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upcoming recovering the password to his instagram account (@jonghyun.948) jonghyun has went on a cleaning spree of the accounts that he follows on the count. he is now following twenty two accounts, rather than over thirty like before. below is the complete list of accounts he now follows along with the accounts that he unfollowed and one account that he newly followed:

complete list of followed accounts:
515sunnyday (snsd’s sunny)
bambijin90 (wefreaky’s sojin)
beatburgerjae (shim jae won)
cnbluegt (cnblue’s jonghyun)
crush9244 (solost - crush)
dlwlrma (solost - iu)
essential14 (clothing brand??)
gucne (mixing engineer for sm)
hermosavidaluna (f(x)’s luna)
hotsoostuff (snsd’s sooyoung)
hydrayuge0 (producer - greg hwang)
iammingki (davichi’s minkyung)
jayjoonkim (designer - kim jae joon)
minhyun85 (actor - baek min hyun)
philtre (planet shiver’s philtre)
taeyeon_ss (snsd’s taeyeon)
vousmevoyez (f(x)’s krystal)
younha_holic (solost - younha)
yulyulk (snsd’s yuri)
xodambi (solost - son dam bi)
xolovestephi (snsd’s tiffany)
ziont (solost - zion.t)

newly followed accounts:
taeyeon_ss (snsd’s taeyeon)

accounts that he unfollowed:
callmegray (soloist - gray)
junggigo (soloist - junggigo)
luvlyzzy (after school’s lizzy)
mightyirony (soloist - iron)
mminam0425 (actor - kang min jong)
mr.mpm (dgna’s hyunmin)
oncelime (the nuts’ song jung)
satgotloco (soloist - loco)
shy_1120 (director - yoo seung hyun)
simonjakops (dmtn’s simon)
sy_911120 (myname’s seyong)

“And I’ve been waiting for so long
But she’ll never know
I’m losing hope ‘cause she’s so
Lost in stereo, lost in stereo”

- Lost In Stereo, All Time Low 


Anton Bruckner (1824-1896), Abendzauber, Tenor-Solo, 3 Jodlerstimmen, Männerchor und vier Waldhörner Solost: Dritan Luca, Hornensemble der Wiener Symphoniker, Sopran: Yuang Ming Song, Özlem Bulut, Jozefina Monarcha, Wiener Vokalisten - Mitglieder des Wiener Staatsopernchores, Leitung: J. Böck,

anonymous asked:

So there’s obviously a huge lack of racially diverse characters in ya lit. But i’m struggling to find info about how teens of different ethnicities want to be represented – there’s a lot of talk about how it needs to happen, but not so much about how those teens see themselves. does that make sense? Obviously if the character doesn’t seem real/is a stereotype that’s not fixing anything...? I know that this maybe isn’t really your area of expertise since I guess it’s different writing high (1/2)

(2/2) fantasy where the world/racial problems are totally different than writing like urban fantasy – but i was wondering if you had any advice/resources to share! If I wasn’t such an awkward turtle I’d ask people… but i don’t know any humans. I guess this is also goes for LGBTQ characters. And if you have any book suggestions with really good racially/sexually/gender diverse characters those would be cool too! i’m sorry this was a lot! I’m just solost and I don’t want to write crap characters

Hey! I do know of blogs that can help you! Lucky for you I’ve now done 2 different projects for grad school about diversity in YA Lit. 

Writing with Color does a good job of providing resources and advice on how to handle diversity with grace. 
Rich in Color reviews diverse YA books.
And, ofc, We Need Diverse Books.

Those are the three best resources I’ve found, tbh. 

also? you’re gonna mess up, in some way, it’s gonna happen. So just be prepared to own up to mistakes and listen when they’re pointed out to you, don’t get defensive. 

as the end of the year closes in faster on us genie has released their end of the year digital chart, also known as the best of the best chart, for 2015! for this particular chart, “view” ranked in at eighty third place. altogether, only nineteen idol acts (not including osts or songs from competition shows, ect., though the numbers there were low as well) made the chart: ten girl group (4minute, a pink, aoa, exid, g-friend, mamamoo, miss a, red velvet, sistar and snsd), three idol solosts (iu, kyuhyun and taeyeon), two idol subunits (bastarz and gd x taeyang). the four boy groups to make the list were: big bang, exo ikon and, of course, shinee.

the release of this chart follows the release of naver music’s end of the year chart in which “view” ranked in at the sixty third place on the chart, being one of the five male idol groups to make the chart. genie is considered to be the second most important digital chart in korea, following gaon. congrats shinee!