the song of the harbinger

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A shakarian fanmix for @shakariantrash I wish you a merry belated Christmas and a wonderful new year! :)


reeling across the southern sky
raftery the blind poet

hoary harbinger of rime
hunter of the winter’s songs

rising with his worn bow tucked
in his three-starred belt ablaze

his well-played fiddle and jug
held out arm’s length for balance

the last of the wanderers
dancing a stagger dead eyes

on his heaven’s western sky
he steps. ‘and look at me now

here with my back to the wall…
singing to empty pockets’ …singing to nothing at all’



OC Screenshots - 2016

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I’d like to take a moment to appreciate Seiya officially stepping into the role of bodyguard. *cue the Whitney Houston song*

Also, that awkward step that Harbinger took? He was thinking ‘Not sure if I should interrupt this…’. He’s running ahead and kicking ass not just because he likes it, but he doesn’t want to be the third wheel.

Hot damn, Marrish is the most heavy metal ship, taken straight from Iron Maiden song and I fucking love it. Two freaking Harbingers of Death – a pretty, little banshee that could easily send your sinful soul (along with your brain) to The Maker and a hellhound that could without a sweat fry your ass or blast whole freaking building.

First date? In a damned house full of dead bodies. Other meetings? Mental house, crime scenes, sewers, fridge for supernaturals, freaking magical tree, cell. How fucking extraordinary it is? He allowed to be set on fire for her sake, blasted some walls, fried a barrier, kicked some supernatural asses and absorbed her nuclear scream into his well shaped (and naked) chest. She fought for his sake and brought his ass back, when he has a mental breakdown.

They could easily set the whole world in fire, yet their powers are compatible and they can’t hurt each other. A freaking phantom queen and her knight straight from hell, sitting on the pile of dead bodies and together ruling the wasteland.  A power couple in a fucking nutshell.

Sign. Me. The. Fuck. Up. My. Rotten. Soul. Belongs. To. This. Ship. 

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Atlus bringing Stella Glow to North America ⊟

We haven’t covered this 3DS game much (or at all), so here’s a quick synopsis: it’s a new IP and strategy RPG from Imageepoch, the studio behind the Luminous Arc series, which you might have decent memories of. It was.. Okay!

Story details:

“Players take on the role of Alto, a young knight who must convince Witches throughout the Regnant Kingdom to join his side and stop Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, and her cruel Harbingers. Use the forgotten magic of Song in battle by tuning allied Witches to unlock their full potential.”

Atlus intends to release the game sometime in 2015. You can watch a Japanese trailer after the break!:

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Dean had three identities in The Prisoner: Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, and Freddie Mercury. When the episode first aired, we discussed these identities as regards the strategies these men took toward media representations of their bisexuality.

But as intertextuality between Supernatural and rock lyrics is something of a hobby horse of mine, I began wondering what these particular men had to do with the episode itself, the episode leading into the season finale, the harbinger of Darkness.

The Queen song that seems most connected to the episode is, naturally, Bohemian Rhapsody:

I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
Because I’m easy come, easy go,
Little high, little low,
Anyway the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me, to me.

Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.

The other two are trickier, because there’s a wealth of songs that might relate to the episode. But my picks are:

Black Sabbath: Sins of the Father (bubbling under: Rusty Angels, Angel Heart, Iron Man, Paranoid, Walk Away, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle).

You’re the only witness
To the murder of an angel
How much longer are you gonna pay
For yesterday
Sins of the father

And for Mötorhead: Heartbreaker (bubbling under: The Hammer, Angel City, I Am the Sword, Don’t Lie to me).

Time to get us outta here
No emotion only fear
Say a last goodbye

Monsters at the edge of time
Waiting ‘til we cross the line
All we find is black despair

Dream maker, love taker, heart breaker. By the end of the season, Dean Winchester is all these things.

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I can't get rid of the idea that Shepard is totally into 21st century pop - singing Carly Rae Jepsen or Taylor Swift in the shower, sometimes dancing in their quarters to other pop songs or bobbing their head to Shake it Off

Harbinger: I know you feel this

Shepard: I should’ve left my phone at home cause this is a disaster

Harbinger: ….shepard



Anberlin will release their last album, “Lowborn”, on June 23rd, 2014. This album brings Anberlin full circle as“Lowborn” will be released on Tooth & Nail, the band’s original label. Instead of recording the album together, the musicians did their parts with separate producers they each selected. Drums were recorded with Matt Goldman in Atlanta and later combined with bass and guitar in Lakeland, FL with Copeland’s Aaron Marsh. Vocals were recorded with the band’s longtime collaborator Aaron Sprinkle in Franklin, TN.

Consisting of Stephen Christian (vocals), Joseph Milligan (guitar), Devon Rexroat (bass), Nathan Young (drums), and Christian McAlhaney (guitar), Anberlin have been a band for 12 years. The rock group formed in central Florida in 2002 and have released six innovative and sincere albums that have affected fans in deeply emotional ways.“Lowborn” will be the band’s seventh and final full-length.

“Usually breakups happen quickly and suddenly, an implosion of sorts,” McAlhaney says. “What is unique about the end of Anberlin is that we discussed where people were at in their lives, what that meant for the band, and then made plans for the end on our own terms.” lowborn reflects true artistic freedom for the band, who felt liberated from any sort of expectation or pressure. “I wanted to enjoy the creative process one more time, with no restrictions, no one breathing down my neck for a single,” Christian says. “Just unadulterated creative freedom.”

The musicians started collecting new material at the end of last year. The idea was not to crank out as many songs as possible but to actually focus on crafting solidly good ideas that melded each musician’s individual tastes and influences. “We were really honest with each, probably more so than in the past,” Young says. “You have to come to a point where, with different opinions, there’s no right or wrong. There was a fearlessness which was really freeing and exciting for all of us. To just not have to think about anything else except what’s the best thing for the song.” Some of the album’s lyrics address the band’s end and history. “I know there are going to be a lot of questions as to why we decided to break up and I explain it all in the song ‘Atonement,’” Christian says. “And I want to make sure that the our fans and friends know that we will always remember them, and the moments spent with them were some of the greatest of my entire life. I tried to convey that in the song ‘Harbinger.’” Another track, “Stranger Ways,” first appeared in demo form in the band’s farewell video earlier this year.

Each musician has plans for the future after Anberlin, some concrete and some vague, some musical and some not. Those plans, in various ways, will be revealed in the coming months. For everyone, this is a celebration of what has been achieved rather than the mourning of a loss. “This is the end of an era of my life,” Rexroat says. “A long and great era. It also means a new beginning. It’s overwhelming to think about filling all my time with something new, but it’s also exciting.”

Anberlin will release their final album, “Lowborn”, on June 23rd, 2014 via Tooth & Nail Records, followed by a farewell world tour. Tour dates below with many more to be announced in both the U.S. and additional countries.