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I admire your confidence. Today is a very difficult day for the fandom. But you're so hard to hold on to joshifer. I wanted to do posts dedicated to THG premieres and Joshifer in Russian social network but now it's like a knife to the heart. How do you keep the confidence that it is all a PR? You're amazing.

I’m just going to say this Russian anon - if you love what you saw with Jen and Josh, if it makes you smile and gives you hope - watching two lovely people who share a great friendship and love - then ship them.  Embrace them and keep hoping. Hollywood is a world of fantasy. And people may say Joshifer is a fantasy. I don’t care. I know what I know and those two crazy stupid kids are the real deal. No embarassing pap shots needed.

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do you guys have any rich! Stiles fics? Didn't see a tag. Thanks!

sure do! you should also check our actor stiles and celebrity stiles tags :)

Bad Habits by Fudgebug (complete | 108,298 | Rated E)

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.

I Know Places by ericaismeg (complete | 21,271 | Rated G)

Stiles is tired of the fame and the media that comes with being a famous actor. Lydia, his manager, gives him a three week break from his social calendar while his agent, Peter, is off doing who knows what, who knows where. At the last function before his break, Stiles finally meets Derek Hale - the nephew that Peter has been shunned by for the past six and a half years.

Stiles knows how twisted the tabloids get things, it’s why he’s avoided doing anything remotely scandalous for his entire life. But when Derek Hale wants to get coffee with him, Stiles doesn’t care what anyone else says. He’s going.

The Menagerie series by tanwencooper (2 works | 20,380 | Rated E)

Derek is one of the highest earning escorts at Peter’s Menagerie, where the roster of beautiful men and women are ready and waiting to give you everything you want. When Lydia calls begging him to cover for her with their biggest client he isn’t expecting to find himself in the hotel room of Stiles Stilinski, genius and billionaire founder of premier social networking site FriendSpace. What starts as a simple job providing companionship soon has Derek struggling with his own desires. Feelings that his profession has forced him to lock away come to the surface as he risks losing himself to his latest client. Sometimes what you want is what you really need.

Oh What These Headlights Have Seen by pterawaters (complete | 2,820 | Rated E)

Derek’s boss is spoiled, demanding, and far too attractive. Or, the one where Derek is a mechanic and Stiles owns lots of cars.

Opinions 3.15

It really bothers me how eagerly the fandom is tearing into Liz for being, y'know, human. If this were written slightly worse, I could let it go, but everyone in this situation is super flawed, and that was something the writing meant to tap into and explore in this episode. I’m wondering if I’m the only one that got that interpretation, and to be honest, it seems that I’m not alone, but contrarians are louder in this situation.

…For those of you who are still reading, thanks. I really appreciate it.
We’ve watched Liz do the doe-eyed, mushy thing over her abusive ex-in-title-only-husband. And up until now, it hasn’t been called out at all by anyone else, as if it’s okay.

Let me put it to you this way: Liz has wanted a family since we first meet her, only to have it thoroughly interrupted by Reddington and put on forever hiatus. Her husband, the person she dreamed of starting a family with, is discovered as a fake, yet another operative with his own objective to get closer to her despite orders. After trying to get over him in a very normal yet unhealthy way, she’s pregnant with the child she always wanted from the man she dreamed a long time of starting a family with. Before this all started, that was all she wanted, and she wants that simplicity back.

Do I approve of this series of actions? No. Do I understand them? Yes. Different things.

The thing that made this episode different from the other times we’ve seen her go goo-goo eyed over her ex(????) is that Reddington actively calls her out on it. Several times. “The Tom problem is not me. The Tom problem is Tom.”

This is not TPTB saying “Tom is the hero!!11!” as I’ve seen people saying. This is TPTB saying “Liz is in a complicated situation and this is rough, but Tom is a bad person.”

I actually think they’re gearing up to kill Tom. Which is good and a move I’m in favor of, but it is coming a bit late in the story for most fans to actually appreciate it. Liz is swooning over him, Red is hunting down people not just because they’re on the Blacklist, but because they have skills, as we’ve seen previously in the “Berlin” arc. We have a creepy-as-fuck painting that is so anti-Lizzington you could taste Red’s disdain for it as he snapped at Dembe to “send it back”. The Major is stirring, who definitely has a grudge against Tom, and we’ve seen Liz do the choked-up thing while standing over his barely-alive carcass.

Now that that is out of my system…

I loved this Blacklister. Drexel is Banksy working in the medium of gore porn, and I’m completely down with it. Ripped from the recent, mainstream headlines and a reddit that should probably come with way more disclaimers than it does, as well as conspiracy theories about the Patriot Act and the “Big Brother”-esque vibe it gave off, in the most 1984 of senses. It was a really fun episode to watch for me.

You know, I’m kind of surprised I didn’t suspect Aram working for the NSA before he mentioned it. NSA dudes are usually way more fucked up than Aram is, though. Also way more thirsty.

My 2 cents. I’m going to be fucking stalked. I should definitely put tape over my cameras after writing that shit.

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