the song and pv were so good

2L, HAPPY PARTY TRAIN - Saitama Live Experience Part 1

Tokyo Trip - Actual live experience report

Live Report!

More under the cut (spoilers for those intending to stay spoiler free until the Delayed viewing)

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Since the video is finally done, guess I’ll post these up for saves!

147 images in total were used for this video and I stayed up two nights! I realized my devotion for this ship is pretty high 0v0;; I had a lot fun actually//! I consider myself pretty weak at drawing poses so this was good practice and now I have myself a pv for one of my fav songs I’m going to watch it when I feel sad or bored

The part that I like the most is where the guy goes “that’s works for me” and goes “okay okay” (he actually sounds a bit scared in that part, there’s emotions in the song) I don’t know why but I find that… really cute for some reason? Like a little bird or a kitten type of cute

Rest of the images in the read more:

it might be easier to just read these through since the images fly by really fast in the video.

saihara will save you from your sins

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Late but today’s episode was fucking great!

Chika has been growing really nicely into a leader, making the hard choices, finding solutions etc but still remaining her fun high spirited self, I’m really glad that wasn’t lost. The Chikariko moment on the roof was SUPER cute, great body language and facial expressions, they really spoil me with these two lol.

The first years really caught my eye because of how cute they were being this episode, especially Yoshiko who tried her best to get that opening performance (Hanamaru’s slap on the ass to make her choose paper had me DYING).

That new song was LOVELY too, good god the touch of the traditional jappenese instruments was fucking BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to hear the full version!

And great touch ending with Is Your Heart Shinning!! I loved all the little touches and updates from the original PV.

Man I’m so glad Dia’s getting am episode next week, it’s gonna be a amazing one for sure!

Kirafes 2016 Report pt. 1

Okay, as I have promised Anon: a proper report of Kirafes after I came back from Japan. Honestly, I don’t know how much more detailed I can be as Emi’s report has possibly covered all of it and my memory isn’t as reliable, but here I go anyway.

Kiramune Music Festival 2016 (6/4, 6/5)
Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Tokyo, Japan
Attending: Irino Miyu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Kakihara Tetsuya, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Eguchi Takuya (Trignal), Yonaga Tsubasa (Trignal), Kimura Ryohei (Trignal), Yoshino Hiroyuki

Report under the cut.

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waitshitnevermind  asked:

Hey Juby-san! I just wanted to say good job on the opening line of Ai No Scenario, the "Say" in the place of where in the Japanese it says "Se[kai]" I thought that was very clever ouô (plus it always adds to the experience when people try to make it sound like the original lyrics, to me anyway <3 ) Hope you have a good night!

Woahhhh! This might be the first time someone’s analyzed a specific line of my lyrics and then complimented me! 

Originally posted by nyaharo

Gosh, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t prepare anything um firstly thank you very much. Also, I love doing this for the exact reason you pointed out! Because everyone already recognizes the song by that big “SEEEE[KAI]” sound so I find it a lot less jarring for people to listen to an English cover keeping similar vowels. Plus, it’s guaranteed to be a good vowel to sing! But man that first stanza of the song was the hardest to write since there were so many (bad/vague) translations out there that drove me bananas. Usually Honeyworks is so easy to write with because of all the casual language but this one was very much up to interpretation possibly due to it straddling the anime and pv. 

WOw I could go on and on, I’m really sorry for the big huge wall of text. Thank you for your kind words!

Rajigaze 17.6

Kai failed 3 times at reading Kanjis :’)

K: what was that again? U: hashtag

K: it’s Kai-sama written here… but It’s okay to read it just with Kai-san, right?

K: Everyone doing it,right? My public image is getting lower

K: I’ll lend you Uruha-kun just for one day! U: even if I get bullied I’m boring!K: become like me! come on, you should become like me! (…) K: aren’t you just ignored?(lol) U: if Reita didn’t bully me in the early days, I was like: Rei-chan, I’m here too!

How much (money) would Kai-sans girlfriend need? U: I want to know about it too! K: it’s not about money! my public image is really shattered to pieces isn’t it… Let’s make it onehundred million! Please cut that out! U: wouldn’t it be better if you’d cut it our for real? ( Kais repeating again and again that it’s not about money but about feelings )

Kai: reading a question: Hello Kai and Uruha-Uruha-san, ah Ruki said that last week, right? How annoying!

Kai diet U: is Kai really in need of diets?  K:my body is usually in a bad form! K:I don’t really like muscles types U:Reita is disgusting K:Reita is disgusting(lol)

they were talking about that you don’t know when dear peson won’t be next to you anymore and that you should value them. Uruha was asking Kai how his parents are doing- but it sounded as if something bad had happened to them, so Kai was speeding up his voice to ensure the listeners that they’re doing just fine

They’re talking about getting angry- Kai said that it’s well known that he gets angry often, but Uruha is never getting angry U: I get angry too you know! K: but you won’t notice! U: because it’s scary I don’t let it out!

How to fight tiredness K: if I’m concentrated I don’t get tired U: if you have to wait at PV shoot? K: Ruki is skilled isn’t he? He’s acting as if he isn’t asleep, but then he’s sleeping. F you put down his sunglasses. As I walked next to him I heard sleeping sounds.

Kai: yeeeeeeesssss (in english)

a girl asked how the questions were picked bc she wrote so many times but never was her question choosen K:that’s was she’s troubled about?? (the topic of the radio show is troubles)

that’s the song Kai introduced- it’s really awesome!

Kai thinks it’s no use looking at the music sheets for the drums– for the guitars it’s good of course, but not for drums

Kais nickname is men-chan ( seems like Uruha said men-chan so often. Even tho Kai corrected him, in the end he ended up with this nickname )

So ruki reita and kai are called ki-chan; re-chan & men-chan lol

K: a band that can just see money, is the worst!

the manager bought Mumin for everyone in Helsinki as a present: K: who need’s something like that. U: it’s useless…


Types of Visual Kei PVs 4 / ? - Churches