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boyfriend!kyungsoo (request)

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  • do kyungsoo is a quiet man okay
  • and shy too, don’t deny it we all saw the members making fun of his reactions around girls 
  • this all means that he isn’t one for pda, he’s just not really too comfortable with it
  • especially bc the members will iMMEDIATLY try to tease him once he tries to slip his hand in yours
  • he’ll kill them later for it but he can’t risk being embarrassed so he just lays low
  • he still does little things, like purposely brushing his hand against yours, play with a strand of your hair or even just placing his jacket over your shoulders
  • he’s a romantic guy and he knows exactly what to say to make your heart flutter 
  • but even though he really likes taking you out to nice restaurants, he often just prefers to have lazy days with you in the comfy-ness of your home
  • he didn’t really care what movie you chose or what food you wanted to cook as long as you were together
  • talking about cooking food, he just LOVES to cook with you
  • but like ?? it starts off really innocent and organized but once you have to set a timer and leave the food alone, you’re suddenly pressed against the counter ?? and you’re making out??? 
  • he doesn’t like to admit it, though, but he’s needy af 
  • he’d be very sweet and gentle and would always try to please you first, even when he’s stressed bc he just loves you like that
  • sometimes you two would have one of those afternoons when you’re sitting down in bed or on the sofa each of you reading a book and it’s just so peaceful and you both love it
  • aND SOMETIMES he’ll just start humming a calm song and the light in the room seems just perfect and he seems like an angel??? there’s literally no sign of satansoo when you’re together
  • other thing that he doesn’t admit is that he can be a jealous little thing
  • he’d be so subtle about it that you’d barely notice it tbh
  • “hmm, jagi, I heard you had coffee with baekhyun the other day” “yeah, while we were waiting for you, he’s a funny guy” “hm, I guess he is. next time you should just tell me and I’ll try to be quicker” “you don’t need to-” “just tell me jagiya” 
  • he’ll hint at it a little more aggressively at baekhyun tho
  • it’s not that he doesn’t trust you or feels insecure abt your relationship, it’s just that bbh annoys him a lot and he just doesn’t want you to suffer too and maybe he feels just a little bit worried bc well whAT IF SHE THINKS HE’S A BETTER SINGER THAN ME
  • overall he loves you and even if he doesn’t show it too much in public you value all of his little gestures and all your time spent alone bc he’s precious and you want to keep him for eternity

“He consistently came up with new ideas that always seemed perfect for the song, but it wasn’t just a matter of him picking a basic beat for a song, because lots of drummers could do that. Ringo definitely had the right kind of personality and creative ideas for The Beatles music. You will rarely find a Beatles song without something noticeable that Ringo played or didn’t play.” - Kenny Aronoff, Modern Drummer magazine, Oct. 1987

Billy and teddy song is Can’t Take My Eye Off Of You by Franki Vallei and The Four Seasons. Billy dragged Teddy to go see Jersey Boys on Broadway with him. Teddy came out to Billy that night and told Billy he had a crush on him during that song, so it just seemed like the perfect fit. (Also it was written by a bisexual man about his boyfriend. So that just add to it.)