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The Boys and the Four Seasons


  • Absolutely despises Spring because of his allergies
  • Like honestly spring is freaking Satan to him. His allergies spike up like 10000000%
  • He keeps a box full of Allegra and eye drops on deck
  •  He really loves fall because he’s a sucker for that whole fall vibe with comfy socks and cozy sweaters etc.
  • Fall also inspires him to read more since it’s so relaxing to him
  • He likes going to coffee shops during this time of year (basic af)
  • He’s extra careful not to get sick during the colder seasons and makes sure to stay warm
  • When he does get sick though he turns into a cute lil Rudolph
  • If you’re his girlfriend he constantly frets over you for not covering up properly or not taking vitamins for your immune system
  • Brings you hot cocoa <3
  • Really scared of bugs, spiders are his enemy.
  • Tries to act all tough in front of other people though, but inside he’s probably peeing his pants.
  • Rarely gets any mosquito bites because he refrains from sweets and almost never drinks anything but water (coffee and hot cocoa are exceptions)
  • Likes to chew on icicles for some odd reason?? He swears it’s better than regular ice, even better than crushed ice.
  • Gets easily sun burnt so he’s probably got like 10 layers of sunscreen on himself.


  • I think Castiel’s favorite season is Fall too because Summer is too damn hot, Spring is too rainy, and Winter is too freaking cold.
  •  He loves taking Demon out for walks during this time of year cause it’s not too cold in the beginning. Demon loves fall because of the extra walks
  • He always sleeps with  fan on at night, no matter how cold
  • The type of person who cannot sleep with socks on no matter how freezing his feet may be
  •  Hates summer even more because no matter how much he tries he cannot keeps cool unless he’s right in front of the AC
  •  Would never admit it but he loves watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ around October-November because it’s a childhood memory
  •  If you’re his girlfriend he secretly likes the colder seasons even more cause it gives him an excuse to cuddle but he would never admit that either
  •  Even though he hates summer, he also loves it because you wear tank tops and booty shorts and he likes to pinch da booty
  • There was a time when he jumped out of his window into a pile of snow because he thought it would soften his landing but he was wrong and he broke his arm
  • Cannot stand touching snow with his bare hands
  • Likes to eat snow though
  • Probably wrote his name in the snow once if you catch my drift
  • Demon loves rolling around in snow and then get into Castiel’s bed for warmth which Cas finds extremely annoying but he can’t stay mad at Demon anyway
  • Doesn’t like wearing socks to bed but always has on fuzzy slippers while he’s at home (but he won’t tell anyone)


  •  Lysander loves winter because it’s the best season for the clothing he wears. If he wore his normal outfit during spring or summer he would die of a heatstroke. Also has a thing for gloves.
  •  He doesn’t do it in Sweet Amoris but when he visits his parents during Christmas break he goes to the local church with his family to sing Christmas carols, and his mom always records him no matter how many videos she has already. (always tears up too)
  •  Not too big on holidays but he loves decorating to spend time his parents and he thinks some of the décor is really pretty
  • His family doesn’t go all out for Christmas but best believe for Thanksgiving momma Lys is HOOKING IT UP WITH THEM PIES
  • He also kind of likes spring because he sees it poetic in a way. The earth goes dead and cold, then renews itself again, looking even more beautiful than before. It helps him realize that bad endings have better beginnings.
  • Gets somewhat irritable during the summer because of the heat but doesn’t say anything cause it’s too hot to complain
  •  If you’re his girlfriend he likes winter even more cause he gets an excuse to invite you to his house because it’s “too chilly outside” and you can spend quality time together in peace and quiet
  •  Secretly loves snowball fights and will freaking sneak up on you so don’t let your guard down or YOU’LL DIE
  •  Always invites Cas over for holidays because sometimes his parents can’t make it home in time for the holidays
  • For whatever reason he always gets really sleepy during autumn
  •  Dislikes raking leaves but does it on his parents farm because they can’t do it anymore
  • Gets frostbite on his finger tips a lot because he forgets his gloves even though he likes wearing them.
  • Has a super fancy winter coat
  • Once broke his ankle from slipping on ice
  •  Gets super touchy-feely with his girl when it’s cold but only in private


  •  His favorite season is Summer because school is out and he doesn’t have to deal with god awful people for the next 2-3 months.
  • Gives him extra time to work out
  • Likes working out even more during the warmer season because sweating a lot gives him this weird satisfying feeling, like he’s accomplishing more during his activeness.
  •  Likes to take his lil doggy out for runs with him, sometimes his dog can outlast him.
  • Gives him a reason to eat more ice cream
  •  Always wakes up early as ever during spring and summer but when autumn and winter hit, he’s a dead cow in the morning
  • Hates winter because he gets cold really easily so he’s that guy that has on like 3 layers of clothing and really fuzzy socks.
  •  He does have a thing for December though because of all the Christmas movies that come on TV
  • Likes roasting marshmallows and having bonfires during September and the beginning of October
  • Bakes a crap-ton during fall, homemade cookies are a must have
  •  Loves trick-or-treating and will fight anyone who tells him he’s too old
  •  If you’re his girlfriend you gets lots of cuddles during winter and he likes tying his scarf around you if you don’t have one
  • Thinks you look adorable in over-sized sweaters
  • Likes bunny kisses cause it keeps his nose warm, don’t judge him 


  • Hates spring with every bone in his body because Armin is even more likely to force him to go out because “IT’S SO PRETTY OUTSIDE!”
  • Has slight allergies so that adds on to his hatred for spring. His nose gets really runny.
  • Hates summer because it’s so hot and his parents are the kind that are too cheap to use the AC no matter how terrible it is
  • Takes like 3 cold showers a day to escape the heat
  • Once got himself a custom handheld gaming console that was water proof just so his could play while sitting in the bathtub with cold water showering on him
  • Winter is the best because it gives him an excuse to stay in. (“It’s too cold!” or “The roads are icy, it’s dangerous!”)
  • He’s that one person that refuses to dress properly because it takes too long so it could be below zero and he’s still only wearing a jacket.
  • Has trouble keeping track of time after the time changes. In the winter he gets super tired because he thinks it’s late, in the spring he stays up late as ever because he thinks it’s still early and before he knows it, it’s already 1 a.m.
  • Doesn’t like going outside but likes playing in the snow, especially snow ball fights as well. It’s like live action Call of Duty to him and he’s going to destroy you so don’t go against him.
  • Loves drinking hot cocoa and always gets the giant marshmallows, never the minis.
  • Eats ice cream in the winter.
  • If you’re his girlfriend he’s going to put his cold feet on your back to watch you jump at the shock. Does this to his brother too.
  • Loves sharing a scarf with you so he gets extra-long ones on purpose. He also gets you matching beanies
  • (also is a huge prankster when summer hits. Ice cubes down your pants and all, beware)


  • Loves spring because all the new trends finally release and he likes to keep up to date on what’s no longer in.
  • Shopping trips double during spring
  • Can always find a good sale for out of season items
  • Summer is annoying but also great because the beach and public pools which means the possibly of shirtless hot guys.
  • Also loves getting that natural tan, he hates tanning beds or tanning lotion
  • Dyes his hair to brighter colors during these seasons because it makes everything seem better
  • Once dyed his hair red and green for Christmas and he wanted to jump off a bridge afterwards because EW!
  • Is a sucker for smoothies or Starbucks, always gets an iced drink.
  • Carnivals/fairs/amusement parks during the summer are a tradition for his family and Armin would never admit this but he’s actually terrified of roller coasters, but Alexy takes on any ride you suggest to him
  • Literally has to force Armin to put on warmer clothes during fall and winter
  • Loves to listen to Christmas music and knows every single dance move to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ from the movie “Mean Girls”.
  • Fall and winter make him sad cause he has to cover up his outfits with coats and jackets etc.
  • But you’ll know it’s him when you see him cause the colors he wears stand out a lot especially against the dull of winter
  • If you’re his boyfriend he purposely takes you to a beach/pool to see you shirtless
  • ‘Accidentally’ will drip ice cream on you just to lick it off~

xxqueenxxofxxheartsxx  asked:

Hello again! LOVING your new adorable dresses on post/149814701696/wednesday-dress-2-versions-66-colors-each-hq The short sleeved are super cute like for teens and the long sleeves is like something cute and still trendy that Grandma could wear you know? lol I really can't wait to see them in game. I LOVE the way you styled the sims too leading me to my question. WCIF the tights & socks your 3 models are wearing on that post? THANK YOU!

Thank you, I’m glad you like them! :D
The black and the white tights with the dots came with Get to work.
The white stockings are my Lace Stockings #2 and the kitty stockings have been linked *here* ^^

Dramatical Murder Anime Episode 06 Review

And we begin with PIXEL MIZUKI

Douchebag Toue, get off.

Baa-chan is safe! But…

Comatose Mizuki ;__;

I have to say that the characters’ close shots in this episode are great. Even Aoba fainting is amazing!

I think this is the first moment I considered Sei pretty in the anime. This episode is really good.

That moment you wanna hug Ren and kiss him nonstop.

I’m really laughing how Mink was isolated all the time from the conversation.

Aoba yellow socks <3

Koujaku is adorable for trying to lighten the mood.

But I’m curious because he called Clear “Kuria” instead of “Gas Mask”.

And now this is the explanatory episode. Some people hate it and want to sleep. I sure love it!

Nitro and Urobuchi really like this theme (so do I)

Don’t question the purpose of cute All Mates! (ok, I know anime didn’t mean them, let’s continue)

Tae, you’re forgetting something. But I agree it would be too shocking to Aoba to know now.

I really pity these guys.


There were some parts of the dialogue that I had forgotten, this was refreshing to read. I really like this scientific part of the game.

I can sense Sei’s internal screams.

Awwwww, Aoba…

Yay, looks like everyone is going to Platinum Jail!

And Tae smiling, a so rare scene!

“I want osananajimi love, come here, Koujaku.”

I told you to not say you would do anything he wants, Aoba.

Fuck off.


Delicious cooking! *smiling face*



Aoba is so pretty in this episode. I’m loving his close ups.




I didn’t want to see this again, it’s torture!
But a necessary torture for the plot.

You weren’t harsh, Tae, you were such a sweetpie! *IRONY*


“And then left him there.”

You make Aoba look like a bastard like that.

This episode is probably clarifying many things for those who didn’t play the game.

So much information thrown at Aoba at the same time, poor thing!

Even your pills are blue, Aoba!

I was sure she wouldn’t say everything now!


Wow, the invitation came in his home!

This episode is indeed so pretty, I really liked how they are drawing the characters so well!


Aoba, what are you doing, your boots don’t have shoelaces.

Oh yay, Koujaku got an invitation too!

Terrorists? LOL


That’s the kind of HUGE spoiler you don’t notice it was a HUGE spoiler unless you’ve played both games.

And the winner of bromance hints in this episode IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS…





I have the feeling the next episode will be about Clear, but I’m not sure. Because of the “I’m not a person” (something like that) in the preview.

I have no idea how they’ll make the Platinum Jail part, but it looks like they’ll do a good job! I’m looking forward to it!

And I want to congratulate NAZ for improving the quality so much in this episode!

The 5 Cutest Socks for the Holidays

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My fairy kei coord from today~ I went to go see the lego movie (which was awesome btw~) with the awesome Xavier (he’s also the one who took a majority of these pictures)~ but I came home to 5 packages yesterday and I had to wear all of it~ * u * 

Dreamy Castle coord~!

Sparkly castle tee: Hey Chickadee

Stripped yellow cardigan: Forever21

Mint polka dot skirt (that’s secretly a dress ;P): Rue21

Candy necklace leggings: Hot Topic

Fuzzy rainbow bunny socks: Marshall’s

Ombre neon pink shoes: Target

Wig: eBay

Accessories: Hey Chickadee, Holley Tea Time, eBay, Forever21, Clair’s, Tasty Peach Studios, ShopMeowzy, thrift, and handmade~!

And I promise I didn’t just steal the girl in the last picture~ She’s one of my adorable co-workers~ Oh and I tracked down a listing for the unicorn after I saw this post~ >:3 My love for unicorns is eternal~ v u v <3 I named him Sir Cosmo Funfetti~! ^//u//^

Harbor: The Beginning: Part 4

Harbor: The Beginning

Part 4

art by sargar3000 (and guys, she’s gone above and beyond! there are two more illustrations below)

words: 1077

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, ’Harbor' (rated M), Part 5

Note: Harbor was a one-shot based on a tiny bit of this prompt–this series fills in the rest ;) Happy birthday week, minnothebunny <3

You aren’t allowed to like her.

But it got harder every time she grinned up at him, every time she bit her lip with that look that was somehow shy and mischievous and daring and nervous all at once.

Keep reading