the society ny

I spent way too much money at the New York Historical Society Museum shop yesterday but I have no regrets! I even got this pendant with a quote from Hamilton’s October 5th 1780 letter to Eliza which I love (it’s the one where he gives dating advice to Peggy too, so a real classic of the genre). And yes, I am a sap!


Welcome to the Freemasons

The all-seeing eye, the scythe, the winged hourglass, Jacob’s ladder, the beehive,  the fasces…the symbology here goes on and on. This document, dated September 29, 1814 (Year of Masonry 5814), testifies to Abraham Lockwood’s worthiness to join the Masonic Lodge of Unadilla, New York. 

AHMC - Lockwood Family. To all free and accepted masons[…]. 1814. New-York Historical Society.