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hey yo i don't know if you've done something like this before but can you recommend fantasy books that aren't racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, or anything like that because rn i am in need of something Not Shitty™ to read please and thank :))))

yes of course!!! i hope this is helpful :))

  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • Six of Crows by leigh bardugo
  • six of crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • six of crows By leigh bardugo
  • siX of cRows by leiGh bArdUgo
  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • SIX OF CROWS by leigh bardugo
  • six of crows by LEIGH BARDUGO

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- game of thrones

Hello again! Pretty happy to say I can officially end my semi hiatus status (the last book week i had was last august omygoodness) (and lasted till February, (college apps amiright)).

But I’m even more excited share the Six of Crow Duo by Leigh Bardugo (@lbardugo ) with ya’ll!!!! If you haven’t read it I highly recommend (you can read its description here). 6 convicts and a dangerous heist, what’s not to love?

have a good week

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hello! so what's the difference between six of crows and the raven cycle (like the plots n stuff) because honestly after seeing all of these edits on tumblr all of the books just get morphed into one in my head

six of crows:

  • ya fantasy heist novel
  • really diverse. like really diverse.
  • characters are all morally gray
  • you’ll probably see edits with a shit ton of crows, ravens, a general bird theme going on
  • maybe some card decks
  • also weapons
  • great portrayal of girl/girl friendship
  • poc and lgbtq+ representation done well

the raven cycle:

  • you’ve probably heard of gansey
  • white preppy boy™ aesthetic
  • ya magical realism/paranormal/urban fantasy ?
  • the plot is fuckin Weird and idk how to really explain
  • welsh kings?
  • fandom aesthetics make some characters poc (but they’re really all white yiiiikes)
  • blue sargent is the main character and she has 4 frands, aka the “raven boys”

idk if i answered your question but here ya go

get to know me tag

so i’ve never been tagged in any of these on this blog before but @abraxos-sniffing-flowers tagged me here so i figured what the hell, why not, anyway, because this is a sideblog and i dont interact too much with people from here, i’m not going to tag 20 people, but i would love to get to know any and all of you so if you want me to tag you, consider yourself tagged! anyway, here we go:

Name: Katya

Nickname: Kat

Gender: Female

Starsign: Leo

Height: 5′4

Favorite Character: Kaz Brekker

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite color: Dark Red

Favorite Animal: dogs

Average Hours of sleep: like 7/8

cat or dog person?: Dog but i dont mind cats

Number of blankets slept with: One (1)

Favorite Singer/Band: Ed Sheeran if i can only name 1

Dream Trip: Lol i could never just pick one place, i want to go literally everywhere

Dream job: funnily enough as a college student i know less about what i want than i did in high school, probably a job in forensic science maybe

When was your blog created? This one started in may or june of 2016 i think, i’ve been on tumblr since like 2012 though

current number of followers: 2,260

what made you join tumblr: i honestly dont remember

thank you for tagging me Scarlett!

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May I have a headcannon of Johnny being. Protective older brother? You're around the age 13-14 please.

-Johnny would always bring you with him wherever he went.

-He loved you to death and you were his best friend.

-Whenever he saw a soc drive by he’d push you behind him.

-He wasn’t afraid to fight on your behalf.

-And has punched one or two people who have given you a hard time.

-He will stand up to his parents for you.

-Even if that means he gets it even worse from them.

-He’ll take whatever they give him without complaint because at least you’re safe.

-He’ll hold you when you cry.

-And will always check on you in the middle of the night.

-He prefers when you stay in his room because he likes to keep an eye on you.

-He is so fiercely protective of you.

-And knowing that you need him around has actually saved his life.