the son of poseidon

ancient literature summed up in limerick form

the iliad
achilles’ pride went to his head
when he was insulted he said,
“now fight without me;
you will fail, soon you’ll see-
oh shit, now my boyfriend is dead”

the odyssey
the trojan war came to an end
towards home did odysseus intend
but he pissed off poseidon
and hurt his one-eyed son
and now for his life he must fend

the aeneid
the people of troy lost their home
with aeneas as leader, they roamed
but juno was mad
and the journey went bad
what a burden it was to found rome!

jason abandoned his wife
an act which created much strife
medea, distraught,
said she’d let the man rot,
introducing their kids to a knife

the love poetry of catullus
lesbia was my dear lover
until her affairs i discovered
i condemned our passion
in true roman fashion-
with makeup time under the covers

oedipus the king
oedipus had a life like no other
killed his father and married his mother
he made himself blind
and from kingship resigned
now from freudian theories we suffer

livy’s histories
i wrote many books on the past, see
(though few of them now still outlast me)
some of it’s history
the rest is a mystery
i just put it together- don’t ask me