the snowman gif


Bowie’s part – cut from the US version – was simple but crucial: introducing viewers to the surreal story in which a snowman comes to life. “This attic’s full of memories for me,” he begins. “We spent all our summers by the seaside and in winter at home, by the fire,” he goes on, wandering about the attic and retrieving a scarf.

I don’t usually draw a lot of fan art, but felt inspired to make something about one of my favorite animated shorts of all time, The Snowman.  It has some really beautiful colored pencil animation, especially in the Walking In the Air sequence that was a huge inspiration and reference when I first started animating.  It’s also has a pretty sad ending considering it’s sort of for kids (I didn’t see it until I was 19, I watched it with my six year old cousin and I think I liked it a lot more than they did).