the so unknown

i go back tomorrow morning for my senior year at college…to start XC preseason…to begin it all

i remember 3 years ago going into my freshman preseason and crying with my mom and dad the night before leaving and being so nervous and scared for the unknown

someone said to me after my freshman year, “chris, remember how nervous you were before going away to school? look at all the magical things that happened to you”

there is so much unknown this time around too and i am so excited and so ready. ready. no it will not be all good. yes it will all be necessary. yes it will all be magical in the way the universe has it unfold. i have worked so hard. i have let go of things that needed to be let go. wow i just can’t believe it’s here already

If you can be unknown, be so; it doesn’t matter if you are not known and it doesn’t matter if you are not praised. It doesn’t matter if you are blameworthy according to people if you are praiseworthy with Allâh the Mighty and Majestic.
—  Fudayl ibn Iyad (rahimullah)

170528 Baekhyun’s famous words

(t/n: in korean, ‘pen’ and ‘fan’ sounds the same. hence why he created this metaphor saying fans are the pen while exo is the book ;;____;;)

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 


I am honestly so impressed with Mystic Messenger after finishing the game, and I loved that one end scene from Secret 02 so I took it, embellished it, and drew it out <3