the son's time

  • Yuri: You guys, I'm really questioning--
  • Victor: Your sexuality? It can be a hard time, son.
  • Yuuri: But know that we are always here for you!
  • Yuri: No, I was going to say my sanity. For this very reason. I know I'm super gay. I mean, why do you think Otabek is always over? Hey babe!
  • Otabek: *waves awkwardly*

We had a great weekend seeing our son one last time on campus before he graduates. The time goes too fast! He worked to get his accounting degree, which takes 5 years, in just 4 years. He’s moving to Boston in the late summer for a job so we are already making plans to go see him there.

Mother Bear’s pizza is a thing at IU. For some reason, I never went there the 4 years I went to school there and haven’t been the last 4 years of college visits. We got it in toady before we headed out. Now I realize what I was missing! Yum!
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Additional Tags: r2m get to hang out with fives and echo, Mentions of PTSD, and depression, it gets more sad than i expected there, but its not all bad, rabble gives all the cuddles, fives spreads his love for soft clothes, please keep anything flammable from ruckus
Series: Part 7 of Clone Colony au

Mischief Rabble and Ruckus move to the Clone Colony. They get to spend some time with Fives and Echo while their home is being made.

This is for the lovely @gaiahenshin who requested r2m settling in at CCau in celebration of my 100th fic on ao3. This got a bit longer and sadder than i expected, Sorry about that, i hope you still enjoy.


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Future Jughead’s current self meets past Jughead’s past self. Or maybe it’s future Forsythe Pendleton Jones III is spending time with son Forsythe Pendleton Jones IV? The adorable son he shares with the woman he loves, Betty Jones. Hey never say never, my fellow Bughead shippers  <3 ;D 

I know I probably shouldn’t, but i feel bad for Melania Trump. I have been wrestling with this feeling in silence for a long time. 

She…always looks tense and her eyes are always panicked. She was clearly an  model or escort who probably thought she had landed a permanent meal ticket– to be endured and then left when appropriate. As a sex worker, I know that, i get it, i see it I’ve had it dangled in front of me. But as we all know, Trump is an incredibly controlling and violent man who micromanaged and raped his former wives.  I don’t know that Melania could escape him even if she wanted to. She avoids when he touches her in certain ways, and never looks happy when he kisses her. she looks incredibly nervous when she talks about him and goes stiff if he physically corners her. If they were a completely regular couple on the street, and i saw that body language, I would genuinely be worried about her safety. 

Not a lot of people know a lot about the modeling industry in eastern europe, but a lot of young women use it the way black people from the hood use rap and sports and group funding a single individual’s college education: as a way to escape and elevate themselves economically from an economy that sometimes provides so little options that a Hail Mary chance is worth the shot. When I heard where she was from and heard that she was a model, everything about her clicked into place. (x)(x)(x)

Melania is from slovenia– a small town in slovenia filled with mass graves from WWII. She came here and was working under trump in extremely dubious circumstances. She is uneducated and has extreme difficulty with english- but is in a country for which that is the dominant language. It would not even slightly surprise me if her narrative was that she left her small town, got a modeling job,  started working in america without a visa or anything and was completely at the mercy of her employer, found herself in the HIGHLY unusual and incredibly coercive situation of being plucked from among her fellow models by said employer, and then has been on a rollercoaster going at 190mph ever since. 

None of this is excluding or removing blame of her being complicit in her husband’s empire.And I am not prioritizing her, as an incredibly wealthy woman, over the millions of people trump has hurt and or will hurt….

Its just, every time I see her flinch away from him or i see panic in her eyes, I wonder, for a moment, if she is someone who Trump is hurting too. 

more of this totally accidental AU, which i did not mean to create, in which lance is a sk8r boi and keith does ballet and no avril lavigne songs were involved at all whatsoever until y’all barged in with y’all’s “see ya l8r boi”s except sk8r boi lance is definitely good enough for keith *bows out*