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Deja su coche sucio y se encuentra una obra de arte

¿Te da pereza limpiar tu coche? ¿Te cuesta ver por los cristales debido a la enorme capa de polvo que tiene? ¡Pues quizás estés de suerte! 

Nikita Golubev es una ilustradora rusa que recorre las calles de Moscú en busca de dueños descuidados que hayan dejado sus coches llenos de polvo. Donde otros ven suciedad, Nikita ve una herramienta potencial para expresar su creatividad. Aquí te dejo una selección de sus mejores obras.

Imágenes vía Nikita Golubev

Un cocodrilo en un camión..

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Un tiburón blanco..

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Un misterioso rostro..

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¡Print floral azul!

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La sombría cara de un simio

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Un búho en un camión…

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Inquietante y solo con polvo..

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¡A surfear!

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Y hasta frases escritas

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Dime qué horóscopo eres y te enseño tu maquillaje

 Setareh Hosseini es una estrella en Instagram gracias a sus famosos maquillajes artísticos. En esta ocasión, la joven ha querido representar cada uno de los signos zodiacales mediante un maquillaje que identifique su esencia.

La artista, que vive en Toronto, tiene casi 100.000 seguidores en IG y seguro que, cuando veas esta galería, te unes a su perfil. ¿Crees en el horóscopo? ¿Qué signo eres? ¿Ves identificada tu personalidad en el maquillaje que ha elegido Setareh? ¡Yo soy Leo y me encanta su make up para mi signo! Aunque Aries y Aries también son espectaculares…

Imágenes vía starlit_makeup


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo


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Rivoglio gli amici che vengono a suonarmi sotto casa, quelli che se non ci sei alle quattro, ripassano alle cinque. Oggi, se provo a staccare Facebook e WhatsApp, chi mi cerca più? Nei social network puoi essere chi vuoi e spesso mi dimentico di essere me. Non voglio fare il nostalgico, a me Facebook piace, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, mi fanno sentire più in contatto con le persone, sono portali che riducono la distanza in un mondo di chilometri. Non mi piace però come sono diventato io, come siamo diventati noi, che abbiamo sostituito le conversazioni in piazza con le chat condivise, le scritte sui muri con i post in bacheca, gli eccessi con gli accessi.
—  Antonio Dikele Distefano, Fuori piove, dentro pure, passo a prenderti? 

Our former 1N2D writer strikes again with the account of the wrapping party after her final filming day.

The moving story has been making rounds on korean social networks apparently and people have had nothing but praise for the 1N2D members.

I’m happy to hear they got some well deserved acknowledgement for their kind hearts and thoughts~


I’m getting butterflies just remembering how we all began. Six years later on this day and we are married. It’s just so funny how things work out.

We first spoke on MySpace. I was 15/16 at the time and we talked a few times but nothing serious. Flash forward to being freshly 19 and it’s the day before New Year’s Eve. I was dating a guy at the time. He sucked. I was living in California and had recently moved to Washington’s coast (ocean shores) to help take care of my mom but was visiting my friends in Seattle for the New Years. They all urged me to let it go, move on - I decided it was time to do just that.

Little did I know, Aaron was in the same situation and had decided to move forward at the same time. Like I said - f a t e! That next day I was scrolling through MySpace (this is like a handful of months before MySpace finally kicked the bucket and Facebook won) and I saw in the mutual friends section Aaron, I remembered him, so I decided to friend request him.

This is the part where it gets corny:

Within a couple hours he had commented on a photo of me smiling saying, “that’s the best smile I’ve seen in a while.” It’s funny how it just depends on the person and what a simple line does to you.

Now I was totally not a boy favorite. I never have been. For those of you that know me from my previous Tumblr, I worked in California as a coordination assistant during Palm Springs and LA fashion weeks. I didn’t have time for boys and I wasn’t the girl the guys drooled over, I was their friend that got them to the girls they drooled over.

(It probably also doesn’t help that I grew sick of the ones I did date and would be irritated quickly and move along. Long term wasn’t my thing, I also don’t play games so there’s another strike against me.) I digress…

So from that little comment I was a giggling love struck mess.

We played the Internet game of liking photos, leaving flirty messages until we started talking - talking switched to instant messaging (if you don’t remember AIM - you’re too young. Go home.) - instant messaging switched to web cam.

24 hours had passed by with nonstop talking. He had to go to work so we switched to texting. Then he got home and we switched between phone calls and web cam. After 48 hours of straight non-stop talking, zero sleep and just that spark of connection I asked him, “what do you think about me visiting you this weekend?”

Now Spokane from Ocean Shores is a 7 hour drive. I know we had only talked for 72 hours (3 days) but it was fate. Aaron was totally for that idea so that weekend I stuffed my jeep full of shit because I’d rather over pack than under pack. I drove that seven hours through the pass and drove through snow for the very first time to see that handsome face.

I’ll never forget nervously leaving my jeep and watching him stride up to meet me. Aaron immediately engulfed me in this amazing bear hug, lifted my feet off the ground and twirled me. Hook. Line. Sinker.

• The first picture from the top, the black and white one, was the first day we saw each other face to face. His friend Jesse was driving Aaron’s car and we were snuggling in the backseat listening to Secondhand Serenade kissing and cooing.
• The picture to the right of that was the next day when he asked me to move in with him. I did move in that weekend and I’ve never left.
• The third photo is the exact moment Aaron asked me to marry him on New Years 2010

Happy sixth year anniversary Wolfling. 💕💋

Never get a URL tattoo.

Ok, so my sister-in-law is engaged, and the guy she is going to marry is a (somewhat) decent guy. The only thing is, he has a lot of bad tattoos. I’m talking knuckle tattoos that say “Dumpster baby”, vampire bite marks, and the web address of the guy who did his tattoos. The last one is one that this story is about, because my plan originally started as a joke I made that i would buy the domain when it went up for sale and put photoshopped images of him with other men.

So I get to know him a bit more and he’s actually a good guy. Has 2 kids with an ex fiance, and she has been a total bitch. Not telling him where his kids are, leaving them with a 3rd party when she’s supposed to have them, and has also left them to go (allegedly) buy and sell drugs. She has an open case with the Department of Family Services and she has failed drug tests twice, yet still has majority custody.

Side note, this woman hates my SIL with a passion. Making up lies and publicly making threats on social networking sites.

The Revenge part of this story comes back to those tattoos. You see, he got many of them when he was with his ex, so she has similar tattoos, such as the vampire bites and the web address. Which she has on her ankle.

For shits and giggles I decided to look up the domain and found that it was for sale. I purchased it immediately and thought about what I would put online. If I hadn’t just been talking to my sister-in-law about whats going on with his kids, I might have put up the pornographic photoshops and had my fun. But I changed my mind and decided to make it a launch page for their wedding plans and registry.

So now, this woman has a tattoo that links to her ex’s new wedding plans and eventually a nice slideshow devoted to their everlasting love.

Too Long; Didnt Read > Sister in laws fiance has an evil ex. She has a web address tattooed on her ankle that expired and I bought it to put their wedding pictures online.

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An Introduction and a huge THANK YOU!!

Hi everybody today when I was looking at my notifications I just realised that I have been a complete idiot by not even introducing myself or even saying “Hi”. So hi, how is everything going and all the other stuff people say when they meet others for the first.

So first of all you all should know that I AM WEIRD LIKE REALLY REALLY WEIRD, that’s the first thing you should know about me. So here is my introduction my name is VanSaw( well my friends call me that) and I just want to THANK EVERYBODY for taking some time to read my stories I am really very grateful!! I would love to TALK to you all and trust me when I say this I am a chatter box I can talk endlessly!!! I am also not very techno savvy so it takes me a LOT of time to do things on any social networking site.

So Thank you everybody for reading my stories and for your lovely comments, I am really grateful!!! SO THANK YOUUU!!!