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Until Dawn: Chris x Josh

The Stars

Word Count: 2,400 (Sorry its so long!) 

     He drove himself over to Josh’s house with single-minded determination, he was going to make his friend feel better. To bring him a sense of self as he cried or laughed or let out whatever pent up emotions he was holding back from the world. Josh needed a release, and Chris would be there.
     Three months had passed since Hannah and Beth’s disappearances, and Josh was barely holding himself upright. He seemed alright. He would smile at the right times, but not as big as he usually did. He would laugh, but it wasn’t as contagious. He was still Joshua, but he didn’t act like it. He acted like a replica, a thing that lacked some vital piece that let you recognize it as the real thing. Chris thought that he held within himself the piece that would complete the replica, thus bringing forth the real Josh. His best friend and partner in crime and hilarity. He had to have the piece. If he didn’t he had no idea what would happen to Josh.
     It was dark out, cold as September often was, and when Chris looked at his car’s dashboard clock, it read 12:08AM.
     He pulled his phone out of his pocket as he parked at the end of Josh’s driveway. It was a long twisting thing that lead up to a massive and prestigious looking white house. For a kid that should have had everything, Josh always seemed to get the short end of the stick. 
     U better b home. He texted, and within a few seconds he got a response.
     Uuuuh why do u ask?
     Look out ur front hallway window.

     As if on cue, right when Chris looked up to the window, he saw Josh’s body come into view. As they made eye contact he saw Josh smile and shake his head as he always did when Chris did something that confused him. Chris smiled back whole-heartedly, for a moment forgetting that he had a bigger goal in mind other than simply seeing his friend, but when Josh looked to his phone Chris did the same.
     What do u want lol. Texted Josh, and Chris shrugged to himself. What did he want? Something in his gut was telling him that it was more than just to see Josh and make him feel better.
     Come find out! He texted back, proud of himself for seeming so mysterious.
     Well where are we going?
     Good question.
     Dude you r so up 2 something.
     When am I NOT tbh?

     Chris looked up at the window and saw Josh smiling at his phone as he turned and ran back down the hallway, and within a few minutes he saw him come running toward the car from around the corner of his house. He must have snuck out through the back, his parents hated when he went out to late.
     As he reached the car and pulled the passenger sides door open, the boys smiled at each other as they put their fists up and bumped them into each others.
     “Alright you got me man, now whats up?”
     “Meh, now don’t kill me, but I don’t know actually, I just wanted to go for a drive.”
     “Well ‘where to miss?’” whispered Josh, his voice low and hilariously seductive as he imitated Leonardo Dicaprio from Titanic.
     “The stars,” Chris whispered back as he closed his eyes, and Josh’s laugh made him crack up as well.

     Chris let Josh play his music as he drove down the road, and eventually he turned down a back road that lead to another, and then another. They were now traveling down a dirt road - if it even counted as a road - seemingly cutoff from society as they drove through a heavily forested area.
     Just as Chris accepted the fact that he may have gotten lost, he looked to Josh, and saw that he was looking up and out the window. His navy blue vest caught the moons light every so often, and it made Chris look to the Josh’s chest much more than he wanted to.
     “Chris,” said Josh, jolting Chris out of his silent staring contest with Josh’s chest. “We’ve done some crazy stuff on these late night escapades, but none of em have lead us to the Amish Country. Where are we?”
     “Good question,” Chris shrugged, and Josh shook his head as he leaned forward and swiped hard at the car’s volume switch, making AWOLNATION blast through the car.
     Josh could sing, and it was mystifying. He loved this band, and Chris had grown into it over time as Josh played the album over and over again. He knew this song. Not Your Fault. It made him feel like he could take on anything, and with Josh in the passenger seat, maybe he could.
     The song blasted through its chorus, shaking the car’s foundation as Chris finally gave in and screamed along with Josh. It was a miracle, driving with Josh down a forest road that lead to God knew where. It was almost romantic. And then came a clearing, the dirt path opening up onto a steppe the likes of which neither of the boys had ever seen. It was massive, the grass not as high as it was in the forest, and wild flowers grew in bundled heaps as they fought against the chill of October air.
     “Dude,” said Josh. “What’s this?”
     “The stars, apparently,” Chris said, but he wasn’t looking at Josh as Josh was at him, instead his gaze was fixed on the upper half of his window.
     When Josh did as Chris did and looked out his window, he instantly broke into a smile.
     “Did you plan this?” he asked, and Chris looked back to him as he shrugged and smiled.
     “I actually didn’t even know if this place existed till now, Jessica said Mike brought her up here once, and I had no idea that it would be this… Stunning either.”
     They both brought their attention back to the night sky as they rolled their windows down, letting in the breeze that swept across the field, stirring up leaves and flower petals as it did so.
     The sky was something that neither of them could describe, a mix of beauty and wonder. The moon was a big ball of orange in the sky, but the light it cast across the field was pure and soft and white. The smell of decaying flowers, usually overpowering at that time of year, was mellowed out by the scent of freshly mown grass and rain soaked earth. Stars dotted the sky, a myriad that burned so brightly against the violent black of space that it looked almost surreal.
     “It’s like… HD or something,” said Josh, stealing the words straight from Chris’s mouth.
     “1080P res,” Chris added, and Josh held his fist up close to Chris, and without looking the two bumped fists.
     Then a song came on shuffle from Josh’s iPod that Chris hadn’t heard in a long time. Like most of the songs he had come to love, he heard them first from Josh.
     “This song always felt so sad to me. Alleyways right? By the Neighbourhood,” he said, and Josh looked over at him as he seemed to come back to the present moment for the first time.
     “You’ve been studying young Padawan, nice one. Thats great and all but seriously bro, why did you bring me here, and… I’m alright, really. I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those emotional movie moments.”
     “Well it doesn’t have to, but… I don’t know, maybe its more selfish than that,” said Chris, and his eyes dropped to the steering wheel. 
     “What do you mean?”
     “I took you out here to try and break you out of whatever funk you’re in, but-”
     “Well you’re twin sisters pulling a Houdini tends to make a guy a little glum,” he said with a smirk, but the humour behind his words didn’t have the affect he was hoping for as Chris sat back in his seat and rolled up his window.
     A cold wind swept across the plain once more, and Josh rolled his window up as it crept into the car. It was getting colder, and as the song reached its chorus, a heavy cloud of silence fell over the boys.
     Chris listened to the words as he stared down at his hands on the steering wheel. Him and Josh had been friends for a long time, longer than they had been friends with anyone else in their lives. Josh was always the thoughtful one. Always the kind one. Always the brave one. And Chris was the outgoing kid who never kept his mouth shut. It got them into trouble, but trouble was always their thing. If things were different, he thought to himself, just as the song had said the same thing. I’d remember.
     He wanted more than anything for things to be different. He wanted Hannah and Beth to be back home and for Josh to have the family he deserved. No more parents running off and shooting movies. No more annoying boyfriends that Hannah and Beth would bring home. He deserved Hannah and Beth, and Chris wasn’t enough. He knew it. Josh needed family.
     “You put on a brave face,” said Chris, surprising even himself when his voice broke the silence. “You know you don’t have to pull that shit with me. I told myself I was bringing you out here so I could get my best friend back, but… I just wanted to feel like I was- well, enough for you.”
     Josh didn’t respond for a long time, only giving Chris a look that he couldn’t read, and it made Chris anxious. Had he said the wrong thing? No, Josh knew that he was there for him. The song shuffled to Sweater Weather, and Chris looked to the AUX cord that connected Josh’s phone to his car, and as he reached down to change the song Josh’s fingers gently grabbed hold of his chin, tilting his head to the side so that he was looking Josh straight in the eyes.
     “Don’t move,” he said, and he closed his eyes. Josh suddenly leaned in. There weren’t any words inside of Chris’s brain that could possibly convey the emotions he was feeling. There was panic, and then a small, holy realization. Chris liked Josh. Like… A lot. Their lips came close, and Josh touched his to Chris’s.
     He pulled away quickly, and for a moment it was as if the kiss had never happened as Josh let his fingers fall from Chris’s chin. Silence stretched on once more, and Josh was looking down toward the cupholders between himself and Chris, while Chris was staring at Josh. All his life, ever since the day he met him, he knew Josh wasn’t just any regular friend. He was perfect, his tan skin always clear, his personality warm and welcoming, his jokes always well timed. He complimented Chris in a way that no one else ever did, and as Chris remembered all these things, a feeling of inadequacy made him feel sick to his stomach.
     “I- uh. Josh I don’t know what to say, but… I’m mean. Oh God… I wish I could give you what you really needed, you know? You- you need family.”
     “Chris don’t even start me on that shit man,” replied Josh, his voice soft and tired as it filled the car with a sense of peace. “You are family.”
     “That was pretty damn cliche for Josh Washington,” Chris murmured, feeling awkward as heat rushed to his face. What else could he say when Josh was so close and after what they had just done? Would they ever talk about it again? His brain was buzzing with questions, but his body was shutting off.
     As if he could feel Chris retreating into himself, Josh moved in close to him again, making Chris notice just how nicely Josh smelled. It was almost embarrassing how interesting he found him, and even more embarrassing when he remembered how much he loved being close to Josh. He always had some sort of scented body-wash that he was testing out. All summer he was into this Mango Hurricane scented stuff, but now that it was fall he had switched to something Beth had gotten him once a few years back. It smelled like peppermint and a deep forest after a heavy rain fall, a weird combination when Chris stopped to think about it, but on Josh it was perfect. He could smell it on him as he leaned in closer, nearly lighting Chris’s insides on fire as the anticipation of another kiss ripped him apart.
     “I never thought in a million years that this would happen, never like this,” said Josh, his voice an odd mixture of discomfort and content emotion. Chris understood what he was feeling, since he was feeling it too. They were friends, and had been for a long time, but were they really this close? Did they really care for each other in that way? Having enough of his internal argument Chris brought his attention to Josh’s eyes as he bit the inside of his lip. They were the sort of brown that no writer could put into words and no painter could ever hope to capture the essence of.
     “Don’t even get me started,” Chris said, and Josh smiled as he closed his eyes.
     “I remember when I first saw you in that stupid uniform we had to wear during gym in high school. I knew then that I really liked you.”
     “No way.”
     “Yes way.”
     “That’s when I knew that I really liked you, too.”
     “Hell yeah seriously,” Chris said, and he watched as Josh’s eyes flickered from his eyes to his mouth a few times before he finally leaned in once more.
     And they kissed, hard and soft all at the same time, Chris’s heart skipping beats in his chest as the warmth of Josh’s hand on his cheek made him dizzy with emotion.
     The kiss felt perfect. The song felt perfect. This moment, their moment, felt perfect.
     Above them, the sky glistened with countless stars. Beads of white against the black fabric of space. The stars weren’t the only things burning up on the inside that night.
     They didn’t pull away for a long time, and as the kiss deepened, Sweater Weather fell silent. 

Happy Accidents

Pairing: Hongbin/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Penetrative sex, foul language, sticky fluff, AU

Wordcount: 3890

Request: Some Hongbin/reader post-fight sex.

Notes: So I gave an AU spin to this one, I just couldn’t help it I needed some college!AU fun T^T it just worked really well for this request imho and dear god the fluff…Its so fluffy you will die. I hope y’all like it ^_^

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GoM + Kagami + Takao trying to impress their crush and embarrassing themselves?

A/N Ahhh, I love asks like these ^_^

Kuroko: He was on a high; Seirin was leading by 10 points and it was only half way into the 3rd quarter; smiling he ran back into position,  and that’s when he spotted you in the stands cheering the team on, your enthusiasm fuelled him even more, and then switch went on; he was going to kick it up a notch. Kagami and Hyuuga were stunned as inginte passes  kept coming to to them with incredible speed and timing. Wow Kuroko was on a fire today. 

At the end of the match Kuroko grinned and stared into the stands, did he manage to impress _____-chan today? As he exited the change rooms he saw you and your friends chatting animatedly with Riko. Walking past you guys he caught a snippet of your conversation. “Seirin was incredible today.”  He smiled, “especially Kagami-kun, he just getting balls after balls it’s like he’s a magnet to them. Incredible.”

Death glare set, he walked up to Kagami-kun and said I hate you; before calmly walking to the bus.

Midorima: He was out depth here, impress his crush?  He’d rather walk out of his house without his lucky item for the day. But after a couple of weeks of Takao’s constant nagging about having to man up, he decided now was the time. Cancer was number one today and he had just won his latest basketball match. He also managed to avoid the deathtrap that was three in a row of the same letter in the multiple choice pop quiz today; the odds were in his favour. Clutching his lucky item for the day; a barbie doll from the 70′s collection he headed over to the basketball courts. Your team was practising indoors today due to the rain, yes the heavens were smiling down on him.  He noticed you from the other side of the court, doing some stretches looking his way. Wasting no time he began shooting his ridiculous three pointers, changing it up now and then going further and further away from the three pointer line each time.
“Wow! Look at Midorima-san isn’t he just amazing!”
A little flustered by your comment, but feeling a little happy he continued, changing it up with some practice dribbles as well.
“Wow, he’s so fast!”
“Yeah I thought, he was just shooter, but he’s impressive with dribbling as well,” Your friend said.
“He looks kind of hot when he’s so serious” Eyes widening and ears redding  he fumbled just as he shot the ball. The result, the ball soared across the court and greeted your captain nicknamed devils spawn, in the face.
He refused to look up as his butt was dragged across the the indoor basketball court and then thrown outside in the rain.
He knew nothing good could come out of a barbie doll lucky item.

Kise: He was waiting for you by your locker and when he noticed you walking down he corridor he casually leant against your locker and struck up a conversation with girls in the perimeter. Speaking loudly, he told his fangirls about his latest model shoot for Zuon boy. “This months theme was animal print so I was modelling all kinds of furs and leopard prints! “Ne Haruka-chan, see don’t I look good in this fox coat! Oh it was fluffy and smooth the quality was amazing!” When he saw your head turn he grinned and gave you a smile made for the cameras.

“You model fox coats Kise-kun?” You asked, “you know they torture innocent animals for that right? I can’t believe you are a supporter for animal cruelty, how disappointing” Eyes widening in shock, he proceeded to silently sulk as you lectured him on animal cruelty in the fashion industry for the next 20 minutes.

Takao: He wasn’t nervous okay, maybe a little but it was going to be okay. As he leant against a tree in the empty school yard he took a deep breath; he was going to do one more run through before actually going and performing the song for you. Pressing play on his Ipod he began to sing, but ended up getting nervous and messing up the lyrics, sighing he decided to loosen up so he played a different song. Smiling as it played he bopped his head to the music and started to head bang as he got into the song ( He actually sings this btw

“My true voice, I’ll unleash them , C'mon, let’s move on and look into the future!” He sang, getting into it as the chorus came on he belted out the lyrics, “ I am unsurpassable like myself It isn’t bad right? This new song I found my only one, everything in the past Everything that burdened will be overcome Your love was the one who saved me!” With a wolfish grin he went all out, moving his arms and legs wildly completely letting go and getting lost in the music.  
“Dancing heart merges kindly for rocking heart; singing for revolution!” He shouted as he posed, popstar style! A muffled giggle broke him out of his happy place. Eyes widened and face slowly turning red he watched in embarrassment as you clutched your stomach as laughed in amusement.

Kagami: He looked into the stands and saw you, in your usual spot cheering them on. He noticed you had been coming to their games for a while and then post matches ramble on to Riko about how amazing everyone was; even him. He heard you talking to coach about his jumping abilities and how amazing you thought he was. Blushing at the thought he decided that the next point he was going to execute an amazing dunk. As he ran across the court he caught Kuroko’s ignite pass Kai and ran towards to the hoop. Jumping he prepared to dunk and thats when he realised he had jumped too high. Face smashing against the hoop he cringed as he fell and landed with a thud on the ground. 

Murasakibara: Murasakibara was in pickle. He had absolutely no idea how to impress girls, let alone you; so for once he decided to watch and observe mura-chins interactions with girls. Ahh, so he smiles and compliments them and that makes them happy eh?  Hmm, munching on a strawberry flavoured maibo he contemplated on what he could say to ____-chin. Finally after eating an entire box of maibou he realised what he could say. Walking up to you, a box of sour drops in hand he walked up to you and said, “hey ______chin,”

“Oh hey Murasakibara-kun, how are you?” You asked cheerfully.

“Mmm I’m good, and _____chin, your eyes are the colour of these sour drops.” He said as he popped one in his mouth. Staring at him in bewilderment you said, “ahh yeah, well i better head off to class.” He watched you with a frown as he pondered why you hadn’t laughed and blushed like girls did when muro-chin did. He turned when he heard a chuckle,


“Ahh Atushi so there is something you’re not good at,” He said with an amused smile.

Aomine: Aomine jogged back into position with a relaxed expression on his face, it was a good game and although they were 15 points ahead their opponents were still packing on the pressure. Looking up into the stands he sees you with a  bunch of your friends holding up a giant sign and cheering loudly; instantly he was filled with the desire for your enthusiastic smile and loud cheering to purely to be directed towards him. With a grin, he charges up to his opponent and after a couple of seconds manages to intercept his drive. Bolting towards the other other end of the court; he’s pleasantly surprised when his opponent appears before him, determined. With a smirk, he slams the ball down between his opponents legs. As it it flies towards the net; he frowns when he see’s Wakamatsu’s second attempt to steal his thunder, within seconds he’s in midair next to his captain. “Once again Captain, this one’s not for you!” Grabbing the ball off his captain he performs 360 mid air dunk. Feet landing on the ground he smirked as the crowd went wild.

He smirks to himself as his showers in the locker rooms, he bet you were impressed by that; as he exits the locker room he spots you chatting with his captain; eyebrow raised he decides to casually walk past you guys, “you were amazing Kosuke-kun!, especially getting all those rebounds! Aomine san was so rude though stealing the ball of you. Disrespectful.” His shoulder’s stiffen upon hearing your comment. Turning around and  sending a glare your way, he huffs off to the train station, stupid woman did she not know greatness when she saw it?

Akashi: He was waiting for you outside your classroom, a massive bouquet of your favourite flowers in hand. He had his eye on you for a while now, you unintentionally had impressed him in your area of expertise and that combined with your beauty; kind heart and absolute nonchalant attitude towards him, charmed the pants out of him. You were a challenge and he loved a good fight. The bell rung signifying the end of glass, fixing himself up he waited for you, and when you walked straight past him too busy chatting with your friend, he couldn’t help but smile, amused. ‘_______-san,”  He called out, you looked so cute with that surprised look on your face he thought as he approached you, bouquet in hand. Giving you a charming smile he said, “for you-” but instead of finishing off that sentence with smoothest lines in history he delivered one of the most atrocious burps in the history of the Akashi name. His eyes widened as he stared at you in a state of horror and shock; when you didn’t walk away in disgust but instead burst out in laughter, he was disgraced, he the Akashi Seijuro he who was absolute was being laughed at. After a good minute you were able to tone your laughter down. Chuckling you gave him an amused grin, “thanks for uh, showing me your more human side, but I think I’d much rather have the flowers,” you said before heading off to class, leaving him there dazed,flowers still in hand.

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Darcy Lewis/Peter Quill. It'd be cool if you could do the soulmate identifying Mark. The very first words they say to each other is ridiculous and out there.

Falling Through

[Based on the concept used in Lace Handprints, an ongoing soul mate mark series by myself]

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