the song is black sheep by gin wigmore


that time of year is approaching, and if you need some tunes to get in the spooky mood, have i got a trilogy for you

howl - werewolves

howl - florence + the machine | kill of the night - gin wigmore | wolf & i - oh land | dirty paws - of monsters and men | wolf like me - lera lynn | wolf - first aid kit | lil’ red riding hood - laura gibson | a wolf at the door - radiohead | you’re a wolf - sea wolf | the wolves (act I & II) - bon iver | daniel in the den - bastille | the wolf - fever ray [bonus tracks]: wolf like me - tv on the radio | lil’ red riding hood - sam the sham & the pharaohs | hungry like the wolf - duran duran

hunt - vampires

work song - hozier | if i had a heart - fever ray | lonesome hunter - timber timbre | white teeth teens - lorde | bloodsport - sneaker pimps | date with the night - yeah yeah yeahs | my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine | night time, my time - sky ferreira | kill and run - sia | secret - the pierces | valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonds | i walk the line - halsey | i will never die - delta rae | sleep baby sleep - teresa straley | o death - jen titus

hex - witches

blood on my name - the brothers bright | wishin’ well - sioux city kid | black sheep - gin wigmore | the bullet - devil makes three | under your spell - timber timbre | house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell | take me to church - hozier | bones - little big town | me and the devil - soap & skin | seven devils - florence + the machine | when the lights go out - the black keys | raise hell - brandi carlile | chasing twisters - delta rae | jungle - x ambassadors | wicked ones - dorothy

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▍ FACE CLAIM:  Krysten Ritter
▍ NAME:  "Nita" St. Clair
▍ AGE:  "29" (132
▍ GENDER:  Female
▍ NATIONALITY:  Canadian
▍ BIRTHDAY: August 13
▍ SUN SIGN:  Leo
▍ RESIDENCE: Various penthouses
▍ MARITAL STATUS:  Dependent on verse
▍ ALIGNMENT:  Chaotic Neutral


▍ DRINK:  Coffee, Pepsi or alcohol.
▍ FOOD:  Soylent Green (hint: Its people), Meatloaf, and lasagna
▍ DAY OR NIGHT:  Night
▍ SNACKS: Whiskey, that counts as a snack.
▍ SONG: Black sheep gin wigmore
▍ QUOTE:  “Only priests and fools are fearless, and I’ve never been on the best of terms with God.“
▍ HISTORICAL CHARACTER:  Elizabeth Bathory
▍ PET:  does Alaric count?
▍ BOOK: Gullivers Travels ~Jonathon Swift
▍ COLOUR:  Purple and Silver
▍ FLOWER / PLANT:  Tiger Lilly
▍ SEXUALITY:  Pansexual


▍ BODY TYPE:  Slim
▍ EYE COLOUR:  green/brown
▍ HAIR COLOUR:   Black

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Top 10 Songs

I was tagged by @breval  Thank you so much! I just went through your music and I’m honestly in love. What a classy, romantic and wistful list of songs that, to my shame, I’ve never heard of before. I really loved “The Corries Barrett’s Privateers”, so much in fact, that I put it on my IPod. 

Rule: List the top ten songs you are listening to nowadays and tag (ten) mutuals

1. Riverside by Agnes Obel

2. Monster Lead Me Home by Sara Hartman

3. Secret by Angel Snow

4. Everglow by Coldplay

5. Start of Time by Gabrielle Aplin

6. Red by Miriel Wagner

7. Devil Devil by Milck

8. Gasoline by Halsey

9. Confident by Demi Lovato

10. Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore

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Relationship status: Taken

Favorite color: Purple/blue

Lipstick or chapstick: Both are good and wholesome in the right situations, but I definitely use chapstick more.

Last song I listened to: Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore

Last movie I watched: One of the Avengers, not sure which one. (It was not of my own choice.)

Top 3 Shows:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Top 3 Characters:

Dean Winchester


Sam Winchester

Top 3 Ships:




Books I’m currently reading:


5 things in my bag:






5 things in my room:

Soda cans


Water color palette

Post-it notes

UV Flashlight

5 things on my to-do list:

Finish licensing process

Get a job

Go to Virginia


Get my shit together

6 things I’m into:





Dr. Pepper


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Heya! I’ve been tagged by @scienceoftheidiot​ and @soot-and-snide :P. /kisses and shower of sparkles for U.

So, list 10 songs  you are currently into and tag 10 people to do the same.

So *grabs her Ipod*:

I’m Afraid of Americans - David Bowie

Bullet with Butterfly Wing - The Smashing Pumpkins

Outlaws - Tribe Society

The Window - Bonefield

Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore

When They Come for Me - Linkin Park

Shadow of the Dat - Linkin Park

I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons

Believer - Imagine Dragon

Tell That Devil - Jill Andrews

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I hope you are still doing this!! 🔥⭐️🌠🙂💪🏽🌇

As long as people ask, I shall respond! :D 

🔥 - ( song that pumps me up) I listed a few in Alala’s ask, but here’s a few more: Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore, Move Like U Stole It - ZZ Ward, Shark in the Water - VV Brown.

⭐️ - (song i’ll listen to on repeat) oh shit, there’s a few and it depends on my mood, but Ophelia - The Lumineers and Oh My God - Hollow Wood 

🌠 - (song that’s special to me) - there’s quite a few, but these 3 come to mind: Love Vigilantes - Iron & Wine, Talk & Fix You - Coldplay (The X&Y album as a whole, really) 

🙂 - (song that makes me smile) Dance, Rascal Dance - Baby Goya (the Bleachers), Slink (A Hymn) - Locksley

💪🏽 - (song that helps me be strong) - I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers, Forest - Twenty One Pilots, Believer - Imagine Dragons

🌇 - (song that inspires me) - Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie, Slow Life - Of Monsters & Men, Birds of a Feather - The Civil Wars

Thanks for the ask doll! <3

‘when i was a child, i heard voices. some would sing and some would scream.’

a chaotic fanmix that will take you on a psychopathic rollercoaster; all dedicated to the lovely but dangerously misguided and undoubtedly crazy, callista ross.

the devil within - digital daggers / blood on my hands - danielle parente / runs in the family - amanda palmer / seven devils - florence +the machine / oblivion - patrick wolf / twisted nerve - bernard herrmann / bad moon rising - mourning rituals / mad world - gary jules / mister sandman - chordettes / arsonist’s lullaby- hozier / black sheep - gin wigmore / breezeblocks - alt j / help i’m alive (acoustic) - metric

listen here

Les Sorciéres』a mix for witches ;; for graveyard dances and nights that smell of honeysuckle and dirt, for the girls with belladonna kisses and fire in their veins, whispered incantations that spill from lips red with wine and leap like sparks from a fire.  for something wicked this way comes. {listen}

Lose Your Soul-Dead Man’s Bones // Black Mirror-Arcade Fire // Demons - Acoustic-Dry the River // Dead Hearts-Dead Man’s Bones // Devil’s Spoke-Laura Marling // My Body Is A Cage-Arcade Fire // Dance In The Graveyards-Delta Rae // Lady Moon-Kellianna // Surrounded-Delta Rae // Youth-Daughter // Wandering Star-POLIÇA // Kerr’s Negro Jig-Carolina Chocolate Drops // Only If For A Night-Florence + The Machine // Night-Zola Jesus // Bones-MS MR // If I Had A Heart-Fever Ray // Black Sheep-Gin Wigmore // Raise Hell-Brandi Carlile // Monster-Mikky Ekko // Devil’s Resting Place-Laura Marling // House Of The Rising Sun-The Animals

Train Like a Demigod // A PJO Workout Mix

songs to workout to so you’ll be ready to save the world when the time comes

1. Salute by Little Mix / 2. Run Boy Run (Remix) by Woodkid / 3. We Come Running (Remix) by Youngblood Hawke / 4. Wrecking Ball (Remix) by Miley Cyrus / 5. So What by Pink / 6. Venus by Lady Gaga / 7. Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore / 8. 99 Problems by Hugo / 9. The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

{listen} {art source}

Dirty Paws, an Arya Stark mix  {Listen}

01. Black - Kari Kimmel / 02. Lose your soul - Dead Man’s Bones / 03. Black sheep - Gin Wigmore / 04. Howl - Florence + the Machine / 05. Laura Palmer - Bastille / 06. Dirty paws - Of Monsters and Men / 07- Wolf - First Aid Kit / 08. Kill of the night - Gin Wigmore / 09. Soul of a Man - Steven Stern / 10. Wild wolves - Athlete / 11. Bad moon rising - Mourning Ritual / 12. Maneater - Blue Eyed Blondes / 13. Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars / 14. Marked man - Mikea Pauley / 15. Run boy run - Woodkid / 16. Rocks and water - Deb Talan / 17. Bottom of the river - Delta Rae / 18. Blood on my name - The Wright Brothers


Your songs

Derek Hale

We might fall, Ryan Star

Devil within, Digital Daggers

Railroad track, Willy Moon

Blood on my name, The Wright brothers.

Peter Hale

Kill of the night, Gin Wigmore

Black sheep, Gin Wigmore

The Wolf, Phildel

Seven Devils, Florence And The Machine.

Bad moon rising, Mourning Ritual.

Stiles Stilinski

Who are you really? Mickey Ekko

Afraid, The Neighbourhood

So cold, Ben Cocks

Ships in the night, Matt Kearny

Human, Christina Perri

Jackson Whittmore

Death valley, Fall Out Boy

Alone together, Fall Out Boy,

Rock star, A Great Big World,

Paradise, Coldplay

Artificial nocturne, Metric

Isaac Lahey

Grade 8, Ed Sheeran

All of me, John Legend

Your song, Ellie Goulding

In for the kill, La Roux

Fix you, Coldplay

Scott McCall

losing your memory, Ryan Star

youth, Daughter

stop and stare, One Republic

impossible, James Arthur

we are young, Fun.

I’LL BE HERE WHEN YOU START SINKING  [ a mix for artemis crock ] 

1. sour cherry [ the kills ]  2. i know what i am [ band of skulls ]  3. i’m so sorry [ imagine dragons ]  4. stuff is messed up [ the offspring ]  5. dad’s gonna kill me [ richard thompson ]  6. raise hell [ brandi carlile ]  7. black sheep [ gin wigmore ]  8. burn [ the pretty reckless ]  9. wolf & i [ oh land ]  10. the devil within [ digital daggers ]  11. daddy lessons [ beyonce ]  12. castle [ halsey ]  13. snake song [ isobel campbell & mark lanegan ]  14. glitter and gold [ barns courtney ]  15. heal [ tom odell ]  16. human [ gabrielle aplin ]  17. tender [ blur ]  18. eat you alive [ the oh hellos ]

Daughters of Darkness- A mix for lady villians and antiheroes

Whether you’re bad to the bone or just a complicated antihero with occasionally violent intentions, this is a mix for women who walk the wild side.

1. Daughters of Darkness| Halestorm//2. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap| Joan Jett//3. Bad Girls Do It Well|  M.I.A.//4. Kill of the Night| Gin Wigmore// 5. Everything Burns| Anastacia ft. Ben Moody//6. Bad Reputation| Joan Jett//7. My Medea| Vienna Teng//8. Black Sheep| Gin Wigmore//9. Mother| Lisse//10. Glittering Cloud| Imogen Heap//11.No Good Deed| Idina Menzel//12. Golden Queen Galaxia| Horie Mitsuko// 13. Fight Like a Girl| Emilie Autumn//14.Cheap and Evil Girl| Bree Sharp //15. Ghost Flowers| OTEP//16. Rocking Horse| The Dead Weather

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I realized in the process of making fanmixes I’d collected a lot of songs about ladies feeling violent and scary, so I put them all together for a lady villian and/or antihero mix. The cover graphic (which I short of gave up on halfway through) is my favorite lady villians and antiheroes that I think of when playing certain songs from this mix.

“Reckoning” listen to it here [x]

daisy // brand new | black sheep // gin wigmore | paradise circus // massive attack | twenty seven // ms mr | satin in a coffin // modest mouse | bad karman // ida maria | beast // nico vega | things i don’t remember // ugly casanova | the noose // george karas | pride // manchester orchestra | the other side // woodkid | biting down // lorde | the hand that feeds // nin | who are you really // mikky ekko | crystalised // the xx | evening on the ground (liliths song) // iron and wine | wonder // soap&skin | stand by me // mona

Hell In High Heels (A Marvel Ladies Fanmix) [listen]

001. Salute (Little Mix) I 002. Rescue (Yuna) I 003. Kinda Outta Luck (Lana Del Ray) I 004. Kill of the Night (Gin Wigmore) I 005. Warriors (Imagine Dragons) I 006. The Devil Within (Digital Daggers) I 007. Elastic Heart (Sia) I 008. Soldier On (Temper Tap/Cover) I 009. One Woman Army (Porcelain Black) I 010. Demons (Imagine Dragons/Cover) I 011. Bad Things (Meiko) I 012. The Phoenix (Fall Out Boy) I 013. Black Sheep (Gin Wigmore) I 014. Run (Daughter) I 015. Mercy (Hurts) I 016. Chandelier (Sia/Cover) I 017. The Scientist (Coldplay/cover) I 018. Cosmic Love (Florence and the Machine) I 019. God Help the Girl (God Help the Girl) I 020. Glory and Gore (Lorde) I 021. Fight Song (Rachel Platten) I 022. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light ‘em Up] (Fall Out Boy) I 023. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes/Glitch Mob Remix)