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Shape of You

Jasmine Cephas Jones x fem!reader

Note: This was inspired by Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, mostly because Jasmine’s body is A+ and I kept thinking of her when I was listening to it in the car the other day so here we go. 

Warnings: sex, oral sex, swearing 

Word Count: 1900 

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It was your decision to come into this bar tonight. Your friends all said they wanted to go out to a club but you never really had fun in clubs, besides you wanted to try your chances at meeting someone tonight.

Your love life had been stuck in a dry spell for longer than you cared to admit, after your last girlfriend you’d stayed far away from any potential heartbreak. But now, now you just wanted some fun.

“Okay who want’s shots?” Emma asks as you shed off your coat. You all agree and she makes her way over to the bar. 

“Just don’t drink them all before you bring them back over to the table,” you all after her with a grin. 

She rolls her eyes at you before turning away, a hint of a smile on her face. 

It wasn’t long after you and your three friends got there when she walked in. She was with her own friends, and from the minute your eyes landed on her she took your breath away.

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Unadulterated Crack Part 1

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

warning: None yet…I think? 

word count: 3,337 

Author’s note: This is unedited for the most part…I have no idea what I’m doing btw.  It’s based of several imagines, but I don’t know how to like, site those yet. Also this is this is only part of the whole fic, I didn’t think anyone would like to read a 45,000+ word fic in one go. Also the is just a working title ….uhh so here *slides fic cross table and runs away*

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8

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   The company chatted away, waiting for Bilbo to regain consciousness,when they heard a horse scream and the thundering of hooves. Everyone fell silent, Bag End practically vibrated with each hoof beat. Gandalf grumbled, “About time they got here,” getting up and going to the door.

     Thorin demanded, “Who got here? What is coming?” Closely following the old wizard to the door.

     Gandalf rolled his eyes, and groaned, “The other company member, they probably ran into trouble on their way here.” As he opened the door.    Moments later a monstrous black draft horse with a rider in a black hooded cloak came thundering up to the front of Bilbo’s house. Thorin felt rather intimidated for his head was level with the center of it chest. The beast reeled up on its hind legs and let out an ear piercing scream. The rider yelled, “Whoa there Wilhelm!” as they pulled on the reins in attempts to get the horse under control. It took a minute to achieve, but ‘Wilhelm’ eventually settled down. Gandalf hollered, “That beast of your’s is going to get you killed.”

    The rider looked down at Gandalf, shrugged, and started to stroke the beast’s neck. Gandalf sighed, “Tie him up and come inside." 

     Thorin caught sight of the rider’s hand in the moonlight, the skin was fair and smooth. A woman of the race of men, or an elf? Since he couldn’t see their face due to the hood, he decided, based off the rider’s height, that they were a male elf. Thorin barked, "I will not travel with an elf!”     The rider cocked their head, and a smooth voice purred, “Oh really?” giving Thorin the shivers. It was a female, she was tall for a she-elf. By her voice alone Thorin wanted nothing more then to hold her, and never let go. It made him uneasy.   

    Thorin said, “You’d get hurt, and drag us down.”

   The rider sighed, “I’m not an elf, Thorin.”     “I find that very hard to believe.” Thorin snorted.

    The 'she-elf’ pulled down her hood revealing a head of wild and vivid bright blue and purple hair. She smirked, and chuckled, “Believe me now?" 

   Thorin and the rest of the dwarves stood there in awe of her hair. Thorin was the most effected, her hair was his favorite shade of blue. Gandalf growled, "Hurry up woman.” Thorin wanted nothing more then to braid her hair over and over and over again. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she turned her attention to the old wizard and nodded her head. She gracefully dismounted the horse, and took his reins, and led her horse into the gate.  

    She pulled Wilhelm’s head down to her level and said, “don’t go on that hill,” pointing at Bilbo’s house, “and help yourself to his garden.” Before walking over to the group gawking at her by the door. Gandalf noticed their staring and snapped, “Get back inside you fools!”

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Why Wonder Woman’s Fight Choreography Worked

so in my post critiquing the shit out of Wonder Woman, I mentioned that I liked the fight choreography, so here’s a more detailed post as to why (post is in queue at time of writing, will link it later).

I thought that I would spend the movie quietly stuffing down my exasperation with all the extra twirls and flips in the fighting. Usually, that’s the case when I watch action films, especially superhero/fantasy films. I don’t think that movies should have 100% “realistic” combat choreography, but movies with especially unrealistic fights, with spins, flips, dramatic pauses, etc. really break the immersion and throw me out of the story. Part of this is because I have some experience with a few different combat arts. Those sports aren’t necessarily “realistic” either, but they’re definitely closer to “real” hand-to-hand combat than what you see in most Hollywood movies, and so seeing egregiously unrealistic fights on-screen sets off the constant thought of “wait, that’s not what that looks like” that you then have to squash down so you can enjoy the movie. It’s like watching an actor with a really badly faked American accent (looking at you, Bimblesnip Copperflap). That’s not what that’s supposed to sound like, and it’s distracting (I’m sure that people from Not America have this problem a lot more often, with American films that butcher the shit out of other languages). 

Aaaaanyway, I expected that that would be the case with Wonder Woman, and it sort of was, but not really. I didn’t spend all that much time going “ignore the fact that someone should have shot her in the legs/stabbed her in the back during her flip”. Instead I was engrossed in how fucking awesome it looked.

I think that the reason has to do with how Wonder Woman mixes two different movie atmospheres: the high fantasy comic-book movie world of Themiscyra, Diana, Ares, and the Amazons, and a gritty war movie world of World War I, Steve, and the horrors of war. For the Amazons, it makes sense for them to be doing all these sweet kickflips and shit. Isolated for thousands of years, war and combat has become an art form to them. Their movements are practiced and sure, they never misjudge a move or make a mistake, they never look unsure or desperate, they hardly even break a sweat or breath hard, and of course they’re going to embellish their fighting style. It’s still effective as hell, but did Antiope really need to jump fifteen feet in their air off a shield to shoot 3 dudes she could just as easily have shot from the ground? No, not really. But it looks really fucking cool. The Amazons exist in a world where everything is sort of elevated to this perfected, stylized art form- combat, armor and clothes (you can’t argue that Hippolyta’s metal corset is comfortable, or that the Amazon’s armor is effective and realistic), the way they speak, the way their hair is always fucking perfect, the cliche (not in a bad way) legendary past and Important Artifacts, all of it is contrived as hell, but it’s acceptable in a movie about Amazons because, well, it’s sort of part of the package of the world.

The gritty war movie half of Wonder Woman is the half where the movie tries to emphasize the fact that heroes aren’t always good people, innocents die in war and you can’t save everyone, combat is bloody and dirty and gross and horrific, and there is no honor in battle, no dramatic pauses while you say something witty to the enemy, no spinning around to high-kick another dude in the face because if you do the guy you’re kicking grabs your leg and punches you while the someone else bashes you in the back of the head with a gun.

Throughout Wonder Woman, you can very clearly see the divide between the Gritty War Movie and the High Fantasy Movie. Steve, who’s in the Gritty War Movie, is the one who doesn’t waste his time saving people he knows he doesn’t have the resources to save, he’s the one who doesn’t manage to find the magical option C that lets him save the day and survive, he does what is needed, even if it’s immoral. 

Diana exists in the High Fantasy Movie. She saves everyone because she wants to, not because it makes logical sense for her to be able to. She wins the big fight at the end through Righteous Fury, not a clever plan (not a bad thing, just a hallmark of the High Fantasy Movie). She bends the world through force of will alone. Her final fight is versus the most High Fantasy villain ever- a villainously-monologuing ancient evil god wielding fire and dressed in spiky armor. 

These two halves don’t traditionally mix well. Lots of times, in movies that are trying to be the Gritty War Movie, there’s a fight that is just so perfectly choreographed that it looks silly. It doesn’t look like the characters are trying to kill each other, it looks like they’re playing out a script. Fights in Gritty War Movies (if done right) are scrabbling, punching, fighting dirty, desperation, clawing, and panic. Think about how fucking weird and stupid it would look if Steve fought like Diana did. Not with her skill level- with her style. If he went around throwing high kicks and jump kicks at Germans, or mowing down 20 people like they’re nothing, or pausing dramatically with his hair flowing in the breeze and giving a dramatically determined look and somehow not getting shot, it would look ridiculous. Because he’s in the Gritty War Movie half of the movie. Those moves all are fine on Diana, because she’s in the High Fantasy half of the movie. (NB, the only other movie I can think of whose ridiculously silly combat and lack of effective armor didn’t bother me at all was 300- for exactly this reason. 300 knew precisely what kind of ridiculous, over-the-top fantasy it was, and it didn’t try to be anything different).

What’s interesting about Wonder Woman is that it manages to combine the High Fantasy Movie and the Gritty War Movie remarkably well. Not perfectly- I think that Diana’s final fight and character arc were too stuck in the High Fantasy Realm and missed out on the impact they could have gained from the Gritty War Movie Realm. But really well! Most movies that try fail utterly. For instance, Hunchback of Notre Dame tried to be a silly disney movie, while also being the darkest fucking cartoon you’ve ever seen, and the result was the darkest fucking disney movie you’ve ever seen, with the unfortunate distractions of a silly song and a lame, cop-out ending to the romantic arc. It made a potentially phenomenal movie just ok. The Hobbit trilogy tried to be about 15 different kinds of movie all at once, and just ended up being a mess. 

Wonder Woman was, in a way, all about the clash of the High Fantasy realm and the Gritty War realm. It’s Diana vs. Steve, Themiscyra vs. World War 1, Ares vs. chemical weapons. Idealism can save the day vs. do what you can and mourn later. Like I said, I think the movie kept Diana too much in the High Fantasy realm. Her arc was about her losing her naive idealism about humanity, and choosing to save them- idealistically- anyway. To do that effectively, the movie needed to thrust her much more into the Gritty War Realm. But I digress- that’s a thing for a different post, I guess. Wonder Woman’s fight choreography works so well precisely because the clash of fighting styles is mirroring the clash of realms in the plot and characters. Steve keeps telling Diana that they can’t save everyone, and Diana waltzes in and flips reality the bird and says “watch me”. Her (objectively silly, but also objectively cool as fuck) fighting style is a symbolic mirror of this: reality says “don’t do stupid shit in a fight or you’ll get shot in the back of the head” and Diana’s kickflips waltz in, middle fingers up, and say “I don’t care also fuck your teeth”. It works really well. It emphasizes her idealism and the strength and force of her convictions.

Now, I do think that the movie would have been better if, like I said in my other post, she had lost her High Fantasy fighting style when finally killing Ares, and just beat him to death with her fists. This is because her character arc is supposed to be her losing her naive ideals about humanity, but choosing to save them despite their flaws and darkness. Ending the fight in the Gritty War Realm instead of the High Fantasy Realm would have paralleled that realization- Diana is no longer fighting in her idealized, art-form style, showcasing the true gruesome reality of death, and the gruesome reality that she killed someone, but she is a hero despite that, and her decision to uphold her mission to protect humanity, despite their violence and flaws, is made with her having fully, viscerally experienced those flaws and that violence herself- in herself.

As it was, it felt to me a bit like Diana was still ignoring the realities of war and death, and the High Fantasy Realm was just running roughshod over the Gritty War Realm (plugging its ears and going “lalala I can’t hear you). Diana’s character arc neatly and beautifully brings the idealism of High Fantasy into concord with the ugly reality of Gritty War, but the effect is undermined by the final fight’s insistence on a neat, High Fantasy conclusion, and would have been better supported if Diana had fully immersed herself in the Gritty War Realm and come out the other side with her High Fantasy ideals. 

sorry for the length and the plot analysis digression. If only I were majoring in something that would require me to analyze the shit out of the plot of Wonder Woman…

Imagine Thranduil singing a Christmas carol to your daughter

Request: Requested by @blankdblank No idea why but I can picture - You’re a mean one mr grinch, Thranduil singing it


You grinned as you held up your completed project, flinging it off the table and throwing it over your arm, before leaving your small sewing room and tearing down the hall.

As you came to a skidding halt in the throne room, the Thranduil’s back to you, you bit your lips and took a running started before jumping and landing on his back.

“Hiril vuin.” You grinned as Thranduil grabbed your legs and spun you around in a moment, your body cradled in his arms.

“Hello my king.” You leaned in and brushed your lips against his, Once and then twice, before pulling back.

“I have something for you.” Your loving husband raises a single perfect eyebrow and set you down.

As you pulled out your little project for Thranduil, you saw a deadpanned look cross his face as he stood there, staring at you blankly.

“What is it, Melda heri?” You held it up to his body, tilting your head every so often until you pulled it away and smiled. (Beloved Lady)

“It’s a Santa suit! And a hat!” You ignored Thranduil’s confused expression, and instead focused on pushing him to sit in his throne.

As he sat, you pulled it onto his body, forcing his arms through the sleeves. Once it was on, and hit hat, you stepped back and covered your mouth with your hand, giggling.

“Now you look the part!” You stepped off his throne and stood down below, eyes bright and full of amusement.

“Is this for your…Christmas?” You nodded eagerly and clapped your hands.

“You promised you’d sing.” When Thranduil gave you a straight face, you stuck out your bottom lip in a large pout.

“You promised!” You stared st the great Elven king with puppy dog eyes, knowing he would crack.

“Please…” You made your lip quiver, and when you heard him sigh, you clapped your hands again, and called for your daughter.

Your beautiful little girl came running up the stairs and towards Thranduil, jumping into his arms.

“You promised.” Thranduil sighed, looked at you with a pleading look, and when that didn’t work, he began to sing.

You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch

You really are a heel

You’re as cuddly as a cactus

You’re as charming as an eel

Mr. Grinch!

You’re a bad banana

With a greasy black peel!

You stood back and watched, with a large smile on your face, as your husband and father of your daughter, sang the little Christmas song you had taught him.

You were not from this world, and you were not an elf, but that did not stop Thranduil from making you feel welcome and at home. He even made his kingdom have a grand party in the winter, not necessarily Christmas, just to make you feel better about missing your home.

You’re a monster, Mr. Grinch!

Your heart’s an empty hole

Your brain is full of spiders

You’ve got garlic in your soul

Mr. Grinch!

I wouldn’t touch you

With a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

You smiled as he sang, and danced around the throne, acting out the song. Your daughter giggled and squealed, grabbing onto her fathers long locks and tugging before letting go.

When you faced the pair again, your heart melted as you thought of just what Thranduil would do for your daughter, his love knowing no bounds.

You’re a vile one, Mr. Grinch!

You have termites in your smile

You have all the tender sweetness

Of a seasick crocodile

Mr. Grinch!

Given the choice between the two of you

I’d take the seasick crocodile!

When Thranduil raised his head, floppy Santa hat falling over the side of his head, you joined your daughter in a fit of giggles.

You had met Thranduil when he had visited Rivendell. That was, oddly enough, the place you had been brought to by a Wizard named Gandalf.

You hadn’t been introduced to Thranduil, rather you kept away from the intindsting elf. It wasn’t until you had met in the gardens, surrounded by the beautiful creeks and streams.

You had been relaxing in the garden when you met, and without knowing who he was, you gave him just as much attitude as he gave you. It was only after that you realized how critical your mistake could’ve been.

You’re a foul one, Mr. Grinch!

You’re a nasty, wasty skunk!

Your heart is full of unwashed socks

Your soul is full of gunk

Mr. Grinch!

The three words that best describe you

Are as follows, and I quote

“Stink, stank, stunk!”

You looked back towards your daughter, smiling as she scrunched up her nose. She leaned in, looked up at her father with those big blue eyes, and smiled as he sung.

She placed her hand on his shoulders, her legs crossed underneath her. When Thranduil took a small pause from singing, she placed her hands on his cheeks and squeezed, pulling his face forward.


You’re a rotter, Mr. Grinch!

You’re the king of sinful sots!

Your heart’s a dead tomato

Splotched with moldy, purple spots

Mr. Grinch!

Your soul is an apalling dump-heap

Overflowing with the most disgraceful

Assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable

Mangled-up in tangled-up knots!

“Nan! What does deeplorapble mean?” You giggled and sat down on the steps leading up to his throne, dress billowing around your legs.

After you answered her question, you stood and few feet away, twirling.

“It means horrible, disgusting, yucky, gross.” Your daughter smiled and turned back to Thranduil, her hands finding his cheeks again.

“Sing more ada! Sing more!” You heard steps behind you, and when you looked over your shoulder, you smiled at Legolas as he approached.

“What is he doing?” You smiled at the taller elf before turning back to your husband.

“He’s entertaining his daughter. And looking adorable while he does so.”

You nauseate me, Mr. Grinch!

With a nauseous super naus!

You’re a crooked jerky jockey

And you drive a crooked hoss

Mr. Grinch!

You’re a three-decker sauerkraut

And toadstool sandwich

With arsenic sauce!

When he finished singing, you and Legolas clapped from where you stood, even adding in some whistles.

“You were wonderful, Mr. grinch!” You knew that when you were alone tonight, you’d get it from your husband.

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10. Last Movie I Watched: “I saw the light”…No, actually it was that “Scooby-Doo” live action movie where they were on Island and switched bodies for a moment

11. Last Show I Watched: …Netflix says it’s “the Keepers”, but it’s more like document so I guess the last show I watched or I’m currently watching was/is “Supergirl” and “Crazy ex-girlfriend”.

12. When did I created my blog: this one around, actually 2013, but didn’t use it and then started to post art here during my “Hobbit” phase. 

13. What Do I post? drawings or sth

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Daily Dose of Led


Word Count: 1348

Category: Fluff

Rating: G

Character(s): Kili

Pairing(s): Kili x Reader

Warnings: Nothing really, could possibly be one swear, but most likely not. Total Fluff and Classic Rock if those are even warnings.

Author’s Note(s): Okay, so this was probably one of my favorite one-shots to write EVER. It was really fun, and through the whole thing, I listened to Classic Rock. Which wasn’t that hard saying that I do that almost every day hehe. But I truly hope you enjoy, and please, please, PLEASE, give feedback. Have a good read!

Overall Summary: You are relaxing after finally coming back to your home on Earth from being in Middle Earth. Of course, things happened and the Company ends up being tagged along. While you are, Kili comes in and stumbles upon you listening to some strange music.

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Do You Have Any Other blogs? Yes, my main and I also have a music blog.

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How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: 1

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Dream Trip: New Zealand!

Favourite Foods: Dealing w/ acid reflux this year has pretty much left me disliking all foods except coffee.

Nationality: American

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Favorite solo artists: Lucette, Owl City, Radical Face, Roo Panes… 

Song stuck in my head: Do you Hear the People Sing from Les Mis, Spy Again from Spies are Forever (it’s on Youtube and is basically a far better musical version of James Bond) and Black Eyes by Radical Face.

Last movie I watched: I honestly have no idea, it’s been so long since I actually sat down and watched a movie because I just haven’t had time over study break.

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Why I chose my url: The Lily Maid part is from Arthurian legend - Elaine of Astolat aka the Lily Maid of Astolat - Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem The Lady of Shalott is kind of a version of her character (I love John William Waterhouse’s painting). The Gallifrey part is because when I started my blog I was super obsessed with Doctor Who - I still like it and all but more casually now. I’ve been thinking about changing my url, but I think at this point it might just confuse people - idk?

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Nationality: I’m from New Zealand aka a Kiwi

Favorite song: Wait for It from Hamilton and Stars from Les Mis 

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name: Ashley 

nickname: Ash 

gender: female

star sign: Sagittarius 

height: 5′3 on a good day 

time: 1:12 pm

birthday: December 16th 

favorite bands: I adore pretty much all music. But a favorite band… Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers. I can listen to any song at anytime and love it. 

favorite solo artists: Uh…. I don’t… know? 

song stuck in my head: I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. 

last movie i watched: Um…. the Hobbit pt 1. In theatres, Thor: Ragnarok

last show i watched: All the way through? I can’t even remember. Currently on, Paw Patrol 

when did i create my blog: October a couple years ago, I think. I’d have to look to know for sure. 

last thing i googled: incel

do i have any other blogs: Yes, but I haven’t logged on in awhile. 

do i get asks: fairly often, lovely people. Though I have been terrible at answering them lately. Hopefully that will get better. 

why i chose my url: it’s my fanfic pen name

following: 466

followers: more than I ever expected

average hours of sleep: 3-4, occasionally 5+ if its been less than 3 for awhile 

lucky number: not 14. I don’t have a real lucky number. 

instruments: Ugh. I thought I was going to be some sort of musical genius and my parents wanted me to be- doesn’t matter.  I played: Violin, trombone, and piano before we all realized I was mediocre at best. 

what am i wearing: crazy design leggings and a hoodie I tie dyed

dream job: Published Author 

dream trip: Going to Ireland. I’ll never know the reason behind this, but I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember. 

favorite food: Potatoes.  They are so versatile and such a comfort food. 

nationality:  american

favorite song right now: Um, I suppose What Lovers Do because I have a story floating around in the back of my mind that involves dancing to the beat of that song. So every time I listen to it, that scene pops into my mind. 

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Imagine being Legolas’ younger sister and him saving you when you run into a pack of orcs

For ultragibbycentralworld :)

“Don’t go too far.” Your older brother Legolas shouted to you as you pranced through the forest.

“I’m not.” You groaned, getting tired of his constant worrying.

Your father, Thranduil, had told him to keep a close eye on you, espescially since you had a tendency to wander off on ‘adventures’, which usually meant getting stuck up in a tree somewhere.

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Nicknames: Don’t have one really.

Gender: Female

Sign ✨: Libra

Height: 4′11″ (1,50 m) (Aka a Hobbit. Oh right, does that count as a nickname? :’) @missmuffin221 calls me that sometimes.)

Time: 19:50 pm

Birthday: 15th October

Fav bands: Don’t have any?

Fav solo artists: Well Christian Borle, and the whole Falsettos revival cast really, if that counts?

Song stuck in my head: Don’t Say Yes Until I Finish Talking from Smash/Bombshell (because I just reblogged a gif set for that).

Last movie I saw: No idea honestly? The last thing I saw at the theater was Murder on The Orient Express.

Last show I watched: Will & Grace (Well thank you Andrew Rannells and Debra Messing.)

When did I create my blog: Sometime in summer 2015.

What do I post: Musicals, mostly Falsettos, Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells, with some Sherlock and Harry Potter thrown in from time to time. That’s about it I think?

Last thing I Googled: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Do I have any other blogs: I used to run a NSFW Johnlock sideblog that’s not being updated anymore, and I have one for saving my old URL (not that I’ll use it again but I’m sentimental).

Do I get asks: I’ve been getting a few lately, but overall not very often.

Why did I chose my URL: High key obsession with Falsettos/Marvin I guess?

Following: about 150

Followed by: about 990

Average hours of 😴: 7-8

Lucky number: 15?

Instruments: I can sorta kinda play the guitar.

What I am wearing: Dark red turtle neck and jeans.

Dream job: Hell don’t ask me. If I had the talent and nerve and guts and personality for it (and weren’t german) I’d love to be an actress. But I’ll probably end up being a lawyer, and that’s very fine, lately I’ve been starting to really like the idea.

Dream trip: New York or London

Fav food: Anything Italian or Chinese, I guess?

Nationality: German

Fav song: Ppppfff I can’t possibly choose just one? Like the entirety of both Falsettos and CATCF, and so many other things I’m forgetting rn? I’ll just try to pick one each from those two and say Strike That, Reverse It and A Tight-Knit Family / Love Is Blind.

Last book I read: Last thing I finished was American Gods (I believe I said it was good some time ago, but honestly, yawn.)

Top 3 fictional universes I wanna join: The ones from Harry Potter, Shadowhunters and Artemis Fowl I think.

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Nicknames: I don’t really have any (except for what my mom calls me)

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: I think 5′3″

Time: 4:08 pm

Birthday: January 19

Favourite artists: Within Temptation, Lady Antebellum, Eurielle, Adrian von Ziegler, Erutan, Josh Turner, Tim McGraw, Mediaeval Baebes

Song Stuck In My Head: “Period” by Chemistry (from FMA: Brotherhood)

Favourite Song Right Now: “All the King’s Horses” by Karmina

Last Movie I Watched: Currently watching Secret World of Arriety :)

Last Show I Watched: Vikings!!!!

When Did You Create Your Blog: 4 years ago

What Do You Post: LOTR, The Hobbit, Anime, Studio Ghibli, various aesthetics, Mythology, Fantasy, funny/random stuff, SPN, Vikings, TWD, GOT, generally beautiful photos

Last Thing I Googled: The cast of Knightfall

Do You Have Any Other blogs? Nope

Do You Get Asks: Never, really lol

Why Did You Choose Your URL: It was given to me back in 2012, plus it combines my two passions :)

Favourite Colour: Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Rose Red (that color range)

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7 hours

Lucky Number: No idea hahaha

What Are You Wearing: Horse sweatpants

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: A fluffy comforter and a blue/white polka dotted blanket 

Dream Job: I’m trying to accomplish my dream job, an Equine Photographer

Dream Trip: New Zealand

Favourite Foods: Cupcakes

Nationality: American, Russian (originally born in Russia)

I tag: @fromthedeskoftheraven, @everyjourneylove, @xenaathena, @thorne93, @girl-next-door-writes and anyone else who wants to join!

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Nicknames: None really (even though I always wanted one growing up.) I kind of got called Roy for a bit last month but that was just because someone didn’t know my name and took a wild guess

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 5'9"

Time: 22:37PM

Birthday: 1st July ‘96

Favourite artists: Every Avenue, The Academy Is…, Sum 41, The Downtown Fiction

Song Stuck In My Head: Walk - Foo Fighters

Favourite Song Right Now: Mindset - Every Avenue

Last Movie I Watched: Iron Man 3

Last Show I Watched: The Punisher

When Did You Create Your Blog: Spring/Summer 2015

What Do You Post: Oh boy, a mix of fandom stuff (mainly Silm/Lotr), terrible jokes and memes, writing, and self-promoting my Youtube channel

Last Thing I Googled: somerton man code

Do You Have Any Other blogs? Yes I have, there’s @tomsmusictaste, where I post about the music I’m into, @redhotcomicbookmovienews@denial-with-a-smile, and finally there’s @randomjotcomicuniverse, where I post about my own superhero characters and the shared world they live in.

Do You Get Asks: I’ve gotten a few but I don’t get them very often

Why Did You Choose Your URL: RandomJot is an anagram of Tom Jordan: my real name

Favourite Colour: It’s either red or black or blue.

Average Hours of Sleep: Sleep? Never heard of it, sounds fake

Lucky Number: Don’t really have one, but for some reason 3 sticks out

What Are You Wearing: Black jeans, and two t-shirts because IT’S COLD! (One is an Every Avenue tee, the other is a Superman tee)

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: None, I sleep with a duvet, for I am british *sips tea* *adjusts monocle*

Dream Job: Author or writer for a comic book company would be pretty sick

Dream Trip: Roadtrip across USA, or LOTR tour around New Zealand

Favourite Foods: Pizza. All of the pizza, all of the time.

Nationality: English

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A Eomer Fanfic

This is based on an imagine found here:

Helms deep had certainly been one of the toughest fights I’d ever been in. That’s after years of fighting alongside my brother, Boromir, sharing delegation of a captains work against our fathers wishes.

I’d joined him on the quest after we were both sent to Rivendell, and then I stayed with him to patch his wounds after the battle along the river. He was lucky to be alive.

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My Love, My Darling

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Thorin x Reader

Warnings: Soulful song. Flustered Thorin. Adorableness.

Word count: 1,658

Note: I hold no claim over Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.

“Oh, my love, my darling,” you begin to sing softly, stoking the fire with a stick. “I’ve hungered for your touch a long lonely time.

If it was anything that tethered you to your world it was the songs that you brought with you; stuck in your head, stuck in your heart, they often played in a way to cope with having virtually disappeared from home. You woke up one morning with too far strong a breeze on your face to believe that anything was the way it should be. Never one to leave the window open more than a few inches overnight, you bolted up to find yourself surrounded with what looked to be some sort of ancient race.

You had never been so terrified.

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nickname: -

gender: female

star sign: sagittarius

height: 171 cm

birthday: few days ago, still celebrating 

favourite bands: Kraftklub, Von wegen Lisbeth, Mighty Oaks, Bilderbuch…

favourite solo artists: Ed Sheeran, Marteria, Lorde, Rihanna…

song stuck in my head: With or without you - April Meservy (I watched figure skating yesterday and the canadian team had this as their song)

last movie i watched: I think it was a documentation about ice hockey

last show i watched: I’m rewatching gossip girl 

when did i start this blog: 2015

what do i post: wintersports

other blogs: don’t have

do i get asks: most of the time no, but I’m also like never here at the moment

followers: 1055

following: 21

average sleep: 6 hours maybe 

lucky number: 3

dream job: not sure, should be with sports, working hard on that

food: pizza

last book i read: The Hobbit

what i’m wearing: leggings, Calvin Klein bra and sweatshirt jacket. But I need to get ready now

favourite fandoms: ski jumping

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Wasn’t tagged but saw @the-real-kellymonster post hers so I thought I’d do one.

Nickname: ash, miss Ashley, auntie.

Gender: female

Sign: Leo

Height: 5'6

Time : 12:28 am

Birthday: July 27

Favorite bands: the Beatles, one direction, the doors, rolling stones , the smiths, cky, him, black veil brides, 30 seconds to mars, queen,

Favorite solo artist: David Bowie, hank Williams, Johnny cash, Bruno mars, can’t think of any others right now. Maybe Iwan Rheon.

Song stuck in my head: Taron Egerton’s cover of I’m still standing from the movie sing.

Last movie I watched: the hobbit: battle of the five armies.

Last show I watched: being human UK.

When did I create this blog: don’t remember.

What do I post a lot of: mainly reblogs of things I like or just random shit.

What did I last Google. Resistbot

Other blogs : @shiteimagines

Do I get asks: not really just a couple on shiteimagines

Why did I chose this url: it’s one of my nicknames that my step mom calls me plus the year I was born. For shiteimagines; they’re imagines that are not very good and I was watching a lot of preacher so I was inspired by Joe gilgun to use shite.

Following: 255 and not sure on shiteimagines

Followers: 31 on here and 142 on the other.

Average hours of sleep: probably 12 I’m like a sloth or something lol.

Lucky number: 9

Instrument: I like to sing not very good at it, I own a guitar but haven’t learned to play yet.

What I’m wearing: sweatpants and a captain America shirt.

Dream job: film production like a producer or director.

Favorite food: pasta.

Last book I read: a book about serial killers can’t remember the title right now.

Favorite fandoms: mainly actors but too many ; Joseph gilgun, aidan Turner, Tom hiddleston, Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans, Matthew Gray gubler, raúl esparza, Jay baruchel, and more. Are the main ones now.

Not going to tag anyone else for this .