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[J-NETZ] Reaction to Chanyeol’s Japanese Photoshoot in Haru*hana

Screencap and Japanese->Chinese translation credit to: 桑梓影有一座山

- Had no plan to buy haruhana at first, but bought it the moment I opened it lol. What’s this, this Chanyeol is too handsome

- Chanyeol should fire his agency. He could earn more money if he promoted himself as a solo artist in a station in Japan.

- Please give Chanyeol more Japanese jobs!! Like modeling for a Japanese magazine!! Like a TV program!! Chanyeol-si would absolutely do the best!!

- Wait wait wait wait!? Chanyeol-si in haruhana? Toooooooooooo handsome. Feel like I’m gonna buy a lot of this. I’m gonna die.

- Chanyeol in haruhana is simply even more perfect than my imagination. Couldn’t help but order it on amazon and surrender my wallet

- Chanyeol is absolutely popular in Japan!!!! Give him more exposure in japan please!! Even a nijigen nerd would spend money for Chanyeol!! (tn: nijigen nerd means someone who only cares about anime culture)

- Here!! Here he is~~~!!!!! Japanese style Chanyeol~~~~!! EVERY girl in Japan would fall in love with him~~~!

- Please, I’m begging you, let Chanyeol-si work in Japan (for a very long time)

- I want to breathe in Chanyeol

- Reserved haruhana immediately!!!! Chanyeol-si suddenly appeared on a Japanese magazine, absolutely amazing (what a meaningful lunch break)

- I must buy Chanyeol’s magazine even if I need to die for it. I will leave early for work today to buy it. Wait for me Chanyeol-si. How could I ignore such a handsome guy

- I really decided not to buy any paper products…it’s a lie that I’m not going to buy this wwww I ordered it immediately after I saw those surprisingly handsome pictures of chanyeol-si! I blame it on Chanyeol being too handsome lol

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Why do got7 fans think Jackson 'changed' and 'is leaving the group' just because he posted a short dance video?

I have NO idea. I witnessed this fandom overreacting way too many times but this time it’s just ridiculous. It’s not like he shared a new solo song, he posted a short video - a dance cover to Kendrick’s song. If I remember correctly Yugyeom and Bambam posted videos of themselves dancing too.

They covered JYP Ent’s sign with clothes because someone called HT_FILM filmed it and they’re not associated with JYPE, just like the dance crew - they’re Japanese. 

I think it’s sad that instead of being happy and encouraging Jackson - because he’s shared a clip of him dancing - he has to deal with bad comments from his own ‘fans’. 

And even if he shared a solo song (released on Soundcloud or officially), why is it a big deal? In JYPE many artists released solos and didn’t leave their groups - Jimin, Yerin, 4 members of 2PM, Jokwon… If Jackson was allowed to release a solo song, it would probably happen in China because he has the biggest fanbase there. But for now it’s not happening so let’s not attack him on Instagram.

a terrible boy

Like everyone else, my family and I were shocked to hear the terrible news from Manchester. All that’s left to do is to send sympathy to the families of the victims and Ariana Grande. Praying that something like this never happens again. Love to everyone.
—  Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles and solo artist, 3/23/17, 1:46 PM EST talking about the bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester that killed 22 people and injured 59 more on 3/22/17.

While You Were Sleeping | Full Gorge (Pearl C. Hsiung)
While you were sleeping, we stopped by artist Pearl C. Hsiung’s solo show ‘Full Gorge’ to check out her new paintings and installation at the Visitor Welcome Center gallery (LA). Her paintings invoke landscapes formed by the earth’s crust, while her painting process mimic forms such as entropy and natural erosion. Not only did we love the vibrant color gradients, flattened surfaces, and use of paint, but also the fluidity and fun of her newest “gorge-ous” work.

Check out ‘Full Gorge’ which runs till June 24th at Visitor Welcome Center

Photographs and words by MCH

That’s A Home Run (Jay Park x Reader)

This was requested by @yourmdhatter who patiently waited for me to write her request. Enjoy

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Being in such spotlight had it’s ups and downs. You loved that you were a role model and had such power to influence someone’s life, you were doing that while getting to do what you loved,which was singing and dancing.

You started as the maknae at a girl group, your debut was at the age of 15, but being the youngest did put a limit to your music, people would always see you as the cute little baby. Now that you were taking your first steps into womanhood and having to debut again as a solo artist under a different label, you wanted to do it exactly like you wanted.

When the lyric video of your song “company” came out people had mixed feelings about it, but you were proud of yourself, you were slowly but surely progressing with your own goals.

“I was thinking of having a guy to do the dance with me after the first verse.”

You explained to your choreographer. Your first MAMA awards was something huge, you were nominated and you had to perform. This was your change to completely break all the stereotypes that were made for you.

“Do you want one of the dancers?”

“No, we did that in the m/v”

You said more to yourself as you fixed your ponytail. Just as you were looking around and Idea popped to your head.

“I have a song with Jay park… do you think he could do it?”

“That would be huge, bringing Jay park to dance with you? that’s a home run”

“So I lift you up like this?”

He asked as he easily picked you up, you quickly placed your legs around him.

“Yes, then we do the circle and then you put me down”

Jay of course was a quick learner. You were very grateful that he agreed to be with you on stage, you knew he also had stuff to do and others to look after.

“There are going to be so many scandals that we are together”

“It’s not like that hasn’t happened”

You stated as you took a sip from your cold water bottle. You and Jay had dated in the past, but you had just left the group and he had his label, so you couldn’t really make your schedules meet.

“Is the song about me?”

“First off, we didn’t have sex, second, don’t get cocky and third fuck you.”

He chuckled at your attitude. To him it was very attractive when you got defensive, it was just his thing.

“Okay, let’s do the choreo again bunny teeth”

You kept doing the choreography and it pretty much became second nature to you guys, every step imprinted on your mind.

“Yo day one and we did the whole thing? And we got three more days to do it with the dancers? We got so much time”

“We just have to figure out the clothes, well… For me cause you have beef with shirts”

“(y/n) stand by”

You heard as you stood next to the stage waiting for them to give you the green light. You had to admit that you were pretty nervous, this was the first stage after the disband, this is your first step alone. You took a deep breath and turned to see your crew who smiled at you.

“3,2,1… Go”

You heard and walked to the middle of the stage getting in your position in front of the female and male dancers.

The music started playing and you emptied your mind from the worries, filling it with the lyrics and the dance moves.

You knew exactly when Jay came on stage, firstly from the verse and secondly from the screaming. Of course he was shirtless and slowly approached you for the hook.


You stood there facing him as the beat stop, bringing the song to an end. You smiled and got off the floor with his help, you took a bow and waved at the audience

“Thank you Hong Kong”

You said and ran backstage and in the arms of your choreographer.

“Look at the time, this is the time you left (y/n) from (y/gr/n) behind and became (y/n)”

He said and everyone clapped. You turned to Jay and hugged him tightly as a thank you.

“I want to see you tomorrow, I missed being so close to you

SISTAR and disbandment...

SISTAR has officially disbanded, and all four members wrote letters to fans, thanking them for their support during the past 7 years. The four will release one more song and go their separate ways after that, while it’s obvious that Soyu and Hyorin will continue releasing music as solo artists, Bora and Dasom will likely pursue acting careers. It’s sad to see such a popular girl group disband, but at this point I can see why the girls would like to move on and try new things, plus the 3-gen idols are replacing 2-gen idols in every area. I guess some groups rather want to go out, when people still remember them on top.

SISTAR’s agency, Starship Entertainment, stated: “After SISTAR releases their last album in May, they will end group activities. We are currently in discussions with the members on their individual contracts.” They will release their new song, which is composed by Black Eyed Pilseung, on May 31.

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To the anon who wanted to know more kpop groups I recommend: WINNER!!!!!!!!!! They are incredible, Bigbang, EXO, Day6, Monsta X, Kard, Seventeen, Highlight, NCT, Maybe could listen to some Solo artists such as DEAN

here are more!

Recently completed painting of Rey. My favourite character from the Force Awakens. Can’t wait until the Last Jedi comes out! Get ready for many more artworks of Rey. :)