the song's really pretty too ;u;

bluepaladin-bestpaladin  asked:

I'd really like to hear you sing "sick of losing soulmates" by dodie clark ; ; ive been learning it on guitar and its become my obsession, so to hear ur beautiful voice sing it would be wicked aweosme!!! /)///(\ ya ha ve such a pretty voice heck anything u sing would be amazing ; ;

omg, you’re too sweet <3 I’d actually never heard that song, but I absolutely love it now. just recorded it and am putting it up! This is fun. I’m having a blast.

phantasymist  asked:

yoooo okay song: hold onto me- mayday parade 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

this song has such an interesting vibe i love it! his voice and the lyrics are really pretty too :)

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Comments: okay your blog description is triggering lmao and I absolutely love your art its amazing!!

some unspoilery reactions to the jungle book

(the new one)

-absolutely made me ship baloo and bagheera as mowgli’s gay animal dads.  (something I never really got from the original movie)

-love that they were like “hmmm, who could play a tiger?  AH, YES, idris elba.”

-excellent sher khan. <3333

-always a fan of mixing animal sounds with the voice actors’ dialogue

-I fuckin saw what you did with the cowbell disney don’t think I didn’t SEE WHAT YOU DID WITH THE COWBELL

-talk about an all-star cast!  the kid playing mowgli did a pretty damn good job considering his age too…I hope he keeps finding roles if he wants ‘em!

-really amazing cgi animals.  absolutely stunning. <3

-the little callback to the old disney movies at the end!! ;v;

-overall, I honestly think I preferred it to the old one.  it had nostalgic touches like the songs and some echoed lines, but I felt like the world had a lot more depth.  worth checking out! ^u^

You’re Pretty (Wonwoo Scenario) *requested*

SUMMARY: Wonwoo, the popular president of the Book Club, invites you to sit with him when you receive a note from your secret admirer.

*image not mine* though i hope that man in the picture would be mine

An all too familiar pink note fell from your locker once you opened it. Blushing, you hurriedly grabbed the paper from the rough ground and ran to the library.

Since the beginning of the term, you’ve been receiving these handwritten mini memos through your locker. Always labelled as “from your secret admirer”, they would always contain either really cheesy quotes, usually from love songs, or motivation quotes a day before an exam. Never has this person failed to place a message through your locker hole everyday to the point that you have a special box just for his notes. To say that you never got curious about who has been sending you these cute memos would be a lie. For several times, you’ve been attempting to catch whoever he is, hiding by the hallway but he’s just too good in hiding. You have also tried distinguishing his handwriting by getting people in your class to write on your notebook but it seems like he’s not even in your class.

After a fast paced jog with loud footsteps, you arrived at the library. Immediately looking for a chair to settle on, your excited grin turned upside down upon realizing that all tables were occupied. Turning around, you were bound for the exit when a tap on your shoulder halted you.

“Hey, uh.. Hahaha.. Hi, (Y/N).. I just saw that you’re um.. in need of a seat. Well, y-you can sit with me! My friends just left for their next class a-anyway…”

It was Jeon Wonwoo, the popular president of the Book Club. Wonwoo was an introvert but he was also known as the lanky figured and cute A+ nerd that so many girls were on the chase for. You weren’t aware of what was so good about him until now that your legs practically jellified after hearing his ocean deep voice.

You just stared at him while clutching the note tightly in your right hand. His large hands nervously scratching the back of his neck resorted to waving in front of your face, breaking your trance.


“Oh, uh, yes! Yes, thank you so much.”

Wonwoo then guided you to his table. You sat across from him and watched as he returned to reading his book, “Me Before You” as the title said. He was so focused on the book, pushing his round glasses up his nose every once in a while.

Dear heavens, what goodness did you exactly do to deserve this blessing of an opportunity to be able to share a library table with the one and only Jeon Wonwoo? He looked so adorable with his slightly disheveled hair pushed down to the left side and his shirt slightly wrinkled. You gulped back your hidden squeals, then got down to the real business.

Unfolding the pink note, you read its contents.

“Me Gustas Tu, (Y/N). 좋아해요 ♥

  • Your Secret Admirer”

You get a fuzzy and warm feeling inside as you reread the message over again.

‘Me Gustas Tu’ it echoed in your head. You sighed dreamily and soon enough, your head fell onto the table as you imagined how this secret admirer was like.

Did he have really fluffy hair? Did he have a toned and broad chest? Is he as sweet as he seemed to be? Did his smile have the ability to light up the city?

Your longing gaze shifted to the busy Wonwoo. Was he like Wonwoo?

Wonwoo, feeling your stare, placed his book down to peer back at you. A deep chuckle erupted from his throat upon getting a view of your dreamy expression.

“You okay, (Y/N)?”

“U-oh. Oh yes, yes, yes, I’m alright. Hahaha” You wanted to facepalm at how idiotic you probably looked like right now. Wonwoo ‘mhm’ed and averted his attention to his book again.

The next few days, right after your morning classes and getting the memos, you found yourself hanging around with Wonwoo in the library. At times, you’d study together and others, he’d lend you some of his “precious books”, thy quote.

Once, Wonwoo asked you about the pink notes.

“What are those notes you’ve been bringing and blushing around for?”

You sighed and stuck your tongue out. “None of your business, Jeon Wonwoooooo~”

“We’re friends now, that’s definitely my business!,” He crossed his arms, pouting like a baby deprived of his toys.

“Is it perhaps.. from an admirer?”

Winking, you cutely say, “Maybe~”

He grabbed the note from your hand, stood up and began to read it out loud. You jumped, attempting to retrieve the paper from his hold.

“Ya, Jeon Wonwoo! That’s mine!”

“Shh! This is a library, young woman!”

Now, you were the one who pouted as you sat back down. This giant seriously had the guts to get you in trouble! He released a joyful laugh, handed the note back to you and pat your head. You feel your breath stuck in your throat as you tried to get a hold of yourself.

Wonwoo has been shaking your heart the more you hung around him, to the point that you wished that he was your secret admirer. His laugh made you shiver and you developed a love for his low voice. Not to mention his little expressions when he reads were so cute. You’ve learned so many things about him, too, including the way his nose scrunched when he’s disgusted and how he pushed his glasses back in its position with his index finger. It feels new and different, a little weird – in a good way.

It was Thursday when you received a message which was bigger than usual and was decorated fancier than the others.

“I promise myself, while drinking a glass of water in the morning,

I will confess what has been on the tip of my tongue tomorrow.

You’re pretty.

  • Your secret admirer”

It made you blush. What was that supposed to mean? Is your secret admirer finally going to confess to you?

Running to the library, you searched for Wonwoo but he wasn’t there. You wanted to share the news to him, but where was he? You tried contacting his phone but he wasn’t answering either.

Friday morning, Mingyu, someone who you recognized as one of Wonwoo’s friends, handed you a red rose. You forced him to tell you who it was from, but he continuously refused. That annoying giant. Ugh.

Bargaining, you asked in the nicest way you can let out, “Can you just tell me why Wonwoo wasn’t in the library yesterday? Was he sick?”

His grin became wider and he denied you again, muttering “Secret~”

“Pffft. Fine then. Go away now. Bye!”

Mingyu playfully rolled his eyes and went back to eating his snacks.

There was no note in your locker today and so you just headed to the library with the rose in your hand.

Wonwoo was there at your usual table. Oh God, finally. But was it just you, or did he look 100 billion times more attractive today? His hair was styled, and instead of his usual jogging pants and baggy shirt combo, he was in ripped jeans and a tight white shirt that showed his muscular chest off. No glasses too! You shook off your weird thoughts.

“Wonwooooooo~ I missed you! Where were you yesterday? Do you know yesterday I got a note about my secret admirer confessing but sadly, today I didn’t get one! I did receive a rose handed by your friend —” Why was he not looking up from his book?

“Ya, mind you Jeon Wonwoo! Talk to me and read later! We haven’t —”

Is…. is that a big pink note on the table? You swallowed the lump in your throat and gathered your courage.

“Wonwoo.. Is this.. Am I dreaming or..?”

He stopped reading and stood up, signaling you to do the same. Smiling brightly, he nodded and showed the pink note.

“I like you, (Y/N).

  • Your secret admirer”

Your body froze and suddenly he was all that was visible to your vision. Your heart thumped so fast against your chest and you just couldn’t believe it. Wonwoo is your long time secret admirer. Oh my, it feels so good to say. Wonwoo is your secret admirer. You felt like you were on cloud nine, so full of astonishment, that tears welled up on your eyes.

“…A penny for your thoughts?”

“It’s about time you said something, you giant! I like you too!”

The tears that have gathered started to flow down your cheeks and he opened his arms to take you in. You let yourself be trapped by his tall figure, feeling his warmth wrap around you. He rocked the both of you lightly and memories of you together replayed in your mind.

It was a sunny afternoon which consisted of you studying for the Mathematics exam the next day. Across you was Wonwoo who was supposedly studying too, but you felt his stare on you.

“…Wonwoo… I know I’m attractive and all, but I think you should get back to studying now.”

Cat caught his tongue and he ended up choking. What a cutie pie. You giggled, handing him your water jug that he gladly accepted.

“Wonwoo and (Y/N) sitting on a tree —” Junhui, his fellow Book Club member was chanting when you arrived.

Wonwoo’s eyes largened to the size of saucers, spotting you.

“Shut up, Junhui! Go, go, go, now. You still have classes, right?” He pushed the latter away.

You didn’t miss Junhui’s sneaky wink before he left.

“Mr. Jeon, I think the 10 minutes I gave you for your personal reasons is over. Please continue this outside.”

You both laughed as he wiped your tear-stained face.

“Let’s go, then.” His pearly whites flashed at you again.

Starting from today, it’s you and Wonwoo, wallowing in your affection for one another


Note: NO TO TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF. THAT CRINGY ENDING. let’s not. Thank you for this request, anon! I’m now drowning in my pool of Wonu feels lol