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If there isn’t a legal document saying I can’t do something, I’m gonna do it. Needless to say, NOWHERE did I find that you can’t trick people into giving you all their possessions. So technically, it’s not illegal!
—  Peter Nureyev, in response to someone accusing him of theft

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as a cashier, I am thankful to have tissues and hand sanitizer nearby available anytime, and i use the hand sanitizer quite liberally. once in a while ill have a customer give me a look when i use it after our transaction, and if pressed i will tell them, very truthfully, that i got so sick from an unknown customer that I vomited for the first time in DECADES. it caused the only time so far ive had to call out sick from work; so if they get upset well tough tities on them :)))

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Did u see what KJ did on Instagram? Everyone hates him now I'm so upset w him 😭

I saw the comment about fat people that he liked, I’m assuming that’s what everyone is upset about.

Definitely understandable. I saw it and my heart just dropped, like, okay yes there are some overweight people who are definitely not helping themselves and eat poorly. But there are so many people that may look unhealthy and they just can’t do anything about it or have other health problems that make them unable to work out as well as they could or something like that.

It’s so disappointing because he’s in the public eye and he should know better.

It also makes me think, if he were to meet me (or a lot of his/the shows other fans) would he think I’m disgusting because I don’t have the perfect body?

There are so many unknowns in other people’s lives.

Sorry this totally turned into a rant!

I am so awkward with change.
I went spontaneously to the movies with my roomies tonight and in the midst of laughing together and sharing v buttery & salty popcorn, I almost started to cry. This chapter of my life is almost over, and I very much dislike (hate) to move away from the people who have become like family to me and this town which has become my first home, the first place I became my own person & learned that my voice matters and my dreams matter and can become real and my future matters, that I can rise up and believe in myself and achieve something, and that a friend can stick closer than a sister. This is my home, and I am incredibly sad to leave it, to close the chapter on this school/college era and move towards so many unknowns that I feel I’m floating over nothing around me. I am sad, and I am okay with being sad about leaving this chapter, because it was so good and full of so much growth. So many beautiful things have grown my heart garden by so many beautiful people, and they will remain planted there as I pick up the belongings I have and walk towards a new chapter, a new future. I am scared, sad, nervous, anxious at most times, but most of all, I am excited. I am nervous and excited for what is to come. I don’t have a specific road, just some wonderful ones, and I get to choose the path, the Lord steering and guiding me towards His will & purposes. I don’t have anything but His grace and unconditional love. He has been so good to me by giving me the gift of support and love through the man I get to call love, who has become my best friend and a safe place in the midst of the waves of stress and joys and sorrows these past two years, who finally I get to be near to geographically, who through Christ’s love has grown my heart to depths I didn’t know were possible and has opened my eyes to such beauty, and I love him deeply, I am looking forward with such excitement to start learning & living life with him.
I see a long road, a bright yet persevering road, that leads to eternity always, and I look with joy to all that is before me. Here’s to taking big (or baby) steps, but steps nonetheless towards what is before me. To try my best, and have grace & patience and love for others and myself. To slowly, awkwardly embrace the change and cling to Christ through the process.


…what are you looking at? 

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 


OKAY but just think about Saeran retouching his roots every 4 weeks to maintain his white and pink hair and when he has to cut it he has to redye the tips pink, think about how the first thing he does every morning is put on his stylish mint green contacts and then complete the look with some eyeliner, think about how he takes the time to wear his choker and spiky bracELET, THINK ABOUT HOW HE WEARS HIS JACKET SUCH THAT YOU CAN SEE HIS MINT EYE TATTOO. THIS BOY IS SO HIGH MAINTENANCE AND EXTRA FOR THE SAKE OF BEING EDGY AND I CAN’T EVEN COMPLAIN BECAUSE I AM THE SAME