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Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

Ooooh yes, let’s fill the tag with the positivity we deserve!! <3

1) “I am here with you” - chapter 366

This is my favourite moment SO FAR. I love that Gray clearly wants to confort her so badly and cannot help but hold her hand and say: I AM HERE WITH YOU. Juvia is genuinely worried, her facial expressions say it all. I just love how natural this moment is, the setting, everything. It takes proudly the #1 spot.

2) “You are so warm” - chapter 416

This is like everyone’s fav moment hahah well it is perfect and also huge. Juvia wanted to give up but Gray didn’t let her… he showed her his raw emotions, his tears. They shared the loss of Silver together… a piece of history together. What I appreciate the most is that Gray was angry at first only to lose it at the end; you can totally see how much he does need Juvia- he reaches her, buries his face in her chest, and then PUT HIS ARMS around her waist. I love these moments, and also Juvia gently stroking his hair at the end. This moment is so symbolic… Gray’s ice is finally melting because Juvia is the warmth he needed the most! And the snow?!  Everything about it was p e r f e c t.

3) “I wanted to protect you” - chapter 499

Honestly I’d say 499 overall xD but yup, having Gray say these words was… A+. This and what comes before, so that he didn’t want to hurt not a friend but HER, Juvia. Gray had secretly sworn to protect her since the beginning: Tartaros, GMG, Tenrou… and especially in Alvarez. He had been watching over her the whole time. We just had the confirmation of it and it was beautiful because Juvia as well swore to protect him when they met, and I wrote so many posts about Gruvia and the theme of protection!

4) “I am grateful to have you” - chapter 453

Well, the panels tell everything xD hahaha this was a nice parallel to the balcony scene in GMG, and Gray couldn’t have said it better: he likes to have Juvia by his side and the only thing stopping him from having the future he wants is END- and Zeref. This was a well snap to the haters faces who believe Gray despises Juvia. Flash news, he doesn’t. It’s so clear the answer will be positive, I have had no doubts about that. Just look at THEIR faces! I cannot wait for this moment, Gray is finally ready ♥

5) “We can work better than them” - chapter 321

I have a thing for Gruvia holding hands xD they did it sososo many times! Gray’s trust in their teamwork is the highlight of the chapter, it’s hella true they work perfectly together- they’re ice and water after all! This scene was both powerful and cute, last but not least in my chart :)

Thanks for the question!

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you can make your own Ego for either Mark or Jack. who are they and what do they do? (If you want, i dunno, might be fun, haha)

UUUU that sounds fun! 

Okay, let’s think. Maybe an ego for Sean…. 

Naturesepticeye? Gonna maybe need a better name though.

  • He basically loves everything nature related. He’s a very spiritual guy as well
  • He can control the four elements like in Avatar. 
  • He was actually the one recording pokemon go videos 
  • He always looks like he has flowers in his hair
  • His hair is also always super green, like fuckin grass
  • He’d be the one making sure everyone gets enough fresh air every day
  • Animals LOVE him just like Snow White xD
  • When no one’s looking he’s helping Greyson grow his grass hair
  • When he goes visit Chase and his kids, he makes them beautiful flower crowns 
  • From time to time he’ll sneak Signe a new cacti or make the one she already has grow pretty flowers
  • Whenever Marvin disappears his flowers in a trick and can’t get them back, Naturesepticeye (seriously, I’m awful with names) will make him new ones

Hmm that’s all I can think of, for now. This was really fun! Thanks for the idea! :D Edit: @ekhoecho came up with the name Faesepticeye and I’ll stick with that one xD

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Hi my name is Andy Gray and I have long ebony black hair, and icy blue eyes like limpid tears. I'm a punk (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing black leather pants, a leather Jacket, and black combat boots. I was walking outside. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Andy: I feel personally attacked?


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What do you think about Izana ? Is he a bad person or a good person ?


He’s definitely a good person!

His introduction was quite an interesting one, to be honest. At first he was this scary, overly powerful threat to Shirayuki and Zen, who goes on to tease Shirayuki and even tried to put her down. But shortly after we find out through Zen’s eyes that Izana is just strict, critical, and rather sarcastic. He knows what his values are and what is best for those that he cares for, and even though his methods may seem cruel, harsh or contradictory, he knows what he is doing and goes for his goal.

(This is pretty much shown in Zen’s flashback about how Izana dealt with the two corrupt lords, using a seemingly unscrupulous plan to build a castle right between their lands and accept their bribes to do so, which caused the court, including Zen, to become upset. It later turns out that Izana lied about the castle-building, using the bribes the lords gave him as proof of their corruption, before ridding them of their titles and possessions. This whole deal actually caused both lords to exploit their people, which meant that a number of people suffered for this; but it was through this cruel trial that Izana was able to find the righteous retainers, who stood up against Izana about accepting the bribes, to replace the two lords.)

Izana is definitely a good person, and as Zen himself have realised when he was young, Izana will be is a great king. He’s just a bit on the eccentric side (though pretty much his whole family is). xD

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EXO interviewing you

I hope you guys like it! <3

Myun n.n

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


Chanyeol: *self-confident* “Welcome everyone, that beauty over there is my girl, just to make it clear..”

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Chen: *nervous* “How was your day so far, Y/N?”

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Suho: *forgets all the questions* “That’s embarrassing now..”

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Tao: “Say, do you have a boyfriend?”

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Lay: *a little nervous and has to visit the toilet every 5 minutes*

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Luhan: *has his mind somewhere else*

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Sehun: *acts all clumsy* “OMG, what? Are you hurt?”

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Baekhyun: *all comfortable and tells bad jokes* “Say what’s the difference between a snow man and a snow woman? - snow balls!”

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Kai: *touches you whenever he can* (hide the gay xD)

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Kyungsoo: *too shy* You: “Nah! Come on D.O!” *messes hair* He: “Jagi, I’m trying to be professional..Meh.” *

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Kris:  “I heard you can’t speak Chinese, is this correct, Ms?” *teasing you all the time*

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Xiumin: “Hey, I’m the one that is questioning here!..” *overstrained after 4 minutes*

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I was tagged by @horns-of-the-inquisition​​  to select four colors which represent one of my OCs, and then present them using gifs. I’m only doing this now because I was on vacations at place where internet connection sucked so much. Anyway, thanks for tagging me, you know what I like, Rin :D

I’m mercilessly tagging @allantieeart​​ (do Vlad, I wonder what his colours are XD), although whoever wants to do this, please, be my guest. I’d be happy to see your OCs ♡♡♡

As for my OC I’m choosing Mheris Lavellan.

The sky blue for his eyes and as the sky Mheris’ eyes darken sometimes as well.

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The ginger/russet for his unruly hair.

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The white for the colour of his vallaslin and his fondness for the snow.

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The violet for the love of his life (well, at least that’s my own association with Dorian)

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Once Upon Another Time

[ @madasateacup ]

“Hei” Frost grinned as he peeked his head into the library “Jorgen got sick, you know how he is in summer, thus the rehearsal was recalled” the man explained in a thick Nordic accent, running his hand through his long snow white hair “So I thought I’d come and see you”. To tell the truth, heat made Frost light-headed and weak-legged as well, however the guitarist seemed to be more resistant than the frontman. “How is it today, not many clients?”.

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can you just imagine though when Percival and Eggsy have a fight and Eggsy ends up moping on Merlin and Harry's couch. And Harry wraps him in a blanket and gives him tea and just gives Merlin this look. Merlin knows it is just easier to obey that look and goes off to find Percival. He wonders when exactly he became the guy who had to threaten the boyfriend. And then wonders if an assault rifle in hand would be too much. If he has to do this, might as well do it right.

(I’m supposed to be doing homework Madame, not being inspired to write this! XD but I couldn’t help it)

Harry sighed heavily as he looked down at Eggsy. The lad stood on his doorstep, hunkered down in his wool coat, scarf pulled up tight, and hair damp from the snow that had just recently stopped. While his eyes were red and glistening, he seemed to have passed over the crying stage, and reverted to an angry bulldog pup.

“In you go, then,” Harry said, stepping aside to let Eggsy into the flat.

Eggsy stumbled in, shaking off the snow, and looked around the dimly lit home. Coming from the living room was cool smooth jazz. Eggsy glanced back at Harry, who shut the door and smiled fondly.

“Am I interrupting sumfin?” Eggsy asked, not removing his coat and scarf.

Harry took it upon himself to rid Eggsy of the items, not wanting the boy to get in his head to go back out into the cold. “Nothing that can’t be pushed back. Go sit on the couch, I’ll fix us a cuppa and you can tell me what’s wrong.”

“Everything alright?” Merlin called.

“Fetch the biscuits, please,” Harry requested, ushering Eggsy into the living room with a shooing motion.

Eggsy wandered in, flopping unceremoniously onto the cream couch, and stared at the two glasses of wine on the coffee table. A few minutes later Merlin appeared with a plate of chocolate digestives, Harry behind him with a tray of tea.

“Now tell us what’s wrong, lad,” Merlin asked, taking a seat on the wing back, while Harry sat next to Eggsy. He tugged the quilt from the back of the couch and wrapped it around Eggsy’s shoulders.

“We got in a fight,” Eggsy mumbled as he picked up his tea cup and wrapped both hands around the steaming mug. “I… It’s my fault.” Eggsy’s voice cracked, a tremor lacing through the last word. “I fucked up, I… ‘e’s going to leave, I know.”

“Come now, none of that,” Harry said, immediately wrapping an arm around Eggsy.

He still saw the boy as his ward, someone to protect, to shelter from all that was bad in the world. Seeing that distraught look on Eggsy’s face, hearing the anguish lilting in his usually so confident voice, sent Harry’s blood boiling. He had told Percival when this whole dating business started that, should anything happen to Eggsy, and it was Percival’s fault, he’d see to it that no one ever found his body. And while Percival was the best sniper Kingsman had seen in the last fifty years, Harry put more stock in his own and Merlin’s skills.

“Why don’t you start from the beginning?” Merlin suggested.

“We was talking about the holiday. And I asked about his family, about how comes I’d never met them, even though I know he’s still in contact with him. Talked to his sister the other day. Sounded like she’d been asking if they’d see him,” Eggsy said. “I shouldn’t have pushed… but I just, he never tells me anything. We’ve been living together for months, Harry, and sometimes it feels like I don’t know nuffin about him.”

The words wobbled. Eggsy slurped down some tea, and Harry grimaced.

“And then you fought?” Harry prompted gently.

“Yeah. I yelled, he did that calm yelling thing, told me to stop pushing, things were said, and I didn’t mean none of them, I-I… I don’t want to lose him. I don’t care if he’s ashamed of me, if he don’t want me to meet his family. I get it, I guess. Not much took look at, and it ain’t like I come from a background like y’ guys. I… I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Eggsy set his tea cup down and hid his face in both his hands, shoulders slumped up in defeat. Harry clenched his jaw, coiling his arm tighter around Eggsy’s shoulder and tugging the boy against his chest. He looked sharply at Merlin, who blew out a long sigh, and shoved to his feet.

“I’ll be right back, gentlemen,” Merlin said, though Eggsy didn’t seem to notice. His small frame shook in Harry’s arms.

Merlin went and fetched something from upstairs, stopped in the archway and held up an assault rifle, which Harry nodded minutely to. Merlin didn’t really plan on using it. He knew this whole mess could be sorted out once Percival and Eggsy had a chance to cool down and talk, but he wasn’t about to explain that to Harry, who saw Eggsy as his surrogate son. The day Eggsy had come to Harry, announcing his relationship with Agent Percival, Harry had tried to ship Percival off to Siberia on a three month mission in the mountains. Harry was a tad biased when it came to matters with his precious egg.

Eggsy didn’t lift his head when the door closed behind Merlin. An hour later, after Eggsy had himself a good cry, Harry had coddled him, and they both had settled down on the couch to watch My Fair Lady with a fresh pot of tea and biscuits, Merlin returned, Percival in tow.

Percival, looking equally distraught, glanced around the flat, gaze briefly lingering on Harry, who glared coldly at him, before snapping to Eggsy, who hunkered down in the corner of the couch, blanket tugged tight around him, as if it could shield him from Percival’s rejection. Percival sucked in a sharp breath and crossed the room to Eggsy, whispering, “Darling.”

Eggsy hesitated, body tensing up as he fought every instinct to launch into Percival’s arms. Merlin tugged at Harry’s arm, jerking his head towards the door. Harry opened his mouth to argue, but Merlin just pulled him along, leaving Percival and Eggsy alone.

“I’m sorry,” Percival whispered as he crouched next to the couch and gathered Eggsy’s hands in his. “I meant none of it.”

Eggsy bit his bottom lip, then asked, “Just… just be honest with me. Are y’ ashamed of me?”

Percival’s eyes widened. “W-what… no, darling.” He sighed, head dropped. “It isn’t you I’m ashamed of.”

Eggsy knit his brows together, confused. “Then wot is it?”

“It’s my family,” Percival said, kissing each of Eggsy’s knuckles. “They’re dreadful, sweetling. They see anyone that isn’t one of them an outsider, beneath them. I would never want you to be subjected to them. They care far too much for themselves to realize how madly in love I am with you. And I would rather never see them again, then ever do anything to hurt you.”

“Robyn…” Eggsy whispered.

Harry peeked around the corners five minutes later, when the soft murmurs of conversation had grown quiet. He flushed, not surprised to see Percival and Eggsy embraced.

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How about a Snow White AU where Yukari or Munakata is the evil queen and Saruhiko is Snow White? The alphabet boys are the dwarves, only they're normal sized and all in love with Saruhiko, so when Prince Misaki comes along none of them want to let him anywhere near their beloved princess lol.

The CD dramas did part of this one, albeit with a different Snow White XD Yukari would probably be the Evil Queen, since I’m sure he would be very keen on being the fairest in the land. When his magic mirror tells him that in fact Fushimi is prettier than him Yukari is scandalized because look at that limp lifeless hair and that pale skin, that guy probably doesn’t have half the skincare regimen Yukari does and Yukari did not do all that work just to become second fairest thank you very much. Fushimi meanwhile could give a shit about being the fairest in the land and he’s not very happy when Yukari sends him off to the woods to be killed. Luckily Snow Fushimi has a dress full of knives so he takes care of the assassin pretty quick and then pulls out his PDA to see if his GPS cam get him the hell out of this dirty smelly woods. All the woodland animals flock to him, attracted by his purity of spirit and clear hatred of their presence. Fushimi would like the birds to stop nesting in his hair and gets bullied by the deer into going deeper into the woods where he finds a very large cottage. The place is empty so Fushimi illegally breaks in and helps himself to a snack while he tries to get better cell reception so he can call for help.

He falls asleep in the corner and is woken up by the occupants of the house, the ten Blue not-really-dwarves (the alphabet squad plus their leaders, Munakata and Awashima). Munakata takes one look at Fushimi’s skinny unhealthy body and clear irritation at being around other people and proudly announces to his subordinates that they’ve adopted a new baby brother. Fushimi’s like ‘what the fuck’ but Munakata assures him that he will be well taken care of here in Scepter 4 cottage. Also he gives Fushimi a sword and it’s not like Fushimi’s going to say no to a free sword. Unfortunately as payment for living in the very large cottage Fushimi is required to do all the dwarves’ paperwork. He gets bored one day and goes out for a walk to practice his knife skills on innocent trees when he runs into Yukari disguised as an old hag. It’s not a very good disguise because Yukari can’t stand the thought of disguising himself as someone not-beautiful so he’s basically the most stunning old hag ever. He offers Fushimi a poisoned stalk of broccoli and Fushimi refuses because ew vegetables. It takes a good two weeks for Yukari to find a poisoned food that Fushimi will actually eat and even that one takes a while because Fushimi initially stuffs the poisoned CalorieMate in his pocket and forgets about it for a couple days. He remembers it one night when he’s up late finishing the paperwork and he ends up eating it, falling into a deep sleep from which he will not wake. On the bright side, it’s the healthiest his sleeping habits have been in months.

The dwarves are very upset about this whole thing of course and they all have to take their turns kissing Fushimi to see if he wakes up because hey, who’s going to turn down Fushimi kisses. Fuze refuses to kiss that guy because he never trusted Fushimi anyway but he sneaks back into Fushimi’s room once everyone’s gone and gives it a try. Munakata is plotting an intricate plan to counterattack the Evil Queen and get the poison antidote from him when Prince Yata comes by on his white skateboard. He spots Fushimi lying on a glass bier in front of the cottage and recognizes his childhood best friend. As he comes closer to see what’s going on he ends up with Akiyama and Benzai’s swords pointed at his head because nobody touches their Fushimi-san. Yata thinks they all must have kidnapped Saruhiko and Munakata comes out of the cottage to note that they did nothing of the sort and Fushimi is under his protection currently. Yata states that this is some shitty protection and as he strides forward to yell at Munakata he trips over a tree branch and falls conveniently on Fushimi’s lips. Fushimi wakes up and comments that Yata isn’t a bad kisser for a virgin and Yata’s like ‘who the hell are you calling a virgin, stupid monkey?’ It’s very romantic. Meanwhile Yukari decides to just forget about the whole thing because all this stressing over being the fairest in the land is giving him premature wrinkles.


Louis liked working at a coffee shop. He liked the looks on children’s faces when he put snowflakes in their drinks, the constant warm feeling coming from the vents, and the refreshing scent of coffee early in the morning. Since his body never got warm, it was nice to hold onto a hot cup for a brief moment before he had to hand it to the customer. Though, some people were more accepting than others. Often, his boss would scold him after someone complained about letting a mutant serve drinks like a “normal” person. But, the old man seemed to like him too much to fire him.

As usual, he’d woken up bright and early to get to work. He tied his blue-silver hair up out of his face and tied the apron around his waist, turning the closed sign to open. It didn’t take long for regular customers to start trickling in, and some customers’ children begged him to do the “snow trick”, as they called it. He smiled softly and they looked in awe as tiny snowflakes fell from his fingertips, cooling their hot drinks.

Three Days Time; Roleplay with Astrid-Horredous-Haddock

When the Man In The Moon tells you something, believe it. So when he gives you an offer, do not hesitate to accept and to live three days as a normal human being, to live, breath, eat, sleep and more importantly, love and be loved for those three days of bliss. When Jack was given the offer, he knew where he wanted to go to be human, where he wanted to be, and who he wanted to devoted his human days to being with. 

The change started quickly after accepting the offer, to the point the normally short flight to Berk was bumpy and hard, the wind dropping him every few minutes only to instantly pick him up. The color of his hair was reverting to brown, itching at his scalp, rubbing one hand at his eyes as they changed as well. He barely made it onto Berk soil when the wind gave out on him completely, tumbling along the snow, feeling the chill through his cloak and lightly tattered pants. But he could feel the cold, he could feel the difference on his heated blood and skin. 

Now all Jack had to do was find Astrid and make her believe this was real and actually happening. 

the ugly christmas sweater series: kabby [x]

he said she wasn’t an angel so she proved him wrong

Full Res [x]

please don’t repost it elsewhere or edit it, thank you ✿◕ ‿ ◕

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So how was the first episode?


It’s so nice to see everyone in colour and moving about and speaking and everything… TTwTT

I don’t know why I ever doubted this anime, BONES, or the staff list. It’s even better than how I imagined it’ll go. The visuals and the audio were amazing, and it definitely did the manga justice.

Personally I found that it did better than the manga in introducing the setting and the characters. Shirayuki’s background was expanded, the charm of her character already taking centre-stage before Zen even appeared. Zen also showed more of his chivalrous side than in the manga, though his childishness was still brilliant. xD All in all, the delivery was awesome.

The animation though. Not exactly the worst (some scenes were pretty well animated), but I’ve seen BONES do better. End of the day it’s probably because the team knows that a shoujo series won’t sell as well, but I’m still kinda bumped about it. =/