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I really like the way you write.. do you have any headcanons for the voltron team? or even just klance?

Oh boy do I ever!

Keith eats food weirdly.

  • He bites into cheese strings instead of peeling them like a normal human
  • And also KitKat bars, but that isn’t as strange as how he eats Caramilk bars. 
    • Like, he’ll just bite right into the top, not bothering to separate the squares.
    • Caramel drips everywhere, but he doesn’t care, because it drives Lance absolutely nuts
      • “Keith, please for the love of God eat that properly!”
      • Keith: doesn’t
      • Lance: ( ಠ◡ಠ )
  • He also tried pouring milk into the bowl first once, but severely misjudged the milk to cereal ratio and ended up with a huge mess all over the kitchen
  • Hunk was pretty pissed about that, since it wasn’t properly cleaned up and “why is the floor sticky?”

Keith and Lance collect things for each other

  • Lance finds a stick on one planet that resembles a dagger and hands it to Keith who just…melts inside
  • From that point on Keith picks up any pretty little rock or shell that “matches the colour of your eyes” and gives them to Lance with a shy smile
  • Lance keeps them all, and has a rather large collection of objects on his window sill now that he stares at fondly before falling asleep each night

Keith sits on Lance whenever possible

  • Not because he’s comfortable (all bones and not enough cushion), but because the first time he did Lance nearly fainted
    • “Keith stop squirming!”
    • “I can’t help it! You’re too bony!”
    • “Yeah well, it’ll be a hell of a lot more bony if you keep it up.”
  • Needless to say that was the wrong thing to admit, and Lance nearly bit his tongue off when Keith made a point of getting a tad more cozy

Keith (wow these are all Keith lol) never wears matching socks.

  • He doesn’t actively try not to, but it’s easier to just grab two socks and throw them on
  • Lance tries to get him to match them, he really does
    • “You just fold them together, see?”
    • Keith: ( ̄。 ̄)…wut
    • Lance: : (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
  •  At one point Keith comes out of his room wearing a pair of matching red socks
  • Lance nearly cries from joy, because finally!
  • He’s so proud he runs up and points at them excitedly
    • “You did it! I can’t believe you actually did it! See? It’s not so hard-”
    • Keith: grins deviously while pulling his pant legs up very slowly, revealing one sock that goes up to his calf, while the other stops short at the ankle
    • And then he’s laughing because Lance’s eye just twitched!
  • He doesn’t have time to react because of this, and finds himself on the floor as Lance tackles him to the ground, pulling off both socks and throwing them across the room
    • “That’s it. No more sock privileges. You have to go bare foot from now on.”
    • But Keith can’t answer, because he’s giggling too much, and “Lance stop it tickles!”
    • Then it’s Lance’s turn to get the evil smirk, and Keith is trapped as he’s tickled to tears, and things may have gotten a bit rough after that
  • Shiro doesn’t even bother asking why Keith is barefoot and why Lance has a black eye later that night.
  • He would be more curious, but he sees the shy glances the two keep sharing, and decides it’s best to leave well enough alone.

I’m stopping here before I get carried away (•⊙ω⊙•)

I don’t really understand how people have A Style, y’know? I have so many different outfits, different tastes. And I work hard to cultivate them all but God, I don’t have A Look, I have 1200 Looks that I have to shuffle through, like Short Angry Punk In Leather Jacket, Soft-Flannel Hiking Lesbian, Classy Pink Prep, Cool Emo Who Probably Pops Bubblegum In Your Face, Kicky Daytime Burlesque Dancer, Masquerade Ball, 2006 Improbably Perky Mall Goth, Accomplished Junior Politician, I Am Super Classy But Definitely Wearing Lacy Lingerie Just In Case, Covered In Nerd Merch, and Boho Chick Who Wears Flower Crowns And Dances In Public.

Like. How do you define Your Look when you’re a goddamn chameleon??

leopard emoji rating

APPLE: generally pretty good. very realistic leopard. kinda sorta has the shading problem that apple has a lot but on the whole a good boy. 4/5

GOOGLE: LOOK AT HIM!!!! HE IS SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!!!! A FRIEND!!!!!! very cute and cartoony and he has stolen my heart. 6/5

MICROSOFT: blocky and weird like all microsoft emojis. the tail looks like it’s curving out between his legs and it looks like a dingdong. also because the spots match the outline it looks like this leopard is made of swiss cheese. 0/5

SAMSUNG: he is really tall. i don’t think leopards have necks that long but i am not an expert. weird pointy ears and seems to be wearing white socks? kinda cute tho. reminds me of the cheetahs at the beginning of the lion king based on how he stands. 2/5

LG: also took a more realistic approach but his ear looks like it is just a hole in his head. also the spots are the wrong color. 2/5 trying his best

HTC: like a cave drawing, but i kind of appreciate that. i think this risk paid off. his spots look like little pac mans tho. 3/5

FACEBOOK: i don’t like his soulless eyes. 1/5

MESSENGER: he looks a little dopey. also has no neck? 2/5 

TWITTER: this leopard has spinal injuries. i hope he’s ok. 3/5 for pity

MOZILLA: a really cute leopard! a little darker but he is handsome and sweet! a friend! 5/5

EMOJI ONE: no. destroy it. 0/5

EMOJIDEX: is this leopard ok he also has a neck injury. 2/5