the song is from hannah montanna

you  know what is the best annoying thing coming from a musical family? getting all of our music stuck in my head! I could be humming Younger Now to my self and my little sisters song get thrown in the mix!! Anyway what up, i’m miley, y’all know the chick who was Hannah Montanna? Killed her then brought her back to life again? 

Miley Cyrus idolized people like Joan Jett and wanted to be somebody in this world to leave her legacy behind. She asked her people to create a new fresh sound for her. She wanted to sound more “black”. In return she obtained the song “We Can’t Stop” & worked with Mike Will known for his cool hiphop beats. She adopted a false personality to go with her “urban” music and immitates black culture WITHOUT understanding it. She wanted to become somebody so far from Hannah Montanna. She is not racist. She is ignorant and self centered. She sells sex like every other pop star and it is nothing new. She uses shock value to promote her music to be number 1 on the charts. All ideas are recycled in the entertainment industry and what she is doing is not original or creative. There is no Miley Cyrus movement! She is an average joe to me and I don’t understand what the big deal is about her.