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I have a sneaking suspicion that for these people, being “socially aware” is code for “being intentionally obtuse whenever I hear someone make a joke that I find teensiest weensiest bit offensive and browbeating them with accusations of what a horrible ___ist they are until they either repent to my satisfaction or I publicly shame and disown them”

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Dress Codes and What They Actually Mean

Have you ever started a new job and been told that what you’re wearing doesn’t fit with “business casual”? Or have you received an invitation to a party with a dress code like “garden attire” or “creative black tie” and had absolutely no idea what to wear? Dress codes can be really confusing, especially when you’re growing up and suddenly have to deal with a lot more than everyday casual. But worry not, because we’re about to break them down one by one so you’ll be the best (appropriately) dressed at your next party.

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Femininity is the social behavior code that is assigned to women.

Feminine behaviors are about:

  • being nurturing
  • being sweet
  • softness, gentleness, being cute
  • being sexy, makeup, high heels, tight restrictive clothing
  • diminishing yourself
  • playing a support role
  • being submissive and small
  • being domestic
  • giving rather than taking

Masculinity is the social behavior code that is assigned to men.

Masculine behaviors are about:

  • leadership qualities
  • being strong and tough
  • logic, science, math, discovery, accomplishment
  • taking rather than giving
  • being dominant, loud, aggressive
  • celebrating yourself
  • taking up lots of space and being proud
  • appearance is not as important as practicality, comfort, mobility

Male supremacists believe that women are naturally feminine and that men are naturally masculine and that these things can not be changed.

Feminists believe that femininity and masculinity are products of culture and therefore can be changed.

hey all! so with riverdale approaching in a month, i thought i’d give people a rundown on some of the history and social coding in archie comics.

riverdale is a real place in the north bronx. it has a large jewish population, and is on the hudson river. north riverdale sits on the yonkers (westchester county) border, and is less affluent than central riverdale, simply called “riverdale.” because of it’s overwhelming whitness, riverdale is often reffered to as “fake bronx.”

archie comics, for their entirety, have been written in mamaroneck, new york, a town very much like riverdale in terms of population and socio-economic status. riverdale was chosen specifically of it’s closeness to mamaroneck, and because it embodies a very ideal living situation.

throughout their history, archie has seen a lot of both worlds of “whiteness” that exist in the bronx and westchester- wealthy protestants, who are all members of the local country clubs and go to the right schools etc, and jewish people, who have become integrated into that white westchester society, but at the time when archie comics began, were verboten from partaking in most white spaces.

why does this matter? well, because veronica lodge, played by the lovely camila mendes, is supposed to, especially starting in the 80s, be a very specific type of jewish girl. she’s the “jewish american princess,” as advertised by her bossy nature, love of material goods, and features that are darker and more defined than betty’s

having worked in mamaroneck for the entirety of the publication, we can be sure that the writers of archie based both betty and veronica on the two specific types of girls that you most frequently see in westchester county. i’m curious to see where riverdale goes with this, if they are able to combine both jewish roots and latinx roots. 

as of right now, riverdale the show has made a very clever move in making veronica a clear outsider to the community- where her jewishness was once what set her apart from the rest of riverdale’s residents, camila is latina, and bound to face the type of modern discrimination jewish veronica would’ve faced at archie’s founding. 

anyway, feel free to ask me anything about archie comics or riverdale or that area- i’m kind of an expert. until next time!

Take a break from this toxic place, go out and take a walk. Go get something nice to eat and enjoy looking at people. Breathe some fresh air and refresh your minds. Think about where you are now in life and where you’d like to be. Take a picture; of you, a friend, the streets, life. Make someone smile today; just say Hello. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

A Jersey Lily (1878). John Everett Millais (English, 1829-1896). Oil on canvas. Jersey Museum and Art Gallery.

Born Emilie Charlotte le Breton in Jersey, Lillie Langtry went on to become a great society beauty and later a well-known actress. Her lifestyle challenged the social codes of her day. Millais’ portrait of Langtry (holding what is in fact a Guernsey lily) was one of the most celebrated paintings of its day. It was displayed at the Royal Academy in 1878 where crowds thronged to see it.


 Bonnie Thunderstorms

“Thunderstorms is a young Italian artist who only works on social networks.
Diverting all codes of personality cult exacerbated by Instagram, Facebook etc, it creates encrypted, destructured and distorted images by different digital techniques.
The world of Bonnie is very small. She photographs her friends, her cats, her bath, takes a lot of selfies, and then publishes them into strange, almost illegible works. Pornographic images are scattered here and there on its networks, pixelated in vhs 80s, retouched, mishandled. Bonnie exists only on networks, it is resolutely part of what is now called “digital artists”.

How is it that Supergirl just puts on glasses & her close friends and family are like “Who is she we don’t know her……” I stg I could hide within 14 garbage bags, unmoving, wearing a raccoon mask for a fortnight and random strangers  who passed me would greet me with my full social security code & be like “your grandmother would like help with the laundry back at her house”

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You describe yourself as neutral evil? That's actually really interesting. What about yourself do you consider 'evil'?

WELL OK SO i honestly thought i was 100% straight up chaotic neutral? like i’m not that bad. but then i took like 5 alignment quizzes and kept getting either lawful evil or neutral evil LMFAO i just have a lot of petty hate and like no morals whatsoever my guy

The Hype To Fight The Dress Code

In the last year I’ve occasionally seen posts or photos that have been taken regarding the reaction to school dress codes, but they’ve become much more frequent in the last few months.

High schools across the nation are under fire over their dress codes, and frankly I’m really fucking tired of it. I get that social justice extremists have no concept of common sense, decency, professionalism, or ethical standards; but I’ve read the arguments, and they’re all cop outs.

I read one article today with the headline “High School Crop-Top Dress Codes Send the Message That School Is for Boys”. Yes, because crop-tops, short skirts, and other scantily clad articles of clothing are the only things not banned from most school dress codes, right?

Here is a list of other items that are included in most high school dress codes

  • No sagging pants
  • No hats, caps, or sunglasses
  • No coats between 1st and 7th periods
  • Boys must tuck in their shirts
  • Shoes to be worn at all times
  • No chain wallets
  • No studded jackets
  • No clothing with inappropriate suggestive language on it
  • No dying hair unnatural colors

Do you know why these dress codes are put in place? For one, because it teaches and enforces a professional code of conduct. Secondly, because these things are typically a distraction of some sort, and are otherwise unnecessary.

Interestingly, though, these people who gripe about the dress code have nothing to say about any of these other things. I’m sure they would say more about their dyed blue hair, if it could have some sort of rape culture message attached to it for good measure and be considered legitimate because of it.

I’m over this “weather appropriate” argument when it comes to crop-tops and skimpy shorts. You don’t need to wear excessively revealing clothing to stay cool in the summer, especially when your school is air conditioned. It’s not like boys are allowed to walk around school without a shirt on, or shorts so short you can see their balls hanging out.

I’m even more over this “stop sexualizing me” argument. It’s the ultimate cop out from these spoiled brats. No one is “sexualizing you” any more than you are already sexualizing yourself. You’re wearing shorts that your ass hangs out of because you want people to notice it. There’s no reason to not concede this is an attention seeking piece of wardrobe. Doing so is a cop out. I don’t give a shit what you say about it. It’s an excuse to do whatever the fuck it is you want without anyone being able to say otherwise.

I get that teenagers think they know everything, but we’re talking about kids who are combatting responsible adults as being pedophiles, and perpetuating rape culture. You don’t go to school to make the rules and do whatever you want to do. You go there to learn. If your wardrobe is considered a distraction, then you go home and change it. The ability for others to learn should not be impeded just because you think you have a set of special clothing rights in high school.

Try going to your non-Hooters, non-porn job wearing a crop top and short shorts, and see how fast they send you home. Go ahead and cry that sexualizing cop out to your employer in response. See how fast you lose your job because you think you’re owed some right to dress how you want to, and people just have to deal with it.

Your attitude sucks, and you have zero class. I don’t expect teenagers to have good amounts of either one - but I also did not expect to actually see any outlets taking this garbage seriously and turning it into a legitimate talking point.

when anyone says ‘you’re saying only people assigned female/male at birth can be women/men!!!’, a fundamental misunderstanding has already taken place.

the issue isn’t who is “allowed” to be a man or woman - gender criticism is all about the fact that those intangible states of being don’t exist. there isn’t a higher, metaphysical state of ‘being a woman’ beyond female embodiment (or vice versa - ‘being a man’ is just male embodiment) in a patriarchal misogynistic society, which only people of one biological sex can experience. 

now, if the issue is rephrased to view ‘woman-ness’ or ‘man-ness’ as a set of social codes and behaviours, then yes, it’s possible that a person of any biological sex could in theory conform to these, and be treated as a member of that group. however, those codes and behaviours are not innate, they are learned, so deciding that someone’s ability to conform to codes and behaviours other than the ones they were originally socialised for does nothing to prove that those categories of ‘man’ or ‘woman’ really exist or do anything other than harm people by enforcing a hierarchical power structure.

most if not all problems of misogyny originate from sex oppression - based on a hatred for female embodiment. trying to displace those discussions, as if misogyny is a hatred for ‘woman-ness’ (meaning the codes and behaviours expected of female people) makes the issues impossible to solve by obscuring their origin, and perpetuates a kind of victim blaming attitude, where it seems logical that women could escape oppression by either not conforming to femininity or ceasing to identify as women. this, obviously, doesn’t work. what is needed instead is a return to identifying the root cause of misogyny (and patriarchy itself), which is hatred not for the feminine, but the female. any female person who wants to join in female liberation is welcome, regardless of how they identify, because identity is not what is being legislated against and attacked, but an undeniable biological reality.

team i love bobs burgers but the way the show handles its mentally ill characters (ie felix, gayle, teddy, frond to an extent, and even mickey lets not forget him) is kinda sorta really gross and needs to stop

I think what I like most about working in a videogame company is this clear distinction between “artists” and “programmers”. Like we get along well but we’re never gonna be able to do - or even understand - what the other does. 

And it brings out all these inside jokes and social-coded language like :  “programmers’ graphics” means “something that looks like shit”, and a software “artist-friendly” means “something so easy that even a monkey could do it” and I think it’s beautiful.

The near constant opposition to a dress code in schools is bullshit. There are reasons besides horny teenage boys that you shouldn’t be running around in booty shorts and your tits out. It’s nothing to do with sexism, and whether you see it or not, boys are held to a dress code as well. The only reason nothing is said to them on a regular basis is because they don’t wear low-cut shirts or super short shorts. It’s time to let this old and debunked accusation of sexism die.