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I was having dinner in the Kirkland dining hall with Mark, and I had the chicken with me because I had to have the chicken with me at all times. This was college. And the dining hall was serving chicken for dinner and I had to feed my chicken, so I… Well, I took little pieces of chicken and I gave it to the chicken. Someone must have seen me because the next thing I knew, I was being accused of forced cannibalism. 

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Dan and Phil arent even that popular to /a lot/ of people and y'all are acting like someone's gonna see them and be like. "I'm going to blow their brains with my gun" they don't need to come home that's ignorant when they are obviously having fun in America. One thing happens and people think it's he end of the world..(I'm not mad at you just ranting) (but phancuddles is a bitttttch)

Can people stop slagging my mate off to me and indirecting her and even bitching about her on different social networks because they’re too chicken to tell her directly?? it’s a right ball ache ✊💦