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Music Bank México

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Pero siempre estás prsente,
anque no pueda verte!
—  “But you’re always present,
Even if i can’t see you.

لكنكِ دوماً حاضرَةٌ، 
حتّى و إن لم أستطع أن أراك


drunk yuuri is a careless yuuri

double yuri’s dance battle

yurio looks so angry and outraged by this hole situation

those moves….

is that breakdance, yuuri?


and then comes the strip

is yuuri only wearing boxers?

damn, those legs…

damn, son… though honestly, because it’s Christophe, it doesn’t surprise me a bit

this, on the other hand, does…

and then comes victuri… they have some history (ah… see what I did there?)

they already know how to dance together…. from here to a pair skating routine is a tiny step…

from their movement I’m guessing that the song was Spanish themed

victor here kind of reminds me of a bullfighter (???? don’t know if that’s the correct word… but the term we use in Portuguese and in Spanish is “toureiro” - a man that is facing a bull in an arena and rile him for show)


figures skating, anyone?

I love how every party I go it plays Gasolina, but now it have a whole new meaning to me

Ok something to get distracted from tomorrow… haha like that’s possible but still.

My aunt who’s been living in Madrid since she was little, came to visit this year. And so I was kind of curious and made her listen to the Eros song, and after I ask her opinion about it, she told me how much it reminded her of home (Spain). “Las fiestas” that’s what she called them, meaning the festivities she’s come to love from her hometown, actually play similar songs. “Es una canción la cual transmite esta vibra Española a quien lo escucha.” Meaning: “It’s a song which transmits this Spanish vibe to the one who’s listening.”

She also described it as one similar to some Flamenco songs she’s heard in the past, she stated you can acutally here the tapping of feet and or clapping at some point during the song, there’s also the guitar which plays along each step, and that’s classic when it comes to flamenco dances. Which she explained include cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance). So Victor planning this routine, and choosing this song after the banquet night, might not be that much of a surprise.

I mean look at this:

Also we need to remember that based on what Yurio said in episode two, when he finds Victor practicing some moves part of the Eros routine, he states they belong to the short program Victor had planned for next season, meaning initially, Eros, was created for Victor.

So the Eros song might have been chosen by Victor because of his similarities to the song they might have been dancing to… that night, which inspired the whole routine along with some crazy Flamenco moves, Victor might have wanted to put together after his banquet night with Yuuri.

don’t let a group of bad armys ruin y’alls night, NCT WAS THE ENDING ACT! they did 8 songs, they performed a song in portuguese bc even though it wasn’t a song in spanish, KCON in Mexico was a HUGE step for Latin-America, so in a way we were ALL represented tonight. also, they have a stage presence that made the concert feel like it was theirs, they covered 2 songs, it was amazing, don’t let anyone take this pride from us okay? to my NCT Latin@ stans, a great job welcoming NCT, I couldn’t be more proud!

language moodboards: romanian

te sun să-ți spun
ce simt acum
alo, iubirea mea, sunt eu, fericirea
alo, alo
sunt iarăși eu, Picasso
ti-am dat bip, și sunt voinic
dar să știi nu-ți cer nimic


c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.


[FULL] 170216 Key’ IG Live

- Key singing Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons, Adele’s Make Me Feel My Love, and a Japanese song
- Key trying to speak French, Italian and Spanish
- Key said that we shawols makes him happy T.T
- When fans asked what he did at valentine’s day, he said, “Work, HONEY. Work” xD