the soda factory

For @ask-heathersweetfeathers!

Based on the song Marble Soda yeah I took it a more literal way haha Bottle Cap works at a small soda manufacturing factory with her parents. She also collects bottle caps of special sodas or ones she finds really cool. 

Her cutie mark is sort of lame, you might wanna change that XD But I had a blast working on this gal and I almost wish I could keep her heh!! <3

anonymous asked:

The year is 2290. The last person alive is in North America, about three miles from Toronto. The sun's rays have become far too intense, leaving a maajority of the worlds oceans shriveling up day by day. She finds her way to a soda canning factory, so close to tasting the delicious Ginger Ale she so desired. When she finally ran through the place however, she found that every soda can was empty or looted. She knew what this meant for her. Canada Dry.

Im already dead you have killed me