the song is called replay

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Genderbent!Wolfstar)

Moony was more than certain that her crush on Sirius was not obvious. She had had years of practice on hiding it. That is the reason why she got so nervous when a very blushing Sirius asked her out. Even if Sirius did somehow find out about her crush it wouldn’t have made any sense for Pads to ask her out. Padfoot was her friend… and also a huge prankster.


Moony didn’t want to believe that Sirius would ask her out, just to play a prank on her. It would have been too mean, even for Sirius.

But what if it is a stupid prank? What if Pads is just setting me up with someone? After all, we’ve been friends for years. Why now?

Wasn’t Pads the one who almost made me go out with that girl from Ravenclaw? Asking me out makes no sense…

Of course it’s a bad hair day, what a surprise!

Calm down, for Godric’s sake! It’s just a simple date, it’s not like you haven’t been on a date before!

Slight curls should work, they always do. Nothing too fancy.

*Moony finally understand that she’s clearly overthinking and decides to put some music on for distraction. She starts the vinyl player that the 3 Marauders got for her last birthday.*

*Queen’s ”Crazy Little Thing Called Love” starts playing and Moony can’t help but singing along*

This thing called love, I just can’t handle it
This thing called love, I must get round to it
I ain’t ready
Crazy little thing called love 

This thing (this thing)
Called love (called love)
It cries (like a baby)
In a cradle all night
It swings (woo woo)

Moony: “Maybe I’m suddenly good at eyeliner?”

* she tries to cover up her scars a bit, she always does it when she’s nervous*

It jives (woo woo)
It shakes all over like a jelly fish
I kinda like it
Crazy little thing called love

There goes my baby
She knows how to rock ‘n’ roll
She drives me crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track’s
Take a back seat, hitch-hike

After a bit of thinking, she decides to wear a grey quite wide shirt.

But then she notices the scars that are covering her body.

Even a button up plaid shirt wasn’t working today.

And take a long ride on my motor bike
Until I’m ready (Ready Freddie)
Crazy little thing called love

Moony: “Nothing to wear, how great is that.”

Finally she decides to dig out a simple t-shirt with some lace parts, it’s been in her possession for at least a year but she has always felt that it’s not quite her style.

Sirius: “ Is that a new necklace?”

Moony: “How long have you been there?”

Sirius: “ Since the plaid shirt.” *stupid smirk*

Moony: “ Get the hell out Black! Just… wait for me in the living room.”

This thing called love I just can’t handle it
this thing called love I must get round to it
I ain’t ready
Crazy little thing called love

The song that has been replayed for 3 times already ends once again and an uncomfortable silence takes over.

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Screenshot of a WIP, a huge-ass thorki project that I don’t know how I got myself into, but I know Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and “Legendary Lovers” are majorly responsible. Lots of belly-dancing in here.

Should take a couple weeks to do D: This is the biggest “comic” I’ve ever done. (I’m going to file my updates for this under the tag “huge-ass comic”)

I don’t know if anyone noticed. But I listened to the Call Me Daddy song for the whole day on forever replay.

 And I noticed, the lyrics is kinda….well.

 There are parts where it says: 

 “I’m gonna be the man, you gonns be the girl…" 

 If the other person was a girl it would be clear that who would play which role like, for a wouldn’t be saying “you can be the girl” if she is already one.

 "Let me show you how it feels for a girl…" 

 Again, if the person was a girl, she would know how it feels to be a girl, and it wouldn’t be needed to show her how it feels.

 ”Baby boy tonight…”

 And that’s where all of the above mentioned statements get true.

 people this is a damn gay song. 


Rihanna’s ANTI album is great and lowkey deep, probably not deeper than Rated R. That’s debatable. People was expecting Antithesis (the full name of the album), to be full of songs like Pour It Up, BBHMM or Pon De Replay. People are calling the album “boring” because they can’t shake their ass to it 😂 this is an album to vibe out and chill to, not get hype. This is proof that Rihanna isn’t a manufactured artist and she bends the rules. Rihanna wasn’t worried about sales, she wanted everyone to enjoy the music. Music, first. Sales, later. ANTI went platinum already. It hasn’t even been out for a week yet. It also vocally beat Rated R.


Hello! Okay I’m going to get down to business.

SHINee is a 5 member South Korean boy band under SM Entertainment! They debuted May 25, 2008 with Replay or Noona Neomu Yeppo, which is like “Noona is So Pretty” The members in order of Age are:

Meet Onew (His real name is Lee Jinki) He’s the leader and lead vocalist! He’s dorky and clumsy and REALLY strong. He’s my personal favorite. He has a really warm soothing type voice. (He’s great with opera) His family owned a meat shop in Korea, meat is pretty pricey there! He came from a upper middle class home and is an only child. He graduated second in his class!(Pretty impressive in my opinion) He use to do musicals, but was forced to stop due to the fact he had to have throat surgery. Many people( I think he did as well) were scared he wouldn’t be able to sing again. His fans are called MVP’s! In their debut song Replay Onew mentions MVP and yeah it stuck!


This is Jonghyun. He’s the main vocalist! He’s been compared to puppies and dinnosaurs.(Weirdly fitting combination) He’s a cutie pie, with a huge love for his sister. He’s really silly and loves anime and is a radio show host. Not a lot is known about him. (Or at least not a lot was known) People say he comes from a wealthy family but I’m not completely sure. He went to a music academy and later dropped out to focus on debuting. He was a bassist in a band, and did hair too lol He recently had his solo debut, with Crazy and Deja-Boo. His fans are called blingers! I’m not sure why but if I could take a guess I’d say it was because of his smile. It lights up a room.


Next is Key! His real name is Kim Kibum and he comes from Daegu. He’s like a quadruple  threat! He can sing, dance, rap, and he’s been in a few musicals. He’s from a pretty well off family. Most people will say he’s the best well off of the members. He was sent abroad for school to learn a new language( I’m not entirely sure where) Then later on he was on an exchange program in California for a year! He was REALLY close to his grandmother. He once said she would call almost everyday and would tell him how he thought his songs would do lol His family was really wealthy tbh He’s known as the mother type of the group. His fans are called Lockets, because he is the Almighty Key. A.K.A huge diva, and fashion extraordinaire.


Next is Minho!!! He’s the main rapper!(But honestly his voice is really nice) He use to play soccer and at one point wanted to be a soccer player, but his father was against it. His dad was a soccer coach! He’s really competitive, especially when it comes to sports. You should see him at the idol Olympics lol he goes hard. He’s said to be really well off. He’s a huge cuddly bear goof ball. He’s a hot to mcountdown(or is it mnet?) and the show has spoken about how they feel he is an important part. His fans are flamers, named after his “trait” when he debuted. He was flaming charisma, but that was before he showed us he’s actually just a huge nerd.


Lastly we have Taemin! Not a lot is known about him really. He debuted when he was 14 though! That’s extremely impressive in my opinion. He disclosed that he was pretty poor. As a trainee he would walk around with headphones on and put the plug in his back pocket because he couldn’t afford an Ipod or mp3 player. He’s an AMAZING dancer, and has improved A LOT in his singing. Last year he even debuted with his Solo album Danger. I think all Shawols are incredibly proud of him. He can be a little bit of a pain in the ass but in a fun manner. His fans are called Taemints because he use to hand out candies to the fans.

And this is the shining SHINee!

From left to right Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, and Key

And in order left to right Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key


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ideas for lilo signs. bc you know, concerts need more lilo love

in case you consider making one, make sure to send me a picture :)

  • “Liam is strong noble perfect and warm (warm) - Louis Tomlinson, 2013″
  • “I’m just admiring you.”
  • “Liam, you are the best band member.”
  • “Liam did say the other day that he’s never met anyone like me.”
  • “Look at that cheeky smile!”
  • “It’s Liam Time.”
  • “He’s my boy.”
  • “Hello cheeky ;)”
  • “Crinkles by your eyes when you shmile.”
  • “Bizzle.”
  • “Noice.” 
  • “Me and Liam have this thing”
  • “Liam could you help me”
  • “Liam will fix it”
  • “Because I love him”
  • “If anything were to happen i know 100% Louis would be there for me”
  • “Sometimes when I think of inspiration for songs i’ll call Tommo right away”
  • “P town” / “T-Dawg”
  • “Gruesome Twosome”
  • “Replay”
  • “I’ll just wait for you at home”
  • “Big strong grip”
  • "Payno and Tommo”
  • “Morning everyone tell Louis off for being late” - “Morning everyone tell Liam off for not being late”