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For Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Bare with me guys–my new tablet pen is en-route so these posts will be better organized and back to their pretty selves soon! Imagine not being able to copy-paste and that’s my pain. I also use my tablet to draw/paint digitally so it’s definitely a bummer.

Yesterday was quite eventful. I went to therapy, which is always fine, but right after I had to Lyft over to where I take my driving lessons. It would have been completely inefficient to go home and then there, so I was plenty early and walked up and down the area until it was time to go settle in. 

My driving lesson was all left turns and merging. MOTHER FUCK. Definitely the most difficult and nerve-wracking tasks I’ve encountered so far. I’m on a five-lane road, you have your incredible blind spots and have to be careful to not nudge the wheel when checking them over you shoulder, there are a million and one lights flashing different arrows and cars flying in and out every direction. …but I think I have a good basis to practice it now? The road I live off has fewer lanes so fewer variables to practice is nice. Am about to say merging isn’t as bad as I thought? I think I am. It’s still the least favorite thing I’ve done. It still causes the most anxiety… but I haven’t done a Michigan left yet. The other day Nick had to do one when coming back from the Somerset Collection and…just fuck that. 

This is a pretty good day, especially for one where I was going since 6 AM and wasn’t even eating at home again until 3 PM. I just tossed my post workout in my bag and picked up the nuts from a CVS around 12:30 PM. Yeah, I know it says “breakfast” but I don’t really necessarily “name” my mealtimes because I work on an “am I hungry?” basis.

OK. Again. Since I can’t copy and paste you’ll just have to believe that I did my bicep and triceps routine. Much hasn’t changed and I’ve posted it a million times. The only difference is I warmed up on the elliptical because my leg is still a little stiff on the sciatica side. It is loosening up, but y’know. Reasons.

And now, for a random comment reply.

@zerocarb I absolutely love the pineapple Vitamin water. It has a TON of potassium in it, which is the only thing that really interests me in a recovery drink. I have no issues getting other minerals and this flavor has single-handedly stopped/healed so many dehydration migraines after heavy workouts. It also tastes pretty good for tropical fans. Also, the wedding dress is really just a bangin’ cocktail dress. I never really wanted much of a wedding so we’re just gonna go do the legal crap then take the family to a ritzy brunch.

I will probably show it when I get my shoes and have the hair do and makeup I’m doing a little more practiced. I’m great at doing my makeup but I’m useless at doing my hair, lol.

erikablack  asked:

what do you suggest are the best travel/vacation reads? thank you so much!! xx

Hmm. Okay, first I’d try to find out if there are any good books that take place in the spot where you’re going. For instance, it would be amazing to read The End of the Affair in London or The Razor’s Edge in the French Riviera. But other titles that might work well while traveling are: On the Road (for obvious reasons :D), The Thin Man (as it’s not a difficult read but it sucks you in), or The Rosie Project (light, fun, touching). Short stories would be perfect as well because you could choose stories based on how much time you have between activities. I’d highly suggest short stories by Milan Kundera (Laughable Loves), James Joyce (Dubliners), Sherwood Anderson (Winesburg, Ohio), or W. Somerset Maugham (Collected Short Stories). Have fun, and tell us which book(s) you choose!


My 11 year old granddaughter and I had the pleasure of meeting Meryl Davis today at Intermix in Somerset Collection, Troy, MI. She was absolutely stunning!! And so sweet, kind and patient. The second pic is Meryl with a lovely lady named Joan who shared photos of her trip to SWAY. She promised to send me some of them. The last pic is a lady who had a sweatshirt for Meryl. It had a sketch of Meryl and Maks. The lady said she had given one to Maks to give to Meryl, but wasn’t sure he had. Meryl was so pleased.

The Intermix store is small and they had meryl’s reception set up outside in the corridor. When the event began not many people had arrived so that gave those of us who were there a wonderful opportunity to talk with her and take numerous pictures (yay us!). I had pondered dozens of questions to ask Meryl, but when I finally saw her, my mind went blank – all I could do was gush about how wonderful she was.(sigh) I did eventually ask if she was still planning to do the Ice Skating in Harlem event, and she said yes, she definitely was. Sorry, but I didn’t have the guts to ask personal questions about Maks. Not appropriate.

She is just lovely; her complexion is like porcelin. And she has a killer body. By the way, the dress she is wearing features a top to bottom back zipper - gorgeous. She wore 4" platform taupe pumps. And, as you can see, she is wearing the evil eye bracelet.

This was a lovely intimate experience; very different from the M&G with Maks in August which had huge a crowd.

I do hope I get to meet her again.