I love how Jon repeats what Damian said to him in the second panel. Even though he bickers with him and they fight a lot, Jon does listen to what Damian says and takes his words to heart. I love that about their relationship. They act like they don’t get along but in the end, there is this kind of grudging respect between the two of them. It’s great and I honestly can’t wait for them to become real friends.


Text Request: The Reader accidentally sends a dirty text to one of the other guys instead of Chibs.

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The friend word was used a lot this issue and surprisingly no one was harmed while saying it. Progress is being made.

(Also Beast Boy’s nickname for Jon is GREAT.)

My Favorite Stage of all time is this one: Fighter Comeback Stage on MCountdown EP.495

Here’s the link (Watch in HD! Turn off Ad block you know the drill)

First of all, it’s Fighter–my favorite era, favorite song, favorite choreography and so on…
I feel like it represents the bold, sexy, masculine, strong, intense, bad ass, beautiful, creative, different–(i could go on forever really)–sides of Monsta X!
Their outfits are black and so cool! They’re just so bad ass looking in this stage!!! One of my favorite Wonho outfits–the leather jacket and the crop top sweater! And their awesome wraps around their fingers?!?! Props to their stylist!!!
Also, they were all high energy and doing it 100% in this dance for their comeback stage! Like one of the best performances I’ve seen them do for fighter!!!

(Ahem. Prepare for a long-ass post)

This face-off at the beginning…

Wonho patting Changkyun and sending him off to fight Joohoney!!!

The camera wasn’t afraid to stay on the member singing (work it, Shownu!)

(Look at Kihyun’s fluffy pink hair!)



One of the rare stages that gets Hyungwon’s quick line all three times!






Wonho again…

One of my favorites of Wonho’s “YEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” So intense he falls out of the screen

This backing out shot of Jooheon’s fire fist move…yesssss!!!

I like this close up of Kihyun. I feel like it’s a very important moment that often gets missed!

Wonho agai–oh wait I’ve already done this. Wonho a third time then…

The ending close-up on Wonho…then it backs up and shows all the boys doing my favorite ending pose. I live…

(K, I’m finally done)

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (9) Favorite performance/stage of all time

🖤 Riding with Chibs would include... 🖤

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Him picking you up and smiling when he sees you

Him removing his gloves to put your helmet on, only to use the opportunity to gently touch your face

Chibs taking your hands to put them around him while telling you to “hold on to him”

Him starting the engine and driving along the coast & placing one hand softly on your thigh

Him smirking when he feels your head resting against his back  

Him parking his Harley & taking your hand to guide you to the edge of a cliff

Chibs standing behind you and wrapping his arms around you, making you feel his dimples against your cheek 

Him whispering in your ear that your beauty even outdos the sunset’s grace while embracing you even tighter

Him offering you his leather jacket when he feels your goosebumps 

Chibs turning you around to look at him and taking your face between his hands to start kissing you ever so softly

Him drowning in your eyes while telling you: Tha gràdh mór agam ort”* 

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