the sofa explosion


So we ended with Marmalade at our gig the other day, and seeing as it was going to be our last one before we take a break until exams finish in June, we thought we might as well go a little mad to finish

Louis was using my guitar because two of the strings on his guitar snapped mid-show, and when we got off stage we realised it was… a bit damaged due to our on-stage enthusiasm

Besides from a string snapping (which is a minor problem), quite a few of the frets were bent, the nut is completely missing and, yes, that is blood next to the pick-up.

God it was good fun, I snapped one of my drumsticks during the climax


Played a great gig today at The Bowery in central London, I’m really happy with how it went

It was nice meeting Eddplant who was a great guy, and the other bands were nice too (although I didn’t really talk to them much becuase they were busy with their own group of friends).

Ed and Jenny’s Birthday were both hard acts to follow but I feel that our set went well and people like our new stuff

Anway it’s now 1am and I am furiously eating pistachios because I am hungry and it’s the only food I have access to