the social secretary

She had something to say about Betsy DeVos. So she sent her senator a pizza — with a message.

The special instructions section reads:

Please deliver to Orrin Hatch’s office, #8402 and attach the following note: “From a Salt Lake constituent in 84105. Please vote NO on Betsy Devos. She is an inappropriate choice to lead our public schools.

Julia Silge tried repeatedly to get in touch with her senator about the upcoming confirmation vote, but she was only able to leave one message before the answering machine had apparently been filled. It was then that she resorted to an unconventional way of reaching out.

Ultimately, the pizza was unable to be delivered as it could not make it past security, but this just goes to show the great lengths people are going through in order to have their voices be heard!

Edith Roosevelt (1861-1948)

Art by Mattie Hinkley (tumblr, instagram)

Edith Roosevelt was the first First Lady to employ a full-time, salaried social secretary.  Although Edith was not an activist First Lady, the addition of paid staff dedicated to the First Lady elevated the position and paved the way for First Ladies like Edith’s niece Eleanor.  

Although Edith was not an activist, she did serve as a go-between and convey information about the Russo-Japanese War to Teddy.  Teddy won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for negotiating the end of the Russo-Japanese War.  

With a family of six children, Edith and Teddy needed more space than most First Families.  Edith hired architects and petitioned Congress for funds to separate the living quarters from the offices.  The result was the creation of the West Wing.

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“No, I DON’T want to watch you shower! What a peculiar thing to ask! Go to my room and prepare to transcribe the replies I will dictate to you.”

Stygnar walked away, perplexed. It was nice that his brother had been so thoughtful..for once..and made him a useful machine. No more tolerating Frolic Skyclad the Third as his social secretary. Still..this machine seemed a bit..odd?

“I’ll be pleased to receive your DICtation.” P0RNY1 said, with undue emphasis.

Boris is not a ‘buffoon’. He is not an ‘idiot’. He’s not 'stupid’. He’s a cunning and dangerous politician whose skill and ruthlessness stands head and shoulders above all of the lightweights in his party, whose carefully managed PR persona plays into entertainingly harmless stereotypes encouraged by the British aristocracy to disguise their incipient tendency toward fascism. Don’t give him the benefit of a handy camouflage; expose his rabid anti-worker politics without mercy.


1. LORETTA LYNCH, 56, U.S. Attorney General

“I want to protect the most vulnerable..

2. VALERIE JARRETT, 58, Senior Advisor To The President

“When women succeed, America succeeds.”

3. SUSAN RICE, 51, National  Security Advisor

“My parents always taught me to work hard and to never give a halfhearted…

4.DEESHA DYER, 37, Special Assistant To The President & Social Secretary

“Always be yourself. It sounds cliché, but as you get older, it becomes clear…

5. ASHLEY ALLISON, 33, Deputy Director Of The Office Of Public Engagement “The most inspiring moments come in times of quiet reflection on my walk to and from work.”

6. ASHLEY ETIENNE, 37,  Special Assistant To The President & Cabiney Communications Director “Truth will prevail regardless of the opposition and enormity of the challenge.”

7. ASHLEY TATE-GILMORE, 32, Director of The white House Travel Office “I have the chance to connect with Americans overseas who are real-life examples of the work we’re doing.”

8. ADAEZE ENEKWECHI, 37, Associate Director For Health, Office of Management And Budget. “Never take a job that doesn’t terrify [you]. Those are the jobs worth doing.”

Small Self-promo

hey, guys! So, as many of you know, I study Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. This last week I was elected to be the Social Secretary for the Linguistics Society at the University for the upcoming academic year. Part of that is revitalizing (hehe language revitalization allusion) the Society’s Tumblr. So, if you’re feeling so inclined, please head over and follow @eulangsoc so I can pump it up. Expect 100% language and linguistics memes! 

Much love and I hope you all have a lovely day xx

Replies from snooty Stygnar Abyssi will now be delivered by his new Social Secretary b0t, P0RNY1:

“My dear, oh so hot @willky12 , we both have the same ideas about communicative mutuals. Would you like to chat with me more privately?”

@yuriingha  , @kociara81 , @grilledcheese-aspiration  and @ove51  : kisses and MORE for the reblogs. Come closer and see ALL my gears.”

@treason-and-plot , not one, but TWO, very big hemipenes! Come to the Abyssi Mansion where pleasure awaits you.”

@foxglovesims , thank you, you sexay thing for the compliment about my way of using vampire glitches in the @alientrustfundkids story. Would you like to watch me shower?”

“My dear @andantezen . I am glad you like Fauno and I too hope his plan works. My gears need lubricating. Can you help?”

@willky12 you and I can play with some vampires TOGETHER. That would be HOT. @acquiresimoleons can bring a sims 2 vampy and join us. Don’t you all want to see that?”

“I’ll finish these tomorrow. I’m being called by my creator, I’Lumar to come down and join him and Frolic Skyclad III in the hot spring out back. Would you like to watch us? I somehow know* that I’Lumar ‘s retractable hemipenes are even more impressive than his brother Stygnar’s.”

*Gee, I wonder who put THAT idea in her head?

Those of you mentioned who want to know why this b0t is replying to you, see tag “Reply Story” And thanks for the feedback. :)


Abyssi Mansion, Murkimizu:

1. I’Lumar Abyssi and Frolic Skyclad III are soaking in the back .

“Duuuude.” I’Lumar said, exhaling slowly. “ You forgot one reply. @treason-and-plot. You suck as a social secretary. My brother is gonna, like, FIRE you.” I’Lumar giggled.

Frolic snorted “ I WANT him to, like, fire me.  I don’t need a JOB. EEW. Work is a dirty four-letter word, remember? Anyway, man..who is this Treason?

“The one who writes those stories, with lots know…hot scenes. And she mentioned YOU, dude.”

“Isn’t this a ‘hot scene’ in the hot-spring back here?” Frolic asked, feigning ignorance.

“Um..not THAT kinda hot.” I’Lumar Abyssi started to explain, but then mischievous inspiration struck. “Lets give her a really HOT reply from my uptight brother. We need to get a pic.”

2 &3. Frolic Skyclad III and I’Lumar are outside on the terrace,  peeking into Stygnar’s room, conspiring.

Conclusion of the reply to @treason-and-plot next post.

Is psychological selfie Sunday yes?

Maybe it should be my new avatar piccy? Opinion?

Made with a shit ton of apps.. this is a still shot of a critter that lives and dances in my iPhone. It does bear an uncanny resemblance to me…

It has relatives that live SOMEplace in Groovy will see soon.

Psychedelic camera app pic of a pillow in my house, put thru a few additional filters, then image used as base for animated face made with Morfo app.

Long text post incoming in an hour or so..the third and final of the Alien Trust Fund Kids story summaries.

New story updates sometime tomorrow plus more tourist pix of alien worlds.Replies not forgotten..Stygnar will have his new social secretary do them soon.


“I do NOT appreciate how you chose to reply to our readers last time. You and my brother violated my privacy with that photo and we had women lining up for days outside on the sidewalk clamoring to be fertilized. Apparently many saw that photo and read your comments about my retractable hemipenes. It was quite embarrassing. I would have you arrested if my father would permit it.”

“Stygnar, dude, man..lighten UP! Why would you want to have me arrested? All the babes are warm for your form now. You should THANK us.”

“Please stop using that undignified expression. Why don’t you go for a nice walk in V’Znitexi Preserve?”

“No way man. That’s the private hunting grounds of your creepy neighbors. I’m not going the way of the last social secretary. Maybe hire someone else if you don’t like how I do things? Just a thought.”

“Yay! She’s all done! My brother’s new social secretary. With special programming.  Her name is..P0RNY1.  And the Yurei’s won’t be able to eat this one, cuz, b0t.“ I’Lumar danced around proudly. “ of now, you are unemployed again. No more work. You can thank me proper later.”

“Duuuude don’t use dirty four-letter words like work! My sensitive ears! “ Frolic said in mock horror, recoiling for emphasis. “P0RNY1. COOOOL! Sweeeet name. I dig the rainbow wig and the super- retro skin. Freakin’ trippy combo.”

“She will please everyone. My ‘stick-up-his-ass’ brother the traditionalist and, for us, the groovy touch. I like her clothes..but she probably won’t be IN them very much. Her programming and all…”

“Does she do…you know..FUN stuff?”

“Oh HELLS yeah!”

 “Radical! Can we play with her..together?” Frolic Skyclad III asked, with a wink.

“Sure bed is big enough.”

“Your bed?  How trad! But I can swing that. Then we can all go frolic on the beach. Don’t invite your old man Rhyzar tho. That would be TOO much sharing. I don’t mind us getting high with him, but not other stuff.”

“Let her go take care of my brother’s correspondence, then we can go play with her. We should avoid the beach in front of the Yurei’s tho. They might harpoon us all.”

@andantezen , I think I’Lumar might make a male one at some point..was going with the most common type we see infesting our blogs.

Overly personal replies from P0RNY1 later..don’t worry, they won’t be NSFW and I’ll keep it..relatively ..tame.
Eleanor Roosevelt Is Leading the Race to Be on the $10 Bill
By Mic

Back in June Secretary Jack Lew announced that the Treasure will feature a woman’s face on the $10 bill. Now that the dilemma of “if” a woman can be featured has been solved, the major question remaining is “who?” A recent poll revealed who Americans want: Eleanor Roosevelt. According to the McClatchy-Marist poll released Wednesday, the former first lady holds down 27% of the votes. Though two women of color follow close behind.