the snuggling dead

-dies from making this tittle card-

and so…


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Cuteness overload.

No, really–Simon and River’s combined cuteness killed our camera!

Behold the final photo taken with our little point-and-shoot camera (it was a 5 year old Canon PowerShot model).  I still have some good photos for posts and I’ll probably post more videos/gifs than usual for the time being.  So, please bear with us until we can acquire a new camera!

anonymous asked:

Caryl snuggling in bed is literally all I want too! Like, ever. They could leave it at that and I'd be happy because even though the rest of the romantic stuff would be awesome and ground breaking id know for sure they both got a night of actual peace and comfort and love urghhhhh what have they done to me this show

Eeeeeeh! Hi Nonny, it’s good to know there are others of the same mindset! I mean, yeah, who DOESN’T wanna see these two gorgeous 40 somethings squish their faces together and do that kissy kissy thaaang? But, if we never get that, I’ll be happy as long as we can have snuggly time. I’ve never experienced relationship stuff (sobs), but from what I’ve seen….snuggling is probably JUST as intimate as any of the kissing/sexual stuff. And GOD I love the idea of Caryl snuggling to get used to physical intimacy with one another, as obviously it might be a difficult thing for them. 

Imagine the possibilities thoo

  • Carol nuzzling Daryl’s neck and him being just a lil’ bit ticklish.
  • Sometimes this turns into Daryl getting his revenge through a tickle fight which he loves because the sound of Carol giggling is beautiful music to his ears.
  • Daryl’s arm carefully wrapped underneath Carol’s neck and softly playing with the locks of wispy hair that keep falling into her face.
  • Shoes and socks discarded and their feet tangled up with one another (and playing footsie sometimes too ;) )
  • SPOOOOONINNNGGGG. Before bed, Daryl is the big spoon because he loves to protect her and having Carol wrapped up tightly in his arms is a reminder that she’s still there, but by the morning, Carol has somehow become the big spoon and she’s even got her legs wrapped over his :)  
  • Dey. Just. Lie. There. And . They. Love. Being.With.Each.Other.SO.Much.That.Simply.Listening.To.One.Another.Breathe.Is.Enough
  • Daryl wrapping his arms around Carol’s waist and rubbing his hands up and down her back because she’s cold.
  • Daryl letting Carol put her ice cold feet on his legs to keep her warm.
  • Carol resting her head on Daryl’s chest and holding his hand on his chest and he gently rubs his thumb into the palm of her hand.
  • Carol totally hogging the blankets in the middle of the night but instead of waking his Queen, Daryl just gets up and fetches another.
  • Daryl eventually decides to start buying Carol some socks, but the only ones he can get are novelty with teeny tiny dinosaurs on them, so it becomes a thing for him to bring home a sillier design each time.
  • Carol glancing at Daryl when he doesn’t realise it and her heart soaring inside at how peaceful and contented his face is <3 She wants him to be this happy ALL THE TIME.
  • Carol and Daryl. Getting a good nights sleep. Being with the person they feel safest with. Snuggly Wuggly. Warm. Cosy. Safe. Well Rested. HAPPY.

Please can we have all this? PLEASE? #yes i live in a dream world