fffffffffuck hot fic)(also its deliciously possessive)

I’m Not Actually A Pervert by dorothydonne


John pays for a peep show but as the screen raises someone in the next box over guides him to use the glory hole between them.

smut, nothing more than smut, …a tiny tiny amount of case fic, (not something I normally would be interested in but turns out its rather fun) (no matter what john thinks, he totally is a bit of a pervert lol)

Hindsight by LapisLazuli


Sherlock is seriously injured during a case. John is there to support him as he struggles to cope with the changes this injury causes to his life. Despite set-backs, this new found level of intimacy gradually draws them even closer together, bringing their already close relationship to the next level.

fluff, relationship plot, angst, (Oh my gosh SO CUTE!!!! THE FLUFF!!!!!!!)

Up Against The Wall by LapisLazuli


John drags Sherlock out too the pub with him and some friends, Sherlock doesn’t like how John ignores him…John makes it up to him in the alleyway

smut, fluff, a tiny amountt off character plot (fffffffuck hot smut)

Omega Squared by Meowbowwow


AU Omegaverse - John and sherlock have been together for only a short while and never shared a heat together, Sherlock has big plans for their first time.

smut, fluff, relationship plot, omegaJohn, omegaLock, (yep both omega), (its like Meow says, its glorious filthy smut and its fffffuck hot)

Safe Distance by merripestin


Sherlock comes back from the dead and John reacts by falling into bed with him but he didnt take into account his struggle with his sexuality and Sherlock for his part is only just beginning to feel strong emotions and learning to categorize and deal with them.

fluff, case fic, smut, emotional manipulation, relationship plot, (its a bit fucked up and extremely angsty at times but its a Good story and when John and Sherlock stop freaking out long enough they haves some mindblowingly good sex) (the cases are really interesting too)

Better Than The Best Dream by Mount_Seleya


Sherlock basically tricks John to walk in on him while ‘taking care of himself’ on the sofa “for a case” and it leads to …well you know.

smut, pretty much just smut (the end is great XD) (also if you miss the banter from s1 & s2 this one does this really well)

Any Friend Of Yours Is Hardly A Friend Of Mine by SealandRocks


AU teenLock - Sherlock is a student at college living temporarily with his brother in an apartment in London. When Mycroft brings his friend John over to hang out Sherlock is intrigued to say the least.

fluff, smut, relationship plot, (this is super cute and then at the end super smutty that last a rather long time)

LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin


Sherlock is obsessed with getting a floral sample only available in Hawaii and even tho Sherlock is there to work John is determined to have a glorious vacation.

fluff, Fluff, FLUFF, smut, relationship plot, (so freakin soppy smoopy cute and then ridiculously dime book romance novel but that’s ok cause its totally adorable and it makes you feel really good. Super happy feels!)

Wasted Hours by songlin


AU Omegaverse - John is respectful. John keeps his distance. He doesn’t look at Sherlock when Sherlock decides trousers are for dull people. He doesn’t breathe in and savor it when Sherlock flings himself onto the couch first thing in the morning, wafting alpha scent, dressing gown settling around him in a cloud of blue silk. He doesn’t linger when he’s piecing Sherlock back together after a fight, even though he’s half-dressed and beautiful and right there.

He can ignore it. He can control it.

smut, fluff, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (deliciously posessive) (there are no warnings other than its omagaverse so obviously john acts like and omega and sherlock an alpha… its filthy porn) :3

Five Times by strangegibbon

johnlock, SebastianWilkes/Sherlock, VictorTrevor/Sherlock

AU teenLock but later older and at 221b - A short journey through Sherlock’s life from the perspective of five times he came in his pants and one time …

relationship plot, angst, fluff, (I like the back story for Sherlock in this fic)

Perfectly Okay With It by SuperWhoAvengeTrekLock


AU Omegaverse - Sherlock rushes John out the door for a case but John doesn’t realize he forgot to take his suppressants until its too late. Sherlock then helps him with that…

smut, fluff, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (its the usual omegafic but its fuck hot and totally satisfying! also the ending is super cute!)

Spoils Of War by sweetcupncakes


John is cleaning his gun and all Sherlock wants is for Captain John to push him up against the wall and fuck him.

military kink, smut, CaptainJohn, fluff, (…kind of fluff…a little fluff…mostly smut), (the fic description makes it seem like gun play but its definitely not) (its fffffuck hot smut)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving by thisprettywren


For some reason that Sherlock has yet to figure out, John has informed everyone they know that Sherlock wants ties or this birthday this year.

smut, (fun time smut with ties)

The Thing Is by TSylvestris


Sherlock makes an agreement with john that he no longer when he is angry at him and is always available for cases and in return Sherlock will be his boyfriend but the problem is, John wasn’t even there when Sherlock was talking to him about this…

smut, fluff, case fic, relationship plot, psychological manipulation, (it starts out a normal relationship get together fic but then suddenly CRIME and its way intense case fic government espionage plot and Sherlock is a complete fucking twat and John is angry and its awesome)(the writing style is so fucking witty and I love it hard)

The Subversive Potential of Gender Transgression, Or: Goddamnit, Sherlock, Stop Drugging My Drinks by trashyfiction


AU Omegaverse - For a case, Sherlock needs to see if he can make a drug that can override heat suppressants and make an omega go into heat immediately. He plans to test it on himself but things rarely go according to plan at Baker Street.

smut, omegaLock, omegaJohn, (thats right both omega), dubcon (only slight dubcon cause he drug John but sherlock already knows what John will let him do and what he wont) (John loves it)

Omega’s Lament by tunteeton (this is a series)

johnlock, holmescest

AU omegaverse - Sherlock is already bonded. Now that he lives at 221b, all he wants is John, bond or not.

non con, angst, fluff, smut, relationship plot, omegaLock, alphaJohn, alphaMycroft, holmescest (The Holmescest is quite distressing and rather more descriptive than I would have preferred and definitely non con but it is there to tell the story and it makes Sherlock’s story even more tragic), (definitely read the tags from the author before jumping in on this one to make sure you are ok with it) ((the third chapter is the incest and you can probably skip it if you wanted but its important to the plot)) ((its a damn good fic even with all the distressing tags and warning))

What Meets the Eye by worldaccordingtofangirls


Sherlock gets in an accident and looses his memory but instead of telling anyone that he has amnesia he decides he will just deduce everything. …and he deduces that John is his husband.

fluff, adorable fluff, tiny bit of angst but the fluff is too strong, and Sherlock is a dummiehead, FREAKING CUTE!