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A tag thing, again

rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric from each song, then tag however many people you want.

1. Falling - Fight the Fade

You don’t know me,
but I wish that you did.

2. Edge of Desire - Fight the Fade

Because faith without action is dead.

3. Sugar We’re Going Down - Fall Out Boy

Drop a heart, break a name.
We’re always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team.

4. Curtain Call - State of Mine

Watch the angels as they fall
Down to your knees; this is your curtain call.

5. Remember We Die - Gemini Syndrome

It’s a cunning illusion that time is on my side.
I want to feel before I have to say goodbye.

6. Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes

If I spilled my guts,
the world would never look at you the same way.

7. Centuries - Fall Out Boy

We’ve been here forever,
and here’s the frozen proof
I could scream forever.
We are the poisoned youth

8. Rise - State of Mine (cover, original by Katy Perry)

When, when the fire’s at my feet again
and the vultures all start circling,
they’re whispering, “You’re out of time,”
but still I rise.

9. Alive - Phil Lober

I saw you in the light. You fell from death and all its neighbors…

10. Immortals - Fall Out Boy

Sometimes the only pay-off for having any faith
is when it’s tested again and again every day.

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