the song's still stuck in my head lol :3

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So I totally just took one of the lines of that song out of context to make an angst drabble but I feel bad now for ruining a wholesome post, I’m sorry!😬💖

omg no, you’ve not ruined anything, pls don’t feel bad, I love reading responses to my posts! I just read it and I love it <3 

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1. Nickname/s? Evie ( pronounced like a-v), kiwi, and loser

2. Gender? female

3. Star sign? Taurus!

4. Height? 5’4!! Which is a whole inch taller than I thought I was!

5. Time? 11:24pm

6. Birthday? April 30th 1998

7. Favourite bands? One direction, roo panes, fifth harmony, little mix, Queen, abba

8. Favourite solo artists? Harry, Niall, louis, liam, Rihanna, lorde, Beyoncé, ed Sheehan, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, Khalid, Adele, Kesha and there’s still like 200 more so we’ll stop here

9. Song stuck in my head? Lol it’s feels by Calvin Harris and Katy perry

10. Last movie you watched? Coco!!!! It was amazing everyone go watch it!

11. Last show you watched? Literally just finished up stranger things two with andre cause he hadn’t finished it yet.

12. When did you create your blog? Fuck me, like 2011? I think? Maybe 2010

13. What do I post? Fucking whatever I feel like 😂

14. Last thing I googled? My bank

15. Do you have any other blogs? I have a photography one and a moodboard one that I don’t use but apart from that no

16. Do you get asks? No not often, but I adore them and wish I got more!

17. Why did you choose your URL? It cute

18. Following? Way way too many - like literally around 4000

19. Followers? I think around 730?

20. Favourite colours? Literally any pastel colours

21. Average hours of sleep? 9

22. Lucky number? 1 but mainly 7

23. Instruments? I wish mate

24. What am I wearing? Lol literally underwear cause I don’t sleep in pyjamas 😂😉

25. How many blankets do I sleep with? I have a duvet and blanket in winter, and in summer I usually just use the blanket

26. Dream job? Photographer for sure

27. Dream vacation? Ot13 Greece trip, or a visit to everyone I love around the world

28. Favourite food? Erm pasta

29. Nationality? Kiwi? I guess lol

30. Favourite song? Maybe hallelujah? The Rufus wainwright version, it’s too hard to actually pick one though

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Rules: Answer 30 questions!

Nickname(s): Mikey, Mike, Michael my son, Binch.

Gender: Male

Sign: Not answering lol

Height: 5′9

Time: 3:40 pm

Birthday: August 2nd!

Favorite Bands: THE KILLERS, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Brand New, Sunny Day Real Estate, Say Anything (yes I’m still emo in the year of our lord 2018)

Favorite Solo Artists: Nicole Dollanganger, Florence + the Machine, Stromae, Lorde.

Song stuck in my head: This abomination

Last movie I watched: The Shape of Water!

Last show I watched: Either Law and Order SVU or Steven Universe

When did I create this blog: Some time in 2015.

What do I post: Sims 2/¾ Legacies, photoshoots, general garbage.

What did I last google: Sims 4 reshade

Other blogs: I have a personal blog (yearbookcrush), and a cc finds/reblogs blog (ssoulpeacelovesyou)

Do I get asks: Mostly those chain message things, sometimes actual questions about my stories. I’d love more actual questions about my stories.

Why did I choose this URL: Because soulpeace is my favorite collectable gem in TS3, but just “soulpeace” was taken.

Following: 962! I need to sort through but I don’t have the energy or time, and I don’t like unfollowing people!

Followers: 286!

Average hours of sleep: 4-5 on weekdays, 10+ on weekends. Art school is draining.

Lucky number: Don’t really have one.

Instrument: None!

What am I wearing: A hoodie, pseudo-henley shirt, and black jeans.

Dream job: Concept artist or game story writer.

Favorite Food: Salmon nigiri.

Last book I read: The God of Small Things!

3 favorite fandoms: All fandoms except berry sims are t r a s h

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nicknames: some ppl call me “anxiety-ridden” lol

gender: female

sign: aires

height: like 5'8"-5'9"??

time: 7:30pm

birthday: march 29!

fave bands: bts, seventeen, exo (does panic! still count as a band??)

fave solo artists: sabrina carpenter, dodie, james taylor lol

song stuck in my head: cheap thrills by sia

last movie i saw in theatres: pitch perfect 3 (10/10 would recommend tbh)

last show i watched: runaways (I just started and I love it sm)

when did i create my blog: like 2014? i think

what do i post: mostly multifandom stuff and things that make me smile/laugh

last thing i googled: end of the f***ing world

do i have any other blogs: yeah actually I have an aesthetic blog @absolutleystarry

do i get asks: pretty much never lmaooooo

why i chose my url: well my fave book as a kid was absolutely normal chaos, hence absolutely chaotic, and hamletl was what I usually used as a username as a kid (bc of this book, the total tragedy of a girl named hamlet, the addition of the “l” is bc just plain hamlet was usually taken) (an unnecessarily long story for an unnecessarily long url lmao)

following: 116

followed by: 52

average amount of sleep: 9-10 I’m always sleeping

lucky number: 7 (its basic I know)

instruments: I can probably still play a mediocre piano and trumpet?

what im wearing: leggings, my college varsity jacket (even though I’m not sporty), and a big ass coat despite being indoors

dream job: teacher and writer!!!

dream trip: DISNEY WORLD (and I’m going soon it’s so lit)

fav food: homemade chicken pot pie > everything else

nationality: american

fav song: idk really but quite possibly woof woof by shinee

last book i read: I hate everyone but you by gabby dunn and allison ratskin!!

top 3 fictional universes i want to join: ooooh ok Harry Potter (bc obviously), atla (but lbr I might be a nonbender yikes), and ??? idk what else

I tag (not 20 ppl cuz do I even know 20 ppl?): @peachtuan @donumanimae @creaturebby aaaand @vinylgogh

30 questions about me

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Nickname: RayRay, Angel Face, Rain (People give me a lot of them lol..)

Gender: I’m a pisces

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5’7

Time: 11Pm

Birthday: Feb. 19

Favorite bands: Don’t have any

Favorite solo artists: Rihanna

Song stuck in my head: Cardi B’s new song

Last Movie Watched: I don’t remember tbh

Last Show Watched: The Walking Dead which I’m still watching rn (I’ve been binge watching it for 3 days now it’s amazing)

When did I Create this blog: Like 2 ½ years ago I think ?

What do I post: Literally everything

Last thing I Googled: ???

Do you get asks: Not so much anymore but I’m not really as vocal/active since it’s off season

Why did you choose your URL: I love Pete!

Following blogs: 353

Followers: 5k 

Favorite colors: Blue

Average hours of sleep: like 4 

Lucky number: Don’t have one

Instruments: I can play the trumpet alright and some ukulele 

What I am wearing: A big ass hoodie, sweatpants and the softest fucking slipper boots ever

How many blankets do I sleep with: 2

Dream job: I just want to be a rich and left alone tbh

Dream trip: Japan and I want to go back to Europe

Favorite food: Coffee, Pizza, Taco Bell but I could literally eat Sushi everyday for the rest of my life honestly

Nationality: I’m white af

Favorite song right now: I usually have a playlist I’ll listen to nonstop until I get bored of all the songs so I don’t really have just one fav.

I tag:

Like… anyone I’m too lazy to think

30 questions tag

I was tagged by @kkimingyu​ you tagged me ages ago, but I’m still gonna do it haha. Anyway, thanks for tagging me :)

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

1. nicknames: one of my friends calls me binbin sometimes lol

2. gender: female

3. star sign: aries

4. height: i’m gonna do this in cm because idk the other one, but 173 cm (something like that, i’m not completely sure)

5. time: 4:16pm

6. birthday: april 6

7. favorite bands: i really like Muse, and Biffy Clyro

8. favorite solo artists: i really like troye sivan, yixing

9. song stuck in my head: i’m listening to music, so no song is stuck in my head rn

10. last movie i watched: i watched tazza last night, which is with t.o.p

11. last show i watched: suits

12. when did i create my blog: i switched this blog to a kpop blog at the beginning of this year i think. but this blog has existed since 2014 i think.

13. what do i post: seventeen, exo, and monsta x

14. last thing i googled: about minsung

15. do i have any other blogs: yes, but i don’t use them anymore lol

16. do i get asks: no, but that would be nice

17. why i chose my tumblr url: because mingyu is my bias and he’s cute when he’s soft

18. following: a little more than 500

19. followers: just about over 200

20. wha t am i meant to put here i have no clue

21. average hours of sleep: not enough, no but usually 6 to 7 or 8 hours

22. lucky number: 17 (this was my lucky number way before i discover seventeen lol.. it was meant to be)

23. Instruments: piano

24. what am i wearing: my new favorite lilac sweater and sweatpants, nice and comfy

25. ???

26. ???

27. dream trip: i want to travel through the US, but i would also love to visit Asian countries

28. favorite food: probably burritos

29. nationality: dutch

30. favorite song right now: that’s so difficult, but rn it would probably have to be Fantasy by JBJ and I Don’t Know by Seventeen

I’m tagging @smilingvernon, @miniwaves, @22woozi, @byunsbaekary, @kittyhunnie, @chanyeolsabs, @bootybaekery, @artificialskyway, @brakdasilence101 you don’t have to do this of course :)

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1. NICKNAMES: In English Mary and Mari, in my native language I have some more but they would sound funny in English, lol

2. GENDER: female

3. STAR SIGN: leo

4. HEIGHT: 165 cm

5. TIME: 4:31 pm

6. BIRTHDAY: August 5th

7. FAVOURITE BANDS/GROUPS:  2ne1, bts, shinee, super junior, big bang, got7

8. FAVOURITE SOLO ARTISTS: CL, Jonghyun, Park Bom, Sunmi, Ailee, Hyorin, G-Dragon, Taeyang


10. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: I can’t recall

11. LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: Grey’s Anatomy, still do


13. WHAT DO YOU POST: kpop, funny posts, movies, tv shows, celebrities, other artists

14. LAST THING YOU GOOGLED: can you delete contacts from viber on dekstop


16. DO YOU GET ASKS: almost never

17: WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: because I love jonghyun with all my heart and he will always be a part of me and my life

18. FOLLOWING: 495

19. FOLLOWERS: 1400+

20. AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: it varies from 3 hours to 14 hours the most


22. INSTRUMENTS: None, I wish I played the piano and violin tho

23. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING: a black and pink tracksuit

24. DREAM JOB: historian

25. DREAM TRIP: England, France, Germany, Sweden

26. FAVOURITE FOOD: chicken, potatoes (any kind), hamburgers

27. NATIONALITY: Macedonian

28. FAVOURITE SONG RIGHT NOW: Jonghyun - White T-Shirt

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Nickname: uhh. I get called w/e I set my nickname to in discord l o l

Sign: Aquarius

Height: abt 150cm?? a lil taller? so like five feet for you americans

Time: 7:27pm

Birthday: feb 7

Favorite Bands: 5 seconds of summer :3c (other than that I mix ‘n’ match)

Favorite Solo Artists: <:| see above

Song Stuck In My Head: meant to be by bebe rexha or smth. still in my head…been there for the whole day…

Last movie I watched:idk lol

Last TV show I watched: …psycho pass? I think?

When did I create this blog: nov 2016?? maybe earlier?

What do I post: w/e shit I feel like

What did I last google: ‘define delusion’

Other Blogs: the ones I admit to: @khr-epicmafia @varia-elite @ks-shitposting @tykithegoofball & etc. etc.

Do I get asks: usually only for ask memes but I get the odd anon

Why this url: I got sick of my old one

Following: idk. 600?

Followers: 360? I think?

Average hours of sleep: 4 or 12

Lucky Number: 7…?

Instrument: n/a

What am I wearing: a t-shirt and sweatpants

Dream Job: a novelist

Favorite Food: pumpkin soup

Last book I read: uhhh. I think it was “Rommel?” “Gunner who?” by spike milligan but if we count manga then it’s hana yori dango

3 favorite fandoms: khr, black clover & certain parts of bnha…only certain parts tho