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Rainy Days and Mondays

Hello there! I’m back with another headcanon after a while :3 This one was requested by the fabulous @itshaejinju. Thanks for the request (and sorry it’s so late!) <3

“Hmm how about comfort foods and comfort activities for the bros and whoever else that you are comfortable with writing.*”

Note: I included a few songs that the bros might listen to if they’re feeling down. Just click on the letters at the end :3 I didn’t put the titles because I wanted it to be a surprise ^^ (don’t worry, no jump-scares XD)

The letters at the end of the bonus content contain a song as well, so check those out too ^^

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Noctis Lucis Caelum

- That the Prince of Insomnia is quite the avid sleeper himself has become a running joke among his closest friends. He sleeps wherever and whenever long he damn pleases on normal days, but even more so when he’s feeling particularly depressed. His philosophy on these days is to just sleep it off until it goes away.

- Cats are also a great source of happiness and comfort for the Chosen King. Whether it’s a cat video or cat-themed items (and especially if it’s an actual feline!), any of these will instantly put a smile on his normally sulky visage. He has a cat-eared hoodie (a gift from Prompto the first Christmas they spent as a group) that he uses as pajamas when feeling blue. He wore them more often when Regis died (and even more so after Altissia).

- Unhealthy food is the way to go with him. Expect all-meat pizzas, potato chips, and plenty of junk food in general. If he is craving something sweet, he’ll ask Ignis to “help him” make some (AKA Noct will stir, cut or taste test while Iggy does everything else). Back when they would do this in the Citadel, the two would call over Gladio (and later on, Prompto) to have an impromptu dessert party. There would always be a batch set aside as well for Ignis to take back to Regis.

- Video games are also a good way to work out any frustrating or confusing feelings. Expect full-day marathons of King’s Knight and RPGs galore if he’s in a bad mood. If he wants to calm down and not really think while playing, Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon are his go-to games (farming and fishing erryday).

- Fishing is by far the most effective method to get his spirits back up. The calm of the environment alone helps clear his mind and make his troubles melt away. Getting a major haul will have him on Cloud Nine for days on end. Fair bit of warning first, though: Don’t do any backseat fishing if he’s feeling particularly testy. He will threaten to shove his fishing rod up your ass many times over.

- Bad Day Playlist: A | B | C | D | E

Prompto Argentum

- Our resident sunshine boy is on the prowl for hugs and fluffy animals (both, if he can find them) when he’s feeling blue. Back in Insomnia, he would hit up most, if not all, of the animal cafes the city had to offer. During the trek around Lucis, these are replaced by constant trips to Wiz’s Chocobo Post. Hugs he’ll either get from the residents of these particular places or from some plushies he collected over their travels. He has a pair of black and white dogs that look similar to Umbra and Pryna, plus a set of four chocobos that look eerily similar to each of the bros (the light brown one even came with a small pair of glasses, while the chocolate-colored one has scars similar to a certain Shield’s). He loves hugging the black chocobo the most, but has hugged the glasses-wearing one more often since Altissia.

- Prompto’s hands tend to get twitchy when he’s sad, and constantly fidgets with either his phone or one of his automatic weapons. During one of their visits to Hammerhead when he was in a funk, Cindy gave him a small pouch filled with a couple of spare parts lying around the garage (cleaned, of course!). Since then, he’d fiddle around with them and see what he could create. One time, he was able to create a customized fidget cube.

- When he was a kid, his go-to comfort food diet was similar to Noct’s, but spicier. But since losing and becoming conscious of his weight, he’d been avoiding junk food for the most part. His love for spicy food, however, hasn’t changed. Curries, stews, skewers…he’ll take it as long as it’s packing the heat he craves. The spicier, the better!

- Of course, video game sessions with his buddy Noctis always cheers him up. He usually prefers King’s Knight or a game like Nintendogs when he’s sad, but when he’s the angry kind of upset? He becomes the most aggressive gamer you’ll ever meet. Prompto becomes the King of any FPS and GTA-type games, and will wipe the floor with any poor soul who dares to challenge him right then and there.

- As he likes to say so himself, he never misses…a photo op! The group’s resident photographer will be moving around more than usual to grab tons of shots, mostly of the other bros. This may not seem very different from what he normally does, but the other three can always tell when the pictures are taken when he’s in a gloomy mood: (a) Prompto will only use the Journey, Time or Dawn filters and (b) there are never any selfies, even when Noct asks him to.

- Bad Day Playlist: F | G | H | I | J

Gladiolus Amicitia

- He’s the kind of person who feels like he has no time to feel sorry for himself, so he basically throws himself even more into physical activity when upset. Whether it’s fighting monsters or going on seemingly endless hunts (or going through the Trial of Gilgamesh)…Gladio will do all this and more, almost always pushing himself to the brink of passing out, much to Iris’ chagrin.

- If it can’t really be helped, the Shield turns to writing about his thoughts and feelings. From poetry to fan fiction, this guy will spin sultry sonnets that will make even Shakespeare’s head spin (or stories that will make even the most straight-laced reader melt into a puddle of goo at the intensity of the smut he writes). He has quite the large following on Tumblr and as a result, entire communities of blogs being dedicated to all his writings.

- Three words can accurately describe Gladio’s entire comfort food list: meat, noodles, and booze. He’ll crave burgers, steaks…pretty much any thick cut of meat. Noodles are a given when it comes to him, chugging down at least three large servings of his beloved Cup Noodles at a time. No matter which he chooses to eat, this will always be accompanied by an ice-cold beer or six, depending on the intensity of his mood.

- When depressed and hit with massive writer’s block, Gladio will do one of three things. His first option is reading, immersing himself mostly in historical novels with the occasional erotic piece. If he isn’t in the mood to read, he will park himself in front of the television and binge-watch until he either falls asleep or gets inspired to write (he’s a low-key fan of K-dramas and soap operas thanks to Iris). The third option involves clubbing, drinking and…well, let’s just not disturb him.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-  In line with the Shield’s desire for physical activity, expect him to disappear for a few hours. He’ll be trekking around the area near the haven/outpost, going for a jog all over the place to clear his head. Looking around helps ground him and remind him of what else he’s fighting to protect. During the time that Noctis disappeared into the Crystal, Gladio went away for close to a month after completing a daemon hunt by Longwythe. When he came back, he passed out from exhaustion, bruises and new scars littering his person. As it turned out, he’d walked all over Lucis, only stopping to slay daemons, eat/drink, and relieve himself.

- Bad Day Playlist: K | L | M | N | O

Ignis Stupeo Scientia

- If Gladiolus is the one who feels like he has no time to feel sorry for himself, Specs literally has no time to do so. On bad days, music becomes his constant companion. Expect him to either have a set of Bluetooth earbuds plugged in or, in case he doesn’t have them on him, for Ignis to be humming to himself when he works. You know he’s having a particularly rough day when you can hear him singing (and damn, he’s got a hell of a voice on him), especially since he doesn’t normally sing in the presence of others.

- Theatre in general is something that can put Ignis in a good mood, whether from laughing at a particularly funny play or shedding a few tears during an emotional scene thanks to quality acting. When he was younger and there happened to be a show in Insomnia when he wasn’t particularly busy, his uncle would surprise him with premium tickets and they’d watch together. During the road trip, he’d content himself with watching the anniversary performances stored on his phone whenever they’d stop to rest.

- For Ignis, cooking is always a good way to take one’s mind off things. When he is in a funk, expect a seafood feast fit for the Astrals. Shellfish, trout, trevally…you name it, it’s there. For dessert, fluffy chiffon cake, chocolate-covered fruit and wine or cocktails.

- The comfort activity that never fails to surprise the other bros no matter how many times they’ve seen it is Ignis watching anime or reading manga. He’s actually a low-key fan of Studio Ghibli, together with the occasional josei and shoujo anime. Apart from the theatre performances stored in his phone, he has a few volumes of manga stored at a time, updating them whenever they stop by an outpost. He’s currently watching Koe no Katachi and reading Orange.

- If Ignis is having a bad day and isn’t in the mood to sit around, he will either do yoga or dance (usually contemporary or ballroom). How do you think he got so flexible? Specs will often find himself getting lost in the motions, whether he’s performing a particularly difficult set of poses or being drawn into the world of the song he’s dancing to.

- Bad Day Playlist: P | Q | R | S | T


- Cor is someone who draws or paints when he’s upset. His work revolves mainly around two themes: the scenery of Lucis and his past experiences (his trip to Accordo with Regis and the Trial of Gilgamesh, in particular). His skill has considerably grown over the years, the drawings and paintings now indistinguishable from photographs. ( U )

- Ravus is a writer like Gladio, but of music. The High Commander played the piano and violin as a child, much to Queen Sylva’s delight. He rarely touches the violin ever since he got his new arm, much to his chagrin. Ravus usually composes with his mother and sister in mind, the resulting songs being beautifully haunting and filled with a sense of longing. ( V )

- Lunafreya is one who wishes to be one with nature when feeling down. The sylleblossoms outside of Fenestala Manor have only grown more beautiful and numerous over the years thanks to her care. She also keeps a small garden at the balcony of her room in case she’s too unwell to go outside, the planters filled with more sylleblossoms, lilies, and orchids. ( W )

Thanks for reading through this! Hope you enjoyed it <3

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lxncekogane  asked:

Hi Mogi! Are there any Klance fics that you would recommend? Thanks :)

Oh good golly gosh, here goes my afternoon, because youre about to get a shit ton. xD

If you want to peruse my bookmarks feel free. the link has been filtered down to only klance fics, enjoy your time sifting through 150+ fics ^^; (i have no self control)  And then theres any of my stuff here because i need validation and have no shame with self plugs, but ill put the focus on the other fics for right now. ^^

But here are the ones i reallllyyyy recommend outside of the big name fics that literally the whole fandom knows about.:

Make Me Your Home by Reader115

Summary: “Oh my god, Keeeith,” Lance wheezed. “Keith you’re the best drunk space cadet I’ve ever seen.”“Space cadet,” Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance’s hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He began to gently trace over Lance’s fingers, sending shivers up Lance’s arm and down his spine. “You have looong fingers,” Keith murmured after a few moments.Keith’s face perked up then, as if he’d just had a brilliant idea, and Lance could almost not wait to hear what new obscure thought had entered Keith’s pretty head. He was prepared to laugh, and instead found himself shivering again as Keith leaned far into his personal bubble, lips practically touching Lance’s ear when he spoke next.“I bet you could reach all kinds of things, Lance.”Update: Now with ART by suitboxers!!
WC: 38169 (6/6)
General Notes: just, omg? this fic has like it all, and it all fits into s2?? yes please?? i could not get enough of this fic and talking with the author, there is a rumor that they might write an epilogue and i like high key died. 10/10

Today, anew by MemeKonVLD

Summary: “Lance.”Lance’s eyebrows furrow in concern for a second before his whole face goes gentle and open.“Hey buddy, everything okay?”Keith nods. Then shakes his head, then opens his mouth to let out a noisy sob before he’s hugging the air out of Lance, grip vise tight.Lance hugs him back. That’s one of the great things about him— he doesn’t— he doesn’t need explanations for things like this. He doesn’t make Keith jump through hoops, the way other people might— he’s just— he just knows what Keith needs in times like this. No façades, no posturing.(Or: the one where Keith is trapped in a time loop. A time loop from hell.)
WC: 5910 (6/6 chapters)
General Notes: this was interesting to say the least, and one of my latest reads. I really enjoyed, told from Keiths pov and he’s stuck in a time loop. Angsty, but has a happy ending. 8/10

Voltron Cafe by PinkHitman

Summary:  Lance is the number one butler at a maid cafe, and his number one customer? Just his old High School rival Keith.
WC: 66422 (14/?)
General Notes: This is really funny and quirky. Lance is adorable in all his dorky glory. The whole team is there and i cant count the times ive had to stifle laughter reading it because it was 3am and i really needed to sleep but, hey what are you going to do xD theres also a blog @voltron-cafe and the art is just as quirky as the fic and i love it to all get out. 9/10

a truth in the blood by angstinspace

Summary: “I’m Galra, Lance.”It’s the first time he’s said those words out loud––and to Lance of all people. He should feel horrified at himself but somehow, he doesn’t. In fact, an eerie calmness has settled over him. Everything comes sharply into focus as he stands there, still holding Lance’s wrist, breathing in and out, waiting for a response. A post “Blade of Marmora” fix-it fic. Mostly broganes & klance bonding.
WC: 7489
General Notes: So theres a little bit of angst in this, but it does a really good job of filling in the blanks of what could have happened between ep8 and ep9 of s2. I really liked it, has some Broganes in there and Klance bonding. 8/10

Starlight by epiproctan

Summary: For once, Lance tries to be responsible for something. Namely, his feelings. Needless to say it doesn’t go well.
WC: 7719
General Notes: Lance pov, honestly this boy tries so hard to keep the team dynamic the same, but it never goes well. goes with the trope that EVERYONE knows about mutual pining klance, but goes a different direction just for the hell of it. i loved it. 9/10

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

Summary: In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.
WC: 64888 (13/13)
General Notes: holy fuck do i love this fic, cuz like, wow. Im a sucker for dragons and i loved the way the author inocrporated them into this fic and made it freaking work. A+++. Lots of action, drama-rama and Lance learns a thing or two about hs feelings along the way. 10/10

Burning Love by TeaAndKittens

Summary: An injury sustained on the job for firefighter Keith means an extended medical leave that makes him feel useless and angry. He’s so desperate to get back to his crew at Station 5 that he’s almost willing to try anything - except yoga. Especially after Hunk calls this friend of his that owns a yoga studio and Keith gets supporting evidence for his claim that only crazy people practice yoga.Somehow, despite all of that, Hunk and Shiro manage to bully him into at least trying it. He shows up for that first class expecting to hate it. What he’s not expecting is for Hunk’s friend to be hot like the fire of a thousand suns. Or even more insane in person.Or: Keith’s life. So Hard.
WC: 7017 (2/?)
General Notes: Firefighter Keith and yoga instructor lance,,, um yes please! this fic is just getting started but i really love it so far. 8/10

Sharps and Accidentals by Zizzani

Summary: Keith is a talented up and coming violin virtuoso. Lance hates him immediately.Or an AU in which Lance and Keith both attend the same music university. Keith is deaf. Lance is Trying™.
WC: 39528 (9/?)
General Notes: ok, so i just really love this a lot. im a band nerd so music is like my thing, and this is honestly great. Deaf keith, and lance… poor lance, hes trying ok? Im a couple updates behind, but i really love it a lot. 9/10

bouncing off exit signs by steelthighsvoideyesSummary:

Summary: This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.
WC: 40147 (yes on chap xD)
General Notes: this is like one of those comfort fics for me, i binged it one night, and it was amazing. Based off the song Closer by The Chainsmokers. honeslty, well done. 10/10

Duly Noted by TeaAndKittens

Summary: Keith has a box full of scraps of paper, a lovingly archived collection of all the notes Lance has written him so far in their relationship. Their son has a box just like it, and soon their newly adopted daughter will too.Or: 5 (-ish) notes Lance wrote to Keith, beginning with the one that started it all, and 1 Keith wrote back
WC: 4913
General Notes: this was so fucking cute that i really couldnt stop smiling the whole way through. lance leaving notes everywhere is just so him. 10/10

The Quiet by MilkTeaMiku

Summary: Does he not realise he’s dead?Keith can see ghosts. As a part of his Garrison training, he’s sent to a hospital to do one year of medical clerkship - it’s there that he meets a charmingly irritating ghost who definitely needs to learn what boundaries are.
WC: 38000 (19/?)
General Notes: Stop reading this list and fucking read this oh my gawd. It is that good, go on, shoo 10/10

Flirting with Death by drippingpen

Summary: Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.
WC: 29346 (9/?)
General Notes: yoooo, my friend is reading this, and she is doing such a great job with it. Grim Reaper Keith and lance is high key supposed to be dead, and its awesome. Pidge is as nosey as ever and Hunk is pure™. give it a read, really. 10/10

Days Like Today by literal_trashbaby

Summary: For all Lance’s snarking and posturing, all that easy, cheery confidence, for all his charm and his pretty, pretty smiles (which absolutely did not make Keith a little weak in the knees, no sir). Just every now and then, Keith thought his smile would go just a tiny bit tight around the edges, and he’d go just a little quiet… well, quiet for Lance. And on the days when Lance was just that little bit… Not-Lance, like a force of nature he would, without fail, pull one side of his lower lip into his mouth and just chew on it, destroying those poor, perfect lips. Days like today.OR: Lance is Having a Day and Keith is somehow the only person to notice.
WC: 3159
General Notes: I love it when people write Keith picking up on Lance’s tendencies, its so freaking cute and my heart cannot handle. 9/10

so why don’t we fall by akinghtley

Summary: Five times Lance used a pet name for Keith, and one time Keith used one for Lance.Keith has no basis for having a relationship with someone, so he’s trying to follow Lance’s lead.
WC: 8218
General Notes: NSFW saying that now. but i love pet names, and this was all so cute. Touch of angst, but it makes up for it with fluff. I love it. 9/10

I think tht does it for fic recs rn, i could literally go through all of my bookmarks and list every one of them, but lets face it that would take forever.

Hope you enjoy all that fics!

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what do you mean "its not as good as horrow show"??? both of these songs are amazing and i cant stop listening to them. i love the artwork, tune and lyrics (and the sad undertone is an awsome touch!). the only kind of critic i actually have is that in Horror show some notes in the background were too high, but that seems to have been fixed in the newest song ;) i hope you will continue blessing us with sweet art and music and *tips hat* have a nice day

Well thank you so much, man!!

Thank you so much for the feedback, I’m so happy you liked them both! I just meant that there’s a few people on Youtube that say it’s “Not so Great” but that’s Youtube for you! XD 

It was a completely different genre with a totally different singer, but it did come out a lot better than expected. :D

Originally posted by weevmo

Stage Play Touken Ranbu “Akatsuki no Dokuganryuu”

There is so much I want to say about this play, but unfortunately all those things are major spoilers!! So I will refrain from doing that for now. So read on without fear, I’ll give a warning when the spoilers are coming up.

This play in one word:

I have absolutely no regrets about staying this long in Japan and paying 10,000 yen just to see this play! At this point there is absolutely nothing I can complain about, I enjoyed this play from start to end!

With half of the cast being from the previous play, and the other half being new to the team… things can go horribly wrong, or perfectly right… Thankfully it was the latter one. The old cast expanded on their existing characters and the new cast did a wonderful job at establishing themselves! Sure, it took me a moment to get used to the new cast, but… I can only say they did a wonderful job!

I loved this stage… They have a lot more moving props this time to created different places. It’s done really well! I actually have a photo of the “Honmaru” setting I took before the show started… (but it’s on my phone, so I can’t show it right now) Aside from that we have moving bushes, screens with projections and… folding screens…

Like the previous play we’re welcomed with an opening song, and the play ends with a closing song… Both of these songs, I loved them! I may like these better than the ones from the Honnouji play, but I’d have to hear them more often. At the very least I can say I absolutely loved the dance routine! ^o^// They looked so cool!
For the music they used a mix of old and new soundtracks. Which was pretty nice actually. Gave a bit of a nostalgic feel to certain moments. I’ve got to admit I don’t remember much of the soundtrack though. Let’s say that wasn’t really the thing I focused on. But, the fact I don’t remember it probably means it was a pretty good soundtrack and went really well with the event on stage.

Story-wise I guess this musical was split in two parts. One part focusing on Sayo’s past and his struggles with it. Which is mostly a Sayo/ Yamanbagiri focused plot with Kasen butting in whenever he can and Ookurikara being pulled in by Sayo against his will. And the other part focused on keeping history straight. Which is mostly Mikazuki/ Tsurumaru/ Kasen/ Ookurikara/ Mitsutada/ Sada, but also has some Manba-chan and Sayo included, especially in the first act. Both story arcs were incredibly enjoyable to watch in my opinion.

So, the play starts off with a flash-forward like the previous play. (which I didn’t realize until somewhere in the 2nd act, but…)  And then the focus returns to the citadel, where Sayo’s story is set up, everyone sings and dances and we’re introduced to the new characters. I’m not going to go too much into detail, because honestly. I feel like the story is way to complex for that. After I watched the Musical (Mihotose no Komoriuta) I more or less could remember the flow of the story. For this one, I do remember the flow of the story, but I have absolutely no idea in what order everything happened. Mostly because you keep switching between different story lines. If you’re watching the play that’s not a problem, if you try to puzzle it back together from the top of your head, it is.

Anyway, all I can say with certainty: They really upped the comedy for this musical!! And it was awesome! Especially the first act is a really great mix of comedy and seriousness. Second act is a bit more serious, but then you have Mikazuki coming by and, well… xD Also, without going into the details… in this play we don’t get a War council scene (like in Honnouji), but… remember how in the Touken Ranbu Hanamaru anime you have this one episode where they have thing song about making Udon…? Well, they won’t be singing, but expect something similar! It’s hilarious! (And then they’ll take it a step further in one of the final scenes of the play! Look forward to it!)

And here ends my (mostly) spoiler-free review, now let me go into the bits that make this play absolutely awesome. 

For the love of god, if you’re going to watch this play in the theater and haven’t spoiled yourself yet, please stay away from the next section. You’re going to enjoy it so much more if you don’t know what’s coming!! (I even would like to tell people who are waiting for the DMM live-stream or DVD release to stay away, but I suppose you’ll be spoiled anyway by that time, but…)

Really I’m serious, major spoilers ahead!!


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It’s HERE!

I recently bought Suzunosuke’s art-book Fragment 3 and it came in the mail today!

It’s about the Infinite ∞Night Series~ It’s Really cool so I decided to take a few pictures *my camera is sh!t so please bear with low quality pics*

I really liked this scene in Twilight∞Night but….

Hello~ there~ what’s this?

Also the hand pushing Mecoo! Suspicious! (¬з¬)

The masked versions look so dead inside also…

Once again we see the eyes of the twins change to red (Len has his face turned but I’m guessing his are like that too ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ)

I really like how stupid Kaito’s face looks in this one XD 

There’s a bunch of concept art like this but I dunno what it’s for. Maybe for the novel series? 

Or maybe a new song???

In the end of the book there’s a little bonus:

“Tonight was a great performance as well”

ohohohoh~ I wanna know~ I wanna knoooow!

And that’s that, sorry again for the crappy pictures if anyone wants a better quality image I might scan them so tell me

See ya next time~╰(✧∇✧)


So, I went to see Musical Touken Ranbyu today and..Holy shit it was awesome!

Just really, loved the story, loves the cast, loved the songs. The only complaint I have would be the technical issue where I felt that the sound speakers weren’t able to handle the loudness of the music and messed up the awesomeness of the songs sometimes, which I felt was honestly a shame, because they did really well on the singing. (Also, I think the music was a little too loud sometimes, as you could barely hear the actors sing.)

Until I picked up my tickets at the theater I had no clue where I’d be seated, so I feared the worst, but… I had some really nice seat. 15th row, 18th seat. Which not too far from the stage, and right in the middle of the theater at the aisle! 

More impressions and a short summery under the cut… 
(Read at your own risk! May contain spoilers! I’ll try to keep it cryptic though.)

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My Impression of Touken Ranbu in Itsukushima Jinja! (My opinion)

Just a reminder before I start talking about my impression of seeing Itsukushimia Jinja for the first time, this is all my opinion. Feel free to disagree with me but no hateful comments or nasty remarks please! 

May contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen it! Read at your own risk!

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Some more reactions to the Digimon partners’ CD!

Agumon’s song, as I said, so ridiculous and fun, what else can you do when asked to have a characte like Agumon sing, I mean really? I just love how he pesters Taichi for food ahaha

Gabumon’s song matches so well with Yamato’s. It’s so passionate xD Especially the way he howls at the end. And all the lines about music and sound… ah my heart!

Biyomon (is a surprisingly good singer? lol) is also a nice match for Sora’s song. So encouraging <3

and seriously TENTOMON’S SONG IS SO GREAT, I can’t over it, laughing forever but also ugly crying because he loves Koushirou so much guys aaaaahhhhhh “KOUSHIROU-HAN. AKIMAHEN.”

Palmon’s is sweet. Patamon’s is adorable. Gomamon’s I love, in a similar way to Tentomon’s, although it’s much easier to identify as a song haha. He’s just so dedicated to Jou <3

Tailmon’s is another tear-jerker :8 I def think there’s some foreshadowing for Kyousei in there. And Meicoomon is shockingly cool sounding lol. It’s the plot-centric song so.

when I heard they did character songs for the partners, I was like, “that’s so Japan!” But I didn’t expect them to be so adorable and charming even in their ridiculousness. Digimon is truly a gift y’all lmao

Ok, so, I have this friend at college that I kinda have a slight “crush” on (but it’s not really a crush, it’s more like… admiration? because he’s my age but he’s SO inteligent and cool and yeah, it’s admiration!) The thing is, once in a while I send him kpop songs I like because we are actually close, so he doesn’t really mind it, and most of them are Zico’s songs. He actually listens to the songs/videos I send him and he actually enjoys it, although he’s not into kpop, he’s just open for music from different places/languages. I kinda.. fangirl a little with him too. lol I can’t control it and he ends up laughing. Yesterday I sent him Zico’s “Pride and Prejudice” live with Suran, because it’s a beautiful live, the song is 10/10 and their voices match so well. He said the song is really great and he’s gonna add it to the playlist he listens to when he’s working, and also says that he enjoys most of the songs I send him, especially from Zico! (I can’t count how many songs from Zico I’ve sent him already LOL). I think he turned into a Zico fanboy now but hasn’t noticed yet! XD Idk why I’m sharing this, but I’m somehow happy that Zico’s work is appreciated by people who is not into kpop or k-music in general…

Kalafina @ Mezamashi Live 2017 - Live Report (CORRECTED)

I corrected some minor and major mistakes (it wasn’t Wakana who danced mit Keiko during “Hyakka Ryouran”s kajiurago bridge, but Hikaru).

So today, on July 23rd 2017 Kalafina had their Live event in Fuji TV’s huge “Minna no Yume no Tairiku”-Festival: “Mezamashi Live” in Odaiba, Tokyo. Of course, I had to go, since tickets only cost 1500 Yen and they included some other stuff too, like entrance to special floors at the Fuji TV building.

Before going to the Live, I expored Odaiba, mainly the Fuji TV building and the boothes and sales corners (they had human-sized statues of One Piece characters - I died of excitement and happiness long before I went to see Kalafina).
The weather was actually quite bad, if you compare it to the past weeks here in Tokyo. It was very cloudy and windy and it did rain sometimes (but only a bit and it was over soon). But for me, that was probably the best thing of the whole day. I don’t know if someone already experienced summer in Japan/Tokyo area, but it is hell. Starting from rain season in mid-June until fucking October it is over 30°C almost every day with a humidity of 198675%. There’s literally no air to breath. So the fact that we did not have the sun burning down mercilessly on the poor souls walking here today, we had a refreshing wind and a bit of rain, which also probably made people stay in their homes, since it was not crowded at all (and I am talking about Odaiba on a sunday).

Anyway, I couldn’t participate in the pre-sale for fanclub members, so I just bought a ticket like any normal peasant at 7-Eleven. I had a number in the 1000s, so yeah, I thought I would not be able to see the stage at all, but I was actually wrong. Due to the arrangement of the areas where people were allowed to stand, I could see the stage perfectly and I wasn’t too far away from it. There was also a goods corner beforehand, where they sold some 9+ONE merchandise as well as stuff from older concerts.

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(two amvs within 24 hours? what is this? xD) but anyways, here’s a little thing i made for my friend, @triturechan! it’s still your birthday in my timezone, but it’s…kind of a late birthday present for you. ^^;; i hope it’s okay (i made it with a FOB song bc they are one of your favorite artists/bands, yes? ouo)! also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES, TRIT! <3 i hope it was well! :D 

Seems like Sawano is starting to take a liking to 8-bit sounds in his songs.

I’m talking about Dark Side of the Moon.

Levi’s song.

A rearrange of Reluctant Heroes, which is one of my all-time favorite Sawano songs as well as one of the first I’ve heard.

Now, some of you may know but the character song of Mikasa, No matter where you are is entirely made by Sawano himself, while the other character songs are done by Kohta Yamamoto, who has recently been working closely with Sawano especially during Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga.

The thing is.

I’m not sure about these final two songs.

According to the information we have, both Dark Side of the Moon and Hope of Mankind are composed by Sawano but arranged by Yamamoto. I’m not entirely sure how this affects the final song, but Dark Side of the Moon sounds VERY Yamamoto-ish, so I’m going to take it he was in charge of the instruments and final sound style.

Still, I think it’s kind of a cool thing. First we have Barricades and its 8-bit sounds and now this. Sawano probably asked Yamamoto to do it, idk.

Honestly though, very appreciated! The song itself sounds great so far and.. theDOGS, being my #1 Vocal Song better make a good comeback with Hope of Mankind! Of course, they are different songs, but the instrumentals matter!

And did I mention how long I’ve waited for a proper Reluctant Heroes instrumental? Sawano never released the official one from the original song in Season 1. Well, there’s Reluctant Heroes <MODv> which has an instrumental but I’m not a big fan of it. (Still appreciate Mica Caldito’s vocals though!)

Looks like I’ll finally have a good instrumental to use for a proper singing practice xD

The Music Shuffle Tag!

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Ngl, I shuffled my playlist 11 times, I’m that embarrassed with my preferences XD) 

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on, then tag 20 other people to do it. (I’m confused, in some posts, it says tag 10 people, but oh well *shrugs*)

1. Pretending - Glee Cast

2. Bean’s Secret Cider Cellar - Alexandre Desplat

3. Unseen Two - RADWIMPS

4. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

5. Heart Skips a Beat - Lenka

6. Never Gonna Leave You - Us the Duo

7. La Seine - Vanessa Paradis

8. Attack on Titan - Hiroyuki Sawano

9. Call Your Name - Hiroyuki Sawano

10. No One Else Like You - Adam Levine 

I taaaaaag: @kaneackerman @monxdragon @angrysmolchild @idontknowhatthehelliamdoing @reiner-is-my-armored-daddy @eren-loves-dogs @casually-not-fitting-in @handsomelevi @aotaku-jaeger104 @moeriren @arteis @deyanirasan @teatimewithamz @sanspert @humanity-s-strongest-34 @oiseaui @oekakiuma @hazelhime @tenderlydeliciousstrawberry and @marleyparty!

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Music Shuffle Tag

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Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on, then tag 20 other people to do it.

my music library is suuuper decentralized, but i can do this on my phone’s internal library and see what it pulls up

Neon Indian - Suns Irrupt
(well this is a weird one… great album tho)

Imogen Heap - Daylight Robbery
(I think I have this because I download music as entire albums LOL but now that I’m reminded of it, it’s a good one)

TVXQ - I don’t know (Korean ver.)

Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful (I’ll Put A Spell On You) 
(i love this… so atmospheric, one of those songs that make u think of ur otp)

Modest Mouse - 3rd Planet
(back from when MM was more bitter. This is actually one of my ultimate favorites from them)

(another A+ album, Miracle Mile. This isn’t my favorite but I never skip it when it comes on. Very peaceful)

TVXQ - Humanoids (Jap. ver)
(YEAHH ANOTHER JAM, bless them for filling my library <3)

Depeche Mode - Judas
(Hahaha this is from DM’s grunge phase. They’re my favorite band of all time, but my faves from them are probably their 80s synthpop, though this album is something very special.)

Keane - On A Day Like Today
(I love Keane so much… a sad song for every occasion, and all so beautiful)

M83 - Another Wave From You
(yeah, I was a sucker for M83′s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming like everybody else)

welp now you now how eclectic my tastes in music are hahaha, this was a p good sampling. tagging (feel free to ignore) @leavescrown @aquariushinki @canigetstorecredit @hikonyandesu @tapunyr @nekochama13 @lilgoldiva @seijuurouus @aglassroseneverfades @rosecastillo @hannigrampa @usagishindou @all8the1fanfics3 @luisisadragon @disregardedletters @screaminxpka @shakesbee @pommehina @jeggby @soulmateshinki

So yeah here’s the first of a series of Miraculous Ladybug doodles i ended up doing :3 I’m planning on fixing up the others so patience! In the mean time~

IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE FULL VERSION OF THE FRENCH OPENING PLEASE DO IT. After I was done melting at Chat Noir’s voice in it, I did some hunting and..while disappointed it wasn’t Chat Noir’s actual voice actor in the show, I found the singer for both that and the one who did the song in the 2D PV. …he’s a pretty old dude but with such a great voice. 

So now, I have this headcanon that not only can Adrien play piano, he can also sing rather well (though he doesn’t show it off obviously) and i couldn’t help but draw this doodle with little Mari steaming in the background xD. I found one of the singer’s songs where he’s not like..young Michael Jackson’s kiddy voice, here if you wanna listen. It’s pretty old though. The guy’s like 50+ :P

sketchy fan art for Circus-P´s song ‘Karma’! Rin sounds so amazing in there I love her english voicebank! He mastered her voice so well (I mean he always does a good job with the english voicebanks of Vocaloids). I was a little afraid at first since they don´t always sound that great in english tbh xD but I shouldn´t have worried this time since Circus is good at it sooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeah.


NAME: Nerys.
NICKNAME: Pachirisu.
AGE: 17
FACECLAIM: I don’t really have one…I guess if I needed one then..Yui from Angel Beats.

HEIGHT: 5′5″ I think, I haven’t checked in a while.
BIRTHDAY: 18th of May.

AESTHETIC: Oh gosh, I’m not sure. Umm….old books, blanket forts, pinkie promises, fairy lights, aaaaand….mugs with cats on.

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: Carousel - Melanie Martinez

FAVOURITE MUSE(S) YOU’VE WRITTEN: Well I didn’t get to use him much but Staz from Blood Lad was fun. He just doesn’t care about anything and it’s great XD. And I haven’t had him long but Lance just might take that top spot.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO TAKE ON YOUR CURRENT MUSE (THAT YOU ARE POSTING THIS ON): I accidentally deleted my last rp blog so I needed a new one anyway, and while I was muse-hunting I realised I really relate to Lance, so I figured, why not give it a shot? Seems to be going well so far.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE ASPECTS OF YOUR CURRENT MUSE: Lance is just such a cutie pie. He does have his stupid moments but it’s very rare for him to do anything bad on purpose. He just needs looking after because he’s sad and he gets lonely but he doesn’t think anyone wants to deal with that side of him. But he’s fun too, always flirting and being really awkward and I just love everything about him.

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION WHEN IT COMES TO WRITING: I’m a writer by nature anyway (it’s basically the only thing I’m good at XD) but I absolutely love writing in threads because the inspiration comes from the reply. You’re not just mapping out a scene because you only get to choose half of what happens, so it stays interesting.

FAVORITE TYPES OF THREADS: Any. Give me fluff, angst, something really serious, or something stupid. Give me muses fighting or falling in love, I’ll take it all.

BIGGEST STRUGGLE IN REGARDS TO YOUR CURRENT MUSE: I think I’ve got a pretty good understanding of Lance, so I don’t really struggle with writing him, but there are so many amazing Lances on here that I think the struggle just comes from being brave enough to roleplay with people in case I’m not as good as other Lances they rp with.

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