the song is great as well xd


(two amvs within 24 hours? what is this? xD) but anyways, here’s a little thing i made for my friend, @triturechan! it’s still your birthday in my timezone, but it’s…kind of a late birthday present for you. ^^;; i hope it’s okay (i made it with a FOB song bc they are one of your favorite artists/bands, yes? ouo)! also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES, TRIT! <3 i hope it was well! :D 

It’s HERE!

I recently bought Suzunosuke’s art-book Fragment 3 and it came in the mail today!

It’s about the Infinite ∞Night Series~ It’s Really cool so I decided to take a few pictures *my camera is sh!t so please bear with low quality pics*

I really liked this scene in Twilight∞Night but….

Hello~ there~ what’s this?

Also the hand pushing Mecoo! Suspicious! (¬з¬)

The masked versions look so dead inside also…

Once again we see the eyes of the twins change to red (Len has his face turned but I’m guessing his are like that too ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ)

I really like how stupid Kaito’s face looks in this one XD 

There’s a bunch of concept art like this but I dunno what it’s for. Maybe for the novel series? 

Or maybe a new song???

In the end of the book there’s a little bonus:

“Tonight was a great performance as well”

ohohohoh~ I wanna know~ I wanna knoooow!

And that’s that, sorry again for the crappy pictures if anyone wants a better quality image I might scan them so tell me

See ya next time~╰(✧∇✧)

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Hey there, Si Ying!! omg congratulations for the 5k!!! 🎉 You're so sweet omg + i love your posts so much 😍 they're so aesthetically pleasing & super helpful ^.^ anD AHHHH I'm a hufflepuff too & i loveeee Maroon 5 too omg 💖❤️ (& taylor swift as well hehe) I'm currently obsessed w/ i dont wanna live forever by t swift & zayn, i can't get it outta my head lol xD Anyho, hope you have a great day & congo once again!! ✨

Hi Nidhi!! awww tysm ! o(^▽^)o i’m glad my posts were of some help to you haha :’)) you’re so sweet it’s giving me diabetes (✧≖‿ゝ≖) waa we have quite a lot in common hehehe now that you’ve mentioned the song it’s on loop in my head lel 

ty for your msg and i hope your day was good too! here ya gooo 

thank you for 5k!

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1 - ASTRO - Hide & Seek vs Confession

Hide & Seek for sure it’s so fun and bright and was their first MV :“”)

12 - B1A4 - Beautiful Target vs Baby Good Night

Oooh my beautiful target~~ You choom choom my heart like a locket~ XD Battle of the Engrish lmaoooo but yeah Beautiful Target what a jam

28 - Block B - Mental Breaker vs Toy

Fun fact I have been an avid BBC since Very Good :P This is really hard but Toy is such an amazing song? I mean I love both but I prefer Toy it’s so like. Melancholy and it reminds me of Spring and the lyrics remind me of me which probs isn’t great but oh well it’s a good song lmao

I’m going to sleep I’ll answer the rest tomorrow! Seriously ty all for participating so much ♥

-Admin Belle


Yo-Kai Watch is the best ENGLISH DUB EVER! It’s very faithful to the original show, although with minor changes and jokes for an American audience. For example, Nate called Whisper a Cracker Jack prize, and Jibanyan referenced the song Eye of the Tiger or Katy Perry’s song Roar! The show was also really funny! Jibanyan has a great voice actor! This show will do really well in the United States!

sketchy fan art for Circus-P´s song ‘Karma’! Rin sounds so amazing in there I love her english voicebank! He mastered her voice so well (I mean he always does a good job with the english voicebanks of Vocaloids). I was a little afraid at first since they don´t always sound that great in english tbh xD but I shouldn´t have worried this time since Circus is good at it sooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Watch on

Just lumping these Vids together of Jay Park performing F*kboy and more songs from his Worldwide album yesterday night at his album release party. creds to uploader. Man apparently the crowd was wild cos they kept pushing each other that Jay and AOMG boys had to stop a couple of times telling them to move back so that they don’t hurt themselves. Hehe…guess everyone wants a piece of him and the bois on their phones…cos it’s all a sea of phones in the air. xD The songs sound great live nevertheless and i think Jay preferred if people put up their hands and wave rather than a camera recording lol. Oh well, it’s understandable….

So yeah here’s the first of a series of Miraculous Ladybug doodles i ended up doing :3 I’m planning on fixing up the others so patience! In the mean time~

IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE FULL VERSION OF THE FRENCH OPENING PLEASE DO IT. After I was done melting at Chat Noir’s voice in it, I did some hunting and..while disappointed it wasn’t Chat Noir’s actual voice actor in the show, I found the singer for both that and the one who did the song in the 2D PV. …he’s a pretty old dude but with such a great voice. 

So now, I have this headcanon that not only can Adrien play piano, he can also sing rather well (though he doesn’t show it off obviously) and i couldn’t help but draw this doodle with little Mari steaming in the background xD. I found one of the singer’s songs where he’s not like..young Michael Jackson’s kiddy voice, here if you wanna listen. It’s pretty old though. The guy’s like 50+ :P

Can you blame me? I’m too famous

I had too, he just rocks that skirt so well!! Im gonna make another one really shortly of him in a different dress. then maybe I’ll do all the gems in dresses XD (lemme know if you’d be interested in seeing that!) I just love how Sadie’s song turned out!! we seem to be getting quite a bit of Parent and Child situations. It’s an interesting mini-arch!

The Ninja of Norrisville - Cover
  • The Ninja of Norrisville - Cover
  • Not Me
  • Covering the Brucest

So yesterday, I watched the episode “Ninjafan” and I had to do a cover of the song. BUT WAIT!!!! It is a fanja’s song, that brucetastic fanja being nomicond, and, well, their story is here (and the original post can be found here). More under the cut!

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Isn’t it just great when you are sitting in the bus and your mobile decides to start ringing as loud as it can. Of course my ringtone is the noragami opening and OF COURSE I couldn’t find my mobile right away! So well now everyone in the bus has listened to this wonderful song!