the song is about a giant hole

y’all better shut up about the hole Lady Gaga vs. Bey shit bc lemme tell u smthing… they both. used. the superbowl. to. spread. a giant. fuck you. to all the shit going on.

Bey was about black power, Gaga was a little more varied, and including the song born this way, which is HER song that is basically like… 100% diversity, many of the groups mentioned in Born This Way are people who are under attack. BLACK WHITE OR BEIGE, CHOCLA, ORIENT MADE, etc. but not in an #alllivesmatter way. 

like, come on now. Gaga’s a fucking ally(to the poc and other oppressed groups) and last I checked her and Bey were fucking lesbian lovers in one of her videos so miss me with this unnecessary discourse. .-. 

It’s not a contest, or black queen vs. white. Bey and Gaga both strive to put the politics in the hotseat because they feel the need to, and both did so successfully so stfu


Week 3 for Inktober; Two Edwards with their awesome ladies. ;)

Day 21: Edward Scissorhands and Kim Boggs, on toned paper. In the film, you saw that Kim was afraid of him when they first meet met. But later on, Kim realized that Edward has this gentle soul as a real human being (unlike her ex-a**-hole boyfriend ). The hugging scene was so tearful, and it really makes you cry, before James’ song from “James and the Giant Peach” and Sparky’s death from “Frankenweenie.”  

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Day 22: Edward and Susan Frankenstein, Victor’s parents, from “Frankenweenie.”

Yes, they were very concerned about Victor F’s interests of science and his “lonesome” without spending time with his friends (other than Sparky).However, they do appreciate him. Also, I’ll never forget that Edward was voiced by Martin Short (after he did B.E.N. from one of my childhood fave films, “Treasure Planet,” Jerry from “Mars Attack!”, and Stefano from “Madagascar 3″). ;)

I agree with most Edward+Susan shippers; this couple needs some love. 8B

More goodies will come.